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    How do you delete a block from the library?

    I used search, I went to the WIKI and I found nothing that tells me how to delete an unwanted block from the library. I see it grayed out in the choice list but how do you get it to work? It seems very non-intuitive to me how this is set up.
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    [solved] Trying to buy an Axe III....Fractal website won't let me!

    Tried several time to order am Axe III online. Spousal Unit gave me permission to upgrade. Now the dang Fractal Audio website won't take my credit card! It works everywhere else! Now I'm just bummed. Wanted to take advantage of the Black Friday sale. Left an email for sales. Maybe they'll...
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    Why does FX-8 use crappy Microsoft USB drivers not the Fractal USB drivers?

    I have an Axe II and an FX-8. While using the computer and listening to music through my soundcard (ASUS Essence STX II) the FX-8 will not connect to the computer. I checked the USB driver for the FX-8 and its using the standard Microsoft driver (Win 10). I've tried to install the Fractal USB...
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    Bug? Preamp hardness saving incorrectly.

    Looks like a bug we had in v2.x beta is back. The preamp hardness is not saving correctly. It defaults to 8.2 and I change it to 8.0. I save it. Turn the Axe FX off. Upon restart the preamp hardness is showing 8.80. This is happening on all presets and all amp types. With several restarts. It...
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    Hanging scenes bug?

    Since there isn't a bug section for the FX8 I'll have to put it here. I have scenes for four blocks, (compressor, filter, drive 1 and drive 2) I'm using all eight scenes. The problem is when scene 3 is supposed to be Comp & drive 1 only. When I go to scene 6 or scene 8 which both have...
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    Is there a way to get Scene changes in the FX8 to change scenes in the Axe II?

    I've been trying to get scene changes from the FX8 to change corresponding scenes in the Axe II all morning. Failed so far. I have the Axe II talking to the FX but hooking up FX MIDI out to Axe II MIDI in I get freeze-ups. I would like to get scene switching off of the MFC-101 to free up...
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    So...Now the FX8 is in peoples hands...what do you think?

    How about some feedback for us poor schlubs backed up on the waiting list. Does it interface with amps and Axe FX equally well?
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    The Esoteric RCB and ACD have lost volume and drive [NOT A BUG]

    The amps sound great. This is a super update. But the two Esoteric drives have changed drastically. Much lower volume and drive. I use these two a lot and all my scenes are messed up. Maybe look into these?
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    Problems w/ v10

    Downloaded v10, downloaded FractalBot, Downloaded AxeEdit v1.9. Everything worked fine. V10 is loaded. The problem...no sound. No output at all. Went through usual trouble-shooting steps ...no good. Finally found the USE MIMIC under the ADVANCED tab and turned it off. SOUND! Any body...
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    My own personal epiphany.

    OK. I'm slow.....but I have a good excuse. I'm old. But, that doesn't mean I can't learn new tricks. A couple of treads about different OD pedals (Bogner Blue and The new Mesa pedals) got me thinking. What if I just put another amps preamp in front of....oh, say a Fender Twin. So I...
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    QSC K series tip.

    I had some speaker/filter foam I had laying around from some tests with the J. Mitchell foam donut deal. The stuff I have is 3/4" thick and 30 PPI open-cell. I put a 10" x 12" piece over the tweeter section. The difference was very subtle, but audible. It only affected the highs. They where...
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    Love the choice between 7 and 8.

    I finally had the time this weekend to dig around in v.8. Some sounded good, but some had an edge to it that was hard to get rid of. I was at Sunday dinner with in-laws and I was mulling over going back to v.7. I get home and v8.01 was out. Installed it, played with it and yeah, I think I...
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    Crowns' new XLS series...any reviews?

    Now that the new Crown XLS series power amps appear to be shipping, has anyone tried these with an Axe-FX? I'm looking for a portable power amp and these look interesting. I'm thinking a 2000 or 2500.A bass player on another forum tried a 1000 and it shut down on him. I doubt a 1000 had enough...
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