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  1. AdmiralB

    SOLD Line 6 Relay G90 and G50 Wireless

    One each G90 and G50 system. They're essentially the same system aside from form factor; I used the G50 as a home and a grab-and-go unit and left the G90 racked for 'better planned' events (they use the same transmitters). Everything works perfectly. The G90 is minty aside from a little...
  2. AdmiralB

    Recent update zeroes output level?

    I've been traveling for a while, and skipped several updates. I updated to 2.03 (from 2.00) tonight and discovered that a number of factory presets - pretty much everything using a Plexi variant or Vox - has had the output level zeroed (at the output block, set to -80dB) and panned hard left...
  3. AdmiralB

    Implemented An overhauling of bass amps...or at least the SVT

    I've never thought the SVT model in any of the Axe versions was stellar...good, yes, and more than usable, especially with 3rd-party IRs. But I acquired a competitive product last week, and its SVT emulation is just amazing - meaning, plug in, select the model and cab, and bang - there it is...
  4. AdmiralB

    "2x12 Brown Super"?

    Factory 1 has a bunch of IRs titled as such...but there's no such thing as a 2x12 Super. And I don't think it's even possible to fit 12s into one (a la the Princeton mod), at least not with a stock cab. Typo?
  5. AdmiralB

    Controlling multiple units?

    I'm not certain that this is the proper forum, but it seems to fit as well as any... Am I correct in thinking that one could control multiple Axe-FX units with a single MFC? As long as you echoed MIDI on all channels? For example, MFC into Axe 1 (control method unimportant, but let's say...
  6. AdmiralB

    What 'configuration' was the pre-18 Mark IIC+?

    We now have deep, bright, bright+deep, and...plain, I guess. Before, there was only plain and bright. Was 'deep' modeled in the old versions?
  7. AdmiralB

    Presets created in Quantum 'invisible' if reverted?

    I'm still largely using 17.04, but have been doing a fair amount of flipping back and forth lately, and I've discovered that presets created in Quantum (at least 1.05 and 1.06) 'vanish' in 17.04. The patch is completely blank, no title, no content, nothing. But if I restore Quantum, it's there...
  8. AdmiralB

    Updated Manual

    Updated Manual? When might we expect an updated manual? The latest version online is over a year old; what with units shipping with "things change so fast, you should get your manual online", it seems as though there ought to be a current edition at the other end of that instruction.
  9. AdmiralB

    Tone match levels (redux, redux)

    I've never had any need for tone matching, but two of the cabs I use in most of my patches are eliminated in 18+. So I went about tone matching and making my own IRs. Which works fine, except the levels of the new IRs is about 6dB lower than the original. No tweaking of levels on any of the...
  10. AdmiralB

    XL Plus Input Sensitivity

    I have my XL set to about 20% input sensitivity; that's where my 'loudest' instruments hit the red LEDs. IIRC that's where my II was set (in the pre-XL days) as well. I just received a Plus Monday, and I spent a good bit of yesterday moving user cabs, patches, etc. And I noticed that the...
  11. AdmiralB

    FW 17.x for XL+?

    Is 18 the oldest firmware for the XL+?
  12. AdmiralB

    Carvin AC12S

  13. AdmiralB

    Mesa Mark NFB Defaults? [NOT A BUG]

    All the Mesa Mark amps seem to default to max NFB in 17.02, regardless of how the preset was set up prior to update. These amps don't have a lot of NFB in the 'real world' - not nearly as much as, say, a BF Fender. I'm assuming this is a mistake?
  14. AdmiralB

    Is "Sat Auth" supposed to do something?

    I generally don't use saturation, but I played around with it tonight and found that, no matter which amp or how it was set up, "auth" did nothing at all. "Ideal" worked...well, like I remember it working in the past.
  15. AdmiralB

    Mesa Mark II volume change with 17?

    All of my presets with Mark II series amps got a LOT louder - like 7dB - with FW 17 (and yes, I did the reset). How come?
  16. AdmiralB

    Axe mode and multiple CC mappings

    I'm pretty sure the answer is "no", but I'm going to ask since my MIDI toolbox contains the equivalent of an 8-pack of fat crayons. Is it possible, in Axe mode, to assign a switch to multiple CCs? The specific example I'm looking at is using one switch to control both chorus and quad chorus...
  17. AdmiralB

    Bug? Tuner reverts to patch

    Noticed this with 10.10: When I'm practicing, I have a 'habit' - I turn on the power strip, which powers up the Axe and my monitors. When the Axe is done booting, I always hit 'tuner' from the front panel, tune up, then play. With 10.10, if I do this, the tuner engages for about three or four...
  18. AdmiralB

    "Crash" sound/distortion on attack

    I'm finding that most clean patches exhibit a kind of "crashing" sound on initial attack. It only happens with single-coils or other very low output pickups (Filter 'trons, too), and only when the note is picked or plucked pretty hard. Most all factory clean patches seem to do it; Fender...
  19. AdmiralB

    What is the "strategy" for obscure parameter adjustment?

    Grid excursion was removed from the front panel interface in V10, but left available in the editor. However, there are some parameters (triode hardness, for example), that are available on the front panel, but not in the editor. What is the "direction" for a one-stop place to be able to get at...
  20. AdmiralB

    Gibson Amp (and other new additions) Question

    Is it just me, or is the output level of the Gibson amp almost nil? If I switch to it from an existing patch, there's almost no output. I can get output back by upping the Master and the Level in the amp block, but the outputs start to clip before I get anywhere near the volume of the other...
  21. AdmiralB

    Delete/Initialize Global Blocks?

    Is it possible?
  22. AdmiralB

    Cab Block Position Question (Motor Drive)

    Is the processing that comprises the Motor Drive actually part of the cabinet block, or is the parameter adjustment just placed there for the sake of clarity? If I set up a patch along these lines: AMP---DELAY---FX LOOP---CAB ...is the signal at the FX send affected by the Motor Drive settings?
  23. AdmiralB

    My wish for today...

    ...is a Cyber Monday coupon! I need another Ultra! :idea:
  24. AdmiralB

    Quad Flanger

    The old Digitech GSP series (and I think the later Studio 400) had KILLER four-phase chorus and flanger effects. The Axe Quad Chorus does a great job, but I'd like a complementary flanger.
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