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    Modern and Long Plate

    Perhaps Cliff could chime in here ... but basically I'm looking for the string separation of Modern with the high end clarity of Long Tube, is this possible through some other settings? I'm hearing a certain "muffledness" in the high register on Modern in comparison to Long Plate.
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    The Bad Thing Tone!?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elXwWxd9Ld8 I haven't took the time to fully appreciate the tone on this album until today and whoa ... it's blown me away a bit. Any tips on how to get into this ballpark? My cab choice/mixes never seem to get me quite as "djenty" as this ... what I have hear...
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    Cab Lab 3 Converting

    I've noticed you can now apply "Min Phase" and "Auto Trim" to the conversion process ... did Cab Lab 2 have any of those options ticked by default and is there any benefit to adding these in the conversion process?
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    Input/recording levels

    I have been doing a lot of recording as of recent and something that has been confusing me is input volume while using an external interface with the Axe FX. I'm currently plugging into a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface via XLR L and R and I'm hearing from various sound engineer friend types...
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    Think you have a great tone and then ...

    ... you hear this! I understand the video says it's mad with Positive Grid Bias, but I'm sure a tone like this is re-creatable within the Axe FX 2 ... I'm pretty nearly there but I can't seem to get the "tightness" and "close-to-the-speaker-ness" (if that makes sense) tone we hear here...
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    Not to s*** on ANYONES parade but ...

    As we all know recently there's been quite a few GREAT IR releases including Ownhammers High, Mid, and Low Gain Essentials, Cab Packs from Fractal and of course our very own Clark Kents release and DO NOT get me wrong, I own about 75% of these and they are awesome, I appreciate the hard work...
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    Tone help ... AGAIN!

    Back again with my endless questions ... this time NOT about Djent tones, I seem to have mastered those! One of the best guitar tones I've ever heard in a mix, imo, is P.O.D.s "Alive". I'm struggling to replicate something as smooth, beefy, high gain but not brittle as the tone on that song but...
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    Protone Bulb Overdrive Deluxe

    Can any of you pro audio buffs out there explain exactly what this pedal might be doing and how to replicate it in the Axe with the Drive block perhaps?
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    Recto + Depth?

    I have indeed updated to the new firmware today but this has been an ongoing issue as far as I can tell ... While Recto 2 Modern Red is selected as my amp the Depth knob seems to be doing nothing, I've tried A/Bing 0 and 10 and there's no different at all, not even nearly what it should be. I...
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    Need help (again ... lol)

    Well guys, you'll be glad to know I'm back again with my endless questions! Recently I took the plunge into using the Axe completely DI and sold my 4x12 and picked up a pair of KRK Rokit 6s in the meantime. Truth be told I've never heard the Axe through speakers this clear and high quality...
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    Mesa 4x12 Low Res Frequency?

    Title says it all really, I've neither the equipment or money to measure it accurately by myself so I was wondering has anybody found the magic number? Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
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    "Digital Whistle"

    So, my current band are in the process of picking out a studio to do a short E.P. in and I really want to get the Axe FX II on to the record in some shape or form. I had the sound engineer argue that he prefers "real amps" over any digital modeller (even though he admitted he's never tried an...
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    Atomic CLR Passive ...

    Was almost ready to pull the trigger on one of these until I noticed in the instruction manual that the Passive version has no "preset" switch to keep the response flat in different positions ... surely this results in the Active version sounding far different/superior? I already have a Matrix...
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    Thin sound

    So, today I plugged direct into the PA speakers at practice today (after working on some direct in tones through Mackie monitors at home) and it pretty much sounded horrible. So thin and no body at all, and this is with the new Ownhammer Mesa UltraRes IRs ... I made sure the desks EQ was set...
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    Need advice

    First of all, yes I've used the search bar and read a LOT of different opinions ... I'm swamped in them and it's far too much for a newb to take in so I decided to make my own post. To keep this post short and simple I basically have a choice, for financial reasons, between GOOD studio...
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    "Correct" EQing techniques

    So as I delve more into the FRFR world and UR IRs I come across even MORE parameters that need tweaking (just when I thought I was learning this thing ...) My question to you guys is: what are you doing EQ wise for high gain tones? I.e. what's going on in your: Amp block Low/High Cut Power...
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    Famous Axe FX users ...

    Is there any information out there as to which IRs the famous Axe FX users are using while in the studio? For example, if we're listening to a Periphery album, could we be hearing factory IRs? Of course with a heavy amount of mixing and mastering going on ...
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    Anybody running Matrix -> Mesa 4x12?

    This is a very specific demand but if anybody has the above setup (or any sort of V30 4x12) could you tell me what's wrong/right about this patch?
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    Tone help

    So I recently updated from Firmware 9 to 14 there after a break from gigging and needless to say ... it sounds amazing, so now I've got some time to redail in some tones I'm looking for some help with something in particular. Yeah yeah I know ... typical "how 2 sound like meshoogaz"...
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    Updating from 9 to 13!

    Just thought I'd check if there's any reason I shouldn't update straight from FW 9 to 13?
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    Strange noise at high volumes

    Okay, first of all ... as you can see my setup is an Axe FX II (9.02) running through a Matrix GT1000FX poweramp. I've been experiencing these strange screeching? feedback after notes ring out ONLY while volumes are turned up to "gig" level, this anomaly doesn't exist when I'm playing quietly in...
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    Volume dips by itself?

    I've had this happen a few times now and thought nothing of it, now I'm beginning to think it's a serious problem ... Sometimes I'll be jamming away on the Axe (through the gear in my sig) and the volume will "half" and stay like that unless I change patch or turn the Axe off and on again...
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    Crazy "extra" noise/hum

    I've been reading through a couple of troubleshooting guides and other threads etc and it seems like I have a lot of unwanted extra noise on my high gain patches, at least, a lot more than I'd expect. After every note there's this little "bzzzt" electrical sounding noise and after trying all...
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    Volume Drops

    Sorry if this has been covered, I wasn't sure what to search for ... Of course I'm not talking about random volume drop outs but rather the small volume loss when you add in a Reverb or Looper block for example, is there a setting I can change to compensate for this without just blindly...
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    FCB1010 Phantom Power

    I'm sorry, I know there's quite a few threads on this but no matter how many I read I can't get my head around it :oops Am I simply able to buy one of these (Rocktron 5/7-Pin Midi Cable - Thomann UK Cyberstore) and hook it to the Axe midi in + phantom power in -> fcb midi out and it'll all...
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    Axe Fx 2 -> Matrix GT1000FX -> Mono 4x12 cabling

    So I was having a look at the back of my Axe FX today to plug the USB cable in and I thought to myself ... should I not have cables coming out of both L and R Output at the back into the Matrix? Right now I just run L into "A" on the GT1000FX, but surely I'm missing out on "half" of my signal if...
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    Recording in a DAW

    So I decided to work a bit more on my "no real cab" tone today and when I record something into my DAW direct from USB and try to listen to it back it seems muted somewhere but I think I've checked everything ... help? Where should my monitors be plugged into?
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    Which output for Matrix power amp?

    Which one do you guys use? Output 2 seems to sound a lot crisper and clearer to me, is that by design or is something faulty here?
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    Output 1/2

    Could anybody clarify for me if the output knobs on the front of the Axe add any sort of "coloration" to my tone ... for example, today in practice I had everything turned up pretty loud and it sounded huge and beefy, at home when I have things lower it tends to sound a whole lot thinner...
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    Difference between Maxon and Tubescreamer 808

    Does anybody know the technical details? What settings would I tweak within the TS808 model to do what the Maxon does?
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    PVH 6160 Master Volume?

    I've done a bit of searching around on the forums and the wiki but I can't seem to find a definite answer ... Does the PVH 6160 count as a "non master volume amp" and therefore need it's master volume on 9 within the Axe to sound authentic? On a side note, what do you guys run the master at...
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    Axe FX -> Matrix GT1000FX cabling

    I understand I should be using a speaker cable from my 4x12 to the Matrix, but is it safe to be using a pedal patch cable to connect the Axe to the Matrix? Cheers, Alex
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    Axe FX USB errors

    First off, yes I have use the search function and tried the remedies suggest there ... and none of them have worked. I bought a new longer USB cable today so that I wouldn't have to move my Axe off the 4x12 when I want it connected to the PC, but for some reason this newer 5m black cable...
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    No matter how many times I read the explanation of this parameter I can never fully understand what if means ... Can somebody explain to me why the bass becomes so overpowering with this set to 0?
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    I'm stumped: volume issues

    So today was my first practice with the Axe II and Matrix GT1000FX, and even though it was put through some shitty Behringer 4x12 supplied by the practice space, everybody agreed that it sounded awesome ... BUT I couldn't keep up with the volumes of everybody else at all, especially the drums. I...
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    Dialing in high gain patches through a real 4x12

    As the title suggests, my rig is currently an Axe II -> Matrix GT1000FX -> Mesa Trad. 4x12 and I'm having a bit of trouble dialing in high gain patches. Funnily enough going direct in was easy to pick up after only owning the Axe for just over 2 weeks now but for some reason the real 4x12 is...
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