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    Saw Robben Ford last night!

    I went to see Robben last night at our local jazz club Kuumbwa Jazz Center. I got to sit in the 5th row right in front of him and his Dumble. The club only has 6 or 7 rows and max capacity is 200 people, so it's a very intimate setting with great sound. His Dumble clean channel sounded amazing...
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    LFO will not reset to starting position

    This has been discussed here: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/46952-time-synched-fx-placed-correctly-beat.html I tried to control the LFO RUN parameter with the ENVELOPE controller. It works but whenever the LFO is turned OFF by the envelope, it stays in the same...
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    Delay1 bug(s) with new 4.01 Firmware

    Updated firmware, sounded great! During gig noticed Dly1 seemed to mute all sound. Checked into it and Dly1 Level is set to -30db now on my patches. Changing it back to 0db works but now I can't get any repeats at all. A lot of the other Dly1 settings got mangled too, so I had to go through and...
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