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  1. brianv4

    FC layout issue

    Great idea thanks for the suggestion! It does add one more foot stomp every time but WTH, small price to pay
  2. brianv4

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    I just realized I have an old cable from Best-tronics that is 5 to 7 pin midi with the power end (from my AxeII/MFC days). I can simply change the power end to an xlr and shorten. Thanks!
  3. brianv4

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Nice, thanks for the details!
  4. brianv4

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Nice rig, love that setup! Did you buy the midi cable somewhere or did you make it yourself?
  5. brianv4

    Marshall Law

    I use the effects layout on this preset with mostly per-preset switches so it should all work. There was quite a bit of stuff going on in the other scenes so to simplify, I just copied scene 1 to ALL. So some of the effects and routing may not seem to make sense. Just enjoy scene 1 and dump...
  6. brianv4

    Marshall Law

    Here's the link: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/free-far-field-session-2-cab-pack-for-axe-fx-users.151232/
  7. brianv4

    Marshall Law

    Ah yes, it's from the free Fractal cab pack containing the far-field IR's. It's 4x12 Recto Far-Field B20
  8. brianv4

    FC layout issue

    This would be really cool and if it was per preset. Make it this way in the III as well. When I have song presets, I like to use scenes but when I'm free wheelin' I prefer the effects layout. A workout around option is to use per-preset switches and assign what each switch does in each...
  9. brianv4

    Marshall Law

    I posted a wish in FM3 forum for ulrares ir's and the drive block update (in particular the OCD) so I could get closer to this preset. So here it is, use a Les Paul with good PAF repro's. I'm using an R9 with Throbak Kalamazoo pups. Hope you like!
  10. brianv4

    Wish It's THIS Close...

    I've only been using my FM3 lately, programming what I thought were some really great tones (and I believe there are) - until I went back to my AxeFxIII today. The difference with Ultrares IR's is definitely noticeable as are the drive blocks. I'm using an H9 so I can live without a ton of...
  11. brianv4

    OMG9 - Can somebody please make a complete step by step tutorial how completely to do Per-presets

    Really fairly simple. In FM3-edit, 1) click "Per-Preset FC" go to the "definitions" tab 2) choose a switch and assign the function you want for tap/hold 3) click the "Overrides" tab, choose which layout and switch you want to be affected.
  12. brianv4

    Andy Wood tackling EVH tones with his AFIII

    Technically it's not if you're referring to having 3 speakers, L/C/R. But it does accomplish the effect in a stereo field which, let's face it, in a recording or live sound system that's how it's going to be. Good mix tip.
  13. brianv4

    Andy Wood tackling EVH tones with his AFIII

    I doubt that'd be an issue You can use it for Andy's preset, Eddie type stuff or any preset where you want the wet/dry/wet setup. Just thought I'd offer it up as it only requires 1 delay block and does the same thing Andy is showing using 2 blocks
  14. brianv4

    Andy Wood tackling EVH tones with his AFIII

    Great guitarist and a great tip for many guitar sounds. Fairly simple preset, he should've just posted it in axe-change instead of trying to sell it. I mean, you can basically copy it from the video anyway. And you don't need to use 2 delay blocks. Just use the dual delay and pan L/R like...
  15. brianv4

    FAS Reverb/Big Sur Compatibility

    I'm still looking to get FAS verb. Is it working with Big Sur, will there be an update?
  16. brianv4

    Cab-Lab & Big Sur??

    Never mind...
  17. brianv4

    Remind Me Why Some Amps Have a Lower Default Volume/Output

    it's fine to turn it up above 0 as long as you watch your meters and don't clip the output
  18. brianv4

    Wish Preset "Notes" Field

    I keep preset info in my track notes in Logic
  19. brianv4

    Wish Double Tap for Foot Switches

    Seems a bit difficult to time your hold functions, 1 sec, 2 sec etc while performing. I'd like a way to access 2 switch functions quickly i.e. tap, double tap. For example; I select a preset and it goes right to the effects layout. Now I need to get to scenes quickly. Currently, I have to...
  20. brianv4

    FM3 Wins Gear of the Year Award

  21. brianv4

    Epiphone ES-335. Thoughts? Experiences?

    Epi doing some real quality work these days as well as using quality parts. Granted, not custom shop level but I wouldn't be bummed if I had to use one for a while
  22. brianv4

    Talk box with Axe-Fx III

    Excellent work!
  23. brianv4

    How much better are the drives compared to the FM3?

    Is it possible to add the new drive's (OCD,Horizon etc) to the current FM3 algorithm?
  24. brianv4

    Talk box with Axe-Fx III

    Are you playing along with the original guitar part?
  25. brianv4

    Tone quest - headphones or monitors

    I was using my CLR but now I'm using my Focal studio monitors, Solo6 BE w/sub6
  26. brianv4

    FM3 Firmware Version 3.01

    Dang, you guys are on a roll! Thank you!!
  27. brianv4

    Jangle all the way?

    This works really well for me. Set your threshold for 4-6dB of gain reduction
  28. brianv4

    Gig bag with a big pocket for FM3

    Can't say for sure, but I doubt it. Best bet would be to contact Gator with the FM3's dimensions.
  29. brianv4

    Already thinking add an H9 to FM3... Anyone have or other good options?

    Yeah I get it. It's like trying to explain the difference between immersive and 3-dimensional. I think the Eventide algorithms are most likely more complex? You can recreate the sound of an Eventide with a Fractal but you may need to use more than one block and/or routing option. Aside from...
  30. brianv4

    Already thinking add an H9 to FM3... Anyone have or other good options?

    of course, they're different algorithms and hardware. IMO, sounds a lot different
  31. brianv4

    Already thinking add an H9 to FM3... Anyone have or other good options?

    I added an H9 after I started running out of CPU. I was still in AxeFxIII mode. You'll most likely never run out of CPU again if you add one. I'm mainly using it for Verbs, Delays. Since I can send a program change for each scene you can use it for a lot actually. However, now that I've...
  32. brianv4

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.00 Public Beta #1

    Too close to call. If you used 2 of the same amp's there'd probably be about the same difference.
  33. brianv4

    New Mac or New Mac? Questions

    Be aware... UAD plugins are not yet compatible with Big Sur
  34. brianv4


    Not so, check out my post right after yours.
  35. brianv4


    HA, I can top that... sent a certified letter in July. From Burlington NJ to Philly, a 25 minute drive. Still hasn't arrived. They can't even tell me where it is and won't issue a refund. Not about the money, it's the principal. My wife returned a pair of $200 boots to LL Bean via USPS in...
  36. brianv4

    A Headphone Hunting Review

    Recently purchased the Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro, love 'em!
  37. brianv4

    FM3 Firmware Version 2.0

    No need but a good habit to develop
  38. brianv4

    FM3 Firmware Version 2.00 Public Beta 1

    I understand, I was joking. BUT... it would be nice to get the new drives i.e. OCD etc. even if they aren't on the updated algorithms. Possible/probable?
  39. brianv4

    FM3 Firmware Version 2.00 Public Beta 1

    Hmmm, I wouldn't call the drive blocks a minor thing ;)
  40. brianv4

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.06

    Sure is. I know you're aware but thought I'd post what happened to me in case it's something different or helpful. I was paging thru the edit screens, got to the last page and the display went blank. Can't exit out, had to reboot. If I go to the last page (advanced) and then change to the...
  41. brianv4

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    Happy Birthday young man! Thanks for all you do for us!
  42. brianv4

    Guitar Rig vs Axe-Fx III: is there really a better tone?

    Same here (less the Kemper). Still have GR5 but never use it. Don't like it at all. I record all my tracks with an AxeFx III and the studios I work with are always impressed with my tones, hopefully my playing too, but I always get the call. I see they finally have GR6. Listened to some...
  43. brianv4

    Mesa Recto BADLANDER

    I don't know, I never got along with recto's but this seems to cover a lot of ground and doesn't seem geared towards any one genre. I'll certainly try using a recto model in the axefx to see how close I can get. Maybe the archon model can get those tones? And that Fender Original 60's Tele...
  44. brianv4

    My wife passed away today

    Sorry for your loss. Prayers for comfort and peace during this time.
  45. brianv4

    Mesa Recto BADLANDER

    I'm not a huge Mesa fan but this one has me jones-ing. I think this video shows it off better;
  46. brianv4

    Mesa Recto BADLANDER

    Some killer tones and features like 8 IR's per channel (you can load your own) and a variac low voltage setting https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/31061-mesaboogie-unveils-the-badlander
  47. brianv4


    If all you're looking to do is control basic looper functions, you could get a Boss FS6 or FS7. Under Midi/Remote on the AxeFx is where you can setup the looper control
  48. brianv4

    Will there be a version 2 of FAS-FX Reverb or any updates to it?

    I'd really like to know if it's compatible with mac os catalina as there's still a warning on the product page. I won't be updating to big sur for a while but it would be nice to know if it's going to be supported. Can't make the purchase without knowing. FAS??
  49. brianv4

    D'Addario Backline Backpack

    wow, thanks for measuring. off to sweetwater...
  50. brianv4

    D'Addario Backline Backpack

    Interesting, so if you open that zipper can you tell us how many inches from bottom to top? Bag looks interesting but if it can hold an FC-12 I'm all in
  51. brianv4

    Temple Audio Amp Mod - an alternative to the SD Power Stage 170?

    Didn't know they had this but it's very cool it can mount into the side panel of their boards. Interested to know how you like it.
  52. brianv4

    FM3 Status Update

    Thank you for the update, it is appreciated! And the side benefit; hopefully calm the rhetoric for a week or two :tearsofjoy:
  53. brianv4

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    Hmmm... Not getting my hopes up. Rockin' out with my III
  54. brianv4

    The Royal Scam

    nope, comes up as a 59 bassguy amp with 57 pig IR
  55. brianv4

    The Royal Scam

    Yep global blocks, amp and cab settings are correct
  56. brianv4

    The Royal Scam

    Nice job! Enjoyed your outro solo where you could break away a bit. Vocals were strong and although I'm not usually a fan of electronic drums I think they sounded great.
  57. brianv4

    Let’s see those guitars

    Sweet guitar , congrats!
  58. brianv4

    Top. frfr speakers?

    wasn't that long ago I got my invite to purchase from their waitlist
  59. brianv4

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

  60. brianv4

    Eric Johnson Clean & Lead Tones

    Well, nice playing! I'd say you're in the ballpark but who cares if it sounds like EJ or not that's a really nice clean tone. In general, I think the OD tone is too heavy in the lower mids and you could stand to add some upper mids to get a more vocal quality.
  61. brianv4

    FM3 and HD Cabs

    I have the III and a 3. No, it doesn't support ultra-res IR's... yet. But really, it sounds awesome I wouldn't be concerned.
  62. brianv4

    FS Xitone MBritt powered FRFR cab with custom tolex

    Oh, I wish I was in the market for another one of these, good luck!
  63. brianv4

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    How 'bout MONDAY!!! Yay... EDIT: Tuesday?
  64. brianv4

    Nut Issue PRS DGT 2020

    To address your question; I have not. Mine came with (and still has) 11's and was setup perfectly. Surprising how easily it plays with 11's
  65. brianv4

    Nut Issue PRS DGT 2020

    DGT's come with 11's
  66. brianv4

    Nut Issue PRS DGT 2020

    Not the norm for a PRS core model. take it to an authorized PRS tech. If its not in spec theyll take care of it under warranty.
  67. brianv4

    Using high end computer speakers with Axe III - Output volume/Sound Quality Questions

    I'm using JBL reference monitors with an Apollo thunderbolt interface into my Mac. Axe III is connected via S/PDIF. All my levels are where they should be.
  68. brianv4

    Question about the FM3

    you can't have 2 amps at the same time but you do have 4 channels of the amp block which can all be totally different models, variations of one or any combination. you can go ape-$h!+ with effects and create some very interesting and unique setups although you may need to use more than one...
  69. brianv4

    Wish Sitar sim just like in the Boss GT-1000

    Awesome preset. I've been trying to get a tone similar to a dobro, any suggestions?
  70. brianv4

    NGD EVH ‘Frankie’

    I think he was having a bad day. Oops, sorry... that was so pointless, I must redeem myself. I think we'll see more than a few guitarist using these clones. I was initially turned off by it but in all reality, it's no different than seeing players using a black LP etc. Just more iconic
  71. brianv4

    NGD EVH ‘Frankie’

    congrats, i was thinking about this guitar too but they sold out in no time
  72. brianv4

    How much headphone impedance can it handle?

    Love the DT 1990 pro, very comfortable, excellent sound
  73. brianv4

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

  74. brianv4

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    Soon? ;)
  75. brianv4

    Ordered my FM3! Now what?

    I agree with rickboot, read the manual first, it's very well written. Once you have the FM3, zone in on the things you're looking to do in the manual along with Leon's video's. When you get stuck, there's a lot of people here on the forum ready to help you along.
  76. brianv4

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    Do you really think Cliff is just sitting back watching the FM3 team struggle? I don't think so. I know he's said before that he can't be the one guy doing everything but he also said he's working on ideas to bring the updated drive blocks to the unit. So I'm sure he's making suggestions and...
  77. brianv4

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.02

    I know this was an issue with the FM3, don't recall it being a problem with the III
  78. brianv4

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    Don't forget about the compressors!
  79. brianv4

    LEDs stay on even after power is turned off?

    Not normal, you're on the right track by contacting support.
  80. brianv4

    Wish 2nd Pitch Block

    even better!
  81. brianv4

    Big shout out to Line 6 Powercab 212+ as an amplification solution for FM3

    Guitars... there's always room for more ;-) Glad you found an FRFR you dig.
  82. brianv4

    Wish 2nd Pitch Block

    I have quite a few presets now where I'm using pitch block 1 for some guitar harmonies. I'm also working with a few different acts that prefer 1/2 step drop tuning (Eb). It would be so cool if we had a 2nd pitch block that if nothing else, did the virtual capo thing. Thanks for listening!
  83. brianv4

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    I like what you did with the power
  84. brianv4

    Calling FM3 Owners ... attached is one of my Axe-Fx 3 Presets .... will it load / run on the FM3 (?) .... and .... what FM3 %CPU?

    I'm finding that as long as my III preset is at or below 50% it'll go in the 3.
  85. brianv4

    Two different FRFR speakers PRE-EQ (Stereo) - FM3

    K10's work really well but they don't disperse and fill the stage the way a CLR can. If we ever get back to gigging the way we use to I'll probably add a 2nd CLR. I have a Mission Gemini 1 with bluetooth and cover for sale ;-) anyone?
  86. brianv4

    Two different FRFR speakers PRE-EQ (Stereo) - FM3

    Can't beat 'em for the $
  87. brianv4

    Two different FRFR speakers PRE-EQ (Stereo) - FM3

    A CLR and a K10.2 (dsp set to monitor 2).
  88. brianv4

    FC Internal Firmware 1.11

    Hmm, any new features/functions coming our way soon? Hold for channel select maybe?
  89. brianv4

    Two different FRFR speakers PRE-EQ (Stereo) - FM3

    Hmm, thought I replied to this. I've used 2 different FRFR cabs in stereo both from output 1. I actually liked the difference between them. Use the output eq to tweak the overall sound instead of concentrating on one or the other trying to make them sound the same.
  90. brianv4

    Anyone buy their first 'real' amp inspired by their AXE?

    Not gonna buy an amp any time soon but if I was, it would be a vintage Tweed Deluxe. I can cover a lot of ground with that amp. Probably the best plexi tone I've heard recently was a Metropoulos, wow!
  91. brianv4

    Layout Per Preset

    When I select a preset I have the layout go to the effects layout because most of the time that's what I need. But when I have a song specific preset I prefer scenes. Not a big deal to switch over. And I know I could have f ex; presets 1-5 fire up on effects and presets 6-10 fire up on...
  92. brianv4

    Power Amp Sim Tutorial

    For copying parameters, I take a screen shot of the one I'm copying from. Much quicker although not as fast as a good video edit ;-). Sounds great as always!
  93. brianv4

    Two different FRFR speakers PRE-EQ (Stereo)

    I've used 2 different speakers and liked the tonal differences. Just eq for the overall sound, not one speaker or the other
  94. brianv4

    Boss GT-1000CORE

    Yup and their editor SUX!
  95. brianv4

    Boss GT-1000CORE

    I was just reading the GT-1000 latest update and saw this: Ten input memories for saving optimized level settings for different guitars; input memories can be selected globally or stored with user patches. Might have to move this to the wish list. You know Cliff would blow this out of the water.
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