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    Anyone replaced their Axe-Fx III fan yet?

    Hello After having my AXE-FX III for 2 weeks I really need to change the FAN in it. I'm using the AXE FX in a studio environment and the FAN noise is unbearable. Has anyone had success in replacing the fan with a lower noise? With my AXE-FX II G66.eu sent me a new lower noise FAN that did...
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    Friedman V1 vs V2

    Hi guys, Tried last night the new Friedman V2. To my hears they dont sound that different, do I need to make any amps or parameters reset or something? Anyone compared them yet? SmallBox sounds really cool!
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    Cliff: Friedman BE question

    Hi Cliff, I've been noticing that the last Friedman BE's that are being sold have been quoted as sounding way better the the initial runs. I even talked to this guy that had one of the initial runs and sold the amp cause he didnt like it, and recently bought a newer one and says it's a big...
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    New song and video. Guitars AXE-FX

    Hey guys, Just finished mixing the single for my band: All guitars AXE-FX II Firmware 13 something... What do you guys think?
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    Difference between BasketWeave AX and TV Mix

    Hello I checked the wiki and it mentioned that these mixes are from two different periods of cabinets but "probably" sharing Greenback speakers. Anyone knows what are really the differences between those two? And what Mic Mixes were done? They sound really different. Regards Ricardo
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    New Ownhammer beta IRs

    Hey have you guys checked them out? Spent this afternoon playing with them and several amps. They are a game changer for me. Every amp sound is more realistic then ever. Can't wait for the full release. Will shed some cash towards them for sure. My favorite preset now features the F5...
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    My attempt at James Lugo - Spinning out of control

    Hello guys, This is actually my first soundclip post. I always loved James Lugo guitar sound in his recordings. I tried to emulate his sound in this clip. His guitar is to one side mine is on the other. I used a Les Paul 59'er with Seymour Duncan JB pickups Let me know what you guys...
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    Kind of a newb question: Flanger

    Although I've been using the box since october and previously an Ultra I have never really messed with the flanger as Its not an effect I use often. Last night I was trying to record a part for a song where I wanted to add a swoshing flanger, but I wanted the effect to start only when I start...
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    Best medium to high gain sound you've heard from the AXE-FX II

    Hey guys. Being that are already a lot of clips posted here and in other gear sites and also on youtube how about starting a thread where everyone post their prefered guitar tone from the AXE II? We can even make a poll later to elect the better sounding patch.
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    Need Slash Preset

    Hey guys, Anyone has a good slash preset. Preferably from the Velvet Revolver period :) I need it to record a tune for a friend of mine. Thanks in advance. Ricardo
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    Input Level

    Hello Can anyone correct-me if I'm wrong, but I think I read somewhere here in the forum that the input levels in the I/O menu were supposed to be just to optimize AD levels. That all gain reduced here was supposed to be compensated after the AD conversion. Yesterday while using a guitar...
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    How are you integrating the AXE-FX II in your studios

    Hello, After some days of playing around with the AXE-FX II I'm trying to integrate it in my studio. What I was thinking was, connecting the main out to my mixer for monitoring along with my daw output and using the USB just to record and reamp. Connected everything but then I realized...
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    What amp in the AXE-FX II would get me closer to BlackStar Series ONE 200

    Hello, I'm trying to record some tunes for a friend, and he really likes Ozzy Osbourne - Scream album. This was recorded by Gus G with a BlackStar Series ONE amp. Does anyone know in which amp was this BlackStar series ONe was inspired? Or maybe what AXE-FX II model could get me closer to...
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    Thirty Seconds to mars - A beautifull Lie

    Anyone got a nice patch for the guitar sounds on the song attack from this great album? Or at least an ideia of the amps they used? Thanks in advance!
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    Great Modern Rock guitar tone using AXE-FX in a full mix

    Hello I'm having a little trouble dialing a Modern Rock guitar sound in a full mix context. so much that I'm begining to doubt the AXE-FX capabilities. Anyone has some links to Modern Rock studio albums done with the AXE-FX direct recorded? Thanks Ricardo
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    Three Days Grace - Break

    Hello, Anyone has a patch similar to the sound of the Song Break by Three Days Grace? Or anyone knows what amp did they use for this record? I'm trying to find a modern guitar tone in this vein, but still I'm not happy with what I got. Thanks in advance
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    Problems recording multiple layers using AXE-FX

    Hello, I'm having my first attempts at recording guitars through the AXE-FX. I'm a pretty experienced recording engineer and have recorded all sorts of tube amps and other modelers. What I'm feeling with the AXE-FX is despite when I'm playing (monitoring through the DAW) the sound seems...
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