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  1. protocosm

    First Impressions - Tech 21 FlyRig5

    I think Richie Kotzen helped to develop the Flyrig. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4Vm0K4IVw4 Start at 18 min.
  2. protocosm

    First Impressions - Tech 21 FlyRig5

    Hoping to get mine next week from the Bax-shop in Europe. They receive a small amount of Flyrigs. Next delivery is unknown that's why they put ' delivery in 26 weeks' on their site. Cool site where they created a pedalboard around a flyrig.: Fly Rig 5
  3. protocosm

    Your Best Buys in 2013?

    O wow could we see those?
  4. protocosm

    Blue Field: taking my blues outside.

    Thanks for all the LIKES. I've been rather busy with the new job so it's been a while I was here. I was quite surprised to see all the likes and comments. Thanks!! Practically all my sound cloud recordings are done with simple Garage band and the Mighty Axe II
  5. protocosm

    New demo: Pharma rulez

    Axe 2 , Jam Origin and Garageband. I wanted to mix some modern textures with some classic rock sounds. 1 ounce of hiphop 1 ounce of Scott Henderson and a tablespoon of Zeppelin(?):lol All guitar sounds come from the mighty Axe2! Synths are from Garageband. I used Jam Origin guitar to midi...
  6. protocosm

    Tribal Snack: inspired by...

    How did you guess that one!?
  7. protocosm

    Tribal Snack: inspired by...

    I am alway inspired by the great Scott Henderson. I wrote this song for my band and recorded it as a demo earlier this week. Not perfect but I hope you dig the vibe! Axe fx 2 Bogner blue channel with a love pedal. Guitar Variax. Synth with Jam Origin guitar to midi software...
  8. protocosm

    Axe FX II + Roland VG-99 = Axe FX III

    I suggested implementing Jam Origin guitar to mide software in the Axe II. No need for a Gk pickup. Works with any guitar . Check my blog for samples! Or check wishlist in this forum
  9. protocosm

    Variax acoustic, AxeII and Jam Origin

    Well actually there is. I have a SP compressor which I use for acoustic guitars and bass.
  10. protocosm

    Variax acoustic, AxeII and Jam Origin

    Poolguitarblog: Variax fun. Acoustic, sitar, banjo Some more Variax/ Axe II and Jam Origin. I used the acoustic guitar, banjo, sitar, dobro slide through an acoustic patch into the mac. Added some delay or reverb in garageband. Octofuzz into Fendertwin with octave from the mighty AXefx.
  11. protocosm

    Variax acoustic, AxeII and Jam Origin

    I recorded this today just to listen to the sound of the acoustic guitar inside my new Variax JTV69s. I made an acoustic patch in the axeII using just some EQ and reverb from the Axe. Via USB into the Mac and Garageband. The midi instruments were all triggered using the Jam Origin guitar to...
  12. protocosm

    Variax JTV 89 acoustic impro

    Just got my Variax JTV-69s last week. Working on acoustic presets right now. Just took a break to find out what others have created. Your preset sounds amazing! Hats off!!
  13. protocosm

    Version 10.00 Stuff

    Not sure if I can keep up. Great Cliff!
  14. protocosm

    JamOrigin MIDI Guitar No HEX needed!

    I put it on the AxeII wish list 2 weeks ago. I have it, love it.
  15. protocosm

    MFC-101 New Firmware Version 2.15

    I found out what was wrong. The Wah1 and the Delay1 both had XY added to their name. Changed the IA's to normal Wah1 and delay1 and now they are responding. Yessssss!
  16. protocosm

    MFC-101 New Firmware Version 2.15

    IA 15 doesn't respond to wha on off. It does turn on/ with "FX byp' on the front panel of the Axe. The external footcontroller functions too then. The MFC on/ off doesn't. IA set to Wha1 Same on the delay1 which I put under IA12. Not responding to the MFC on/off.
  17. protocosm

    MFC-101 New Firmware Version 2.15

    Yes FW 9 IA ok will correct them but think that should have been avoided. Change in sound I can understand. The preset changes don't go smoothly. There's a delay and at times they go back to the one that I came from. eg. When going from 2 to 3 the preset change is delayed or doesn't make it.
  18. protocosm

    MFC-101 New Firmware Version 2.15

    I just did and everything is messed up. All the IA's are wrong. The trem seems to be on in every preset. Not pleased at all
  19. protocosm

    MFC-101 New Firmware Version 2.15

    Edit---midi----use port Expansion
  20. protocosm

    MFC-101 New Firmware Version 2.15

    It's on Axe II Where do I find "expansion'?
  21. protocosm

    MFC-101 New Firmware Version 2.15

    Yes, thank you but I guess I'll have to try the update again? The preset switches are not working properly. I have to press them two or three times. Sometimes it goes to a completely different preset,!!!!!
  22. protocosm

    MFC-101 New Firmware Version 2.15

    After the update the display on the MFC still says: AXE-FX Name Timeout! It does not function at all. Can't find it. Any ideas? Please?
  23. protocosm

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 9.00 and MFC-101 Firmware 2.15 Available

    Updated both but the MFC display says : Name Timeout! No switch functions either!!!!!!! I used the AxeII as a midi device for updating the MFC as posted in the WIKI page Maybe I did not return to the correct Sysex/ midi values?
  24. protocosm

    Axefx hooked up to the Korg KAOS pad III- Nguyen Le

    A few days ago I posted an item about the weird sounds Nguyen Le was getting from his Axe set-up. I asked him what he uses and how everything is connected. Thanks Nguyen for your time to answer all my questions. JB Dear Jan, Thanks for your warm words about my work. It is actually an AxeFX...
  25. protocosm

    Guthrie Govan Leaves Suhr!!! :S....

    That's the problem with signature models.:( Eddy van Halen changed quite often. That must have cost some fans a whole lotta money.
  26. protocosm

    Axe fx on tv

    My buddy Jens is doing really well with his jazz quartet Traeben. More and more international magazines are noticing them. They were on dutch national tv recently with this great tune. Jens sent me the sheet music to share with you. Thanks Jens! Jens's gear: What gear are you using...
  27. protocosm

    Dave Weiner rig + Axe fx II comment

    Very informative rig rundown with Dave. Axe comment around 20 minutes into the vid Dave Weiner : Backstage Interview : Steve Vai Tour 2012 : Over 40+ Minutes of Gear Chat !!! - YouTube
  28. protocosm

    Axe-Fx in Nederland en België

    @ruleking ik won in Zwolle en heb de II dus stuur me een berichtje.
  29. protocosm

    Michael Landau new pedal

    Vertex Michael Landau Overdrive/Boost Prototype (back) This is a prototype overdrive and boost pedal for Michael Landau that has a Vertex Clean Boost on one side and a custom distortion/overdrive pedal based on Mike's tastes on the other. The boost level is controllable with an...
  30. protocosm

    Oz Noy, Josh Smith and John Scofield

    Hi guys, I was fortunate enough to interview these guys for my blog. I'm really happy and honored that they took the time. At the heart of all good music lies a good rhythmic foundation. I asked them about it. Also tone master Chuck D'Aloia and Sheryl Bailey. Hope you like the interviews...
  31. protocosm

    New Scott Henderson pedalboard aug 2012

    Hi Jan, No, I haven't used it yet. That will be on my gig at Baked Potato on Sep 8. Thanks, Scott
  32. protocosm

    New Scott Henderson pedalboard aug 2012

    Check. Looks much cleaner using the Vertex battery pack. Poolguitarblog: NEW Scott Henderson Pedalboard aug 2012
  33. protocosm

    Pete Thorn rig update July 2012

    I posted that weeks ago on this forum and my blog. If search this forum you'll find along with some comments of Pete. I wrote to Pete about it and he appreciates the posts on my blog. Thanks for bringing that up though 'cause it's a great demo. Pete's a great guy.
  34. protocosm

    Pete Thorn rig update July 2012

    True, Pete has a lot of gear. I mean A LOT!! He can pick and choose whatever is appropriate for that gig. For some gigs there is a limit on what you can take because of the weight and cost of transport. That's one reason to choose certain stuff.
  35. protocosm

    Hendyman: TT inspired fusion tune

    Hi everyone, This is a new tune I wrote for my band. Hope you like it. The source of inspiration is quite obvious, hence the title. I used he axefx 2 in combination with a Xotic BB preamp. I wrote the tune using GuitarPro 6 and exported the midi file to Garageband and then added the guitar...
  36. protocosm

    Pete Thorn rig update July 2012

    A lot of changes in the rig. A stereo rig with the CAA head pt100 and a Friedman BE 100. Friedman is used as a poweramp. Send from the Custom Audio into the board (Strymon Timedelay and the Line 6 M9 effects) and then back to the return of both amps. Friedman is also used as a back-up. AKG...
  37. protocosm

    New trio

    I recorded this live with my new jazz/ fusion trio. Axefx II with the RCF monitor recorded with a zoom HD camera ( bit to close to the pedalboard.) Poolguitarblog: I Loves you porgy: added Loops trio recording
  38. protocosm

    Axe through RCF NX 12-SMA

    Got the '10 and really love the RCF's
  39. protocosm

    Hilarious guitar comedy act

    Remember Starsky & Hutch? Great wha pedals there. This guy does a hilarious imitation. Poolguitarblog: Bill Bailey hilarious Starsky and Hutch guitar act
  40. protocosm

    Great Scott Henderson scale chart

    Thanks for sharing the knowledge. Appreciate it. Scott definitely talks about the superlocrian mode. In this case Eb melodic minor over a cm7b5. 'some people call this a super-loriancrian mode'. Theoretically he may be mistaken but he plays the hell out of it. Like John Scofield says in his...
  41. protocosm

    Great Scott Henderson scale chart

    Thanks Jens.
  42. protocosm

    Great Scott Henderson scale chart

    First video on scales.
  43. protocosm

    Great Scott Henderson scale chart

    I posted the chart I made for private use. I finally got round to putting it all in my computer. Took some time though to convert my 'chinese shorthand' into an understandable chart. Hope you like it. JB Poolguitarblog: The Ultimate Scott Henderson SCALE chart
  44. protocosm

    Black Narcissus with Scott Henderson octofuzz tone

    Hi, I recorded this this morning during rehearsal. First time we played it. Not perfect but I liked the sound. I used Yek's octofuzz preset settings and a Twin reverb AXE II off course! RCF monitor. Zoom recorder. Poolguitarblog: Black Narcissus Octofuzz
  45. protocosm

    Preset numbers on axeII and MFC

    Thanx guys. Like you said. I/O display offset!
  46. protocosm

    Preset numbers on axeII and MFC

    Preset 1 on the MFC is number 000 on the Axe. Couldn't find how to fix this. They should be the same. Tips?
  47. protocosm

    Eddie van Halen's dad shreds!

    Haha, found this clip. Astonishing what you can do on a ukelele! Poolguitarblog: Eddie Van Halen's Dad shreds on his ukelele
  48. protocosm

    Violin patch (+ Ensemble feature!)

    Great simeon! Really great.
  49. protocosm

    Steve Lukather's new pedalboard May 2012!

    Hot news from Steve and RJM. Looks cool! Luke's cool! Poolguitarblog: Steve Lukather new pedalboard may 2012.:o
  50. protocosm

    IA CC ? How do I get different sounds in different presets?

    Hi folks, Up until last week I used the IA switches. No problem. I put the Looper under 1 to 5 using CC (when pressing reveal, normal it's preset 1-5) Works great. Now I put together presets with more effects and run into the problem that my "OZ NoY" preset took up all the IA In another...
  51. protocosm

    Axe Fx does Minimoog

  52. protocosm

    A new tune

    Great man. Beautiful sounds.
  53. protocosm

    TODAY feels like "VERY SOON" to me

    Great news. Looper fun! Can't wait to play the new ODs-100
  54. protocosm

    Experimental funky jazzy loop thingy!

    <iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" src="http://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F43466981&show_artwork=true" frameborder="0" ></iframe> All sounds come from 1 preset. 1 take. Wha, pitch, tremelo, ringmodulator, looper, Edit: weird link is...
  55. protocosm

    Cool way to play the modes

    Get really FIT on guitar. Play all the modes according to 1 formula! Derryl came up with this really cool way of looking at the modes on the neck. I transcribed his example and added a few more examples. It was a real eyeopener for me. Hope it will be for you too. Poolguitarblog
  56. protocosm

    30 minutes of Guthrie!!!!!!!!

    I've added the interview Guthrie gave to Rebecca Dirks of Premier Guitar to see what pedals & guitar he is using. Always funny choice of words from sir Govan. Also, story off how the band got together.
  57. protocosm

    30 minutes of Guthrie!!!!!!!!

    I found this live clip of the great virtuoso and added some info about the Aristicrats trio + Guthrie pedalboard (tray ?) The Aristocrats!! http://www.poolguitar.blogspot.com
  58. protocosm

    Boss Pedal with triple X-mod.

    Poolguitarblog: Pedal with Triple X-mod Viagra anyone? Think there is room for two more knobs.
  59. protocosm


    Found this quote by the great Mike Miller (the guitar player) 'The more you do ear training, the more you can keep track of what is happening, instead of having everything be a surprise when anyone does anything out of the ordinary. Your brain is able to recognize that stuff where it can be...
  60. protocosm

    Ultimate pedalboard!

    Haha what we all need. Not sure about the first one though! Maybe Cliff can copy some ideas for the AXE!! Poolguitarblog: Ultimate Guitar rig!!
  61. protocosm

    Softstep to control modifiers etc?

    Thanks everyone. I have the MFC. Because the soft step is pressure sensitive I had the idea that it could be used to control several things you would otherwise do with an ev-5 or mission control pedal.( e.g. 'opening up' the chorus or the delay as Kurt Rosenwinkel does, Also toy around with the...
  62. protocosm

    Softstep to control modifiers etc?

    I remember somebody using the soft step in combination with the axe. Has anybody seen a clip in combination with the Axe 2?
  63. protocosm

    üBer-hip SouNds fOr mOdERn Guitar

    Poolguitarblog: üBer-hip SouNds fOr mOdERn Guitar Last I week I got this lesson series. Been missing some sleep watching them. Love his tone and touch. New Chuck D'aloia lesson downloads. If you have already seen the series of lessons called "Blues with brains" you know exactly what I'm...
  64. protocosm

    Jean-Pierre by Miles

    Loving the looper on the axe!!
  65. protocosm

    New Tribal Tech album is amazing

    Well I can tell you, it's worth the wait!! Smokin'
  66. protocosm

    New Tribal Tech album is amazing

    Got it earlier today in the iTunes store NL Wrote a first impression. Killer guitar sounds! Poolguitarblog: The new Tribal TECH X is now available
  67. protocosm

    Larry Carlton

    Free download (legal) Poolguitarblog: Larry Carlton Free (legal) download Came in the mail to those who subscribed to his newsletter.
  68. protocosm

    One Reason to love full FRFR Rigs - portability

    Nice pics Scott. Portability and Sound: Have a 10" RCF ( price has gone up here in Europe by the way, 200 euros extra!) Axe/ MFC/ and .....a Steinberger!!
  69. protocosm

    Blue Field: taking my blues outside.

    Here is me inspired by/ small tribute to by Robben, Sco, Chuck D'Aloia, Chris Taylor, Scott Lerner , Allen Hinds, Andy Most, David Henderson, Scott Henderson, Josh Smith etc, etc, That's the kind of playing I really love. Their sound, tone & taste. Not there yet but maybe one day......( sigh)...
  70. protocosm

    Check out my band's new video/single! (Female singer)

    Cool. Wish you lots of success!!!!
  71. protocosm

    Bryan Baker, Allan Hinds

    Last articles on my Blog about Allan Hinds and Bryan Baker who did a great trio tour in Holland and England last year with my good frien Bob van Luijt. Poolguitarblog: Bryan Baker trio ripping it up!
  72. protocosm

    Scoop :Extraorinairy talent

    Marzio Scholten is one of Europe's new best guitar players and composers of the post-Metheny era. He's getting great reviews worldwide. I contacted him and he was kind enough to send me the sheet music plus a preview clip of his upcoming CD. How cool is that?! Really check this out...
  73. protocosm

    Very cool new product. 3 expression pedals from 1!

    Nice! Expensive but nice!
  74. protocosm


    Joe Zawinul had perfect pitch. I read an interview with Randy Bernsen once and told a story about Joe. "once a spoon dropped, Joe said: "that's in Bb" Unfortunately I don't have perfect pitch but a fairly good relative pitch. Near perfect when it was time for exams. This proves to me that you...
  75. protocosm

    Josh Smith killer tone!

    Hi guys, I've collected some info off this great guitar player. Love his tone and feel very much. Must try that on the Axe!! Anyone? I've also transcribed theme and chords. Josh Smith approved! TABS: Poolguitarblog: Josh Smith: Inception ( chords TABS)
  76. protocosm

    New tool for a very sparkly clean sound!

    Haha, check! Want one. Poolguitarblog: Guitar down the drain!
  77. protocosm

    What kind of video camera or webcam do you use?

    iSight camera with Axe II sound direct. Also ZOOM Q3 HD for the 'in the room sound' 'cause it's IN the room. Great sound.
  78. protocosm

    Focal Solo6 Ba

    I have the Focal CMS 50 and am really pleased with them.
  79. protocosm

    Americans only!

  80. protocosm

    Shadow Days John Mayer

    I just found out the sad news about John on Twitter. Rolling Stone ‏ @RollingStone Close John Mayer had to cancel his tour after discovering his throat condition has returned: John Mayer Cancels Tour After Throat Condition Returns | Music News | Rolling Stone
  81. protocosm

    Sold my Aura pedal an G-force

    Hi guys, Sold my Aura pedal and my G-force. The house is getting emptier by the week! This is an old clip of mine with the two 'departed'; Over 64.000 views!!
  82. protocosm

    Shadow Days John Mayer

    Poolguitarblog: John Mayer - Shadow Days + Chords TABS Made some pupils happy with the chords to this great song. The intro reminds of the beatles somehow. The rest of the puts him up there with the best. Feels like a James Taylor or Randy Newman type of song but still very much Mayer.
  83. protocosm

    My first big influence in music. What's yours?

    I can still remember my teacher playing Dance Macabre by Saint-Sans when I was about 10 years old. Terrifying story about death playing a violin and graves opening up. I can remember practically every note. The whole class was glued to their seat.
  84. protocosm

    Top session player preparing App for his Axe II

    Will let you know.:D
  85. protocosm

    Top session player preparing App for his Axe II

    Peter Tiehuis is one off Holland's best guitar players. Great tone and feel. As a key member of the Metropole Orchestra he's played with the likes of Pat Metheny and Steve Vai and many, many more earning great respect. Here he uses his own preamp with a lexicon mpx G2. Peter told me he is...
  86. protocosm

    Quiet fan in my II!

    Sent a mail to Sussi at G66 yesterday after I heard about a quieter fan. ( Got my Axe 2 in October) She sent one right away. Hoping to get it today.
  87. protocosm

    Axe-Fx and Orchestra!

    Great. What software did you use for the orchestra?
  88. protocosm

    My first big influence in music. What's yours?

    Herman Brood was my first big influence in music. My uncle gave me the record 'Cha Cha' wich absolutely floored me. He was absolutely great live. He and his band The Wild Romance were touring europe like a perfect rock & roll train. His biggest hit was of course Saturday Night. He is in my...
  89. protocosm

    New Tribal Tech (Scott Henderson) album dropping

    Got the news for my blog and posted mp3's sometime ago. Great news. I talked to Scott during his european tour last year and he was really excited. They had to wait this long because everybody was doing other projects and most importantly, Gary Willis is living in Spain.
  90. protocosm

    RIP Ronnie Montrose

    Amen to that. RIP
  91. protocosm

    Moonchild Blues- Robben Ford

    Recorded with the ODS-100 of the mighty AXEFX II. You can find the tabs on my blog. I wanted to record the guitar sound directly via USB but couldn't record my voice. Now I've used the mic on the iMac to record voice and guitar through the RCF NX 10-sma
  92. protocosm

    Miles "80-ties vibe ( bit of Sco & Ford)

    Posted some pics of Robben's new pedal board on my blog. Never knew he had one , haha. Wha and a Zendrive. Now there's a whole bunch of stuff.
  93. protocosm

    6 best tips on metronome use!

    @freaktorn I have all of Wayne' lessons. Everybody should get them! HIGHLY recommended. @henyrobbinett use the metronome as a tool to target several issues in specific. Don't turn it on while you are examining a piece. That's what Jeff is saying.
  94. protocosm

    6 best tips on metronome use!

    Sometime ago there was a thread on metronomes. This got me thinking. So I wrote an article on my blog with tips from George Benson, Jeff Berlin and Wayne Krantz. Poolguitarblog: 6 Best tips & clips on how to use a metronome! Hope you like it. Feel free to comment so I can improve the...
  95. protocosm

    Miles "80-ties vibe ( bit of Sco & Ford)

    The patch isn't anything special. Just a Double verb with a T808 mod drive pedal. Of course with some delay and reverb. In the mix I've added a compressor and a touch more reverb from Garageband.
  96. protocosm

    Miles "80-ties vibe ( bit of Sco & Ford)

    Thanks for the kind remarks.
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