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  1. TremoloFan

    Not a Bug UA Console Crashing when launching Axe-Edit

    I am running AXE FX III firmware 12.0 Public Beta #2 and Axe-Edit III 1.04.02 RC 1 on an iMac with High Sierra and every time I launch Axe Edit with the UA console open, it crashes the UA application. If I try to launch UA Console with AXE Edit already running, it crashes the mac OS. Am I...
  2. TremoloFan

    Oh my, P90’s...where have you been all my life?

    I’ve owned a lot of Stratocasters, Telecasters and Les Pauls, but never had any with P90s. Then last week I was about to sell a les Paul Traditional because I just never liked the tone from the 57 classic humbuckers, but an idea hit me to try a set of Duncan Phatcat P90s. They are made to fit...
  3. TremoloFan

    Question for Experienced Luthier...or Cliff

    I need some help. Just as a guitar speaker cab has a resonate frequency, I've been told that a guitar body and/or neck have a resonate frequency. If a fretted note is too close to the body and/or neck's resonate frequency, the fundamental note will die out prematurely and the...
  4. TremoloFan

    possible minor bug in Fractal Bot

    using the latest version of fractal bot on a mac (high sierra 10.13.6) while running a firmware update on the Axe III, the "receive" tab is still active and when clicked (while running the firmware update) causes undesired text overlays and possibly other issues if any buttons are pressed (smart...
  5. TremoloFan

    Axe Edit III - updates galore

    just a friendly notice to those who only visit this thread...take a look at the AXE Edit III thread for what appears to be nearly daily updates to Axe Edit III, they're working hard for us, thought you'd like to know.
  6. TremoloFan

    Implemented Auto-select new block added to grid

    When I place a new block on the grid and select an amp, effect, etc., the block is not "selected" automatically after choosing the item to be placed in the block (amp, effect, etc.). I then have to manually click on the new block to select it then make edits. Would make much more sense for the...
  7. TremoloFan

    How is FAS going to announce the FC waitlist?

    Cliff or M@, Just wondering where I should be looking for the first notice that the FC waitlist is open...will it be posted here in the forum (which thread), on the FB page, or on the website first? Just need to know where to obsessively refresh a page...thanks!
  8. TremoloFan

    SRV Number One

    Does anyone have a resource (link or email address) for a few good SRV #1 relic builders in the USA? I have some cash burning a hole in my pocket and I've always wanted to have one of those dirty, beat-up tone monsters. I've done a thousand online searches and a lot of old info is out there...
  9. TremoloFan

    Is this possible?

    While I twiddle my thumbs anxiously awaiting new presets....does anyone know if the following is possible either via the front panel or via Axe-Edit? Being able to return individual knobs (settings) to their default position would be a very helpful tool when dialing in tone for any type of...
  10. TremoloFan

    Audio interface upgrade

    Looking for suggestions to upgrade my audio interface. I currently have an M-Audio ProFire 610 connected to my 2013 iMac via FireWire (via a thunderbolt adaptor). The 610 is now a "legacy" product which means no more driver updates in the future. I don't need more inputs or outputs, but I...
  11. TremoloFan

    Just a thought....add a link to the WIKI

    I've been doing a lot of research on getting the most out of my Axe and I find myself reading an interesting forum post which then sparks me to want to check something on the WIKI...it sure would be nice to have a link to the WIKI right here on the forum, perhaps in the "quick links" drop down...
  12. TremoloFan

    Hello and thank you...

    Hey everyone, first post ever...but I've been an AXE-FX owner for almost two years and been lurking here for about that long. Just recently upgraded to the XL and just loaded 16.3...all I can say is AMAZING. And this new reverb is completely amazing. I've learned so much about effects and...
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