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  1. yyz67

    Recommendations for a DAW that runs on both Mac & Win?

    I haven't done serious recording mostly because I've been using Audacity which is okay as a notepad but a pain to do more sophisticated things. I don't need all the bells and whistles, but core DAW functionality. Ease of use is a priority. And running on Mac+Win. Thanks!
  2. yyz67

    Wish New dual modifier operations: Minimum, Maximum, Average, Geometric Mean

    Add a few other modifier source operations (in addition to add, subtract, multiply): Minimum - net modifier value is the smallest current value of the two sources Maximum - net modifier value is the largest current value of the two sources Average - similar to addition but wouldn't max out when...
  3. yyz67

    Wish Reverb/Delay blocks: STACK/HOLD fade-out control (separate decay envelope)

    STACK and HOLD allow infinite repeats with with or w/o input signal being layered on respectively. Wish: Independent decay envelopes for STACK and HOLD modes so they aren't effectively infinite esp. for reverb, but could be nice across the board as a quick long repeat for delays without having...
  4. yyz67

    Wish DRIVE: Quality/Algorithm setting for decreased CPU option

    Loving the richness and accuracy Cliff's latest drive block improvements. However, the CPU increase means many diode-based drives are running at 8.6-9.4% CPU (3% increase from 12.xx). This limits the number or types of drives available in higher CPU presets. See: Drive CPU usage 13.03 Wish...
  5. yyz67

    Wish DRIVE: Headroom Meter

    Similar to the new 13.01 amp headroom meter (e.g. for the clipping section of whichever drive model). But only if there is no/negligible CPU increase.
  6. yyz67

    Wish DRIVE: Input Trim & Output Level (distinct from Drive and Volume controls)

    Currently to change the level hitting the front of a drive and/or adjust output volume beyond current range, one needs to bracket a drive block with 2 VOL or FIL blocks such as: New requested drive block parameters: Input Trim (0.1-10) / Input Gain (-40~+20 dB): Similar to amp Input Trim to...
  7. yyz67

    Community testing of parameters w/o modifiers (using AE 1.06.01)

    Since Axe-Edit 1.06.01 handily allowed attaching modifiers to almost any parameter, there's been a hope that most (or at least more) parameters would be allowed to be modified. Cliff said that he's limited the number of modifiable parameters due to possible artifacts or issues, which makes...
  8. yyz67

    Wish More modifiers: CAB block (33 possible new modifiers tested w/ AE 1.06.01)

    Using Axe-Edit v1.06.01 (which allowed attaching modifiers to almost any parameter), I systematically went through the 33 non-modifiable parameters in the CAB block and tested them for "artifacts" or glitches outside of expected effects of changing that parameter using a dial (such as static...
  9. yyz67

    Wish More modifiers: AMP block (70 possible new modifiers tested w/ AE 1.06.01)

    Using Axe-Edit v1.06.01 (which allowed attaching modifiers to almost any parameter), I systematically went through the currently 70 non-modifiable parameters in the AMP block and tested them for "artifacts" or glitches outside of expected effects of changing that parameter using a dial (such as...
  10. yyz67

    BUG? Axe crashing when changing power supply Screen Frequency

    On 12.11, when changing or sweeping Screen Frequency from max down to min (1.00) using the front panel Value knob, my axe crashes (loud thump and Out 1 meters pegged). It is somewhat intermittent with Screen Q set at default but almost guaranteed with Screen Q at the minimum (0.1). Attached is...
  11. yyz67

    [Fixed in 12.08] Still have pitch shift artifacts with 12.08 Beta 4

    On a number of my favorite pitch-based presets (organ sims, bass sims, synths), pitch shifting is shuttering on certain notes but less on others. It seems to be more noticeable in presets that have lower shifts (e.g. -12, octave down). Prior to 12.08 there was higher latency but no artifacts...
  12. yyz67

    #masks4all + #StayTheFuckHome => RO<1!

    #masks4all Masks might be CRITICAL element (not only element!) to reducing spread (even homemade ones) and enabling us to eventually go back outside and to work. Good evidence from other countries doing it. Let's get this out there and start doing it. CDC: "In light of this new evidence, CDC...
  13. yyz67

    Retirement balance with the current market?

    I'm pretty lax when it comes to looking at and tweaking my 401k. I was already only conservatively exposed with 25% in equities. With the recent drop in stock markets, current retirement investor advice seems to be rebalance into equities to keep your balance (whatever that is). And if it goes...
  14. yyz67

    Staying positive / calm? (during a pandemic)

    I'm not normally one to be the optimist in the group or try to shift thoughts and feelings towards a more calm or positive direction. However, over the last week or so my internal stress has been out-of-whack from the current actual situation around me, and this has me looking at myself and my...
  15. yyz67

    Wish Show saved FW version on HOME screen (& other meta data)

    It would be very helpful to know if a preset has been saved under the current (or an older) FW, display the FW version saved under on the Home screen. Other metadata would be awesome too like # of amps, cabs, blocks, and modifiers. Example mock-up here of meta data in blue at the bottom. I...
  16. yyz67

    Rush - Limelight Double Tone Match for 12.03

    EDIT: Will keep links to posts with the latest/greatest preset and TM IR's updated here. > Latest preset with tweaked "singing" solo scene (use IRs from link below) > Preset + IRs with double amp tone-match to Plexi & HiWatt...
  17. yyz67

    Wish Configurable Default Blocks for Scene Manager

    A settings/preferences option to set the default blocks for the scene manager (loaded when launching AE).
  18. yyz67

    [Fixed 9.01] Wild rumbling/chirping artifacts switching between presets

    Update: I pared the offending preset combination down to bare bones (amps/cabs) that seems to semi-regularly produce the issue. The first preset is fine by itself but incrementing (using VALUE knob) up to the 2nd preset can cause that preset (that only has an AMP block) to create a white noise...
  19. yyz67

    [Fixed 9.01] Speaker Imped squeal

    Just installed 9.00 and played with Speaker Impedance on my first preset with a DR. Increasing the value to a certain point starts creating a background squeal artifact (independent of input) that changes with the parameter value. I then tried it on a variety of amps (mostly Fenders) and get a...
  20. yyz67

    Anyone else experiencing the FW8 Time-Tone Vortex?

    Anyone else particularly captivated by the tones in this FW, particularly cleaner / edge of breakup ones? There are a variety of models I didn't necessarily dig or dig into and now I can get entranced for hours with one model and the subtleties I can hear in how it responds to the pickup...
  21. yyz67

    Wish "Phase Correct" switch for TMA/IRP/CAB to fix IR phase cancellations

    Two TMAs or IRPs/CABs saved from a TM may be relatively out-of-phase leading to large cancellation between them and a poor tone. (See http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/as-designed-exported-ir-from-tma-out-of-phase-and-9-db-level-difference.154000/) Feature request: Implement a "phase...
  22. yyz67

    [As designed] Exported IR from TMA out-of-phase (and 9 dB level difference)

    I have been trying to use a combination of TMA and IRs saved from TMAs and occasionally get what seemed to be large cancellation, sometimes between the TMA and an IR from a TMA or between two IRs from different TMAs. I have confirmed on FW 8.00 that if I export an IR from a TMA and then put them...
  23. yyz67

    [Fixed in 8.00] Bug: IR Player block level not adjustable via C knob zoomed-out Layout mode

    In the zoomed-out Layout mode typically used for level setting, the IR Player block level does not seem to respond to the "Block Level" C knob. Can anyone confirm? IRRC this issue has been in the recent FWs (7-8) but not sure about prior FWs.
  24. yyz67

    [Fixed in 8.00b!] Weird Tone Match change from 7.0 -> 7.01-02b

    I use the TM block on a few patches, one for a Limelight tone which has sounded pretty good, that is until 7.01. Prior to 7.01 I have been able to use it without smoothing. On 7.01 the volume goes way up (~10 dB) compared to previous FWs and the tone is now honky / out-of-phase, at least at 0%...
  25. yyz67

    [Bug fixed next FW] Large dynamic volume drop when Transformer Matching set to minimum

    I have played with transformer matching with great results in the past, usually turning in down for more clarity. However now (on a few amp models at least), I'm getting a radical volume drop when playing hard. Playing very softly the volume comes back up. I haven't touched Variac/Sag but it...
  26. yyz67

    "[Solved]" tag please on threads??

    I've noticed a plethora of "This just broke" or "The latest FW messed up..." or "I have a problem..." or "I can't ..." or "Can I...?" So I go into the thread thinking there may be an actual issue, but more often than not the (real or imagined) issue is fixed easily (e.g. user error, incorrect...
  27. yyz67

    Wish In Perform pages: Indicator that parameter is in an active/inactive block

    Would love if parameters on both perform pages had an indicator if the parameter is active (global/not bypassed) or inactive (bypassed). I don't want to fiddle with the wrong amp parameter to no effect and then go to another scene which engages that block and get a surprise (or save it not...
  28. yyz67

    Wish Easy Navigation via Edit button

    AFAIK, currently while in edit mode the Edit button "forward cycles" through non-shunted blocks, which is nice, while in layout mode one press of Edit goes into the block. However, sometimes I'll accidentally hit Edit and then be in the next block (along with frustration). To go back to the...
  29. yyz67

    Sag vs. No Sag? And other amp compression parameters...

    When switching from my AF2 to the AF3, I noticed a difference in string immediacy, feel, and punch, particularly with clean amps, even after tone matching (HiPower) from the 2 on the 3 (played through FRFR e.g. Atomic reactor). I think I have recovered string immediacy and punch by turning...
  30. yyz67

    Center channel with wet left/right?

    I haven't tried his yet, but I've heard a few people mention using a dry center/main out with left/right speakers for pure wet atmospheric effects. I assume to do the mix for L/R would be set at 100% and level would be used to adjust the effective wet mix for the L/R outs, correct? I get this...
  31. yyz67

    (Firmware) Change hurts (at least some of us some of the time)

    I imagine the Axe versioning script (or Cliff's internal script) goes something like this: if (major_release) { fw_version = trunc(fw_version) + 1; // Expect accolades of "Best firmware in all of history!!" } else { fw_version = fw_version + 0.01; // Address the inevitable "Everything...
  32. yyz67

    Wish 4-Channel (Quad / Surround) Effects

    This is over the top, but maybe the processing power is there to do it. Imagine a 4-channel quad field in which to create spatial effects like reverb, delay, and panning... (1) 4-channel reverb (e.g. true asymmetric church reverb being able to pick an x-y location in the church and hear sounds...
  33. yyz67

    Possible Drive block makeover ~ pedal vs. model?

    I have a few drive pedals (OCD, Eternity, KOT) that sound great in front of an amp or the Axe. I've tried a variety of DRV models but none inspire or feel as juicy to me as these pedals, even tone matched. I don't know if there are some subtle dynamics that are in the analog electronics that...
  34. yyz67

    Can the Morningstar MC6 do ... ?

    I'm looking at the MC6 MkII as a cheaper yet versatile FC for the Axe III. I don't exactly understand Midi programming (yet) or the capabilities of the MC6 combined with the III, but wondering if the following are possible... 1a) Use two switches for scene inc/Dec via short press 1b) Use the...
  35. yyz67

    Wish Show linked Global Block on Layout Screen (like Axe-Edit)

    I know there is limited pixel resolution on the layout screen, but displaying any linked global blocks would be awesome such as AE3 does. Here are a couple mock-ups of how it might look:
  36. yyz67

    [fixed] Weird crackling with Pitch Shift of -12 (but not other shifts)

    I set up a bass simulator using the Virtual Capo with a setting of -12. However, when I play there are intermittent crackles that happen near the note attack but also as pulses as if the CPU is maxed (but it is only at 60%). Strangely at a setting of -11 or -13 the crackles go away. I could...
  37. yyz67

    Going from FX-II to AX8?

    I currently have an FX-II but don't use a good majority of the banks or effects, and I don't have any external controllers which makes it hard to switch between patches etc. (I currently don't play out.) Besides the "stompable" form factor, would I be losing anything fundamental (tone...
  38. yyz67

    Anyone use/like keyboard amps as FRFR?

    Like most everyone I'm looking for an inexpensive FRFR. A Roland keyboard amp was recommended (a 65W one is $350). Any use or like keyboard amps and can recommend one as a monitor/-in-the-room amp?
  39. yyz67

    Any (early) Rush lovers with patches willing to share?

    I'm still in my 15-day trial with the Ultra. I'm not sure if it's for me (I really want the "live amp in a room feel/sound) and the Reactor FR is still a ways out. But... does anyone have some early Rush patches, i.e. 2112, Hemispheres, La Villa Strangiato, The Trees, Spirit of Radio, YYZ? I...
  40. yyz67

    (Cliff) A new idea?: Correct the CAB IR for the physical CAB

    Cliff and all, It seems theoretically possible to get closer to the Axe CAB settings with a non-FRFR speaker/cab by taking the CAB setting IR minus the "physical CAB IR". Schematically: Guitar -> Axe (<CAB setting IR> minus <physical CAB IR>) -> physical speaker cabinet This wouldn't...
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