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  1. mrpollack

    MFC No Axe Fx Mode - Reveal mode question

    Hi guys When I use MFC with my other tube amps systems (not axe fx mode),when I press REAVEL button the first low 5 buttons doesn't show real IA status of those buttons in stored in MFC presets. (led of ,let say active preset no.4 is on, and it's all I can see..and it should go off, if under...
  2. mrpollack

    I'm so amazed by my new Matrix GT1600FX :-)

    I just got my brand new power amp from Matrix. I'm blown away by it's balls. I used to love my GT1000FX but this new amp has some additional fattness/juice which I love. I use it with my Cornford 4x12 and 2x12 cabs. I love it! Thanks Andy for designing a great piece of gear an thanks Cliff again...
  3. mrpollack

    Wish One second or so..faster Tuner angage on Tap button

    I use Tap button to switch on an off tuner and I guess it takes to long to angage it..I gues 1-1,5s max would be enough to wait for tuner.. Thanks, jacek
  4. mrpollack

    Great sound with my Splawn Nitro 4CM. I'm blown away !

    I just tried for the first time to use my Spalwn Nitro in 4CM with my Axe II.. OMG I didn't know that my Splawn can sound so good ! What a punch and power..I just replaced my SLO100 amp block in my preset with fx looper and connected everything according to the manual description.. Again I'm...
  5. mrpollack

    Axe II and Matrix GT1000FX = GREAT !!!

    I just came from my weekend gigs and I'm floored down ! My Axe II and new Matrix GT1000FX sound so powerfull and warm that I can't even express how happy I was on stage :-) .Now my Axe II and Cornford cab shine like a diamond.I love you all guys from Fractal and Matrix for those small, but BIG...
  6. mrpollack

    Mr.Pollack and Doobie Brothers Cover Axe Fx II

    Hi guys..We just captured some videos in our Polak Bros Studio here in Poland, with help of some nice girls as a backing vocals :-) .. All guitars of course recorded with my beloved Axe Fx II :-) I hope you'll enjoy.. Greetings :-) jacek
  7. mrpollack

    Axe FX II live Mr.Pollack band

    Mr.Pollack Don't let me be- Old Timers.avi - YouTube Mr.Pollack live in Katowice "Old Timers Garage" ..small club.. I'm using my Axe Fx II ..The guitar sound you hear ,comes from PA via camera mic.. (Axe's speaker simulation)..VHT power amp and Cornford cab is only for my onstage guitar...
  8. mrpollack

    My current stage guitar rig :-)

    Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More Nice :-)
  9. mrpollack

    Tone Matched today ! I'm blown away !

    Hi guys.. Today for the first time I tried Tone Matching with my Axe and my jaw dropped down when I heard the result ! I recorded 3 years ago my album using Rivera Knucklehead Reverb 100 tube amp and after I sold this amp some time ago I couldn't get this lovely sound with any other amps I...
  10. mrpollack

    Yesterday I played my first gig with AxeII(life radio show).Amaizing sound and feel !

    Yesterday I played my first gig with AxeII(live radio show).Amazing sound and feel ! Hi guys :-) I have to say that my new Axe II is Amazing piece of gear ! Some time ago I wrote some bitter words about my Ultra I used to use..but Axe II blows me away..I have now so much fun playing my guitar...
  11. mrpollack

    My Axe Ultra guitar solo on my friend's solo album

    My Axe Ultra solo on my friend's new album by Universal It's short solo I did on my friend's Grzegorz Skawiński new album called "Me & My Guitar" released by Universal..I play here on my Axe Ultra using whammy and wah wah from my Ultra :-) Mr.Pollack solo on G.Skawinski new album by...
  12. mrpollack

    Just ordered AXE II ! Have VHT 2502 waiting, so I'am very excited today :-)

    I tried out last weekend Axe II..and wow..I need to dive deeper :-)
  13. mrpollack

    Reversing state 0-1 for latching switch.Is it possible ?

    Hi Guys I'm trying to use with my AXE FX Ultra a Wah-Pad http://www.glab.com.pl/offer_wah-pad by G-Lab Guitar Laboratory to control my on/off state of Wah Wah via pedal input (activating wah wah by puting my foot on expression pedal conneted to second pedal input, on top of this pad, and this...
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