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  1. PaulS

    FS Axe-Fx II mk. 1 with MFC-101

    Axe Fx II w MFC-101, with lots of magnetic labels Both units like new, used in home studio only, never gigged. $1400 for both, shipped to continental US in original packaging. Can accept MC/VISA or Paypal gift.
  2. PaulS

    Problem loading v9 bank C

    Successfully loaded bank A and bank B on win 7 box with Midi Ox set for 32 buffers 256 bytes 50 ms delay. Loading bank C receiving error message "not enough memory" Anybody have any thoughts on this?
  3. PaulS

    Dweezil plays Zappa

    Saw Dweezil last night as the opening act for Chick Corea's RTF. Looked like he had 2 Ultras and 4 Atomic cabs. Didn't seem to be using a lot of different patches, but great sound, great player. Unfortunately the sound guys had the kick drum so loud it was hard too hear much else. took the until...
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