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  1. skunc

    Lazy Summer

    I wanted to learn how to record with Protools with the FM3 as my DAW. I downloaded a drum track from YouTube and just started messing around and learning how to use the editing tools. There are tons of mistakes including the 3 minutes of silence after the fadeout. I haven't made it far enough...
  2. skunc

    Recording Vocals with FAS gear?

    I am a longtime FAS user and beginner Protools user. This year I began using Protools with my FAS gear. Everything is fantastic. I am using the Axe III and the FM3 as a DAW to record guitars without any issues. Anyone have a suggestion as to how I would go about recording vocals with this setup...
  3. skunc

    SOLD Gibson 1939 Reissue J-35 Fuller's Vintage Guitar Edition $1,900

    shipping from Nashville, TN USA $1,900 This has been my only acoustic for many years. I bought it because of the vintage neck shape. It has a great feeling neck, slightly chunky but not too thick. fits the hand perfectly. It has signs of wear, but never abused. See the photos for more info on...
  4. skunc

    SOLD FOR SALE: Duesenberg $2,199

    SHIPPING: From Nashville, TN USA Duesenberg Fullerton Elite $2,199.00 Used guitar. Very good condition. Some minor signs of wear. I love this guitar. Sounds great and plays great. The tremolo is magic. This guitar plays itself and sound fantastic.
  5. skunc

    Acoustic Guitar

    I'm not sure how this will translate for anyone else. That being said, this is for a J-45 rosewood with a newer LR Baggs pickup.
  6. skunc

    Strat rhythm preset....

    This is a preset that I made for single note clean rhythms. There are a couple scenes specific for recording that feature a narrow bell eq. There is one that has a wider bell that will provide a bit more gratification for live setting and a boost.
  7. skunc

    ANGRY 4ths...

    Some ugly stuff here...try at your own risk! Stock strat with low output singles.
  8. skunc

    Stock Strat Preset 1.02

    Here's a stock strat preset. 60s style pickups. Preset now has outputs @ 0dB.
  9. skunc

    [RESOLVED WITH FIRMWARE 1.03] Possible Bug? 1.02 UPDATE

    While attempting to complete a basic kitchen sink program for my favorite strat I discovered this. Adding a Pitch Follower to the 100 Watt 1970 seems to load down the FM3 and freeze it up for about 30 seconds for any command. At first I thought that I had hit the CPU ceiling at 72%. I...
  10. skunc

    USB latency question: OUT 1 Program vs OUT 2 DI

    Is there latency involved between the recording of a DI along with your main sound? I use output 1 to record my main sounds and want to use output 2 to record a DI track at the same time for re amping. I am assuming this would be a couple ms off.
  11. skunc

    Wish Master Cents Offset Controller for Tuner

    I finally made time check out the tuner again. I have a separate tuner that I use to tune and calibrate instruments and would like to use the Axe III tuner exclusively. There have been some nice recent additions to the tuner! Working in the pro touring industry I would normally go directly to...
  12. skunc

    Wish Sauce Block

    For all that use AES and Input2 as our main sources onto the Axe III instead of the analog Input1.
  13. skunc

    AES INPUT clipping early?

    I'm using the AES input into the AxeIII. At -6dbfs into the AxeIII it begins to clip. Has anyone else experienced this?
  14. skunc

    Shure Axient AD4D AES I/O

    Anyone have any experience using Shure Axient wireless AES out to AES in of the Axe III? To prevent clipping I am running the Axe III input @ 10%. I believe that is less than ideal. Shure's "system gain" changes both the input and output simultaneously in the same direction at the same time. It...
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