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  1. ElectricPhase

    Finally, a real gig with the FM3!

    My problem was also with the OMG9 paradigm, but in a different way. I have 'two left feet', and hitting a button on the FM3, then another on the FC6 just wasn't happening consistently. My solution (from a thousand miles up) was to concentrate all of the button combinations during songs on the...
  2. ElectricPhase

    FM3 Status Update

    We appreciate the information! Sounds like good news.
  3. ElectricPhase

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    I’m happily using my FM3 for the few rehearsals and gigs current conditions present with no apparent problems. Still, reading ‘fixed for next release’ on various bugs and not seeing a release can be a head scratcher after a while.
  4. ElectricPhase

    Vendor AustinBuddy's new 1000+ LIVEGOLD TonePack for the Axe-Fx III running firmware 12.14 is now available!

    Thanks so much for sharing your tagged factory set. I've been meaning to do something like that in spreadsheet form for a long while, but it was always too big a job. Gotta find out if there's a way to export the TagSpaces data....
  5. ElectricPhase

    Vendor New Screen Protection system for FM3... coming soon!

    Looks good. I'm hoping we can order just the bits we need....?
  6. ElectricPhase

    Anyone have an electric car?

    The main reason I wouldn't consider it: https://anewspost.com/electric-cars-useless-in-cold-weather/
  7. ElectricPhase

    Looking for 24.75 with Floyd

    I have way too many guitars, and that's the only one that I'm still jonesing for.
  8. ElectricPhase

    Has anyone noticed the screen scratches really easily?

    After an outdoor gig that ended with some light rain, I'm glad I had the CEBA protector. Obviously, it's not waterproof, but I think it helped. In any case, it definitely keeps the screen out of harms way.
  9. ElectricPhase

    So for no real reason I decided I needed an ESP E-II Eclipse

    I have two MIK Skolnick sigs. Not the FR version. Stock they have a JB in the bridge. I'm so used to JBs....they never seemed all that hot to me. One of mine had been 'upgraded' to an EMG Het set before I bought it. I expected to hate those and rip them out. Much to my surprise, they stayed...
  10. ElectricPhase

    Metal DEATHMATCH - Fractal vs. Neural

    I like metal as much as anybody and the clip is pretty cool, but the playing style and heavy gating in that clip don't lend themselves well to comparing tones. Even after know which is which, I can't form a preference one way or the other.
  11. ElectricPhase


    Oh man. Too soon!
  12. ElectricPhase

    Vendor Free Archon "all-in-one" preset

    The Lead 2 scene is like crack. Way too much gain, but it makes you feel like you can throw lightning bolts. 🤣
  13. ElectricPhase

    Tell me about Tennessee

    Just got back from a Nashville neighborhood scouting trip. We covered Brentwood, Franklin, and Thompsons Station. Our preference seemed to gravitate toward the northernmost parts of Franklin. One of the things that surprised the heck out of me is how deceptive some of the property photos are...
  14. ElectricPhase

    Tell me about Tennessee

    We're contemplating the same move. Any info would be much appreciated!
  15. ElectricPhase

    Free Preset of the week - MF Herbie

    Confirmed. All good.
  16. ElectricPhase

    Men's fashion for 2020

    This thread makes me want to cut my hair short and start wearing my old 'office' clothes at all times to emphasize that I'm thoroughly and completely conventional in every way!
  17. ElectricPhase

    Free Preset of the week - MF Herbie

    Interesting. Yep, I'm sure. Full text on the screen is: "404 We are sorry! Gantry 5 provides a custom error page for you to configure with either positions, particles or a combination of both, as well as styling. 404 Category not found" If the problem is with my browser, I'm not sure how...
  18. ElectricPhase

    Free Preset of the week - MF Herbie

    Cool video. The G66 preset link throws a 404 error....
  19. ElectricPhase

    FC Setlist and Song modes

    None of my bands have consistent set lists. The workload of readjusting for every gig for multiple bands is prohibitive. I've gone to generic presets with a handful of song specific oddities in an extra bank, but this approach really doesn't make full use of the hardware. Still hoping for...
  20. ElectricPhase

    So Sick of Dishonest Contractors

    Finding Hank is key. Unfortunately, easier said than done!
  21. ElectricPhase

    Preset files change when no parameters have been changed

    I regularly use duplicate finding programs to sweep for accidental duplicate files. It's not a big deal, but I understand the desire to use a tool for cleanup....
  22. ElectricPhase

    The headstock survived

    That was exactly the schadenfreude I needed today. Thanks. ;)
  23. ElectricPhase

    FM3: G66 availability?

    Pretty sure we were told recently that 'it's a joke' isn't a valid excuse....
  24. ElectricPhase

    So love & hate on HeadRush 108's - where do I go from here?!

    You might check out RCF coaxial (NX12-SMA) monitors, if they're available in your region?
  25. ElectricPhase

    All This Downtuning

    It's the difference between a chunky, flabby butt and a nice toned and tight rear end. 🤪
  26. ElectricPhase

    Finally, a real gig with the FM3!

    I've been waiting to post a mini-review of the FM3 until I actually had a chance to let it roar.... Venue was about 10,000 sq ft. Decent sound system. Seating was about 2/3 full, with a handful on the dance floor. Honestly, that translates to "mostly empty". Best guitar tones I've ever had...
  27. ElectricPhase

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.05

    Thanks for the update. The wait has been giving me heartburn. 🤪
  28. ElectricPhase

    Fixed Pitch block mix won't stay at 100%

    That’s the idea, but i don’t know how. What combination of blocks will make the pitch block at 50% sound exactly as if it were at 25% at the same volume?
  29. ElectricPhase

    Fixed Pitch block mix won't stay at 100%

    Just encountered this today. Does anyone know of a temporary workaround that makes it possible to use the pitch block?
  30. ElectricPhase

    Vendor NEW! AustinBuddy's 1000+ "LIVE GOLD" TonePack for FM3 now available!

    Worked perfectly. Thank you for the effort to get this done over the weekend! Much appreciated!
  31. ElectricPhase

    Vendor NEW! AustinBuddy's 1000+ "LIVE GOLD" TonePack for FM3 now available!

    Damn. I was watching this thread like a hawk because this weekend is my only chance to work up patches for a show next Saturday. Guess it wasn't meant to be.
  32. ElectricPhase

    Vendor NEW! AustinBuddy's 1000+ "LIVE GOLD" TonePack for FM3 now available!

    Well, I got all excited....but as of 8:56pm CST, the only download available is 'FM3_LiveGoldTonePack_Banks1+2_fw1'. Maybe I got there a bit too soon?
  33. ElectricPhase

    Vendor The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - v3.0 AVAILABLE NOW!

    It's not up yet. In fact, the page for the AxeFX III class is entirely absent from the page for the moment.
  34. ElectricPhase

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.05

    Okay Lucy, grab that football and let's go! 🤣
  35. ElectricPhase

    Vendor NEW! AustinBuddy's 1000+ "LIVE GOLD" TonePack for FM3 now available!

    I have a different impression than Piing....I don't find the Naked Amps collection to be more dry. Honestly, I'd actually say the opposite. Live Gold effects are more generic, while some of the Naked Amps effects are a bit more adventurous. I get the feeling that AustinBuddy prefers subtle...
  36. ElectricPhase

    Tax on buying used stuff on Reverb and Ebay

    Just means buy/sell face to face and pay cash. I'll even drive a few hours before I'll pay the government as little as another ten bucks selling a pedal.
  37. ElectricPhase

    Anyone using the Ceba lcd protectors?

    I have the FM3 version. Pros: the material is really thick: sturdy and protective visibility through the protector is great Cons: the material is really thick: hitting buttons is a bit harder in the button cutouts....this could also be considered a pro, as you won't be hitting them...
  38. ElectricPhase

    Vendor NEW! AustinBuddy's 1000+ "LIVE GOLD" TonePack for FM3 now available!

    Thanks for the heads up. I don't have time for thorough testing. After loading a few presets that I wanted to work with, everything appears to be working fine. :)
  39. ElectricPhase

    Axe-Edit III 1.06.07

    Thank you very much!
  40. ElectricPhase

    Axe-Edit III 1.06.06

    @Michael Pickens I waited a while to see whether additional versions might still be coming....but as of 1.06.06 this problem still exists: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/new-austinbuddys-1000-live-gold-tonepack-for-fm3-now-available-on-sale-through-august-31.163243/page-11#post-1966742...
  41. ElectricPhase

    Axe-Edit III 1.06.06

    Does this fix the problem with corrupted presets when loading from Manage Presets?
  42. ElectricPhase

    Vendor NEW! AustinBuddy's 1000+ "LIVE GOLD" TonePack for FM3 now available!

    I'm really confused. A few days ago, I loaded one of the FM3 Live Gold presets into my Axe-FX III using the Axe-Edit III preset manager, and it worked perfectly. Today I'm trying to do the same thing, and the resulting presets are completely messed up. Many parameters are wrong. For example...
  43. ElectricPhase

    F*&@#$^% Microsoft

    I haven't had too much trouble with eM Client....still using a sand-boxed copy of Office 2007 for the rest.
  44. ElectricPhase

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    Am I really being told to ignore actual scientific studies, in favor of pseudo-science quack entertainer Bill Nye.....and a bizarre publication from the CDC being presented as a scientific study....with no control group? Guess so. Bye, y'all.
  45. ElectricPhase

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    You might want to read the link that some people flamed me for posting upthread. It points to studies which evaluate the filtering efficiency of various materials. Also note this bit: "Virus-laden small (<5 μm) aerosolized droplets can remain in the air for at least 3 hours and travel long...
  46. ElectricPhase

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    Okay, one more post...since that was directly to my address. A better analogy is a baseball covered in mosquitoes. The baseball gets lodged in the fence, but the mosquitoes still go through.
  47. ElectricPhase

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    And on that note, I'm done. It was a good discussion....for a while.
  48. ElectricPhase

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    Gotta say....that's not helpful.
  49. ElectricPhase

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    To save readers from having to click through the CNBC cess pool, here's a link to the study that DaAxeMan is talking about: https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6928e2.htm?s_cid=mm6928e2_w Read it and judge for yourself...
  50. ElectricPhase

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    People keep making that assertion, but they refuse to show their work. If a million people post to Twitter that all trees have blue leaves, does that mean there is now 'vast evidence' of blue leaved trees?
  51. ElectricPhase

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    I read the articles you posted, some the underlying scientific studies, and some of the scholarly responses to them. The impression I formed is that asymptomatic spread of viruses remains an unproven and controversial idea among experts in the field. Covid-19 is a virus like any other virus...
  52. ElectricPhase

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    So, instead of linking you post an image? Why should I give your screen-grab the time of day? The impressive row of social media icons? All of the bright red? Your very uncontroversial avatar? sigh
  53. ElectricPhase

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    I'll read through those. Thanks.
  54. ElectricPhase

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    Can't check...no link. This time I'm not going to put all of those into Google to figure out where you got them from.
  55. ElectricPhase

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    Right. So symptomatic people should wear a mask? No, actually they should stay home. That's what the article I linked states. There is no evidence for asymptomatic spread.
  56. ElectricPhase

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    Wait a minute, jclemensfi's cut 'n paste was from Mother Jones! Mother Jones is the absolute last source on the entire planet I would trust for unbiased, factual info.
  57. ElectricPhase

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    You keep attacking the organization that collated the data, and you may have a point about them....but the data they present is sourced from entirely mainstream science. They show their work. edit: I take back the 'you may have a point' portion of my post.
  58. ElectricPhase

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    Everything at that link is factual and sourced, and the science 100% solid. You can get the same information elsewhere if you prefer, but facts don't change.
  59. ElectricPhase

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    Hmmm....two threads nuked, but lets restart the argument. The third time is sure to be the charm. Even handed and well sourced mask analysis: https://aapsonline.org/mask-facts/
  60. ElectricPhase

    How many care if the Theaters close permently?

    That’s all very nice, and (in a certain way) I agree with you. What does that have to do with writing enjoyable entertainment?
  61. ElectricPhase

    Vendor NEW! AustinBuddy's 1000+ "LIVE GOLD" TonePack for FM3 now available!

    FM3 Edit permits you to "Copy Current Channel to Clipboard" for any block and then "Paste Clipboard to Current Channel" in another preset. You just have to make sure to do this for all block channels (amp, cab, filters, etc) that make up the sound you want to transfer.
  62. ElectricPhase

    Vendor NEW! AustinBuddy's 1000+ "LIVE GOLD" TonePack for FM3 now available!

    This is, of course, good advice. What I appreciate about your products (aside from the tones) is your careful organization. It's a huge time saver.
  63. ElectricPhase

    Vendor NEW! AustinBuddy's 1000+ "LIVE GOLD" TonePack for FM3 now available!

    The set list was a mixture of alt-rock, pop, blues, and hard rock for a total of 34 songs. Obviously I had limited time to prepare the presets. I did the show with a total of three amp choices based on my experience with the AX8 Dream Rigs package (and a couple of song specific variants I...
  64. ElectricPhase

    Vendor NEW! AustinBuddy's 1000+ "LIVE GOLD" TonePack for FM3 now available!

    Testing some of these out at a block party we're playing today. I'll report back... ;)
  65. ElectricPhase

    [EDITED] AWESOME Van Halen on your FM3!!

    You could edit your thread title..... :)
  66. ElectricPhase

    Firmware v1.04 freezes box after few hours

    Sorry, couldn't resist.
  67. ElectricPhase

    Apple moves to ARM

    Hard to find a comfortable home platform these days. Hundred and _______th look at Linux?
  68. ElectricPhase

    Did I get a returned Axe-Fx III?

    As a long time Fractal customer who's experienced their outstanding customer support several times, I would contact them first. Hypothetically as a first time customer, having only dealt with other companies, I'd likely do exactly the same as the OP. The world has conditioned people to expect...
  69. ElectricPhase

    You Knew Etsy Would Ruin Reverb

    With respect, what's going on has nothing to do with a market economy.
  70. ElectricPhase

    Wish "Flattening" or "Baking" of cab mixes

    Also, this could be used to transport cab mixes with more than two cabs from the Axe III to the FM3. That would be a godsend for those who record with the Axe III and gig with the FM3.
  71. ElectricPhase

    How many care if the Theaters close permently?

    The last movie I saw in the theater and thought was worth the price of the ticket was in 2015. There was a movie I might have wanted to see in 2017, but I'm so wary of the crap that the industry produces that I haven't even bothered to watch it at home. It's not the price that I object to, but...
  72. ElectricPhase

    Cliff's Reviews: Ad Astra

    That movie. I'd blocked it from my memory. Now it's back. :mad: After we watched it, I told my wife it should have been called 'Monkees in Spaaaaaaaace'.
  73. ElectricPhase

    Little lady killing it.

    There are some people that, when you watch them, you know that everyone in their life is running as fast as they can just to keep up with them. I'm guessing she's a perfect example. :D What a sweetheart!
  74. ElectricPhase

    Switching between standalone FM3 and FM3+FC6 problem

    That was the other option. :) For now I've gone 'all in' with the paging concept. I think it will work pretty well, as long as arrange my important presets intelligently.
  75. ElectricPhase

    Switching between standalone FM3 and FM3+FC6 problem

    Thanks for the reply. I understand that. The problem is that every time I want to change use cases, I have to change multiple fields (bank size, and every bank inc/dec field in all layouts). I've resigned myself to sticking with a bank size of 6 and paging, but that's a kludge. I hope...
  76. ElectricPhase

    Switching between standalone FM3 and FM3+FC6 problem

    I have two distinct use cases for my FM3: 1. Standalone FM3 (easy transport/setup for jamming, rehearsals, etc.) and 2. FM3+FC6+expression pedals (full rig for gigs). This modularity should be one of the FM3's biggest strengths, but in practice I'm running into a roadblock with preset switching...
  77. ElectricPhase

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.04

    Timing couldn't be better! First rehearsals in months this weekend!
  78. ElectricPhase

    Anyone else gigging again?

    The money on a fishing line thing got me. Still LMAO.
  79. ElectricPhase

    Free preset of week 23 - MF Shiver (Based on Bogner Shiva)

    Marco, you make those presets sound so good. I wish you could share your skill as well. ;)
  80. ElectricPhase

    New Vandenberg

    Odd...that sounds more like Bad Moon Rising than Vandenberg. Pretty cool, though.
  81. ElectricPhase

    Fractal Audio Artist Preset Series - Pete Thorn

    The Tone Surfer preset is like putting my guitar on autopilot....the darn thing plays itself. :cool:
  82. ElectricPhase

    Would you sell your AX8 to buy a new FM3?

    I sold the AX8 to fund an FM3. No regrets whatsoever.
  83. ElectricPhase

    Steve Stevens presets

    This makes me soooo happy! Steve has been on my short list every since Rebel Yell.
  84. ElectricPhase

    Four Amps. Preset & video demo.

    Was just setting up my FM3 for an audition, and ran across this preset. Extraordinarily good! I know I'm a little late to the party, but THANKS!
  85. ElectricPhase

    OMG9 - too much? FM3+EV+Dual Switch Sufficient?

    It depends on how you think. If you're a 'scene' guy, the FM3+two buttons can do a lot...especially if you have the FM3 buttons toggle between scenes. If you're a 'virtual pedalboard' guy, I don't know how you'd make that work without an FC.
  86. ElectricPhase

    CEBA FM3 Screen shields Coming soooooon

    Hmmm.... I was all set to buy, until I saw that it extended around the buttons. Worried that I'd have to sharpen my fingertips....
  87. ElectricPhase

    Fractal FC-2 - new product suggestion

    That makes sense. In fact, it's the reason I picked up an FC-6 shortly after getting the FM3. I have two configurations for the FM3: by itself, or with the FC-6 and a separate board (which I use for several rigs) that has three expression pedals. Thing is, if you're adding multiple expression...
  88. ElectricPhase

    Fractal FC-2 - new product suggestion

    Honestly, I don't understand the value in what the OP proposes. You can already add a passive two button switch to the FM3. It is almost certaint that when you do, the functions of those buttons will be fixed (as in....you don't really need mini-displays to remember what they do). If you need...
  89. ElectricPhase

    Ted Templeman's new book

    I still remember hanging out with a couple of redneck farm dudes in the mid 80s. They had a truck with a really amazing stereo. One time we cranked Top Jimi all the way up and it was like a religious experience. LOL
  90. ElectricPhase

    Grooveshifter! Axe-Fx III Pitch Block fw 12.08

    The possibilities..... Mind blown!
  91. ElectricPhase

    NGD It Suhr is a nice one

    Damn! I have to avoid Eddie's web site....if I stay too long it would be really bad for my bank account.
  92. ElectricPhase

    Boss Katana 100 Combo as on stage monitor with Axe-Fx III

    I was surprised by how well the AX8 worked into the acoustic channel of the Katana 100. I wouldn't recommend it as a serious solution....but it works for an emergency.
  93. ElectricPhase

    Pickslanting ?

    Hmmm.... for a while, I was taking lessons from an insanely good shredder who would disagree violently. No, really, and he could bench press me with one arm--so I wasn't going to argue too much. 🤣 Your point is well taken though.
  94. ElectricPhase

    Pickslanting ?

    @Capt Nasty 's suggestions were helpful for me. Pointing the pick slightly to the bridge did exactly what he described, but I think this stuff is very much affected by body geometry and the idiosyncrasies of your picking hand. There's a video on YouTube...something like 'shredders with the...
  95. ElectricPhase

    Pickslanting ?

    I want to play faster and cleaner. I'm currently using some of Wu-Flu down time to relearn how to pick. What I'm finding is that pick angle and slant has a huge effect on speed...but also on tone. My default is slight upward pick slanting, with the pick almost perfectly parallel to the...
  96. ElectricPhase

    Where to download MFC-Edit

    Thank you so much for doing this!!!!! 👍
  97. ElectricPhase

    Time for Fractal to go native

    The real problem with a "native" product isn't piracy, but reverse engineering. Fractal has been very careful not to expose their code, and I hope it stays that way.
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