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    Couple of questions regarding hearing loss and new monitors.

    Interesting thing. I just gifted myself a set of Equator Audio D8's for my gift to myself. I love me =) First question. Breaking in speakers. Is there a proper way to do this? Second question, I upgraded from a set of Bx8a's. First thing that I noticed was that when I turned off...
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    Changing Monitors. Question regarding hearing

    I got myself a set of Equator Audio D8's. Couple of questions. One, what is the proper way to break them in? Two, when I listen to normal music, everything is fine. When I am playing my axe-fx, when I am done, it feels like I just walked out of a room with a very loud amp. Not...
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    Preview IR from disk

    AFAIKnew before the rewrite, we were able to preview cabsIR's from disk rather then having to load them into the system then preview. It was a very nice one step process. Any plans for this feature to come back? -Nate
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    Speakers VS Cabs - A little info pls.

    I have always payed more attention to the cabinet that I have been hooking up too more then the speaker that I have been using. It's what I liked about the old Axe-FX cab list. I looked for a bit on the Ownhammer site and through the docs that were included with the new Cab pack and I didn't...
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    Request V10 clip for debugging reasons.

    I wanted to make quick request from someone who has a FRFR system (preferably a QSC K12.) I seem to be struggling with making high gain patches. It is probably my own learning curve because I was successful with every other firmware release but, just to cut out my own id10t factors I wanted...
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    Cliff, a question about future amp models.

    Cliff, There was an earlier discussion that I could no longer locate. I believe in this discussion you mentioned that you would like to create new amp models that really cannot exist in the tube amp world. One of my favorite models in the Axe-FX II is the FAS Modern and the idea of...
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    Attn : AlGrenadine

    Thanks for posting that Recto Red path on Axe Exchange.... It got me out of my playing funk. That is all =)
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    Uhg.... Lost the thread (RTA of rooms/mic choices)

    Guys, A little while ago, there was someone who posted a step by step method of measuring a room in order to find out how to set your Gobal EQ. I went back to find it and I lost it out of my bookmarks and I have not been able to find it via searching. Anyone know where that is? -Nate
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    Starting point - As Long As It's Not About Love

    Dio - As Long As It's Not About Love - YouTube Not looking for someone to make me a patch. Just would like your guys opinion of which amp model/cab you guys would think to start with =) (just the first 2 minutes, I like the tone.) -Nate
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    QSC K-12 & Global EQ section.

    I understand that this is going to vary from room setup to room setup. I was curious what global EQ settings were being used by Axe-II users when using the QSC K-12
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    Issues updating MCF-101 to current firmware. (stuck right now)

    MFC Old firmware :: 0.14 OS/System :: Windows 7-64 SP1 Midi update methods :: Axe-Edit(Latest) -> Axe-FX II // MidiOX -> Sapphire pro40 -> MFC When I got the MFC-101 it was sitting at the old firmware. I attempted to update it through the Axe-FX II using the steps mentioned on the Wiki. This...
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    Bay Area Axe-II Users

    Any interest in a get together? Compare setups, make some noise, share ideas? -Nate
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    Testing an output...

    Ok.... So, I figured that I better start practicing a little bit of what I preach. I know my playing and timing is a little off here and what I really wanted to accomplish is learning a little more about editing and mixing in Reaper. Fortunately the track I was trying to recreate didn't deal...
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    Single External controller problem

    Question for the masses because I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. I just want a single external controller hooked up to the II. I went ahead and purchased a Volume pedal, two guitar cables, and a stereo breakout adapter to break out the tip and sleve. I made sure that the volume...
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    Could someone post a simple Recto patch?

    I am having an issue getting this to sound non-muddy. Can anyone post a high gain recto? I have all the ownhammer and redwired if you use them. -Nate
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    Early Iron Maiden Uni-Vibe

    Never tried messing around with the plexi mods and everyone seems to be on a uni-vibe trip lately. So, in a hung over state, I was screwing around trying for a Strange World sound by Iron Maiden. It's not done but, its a fun tone to play with. Comments/suggestions/'you sucks' are...
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    Master Vol Settings.

    Just curious. With the ultra, it was generally said that with high gain amps, place the Master @ 5.0. Is that still the consensus? -Nate
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    Axe-II and moving to FRFR, it's not all roses....Yet - My experiences so far.

    I have had the AxeFX II for about a week now. I am a former Ultra user and I loved that thing. It matched my needs perfectly. My last setup's sounded kick ass. I had two different setups. I was going out XLR to a FocusRite Pro40 into BX8A's and If I was feeling particularly feisty, I would...
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    Question about Axe-II and QSC K12's

    Just getting this thing hooked up. It sounded a little bit muffled so, I started to adjust the global EQ. This helped a lot. How do you guys have your K12's set up? I have it set to ExtSup and Flat for the crossover and EQ. Which, from what I can remember was the way to do it. What...
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    New Jeff Loomis

    I guess he is working on a new album.... Two things. One, at the end of the video, lookie at the Ultra in the background. I know he is on the Artist page but, I have always seen him on stage using Engl's and Mesa's on stage and POD's @ NAMM shows. Second, damn... just crazy chops...
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    Axe II Shipping questions.

    I was able to get in and order an Axe-FX II today. Shortly after, I got notification from my employer that I was going to be leave the state and not getting back tell next Tuesday. I am generally concerned because the UPS guys are extremely shitty about leaving high value items sitting in...
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    Power Amp On VS No-Thump

    Could someone explain to me what the difference between the two are or point me to a thread? I did some searching through the manual and wiki and couldn't find any info. Thanks, -Nate
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    QUestion/Issue with Pitch Shift.

    I have noticed some strange with the pitch shifter when using it as a detuner. The best way for someone to reproduce it is to goto the the Down Full Step patch(23) and disable everything but the pitch block in the front and aprigat a chord. I know this is not the optimal way of detuning a...
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    How do you deal with this problem?

    I am really not sure what to do about this issue. How do you guys deal with the issue of guitars having different output levels. I have quite a good mix of different guitars with different pickups (active/passive/hum/single) and every single time I switch guitars, I have to screw with my input...
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    Moving to a recording setup.

    I have been digging a little deeper as I have been getting use to the AXE-FX. I use to play through a VHT 2:90:2 into twin bogner uberkabs. At this time, I kept the cabs and power amp sims off. I replaced the VHT with an ART SLA-2 and turned on the power amp sims. I got a little more use to...
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    Tonestack Type

    Having some problems understanding what this actually does. Does it modify the preamp or poweramp simulation? Thanks, -Nate
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    Amplifier Choice + additional question

    First off all, this is directed to the people that have used both solid state and tube poweramp stages to power the Axe-FX. I really would like to hear from you guys. Second of all, currently, I am very satisfied with the ultra so far. I currently have it hooked up to through a VHT...
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    QSC HPR and K Series.

    I did a search on the K-series and was not able to come up with much about this series of loudspeaker. I was thinking about picking up some HPR122i's but I heard that the K series is going to be taking over the HPR's. Has anyone tried the K-series yet? Are they appropriate for Axe-FX...
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    "Bad Checksum" during update to 7.18

    Currently using an Motu ultralight connected to the Ultra. Tried to update with the latest and the .190 editor and I get a Bad Checksum that pops up on the Axe-FX display at the end of the update. Anyone got any ideas? -Nate
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    Cannot use editor while FCB1010 is in loop.

    Hello, First of all. I am extremely pleased with my purchase of the ultra. My life just got a hell of a lot simpler. =) I got a hold of a FCB1010 with the chipset upgrade it in, allowing the top row of the pedalboard to be use for stompbox mode. The ultra is all up to date and I am using...
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