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  1. artzeal

    Latency? Issue in Logic, Axe used as interface.

    Hmmm. I haven't have problems with time alignment in Logic. I typically use a 256 sample buffer, though (older Mac). Since I'm direct monitoring (software monitoring OFF), there's never audible latency when tracking, and stuff plays back fine. If I zoom in on tracks: time alignments are...
  2. artzeal

    JP-2C Axe-Fx III and Real Amp in Cabinet

    Yes, it will do that, until you get it right. Fortunately there are controls to raise and lower the resonant frequencies, Q, etc. Even when the IR is a match for the speaker, it may not be a close match for being in the real world cabinet as well. The punchy resonant frequency is often a higher...
  3. artzeal

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.05

    Thanks for setting me straight. I get that. The landmark Tube Screamer rolls off the low end, it's in the genome. As I've never played a K7, I was a little surprised that there is so much undefeatable low end roll off on something for bass. I usually need to roll off some of the sub frequencies...
  4. artzeal

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.05

    Its defaulted with a roll off of (?)6-12db/octave below 100hz (compared to bypassed DI), and there's no way to get that back: Boosting the bass (100hz) doesn't recover the missing depth of the lower octave. Even mixed in parallel as an Enhanced DI was a bit anemic with a 5 string. Probably work...
  5. artzeal

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.05

    Unless I'm overlooking something: Drive model Blackglass 7K significantly attenuates the signal below 100hz at the default settings. That can't be right? (Bass tone knob on 0.00 (with any clip type, and obviously with the Low Cut set to 20hz) Even boosting the bass knob +12db or the graphic EQ...
  6. artzeal

    Just updated my Mac computer to the new macOS Big Sur 11.0.1, I am letting all of you be aware..

    Many midi drivers automatically take over Port 1 and hog all 16 channels, unless you tell them otherwise, and will forget the simplest of instructions of where to go and which side of the road to use when a new OS is installed. It may come down to reconfiguring the Midi assignments. Or make 'em...
  7. artzeal

    Mark 2 fan noise

    Hard to tell if its on or off even from a couple of feet away: If I actually put my ear against the 12U SKB rack case its in, I can hear the MKII purring, but its very quiet: heck, my breathing is a lot louder.
  8. artzeal

    IR length

    I'm on board with a shorter IR for most purposes and as a general rule of thumb for closed back cabinets. However: Open back cabinets can benefit with a longer IR. While using carefully crafted reverb can work to give a satisfying sense of the sound reflecting around a given room: Something...
  9. artzeal

    Is arrived the time for Axe-Fx III to profile an amp?

    Give me your tired Fuzzface, your Klon, Your huddled masses of distortion pedals yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming effects collection might yet be reborn to see the gilded stage...
  10. artzeal

    Mac OS 11 Big Sur, any issue so far?

    I've gotten emails from UAD, Avid, Eventide, Reason and others that caution their software is not yet compatible with Big Sur. Not surprising, as Big Sur is a major upgrade. I'm too reliant on existing workflows to be an early adopter on this one. If one is using the Axe FX 3 with Logic or other...
  11. artzeal

    Axe-Edit stopped working in Logic Pro 10.5.1

    My Mac is my castle, so no intruders in my domain.
  12. artzeal

    Axe-Edit stopped working in Logic Pro 10.5.1

    Things to try: MIDI reset in Logic. Reset the controller preferences in Logic. Reinstatiate entire Logic preferences file (Last resort: this will delete all midi controller assignments). Check MIDI port assignments in the MacOS' Audio/MIDI or other Midi devices or software. Reset other USB Midi...
  13. artzeal

    Wish Multiband Saturation/ Drive block

    Oh yeah: tube and/or transformer harmonics please! Possibly added as advanced features to the multiband compressor, or to the studio compressor as transformer input saturation and tube make up gain. Harmonic distortion enhancements might even allow a cursory resemblance to some classic...
  14. artzeal

    Battery lifetime

    Paper is for shredders. I go for the vintage sag of quill on sheepskin myself: They say squid ink with a brush on papyrus is more versatile for those who can afford it, but I like keeping some birds around for their tail feathers: Plus, with Thanksgiving coming up: There's nothing like a NOS...
  15. artzeal

    Older guy having trouble with terminology and newer tech in Axe-Fx III

    Bob Dylan had it sussed out: "I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now..."
  16. artzeal

    Ordered my FM3! Now what?

    Power chord, then power chords. Don't sweat it: sort it out as you go.
  17. artzeal

    FM3 setup with UAD Apollo Twin X

    SPDIF is your best bet: Its a straight transfer from the FM3 with no AD/DA DA/AD conversions.
  18. artzeal

    Q for those who also own an FM3: Ambient Sounds

    FM3: It depends on how much stuff one actually needs going on at one time: You can create vast evolving soundscapes with reverb, some variation of the plex or multitap delay and another modulation effect and then using expression pedals, LFOs or other modifiers to morph the signal over time...
  19. artzeal

    New FM3 user - question about studio monitors

    The Adam T8Vs are pretty great.
  20. artzeal

    FM3 MkII on the Horizon?

    Don't buy a car. There will be a new model next year. And the resale value takes a dip. Makes you wonder why anyone ever buys a car. Maybe the point is to use the car or the FM3 and not buy it as an investment. I did pick up some wide scan transmissions from one of the space probes heading for...
  21. artzeal

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    Some amps go to 11. This starts at 14.
  22. artzeal

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 3

    “I’ve been crazed and diffused for so long…” It’ll be OK: The diffusion parameter is turned on for my memory... as is the delay... elay.. ay... and the feedback and the looper ... Ah! There's the mute!
  23. artzeal

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.00

    Turbo or Borland Pascal, anyone? Those were tools of the day when the JCM800 was the latest and greatest: I'm glad the JCM800 doesn't seem old or arcane.
  24. artzeal

    For those that have an Axe-Fx III and an FM3

    I'm considering going the other way: FM3 to FX3. I've got the FM3, expect to get an FX3 shortly (waitlist). While the FM3 sounds fabulous and the FX block count is excellent, and portability great: Still: There are a couple of factors that compel me to consider moving up to the FX3: 1. Lots of...
  25. artzeal

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 1

    Try setting the FM3 as the clock source (rather than System / computer)
  26. artzeal

    How to increase attack of an amp model

    1. A compressor with a slow attack and fast/medium release will do that bass drum thing. (Compressor block - studio or optical) I like to set the compressor so its a bit overcooked, and then blend just some (50%-75%) of it in parallel (mix). This is a good way to go as the effect varies...
  27. artzeal

    Best Power Amp for Modelers

    A well travelled Carvin DCM150 does a fine job into a 2x12: Either wired for Stereo or Bridged Mono. Or powering a 2x10 with Celestion BN10 Neos for Bass. The Quilter PowerBlock 200 (FM3 Out 2 to Quilter Return) works well too. EDIT: I might add that these presets are set up so Output 2 goes to...
  28. artzeal

    FM3 USB issues

    Sync issue? Try setting FM3 as clock source.
  29. artzeal

    Using the FM3 as a DI box...acoustic guitar....basic questions:

    I almost never use an amp block with acoustic guitar. A cab block with appropriate IR is usually beneficial. Generally, using the piezo flat (no boost or cut) from the guitar and doing all the EQ (I like the PEQ for this) in the FM3 gives me optimal results. Most piezos in recent production...
  30. artzeal

    Using the FM3 as a DI box...acoustic guitar....basic questions:

    It's probably worth getting an FM3 just for the effects treatment for acoustic guitars. The superior quality of compressors, reverbs and enhancer in particular are really apparent with an acoustic instrument. And general treatments, such as using the a PEQ to pre EQ the signal will do wonders to...
  31. artzeal

    Connecting a MIC

    Input 2 is (2) balanced TRS Line Ins. A microphone will require a preamp.
  32. artzeal

    FM3 monitoring in OBS Studio

    FM3 USB IN 34 (can be set to Input 1 =DI). Don't use 34 for a track assignment in OBS. OBS: Edit->Advanced Audio Properties, assigns which audio input is sent to which track. Assign 0, 1 or multiple inputs to each track. If 0, the track is empty. If 1 the track contains the assigned input...
  33. artzeal

    FM3 Noise

    I have a Fuhrman AC-215A that everything runs through in the home studio: computer and all audio. I use a Fuhrman SS-6B for with the laptop for remote recording and or the FM3. I have no problems when I use quality power conditioning. I have nothing but trouble without it. The FM3 is quiet USB...
  34. artzeal

    Using FM3 to Re-amp WITHOUT USB using Logic Pro X's I/O Plugin

    Glad to help. It works amazingly well too, as Logic time aligns everything. One thing to keep track of is the sync. Typically things work fine using the Internal (computer) clock, but if there are any stability issues with multiple devices, it may be best to set the clock to the FM3 when using it.
  35. artzeal

    Using FM3 to Re-amp WITHOUT USB using Logic Pro X's I/O Plugin

    Going into the FM3 Input 1 in the manner described is not going to work well. Input 1 on the FM3 is an Instrument Level Input, and the Behringer Output (or any other Interface or preamp, compressor, synth etc.) is Line Level. Behringer to FM3 1= Impedance mismatch and noise. Use the FM3 IN 2...
  36. artzeal

    Equipment options for listening to / auditioning the Presets at bedroom levels

    Which is also true with an all tube amp, not just modeling MFX like the FM3: The settings that work for lower volume practice will need adjustment for the big stage. There's always going to be some adjustment, and often as much to do with different rooms/reflections than soft/loud. EQing the...
  37. artzeal

    FM3 ..... USB 2 Type B Port on the back of the FM3 ......No Power Provided ** UPDATED **

    Maybe don't worry about it and use the FM3 for playing guitar. Just use the USB-B for FM3 Edit, Fractal Bot, and USB Audio I/O. Since the FM3 requires powering through an IEC cable anyway, and probably there are FRFR monitors or an amp, and certainly the drummer's kegerator that all require...
  38. artzeal

    FM3 CPU power

    The FM3 has twice (Channels A B C D) the AX8's (X Y) selections and settings per preset. You can easily replicate an extensive analog style pedal board with a slew of drives, delays and mod effects at various settings. Also, clever use of the Plex Delay can take the place of two or three mod...
  39. artzeal

    FM3 CPU power

    I just play guitar with my FM3 and it feels real good. Amp, Cabinet, and more effects and routing options than you can shake a stick at. I play 'till I can't no more. I don't suffer from no DSP blues. If y'all do, it's 'cause yer sittin' and worryin', not standing and playing.
  40. artzeal

    Fletcher Munson Curve

    What is IME a far bigger issue than the Fletcher-Munson description of the perception of loudness: Is the room reflections, which have a far more significant impact on the frequency response at any given SPL. This varies so substantially from one space to another that it is not possible to...
  41. artzeal

    Stolen Gear

    AX8 Stolen June 2020. AX8-15-11-1649 Seatlle Police REPORT NUMBER: 2020-916701 High likelihood its in Brownsville, Texas.
  42. artzeal

    FM3 in Dual Mono?

    With the I/O and 4 outputs you could configure: Dual Mono, Quad Mono, Mano a Mono, Stereo, Dual Stereo, Quadrophonic (Need a bit of work to set up pan sweeps, LFO clycling and the like).
  43. artzeal

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.05

    Many thanks!
  44. artzeal


    TRS cables pushed in half way. Such a nuisance. I was once called in to do some electrical repairs that the clients were advised would require rewiring the whole ceiling. Did the job in 10 minutes by securing an intermittent neutral into the wire cap in the switch box and screwing in three...
  45. artzeal


    You can: IN 2 L & R. Works like a champ. Synths leave authentic vintage behind and take on a whole new vibe when you mangle and gloss them with 2020 Fractal effects.
  46. artzeal

    Is FM3-Edit supposed to re-read my presets every time I open it?

    I would guess it is loading them from the FM3 into RAM.
  47. artzeal

    Is this possible? (FM3 workaround for one Amp Block)

    It could be also be set up to just use Output 2 to both cabinets. Use the split routing and pan one chain Left and the other Right at Output 2 (set to Stereo in the I/O) Zen Master, Blackglass 7K, 3 and 4 knob Tube Drives are all capable of amp like behavior for some useful overdriven tones...
  48. artzeal

    Favorite Multi-effect Pedal to Pair up with your FM3

    Thus far I don't want for anything else for guitar or bass. That said, next week I'm borrowing a Kawai K5000 synth and will run it into the FM3 FX returns to add Fractal ambient effects and reverbs: can't wait!
  49. artzeal

    question for non-hp version owners

    No hardware issues. A few things that will be sorted out as the firmware and editor develop: Some minor issues regarding updating displayed parameters in recalled presets and that may or not be FM3 Edit related. Nothing that impacts playing, navigating, or USB interface functionality (on a Mac).
  50. artzeal

    FM3 sounding better through headphones than monitors

    If the monitors sound good in the room with a band mix, the FM3 should really impress. When I first got it, it sounded great tested in a variety of different amplification scenarios, with various monitors (including the JBL308s). It is also excellent with cab block off and a SS power amp into...
  51. artzeal

    FM3 or Line 6 HX Stomp as multi FX

    FM3 sound and feel is substantially more amp like and effects are much richer and far more customizable. If that's what's most important, get FM3. Other priorities may lead to other choices. There are nearly infinite variations that can be done with Drive Pedals in the FM3 if you want to design...
  52. artzeal

    SPDIF Level Help

    SPDIF is at its optimal level. I recommend Bob Katz: Mastering Audio as a reference for for how audio works from a science and engineering perspective.
  53. artzeal

    Selling HX Stomp to save and purchase an FM3. is it worth it?

    And not to suggest Line 6 doesn't know exactly what they're doing. They cater to a devoted following that want the type of sonic signature their products offer. I just have other preferences. I think its useful to post about the FM3 at this point in time, because not a lot of people have had a...
  54. artzeal

    Selling HX Stomp to save and purchase an FM3. is it worth it?

    The FM3 sounds and feels so much better for how I play. But by and large, I like amps and sounds from Brownface Fenders up through Deizel VH4, and what a Carol Ann, Friedman or a Trainwreck can do. Its really in another league for this sort of thing IMO. Some months ago I tried to get an HX...
  55. artzeal

    FM3 as home studio centerpiece?

    Keep in mind the available CPU reading doesn't appear to include include the Amp and Cabinet blocks (which are on their own dedicated processor, so available CPU amounts to what effects you are using. FM3 edit shows 11% CPU with an empty preset and 16.4% with both and and cabinet. The economy...
  56. artzeal

    FM3 as home studio centerpiece?

    You can definitely use this as a main interface, and it delivers excellent audio quality. The biggest issue with using it as an interface is that it is limited as far as I/O, and you'll need it turned on all the time, not just with guitar. I also have an Apollo 8, and couldn't say if its better...
  57. artzeal

    TFW you forget how much pick choice affects tone

    There's also the feel aspect of the pick: some just glide over the strings and give a very uniform energy transfer to the string, others grab or show up even the smallest variation in how the string is plucked. Some - like pesos and sixpence - have a firm bite sonically, but also chew the...
  58. artzeal

    List of compatible expression pedals for FM3

    All work well: Boss EV-5 Nektar NX-P Behringer FC600 Moog EP-3
  59. artzeal

    Amp Block Advanced Parameters: What Parameters Do You Use? How Often?

    In general, I try to leave the advanced parameters alone unless there is some specific thing I'm trying to address. With the FM3, I haven't felt a need to do much, things sound so great with just the conventional Amp Block controls and a well chosen highpass setting on the Cabinet Block: what I...
  60. artzeal

    TFW you forget how much pick choice affects tone

    A long strange trip, indeed... many years ago, I was expressing frustration with the flatwounds on my jazz box, and someone handed me a Dunlop 208: Wow, that was just the ticket: Smoothed the attack characteristic just right without going dull, and getting all the richness of the sustain. Great...
  61. artzeal

    The Eight Amplifier Knobs..

    As far as venue to venue adjustment: Global Settings: Output 1 EQ. Easy Peasy. I personally don't miss the rotary knobs, except for their good looks. Early on, I used them somewhat on the AX8 getting tones dialed in, but quickly got to the point where I'd just work with the Editor. Always...
  62. artzeal

    I got to take the FM3 for a test drive this weekend

    And this is why I don't make videos: Leave it to the masters!
  63. artzeal

    How to access I/O menu?

    Can't be done from an editor. All physical I/O routing is done from the hardware. FM3 Edit is software assignments "virtual routing".
  64. artzeal

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.04

    Still some issues to sort out with FM3 Edit. It won't display saved blocks in the disclosure window unless you save (whatever's active), then it will show that, plus all the other previous saves for that block. However, some presets not made with the latest FM3 Edit are now inoperable (muted not...
  65. artzeal

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.04

    Cancelled my weekend appointments, and backed out of my obligations. Relationship issues, you know: Improving the relationship between guitars and the FM3: they need more quality time together.
  66. artzeal

    FM3 to Seymour Duncan powerstage ...

    Curious to see how this works out. With the AX8, I had presets set up so that Output 1 was FRFR (with IRs that matched my actual cabinet), and Output 2 bypassed the Cab block and went to a SS Power amp and to a cabinet . Worked out fine: It was just a matter of which one I wanted to plug into...
  67. artzeal

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    I've put together a side that shows well, despite salary cap limitations. Most of them I got in trades, or used for less than a $300 signing bonus and came from Korea. I love coaching these hot-rods. All of them are very good to great performers (with just a change of pickups for some of them)...
  68. artzeal

    Recorded audio in FM3 is a few MS ahead of where it should be.

    Hmmm, The symptoms seem like they would be related to incongruent clocking or sample rate settings. I have had no problems whatever recording into Logic Pro X with FW1.03 or b1.07. even along with a bunch of midi controllers that could potentially gum up the works. If I use the FM3 as a USB...
  69. artzeal

    The Multitap and Plex Delay are your friends

    Chiming in out of turn, but: It's very easy to get an excellent plate or spring effect from the Plex Verb, especially in the 0-12% range. Plenty of knobs to twiddle to get the spacial dimensions, clarity or diffusion to taste. If you just want a bit of room tone: To some extent, that can now be...
  70. artzeal

    The Multitap and Plex Delay are your friends

    Thanks again Leon. I spent a few hours taking all of those presets on down the road, or off the road into the ditch, depending. It sure is useful to mess with something that already works well, rather than starting from scratch. The comb filtering Is brilliant, probably never would have thought...
  71. artzeal

    Swapping out a Dimarzio Super Distortion for a Duncan JB

    I bought a JB in the mid 1980s and it's made the rounds over the years. It was lackluster in a semi-hollow body, but tamed a bright all maple solid body beautifully. Its a fine choice for some instruments, a no go in others. In the right guitar it's mid voice (that isn't too bright or bass...
  72. artzeal

    The Multitap and Plex Delay are your friends

    Thanks for this! Very timely. I've only had the the FM3 a couple weeks, and have been too mesmerized by the amp and cab modeling to even try out the effects beyond a couple Drive models. New to the Plex Delay: Looks like it can shine as a swiss army knife for spacial design. Being able to spice...
  73. artzeal

    High Treble Control...

    Well, its pretty darn cool. Perfect placement to keep the fizz in the bottle.
  74. artzeal

    The DIY Guitar Cab Rabbit Hole

    Not to forget size matters in terms of the resonant frequency. Whether open or closed or ported: knowing/calculating the Theile/Small parameters will show up the response of the low end. I've built a few cabinets in my day (not just for myself), usually because something larger than standard...
  75. artzeal

    Are pickups a big difference maker with a FM3?

    One of the great things about the FM3 (or any of the Fractal modellers) is the little knob labeled input trim: That will allow you to increase the level of a low output pickup or decrease a hot pickup signal so you're hitting the preamp set to its sweet spot and driving it just the way you want...
  76. artzeal

    Headphone amp vs HP output

    You would want to wait for the headphone version if you often play along with tracks in a USB interface only mode. I got the non-head phone version. I have a few sets of headphones: The Beyerdynamic DT770 80ohm and Sony MDR7506 I favor most: while listenable from Output 2 with a Y adapter (you...
  77. artzeal

    Compiler related FM3 reduction in performance?

    No worries then, eh? For us end users, anyway. Something that will get eventually get sorted out with a fix to the compiler, with stability and performance benefits in the release firmware. And its not like I'm experiencing any down time: my FM3 is working its mojo as long as I keep my fingers...
  78. artzeal

    FM3 Firmware Release 1.04 Public Beta 8

    D-30 EF86. Yum!
  79. artzeal

    CPU Issues

    I'm trying to look at CPU usage as a diet plan: If I'm getting a warning, it means I'm larding up my tone with too many effects at the same time, and I need to trim back. Amp, Cabinet, some crisps and a salad. Reverb for pudding. Do I really need Trem, Rotary, Phaser, Flanger all on the same...
  80. artzeal

    Using FM3 OD pedals in front of your amp

    Dial in yer own fuzz if you don't like the stock models. I like the temperature stability of modeled Germanium Transistors: always predicable. Or pick from 12 other options. Then there's clip shape, and slew rate among the advanced parameters: target the frequency range with EQ and its hard to...
  81. artzeal

    USB 3&4 Not Connecting to Out 2

    There are USB volume adjustments for 1-2 and 3-4 in the FM3 setup menu: Setting the 1-2 USB return to -6db works for me to get the balance between DAW mix / Jam tracks and direct monitored FM3. ( No need to adjust the preset levels). This will also be great for reamping: as you can tweak the...
  82. artzeal

    FM3 and external switch options?

    I hope to get by with just the FM3 for most performance situations, but if I do have to go whole hog: I like the Nektar Pacer. It's well designed and built, is programmable for any midi use, and affordable. Plus, I've already got it. A real advantage is that it can control not just the FM3, but...
  83. artzeal

    FM3 Now Shipping

    5/13/2019 waitlist. Got the invite on 5/5/2020 and after a couple days reflection: Made the purchase. I really don't use headphones often - and Usually off a UAD Apollo. Since a Y adapter works very well on the AX8 and presumably on the FM3 - It should work out fine when I'm doing just FM3 with...
  84. artzeal

    Vendor Poll - What cabs do you want?

    An enhanced and optimal revamp of the 70's Fanes: Either the Lynch Super V12s or Celestion Lynchbacks in a 4X12 that gets all the focus, expansiveness and midrange nuance out of them at any amp gain setting, and the high end clarity that is crisp yet smooth.
  85. artzeal

    Why set Cab low and high cutoffs?

    I use high and low pass to shape the sound to what I want if I'm not quite getting it. It could be tailoring the sound to monitors that aren't ideal in the highs or lows (cab resonance will help here, too), and when adjusting the amp model doesn't give the desired result. Or if you want the Low...
  86. artzeal

    Celestion IR sale 4/3 - 4/6

    I've gotten more than a dozen of the Celestion IRs over the years and they are among my favorites. (And I have many IRs from many of the third party makers). If you can't make the Celestion IRs sound great, I don't what to suggest: I sure can. I currently have actual Celestion A-Type...
  87. artzeal

    AX8 users moving to FM3

    I'll cross this bridge when I come to it. The AX8 is pretty ideal if you use the looper much. Its also has handled any chorus/verse/etc. scenario I've needed: or the boost/delay/FX approach. I don't use a pedal board: AX8, the cables, and an expression pedal all fit in a compact case. A Quilter...
  88. artzeal

    Help sorting out possible PC generated EMI and my AX8.

    Its not the AX8. Unconditioned power supply/charger connected to the computer with USB cable from computer to the AX8 a likely suspect if it isn't the PC itself, or the display monitor or guitar pickup related. Most computer audio monitors and many studio monitors are shielded because PCs...
  89. artzeal

    FM3 Audio Out of Sync in DAW

    40-50ms is enormous. Well beyond the half dozen or less samples with a SMPTE frame lock circumstance. Does setting the buffer in Logic or ProTools to the maximum help? (obviously, live monitoring would be required for tracking) If clock sync is working: You shouldn't have to adjust the recording...
  90. artzeal

    FM3 Audio Out of Sync in DAW

    You may need to use the Fractal Device as your clock source when recording (don't have an FM3, so just guessing). I've only ever had sample alignment issues crop up when working with SMPTE locked video: the samples want to align to a frame rate. There might be a lock to SMPTE function on in the...
  91. artzeal

    AX8 as pedalboard in front of amp

    I'm guessing its probably fixed by some I/O Audio menu setting regarding the gain staging. Pages 17,18,84,85 of the manual. For FX only I run out of Send 2 via the AX8 FX loop block (that way I've got the same FX setup to use with amp & cab models via Output 1). Output 2 set to none, not a of...
  92. artzeal

    FM3 Now Shipping

    Great tone is essential. Fractal makes devices for great tone: Therefore, Fractal products should qualify as an essential service under Federal guidelines: Fractal maintains safe practices in house: Fedex, UPS and USPS are considered essential services and will continue to operate (last I...
  93. artzeal

    AX8 Freezing Forcing Restart. Please Help.

    Never had it freeze up, but: since it's software: I suggest reinstalling the firmware, and make sure to let it update all the preset and IR libraries etc. I once had some quirky behavior using a couple of presets (with amp block advanced parameter tweaks) built in firmware 7 or 8? reused in...
  94. artzeal

    Another speaker question

    IME, the AX8 is at its best when using ALL the amp modeling: preamp and power amp. While its workable going into the power section of a tube amp: it's not really taking full advantage of what the AX8 can do, and it isn't allowing an actual tube amp to be its optimal self. Three ways that work...
  95. artzeal

    Fractal Audio FM3 vs AX8 | Raw Amp Comparison

    Besides conventional guitars: I use my AX8 with a 27" scale guitar with a low C tuning, and with various basses, including 5 string: no lack of low end definition. One of the key factors in elevating my AX8 tones was in adjustments to the resonance and high pass in the cab block for the IR in...
  96. artzeal

    Why so many amps?

    Why so many cheeses? So For those of us that will spend more to get Mimolette and Wensleydale instead of string cheese and agribusiness cheddar. Why so many amps? So I can have my Tweed Twin, Dumble and Deizel, and you can play Friedmans and Trainwrecks. Not everyone gets their kicks on Route 66...
  97. artzeal

    AX8-Edit - How Long Will It Be Supported?

    No biggie. Don't upgrade the OS beyond the the functionality of the app. If and when it won't function in a future OS: Just pick up an old PC laptop or macbook (if you don't already have one) on the cheap and put AX8 Edit on it for editing the AX8 years down the road. Less of a PITA than keeping...
  98. artzeal

    Informal Poll - How many pedals are you using?

    2 each: Accelerator and Brakes for the drive: Volume and Expression for the pedalboard.
  99. artzeal

    Noise filter block?

    Agreed, eliminating the hum at the source will give better results than allowing it and trying to fix it later in the signal chain. Effective as iZotope is at achieving usable results: even there a hum free signal yields better results than a well treated signal in post.
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