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  1. npx

    Devin Townsend Empath US Tour

    Thanks for posting that vid! Looks like he has 2 pads (right and left) triggering kick samples with his hands, interspersed with his regular kick drum of course. Morgan is an absolute BEAST of a drummer, with an incredible range of facility, but he clearly knows he's not Gene Hoglan with his...
  2. npx

    Liquid Foot - FAMC Music Website Notice

    I love my LF+ JR+, and vastly prefer it to my FC-12 in a live situation. I wish FAMC all the luck in the world in digging themselves out of the mess they've been in. That being said, it's really hard not to chuckle through gritted teeth at the "back to normal" goals, considering the "normal"...
  3. npx

    Muse Preset Package

    Citizen Erased is one of the presets you posted that uses whatever cab IR you have stored in user slot #33. It's paired with the Das Metal amp. It'd be handy to know what that IR is. Thanks for posting these, Michael!
  4. npx

    The "Modelers Don't Clean Up with the Volume Knob" Myth

    I'm pretty sure that was during the Use Your Illusion sessions while he was tracking guitars on Estranged. It makes sense, the whole song is covered in big long sustained guitar melodies on the verge of feedback.
  5. npx

    How do you delete a block from the library?

    Sorry, I missed the part where you said it was greyed out. On my system (OS X) the delete option is only greyed when there is nothing saved in the library for that particular block.
  6. npx

    How do you delete a block from the library?

    In Axe-Edit III, next to BLOCK LIBRARY there should be a downward facing arrow. Click on that and you should see options to Save, Save-As, Rename and Delete. Below those is Show Folder. This will open the folder on your computer where your blocks, preset templates and snapshots are stored. Open...
  7. npx

    Dweezil talks AXEFX III with Warren Huart

    True. They could be the K12.2 model.
  8. npx

    Dweezil talks AXEFX III with Warren Huart

    A few years ago he was using QSC KW122 speakers, I assume that's them in this video too.
  9. npx

    Wish Feature Request - Channel Library

    +1 A very useful idea!
  10. npx

    Best Wishes For Cliff on His Upcoming Spinal Surgery!

    Best of luck, Cliff. I hope the surgery and recovery goes smoothly, and brings you relief!
  11. npx

    Larry Mitchell AX8

    Woah, a video of Larry Mitchell jamming with Mike and Guy from Scatterbrain certainly wasn't on the list of things I expected to see today! Nice playing, Larry! :)
  12. npx

    Axe-Fx III Tuner Offsets

    Has there been any change to the range of the tuner offsets in the Axe-Fx III? Personally, it's my only wish for the new tuner... I would love it if the offsets could be increased from +/- 25 cents to +/- 50 cents. I use the offset for simple, quick and accurate tuning with a Hipshot Xtender on...
  13. npx

    AxeFX III: What's Missing?

    Any change to the +/- 25 cent limit for tuning offsets that was on the II? I would love for this to have been expanded to a full +/- 50 cent swing. Congrats on the big reveal!
  14. npx

    Delay feedback controls explained?

    Welcome to the forum rayza! Pauly has the right idea in the post above. The Ax-Fx II manual goes into more detail regarding effects blocks and parameters than the AX8 manual, so it might be worth downloading that and having a read if you're interested in the deeper stuff. From the Axe-Fx II...
  15. npx

    Bakerman... This one is for you

    +1 Bakerman's posts and replies have been very helpful to me over the years!
  16. npx

    FZ UMRK Auction

    x1000 Wow, Frank's butterscotch strat is in there. I'd love to be in a position to buy it and just give it to Dweezil... along with the other guitars of course. :(
  17. npx

    Wireless - Shure GLXD16 or Line 6 G70 ???

    The batteries in the Shure GLXD transmitters are replaceable. There is a charging port for the removable battery on the non-pedal version of the receiver. (GLXD4)
  18. npx

    Volume 2 knob for stereo backline stage volume

    I run a CLR and use either a regular TS->TS instrument cable, or a TS->XLR (male) cable. Both cables sound the same.
  19. npx

    Volume 2 knob for stereo backline stage volume

    That's how I run my live setup too, except I'm only running in mono. I set I/O->AUDIO->OUTPUT 2 ECHO to OUTPUT 1. It works great.
  20. npx

    Shure GLX-D

    Either 9v or 12v is fine. They're both within the 9-15v operating specs, and the unit will function the same on either voltage, so just pick whichever is convenient and use it.
  21. npx

    Shure GLX-D

    From memory, the power supply that came with mine is rated at 400mA. The power requirements listed on the spec sheet for the GLXD6 (the floor unit with tuner) are "9 to 15 V DC, 250 mA min., 400 mA max. Compatible with positive tip or negative tip power supplies." Your unit was probably trying...
  22. npx

    Bug? Weird problem with tonematch exports

    That cab shows up as high res for me, with no italics on my Mk I.
  23. npx

    Tips on building a simple cable loom?

    Do an ebay search for PET Expandable Sleeving.
  24. npx

    IEM in Aussie land

    The main pair of IEM I have been using for the last few years is a pair of V3 triple drivers from 1964 Ears, ordered through Acustoms in Melbourne. They've been great monitors. Before that I had used single driver (E3c) and dual driver (E5) Shure systems, and I prefer the V3's. Shure PSM700...
  25. npx

    Nuno Killing it ....

    The bass player is Pete Griffin. He played with Dweezil in the Zappa Plays Zappa band for several years.
  26. npx

    For Clumsy Feet

    The first pic of the prototype AX8 that Cliff posted in his infamous "I'm just going to leave this here" thread had the footswitches numbered left to right, top to bottom like the FX8 above. I remember thinking it looked odd compared to every other floorboard I've encountered before. Maybe the...
  27. npx

    Input and Gate Tab ........ "Front-End" Pure Volume Boost Question ?

    Use the Input Trim control in the amp block.
  28. npx

    The "how to get that sound?" thread

    All the previous chords/notes up until that point are being swelled in with a volume pedal, so you don't hear their initial attack as they are fed into the delay. On the chord you are talking about, the volume pedal is still fully forward from the swell before it, so the attack of the chord...
  29. npx

    I modded an EV-1 to feel like a regular Wah pedal. Full details inside!

    Nice one! I did a very similar thing to a Boss FV-500 to make it more comfortable for wah use, back when I had an Ultra. BTW, this same technique also works if you have an expression pedal suffering from bad dead spots at either end of the throw. You'll lose some physical sweep distance, but...
  30. npx

    Axe FX II live clean sound

    From the release notes: Quantum 1.02 Added “Deluxe Verb Nrm” amp model based on the Normal channel of a Fender Deluxe Reverb. The existing Deluxe Verb model has been renamed “Deluxe Verb Vib” to distinguish that it is modeled on the Vibrato channel.
  31. npx

    Liquid Foot Models Question

    Yep, that's a LF+ JR+ with the updated logo, and most likely a G2 device. I think they changed to that logo and introduced G2 in early 2014. From the FW release notes: v3.15 ----- - New: Update for Generation 2 Products. Upon boot-up, firmware will contain a "G1" or "G2" label. DO NOT use a G1...
  32. npx

    RAC12 - New 1U rack controller for Axe-Fx II / XL

    I got the aluminium box locally, it's the size often used for a single tap tempo button. Similar to this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1pc-Sealed-DIE-CAST-Aluminium-Enclosure-Box-G0470-50-8x50-8x31-8mm-LxWxH-GAINTA-/131138939945?hash=item1e887d6c29:g:Hc4AAOxyXzxTIJUq I had all the parts lying around...
  33. npx

    RAC12 - New 1U rack controller for Axe-Fx II / XL

    I built one to use with my LF+ JR+ when I first got my RAC12. It works great. I also included a switch for the phantom power jack, for when I want to turn off the midi controller without unplugging the 7 pin cable. The version I built has the midi leads simply soldered directly to the 7 pin...
  34. npx

    AX8 w/ wireless system on pedalboard

    The receiver (rack or floor) must be plugged in. The battery goes in the transmitter that the guitar plugs into. edit - Whoops, posted at the same time as musicman77!
  35. npx


    Simeon's ones? http://simeonharris.co.uk/Blocks/blocks.html Here's the thread: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/50-delay-blocks-and-15-presets-available-v19.100655/
  36. npx

    Will heads explode?

    Not so sure about heads exploding, but my eyes definitely hurt after trying to mentally visualise those pictures the right way up. :lol
  37. npx

    Help - Identical Cabs sound different - can't figure out why. syx included

    I just tried the patch and both cab blocks/scenes sound the identical on my system. I put a looper block up front and recorded a simple, short loop to make sure I could compare both accurately. In what way are they sounding different to you?
  38. npx

    RIP Gail Zappa

    So sorry to hear this news. Lots of love to the whole family.
  39. npx

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.01 Firmware Release

    I just loaded it, and my main gigging preset that was previously hovering around 84-85% CPU on Quantum 1.00 is now 79-80%. Very nice! Also noticeably quicker boot time, with the shorter Quantum splash screen on startup. Thanks Cliff!
  40. npx

    Bug? Quite a lot quantum bugs:

    Try switching I/O -> MIDI -> SEND REALTIME SYSEX to TUNER or NONE and see if that stops the "scratching sound".
  41. npx

    Need a printable CTRL list Axe II Mk 2

    Try the manual. There should be a CC list in the appendix IIRC.
  42. npx

    1500 bucks, you say, Line6?

    Page 11 of the manual shows the reverse mode and half speed for the looper as well as recording times. Maximum loop length is 60 seconds (Mono), or 30 seconds (Stereo). Double those times if you record at half speed.
  43. npx

    quantum, now cab backups = message timeout

    Axe-Fx II Mk I OSX 10.9.5 Fractal-Bot 2.5.0 Never had a problem backing up cabs before, but I'm also getting the timeout message now.
  44. npx

    v3.3.1 Stereo UltraRes Swap X and Y Bug

    I just noticed a bug using v3.3.1 (OSX) and an Axe-Fx II Mark 1 running Quantum 1.0 FW. 1. Set a cab block to Stereo UltraRes in both X and Y states 2. Select "Swap X and Y" in the editor 3. The X and Y states swap, but the cab block becomes bypassed on the Axe-Fx, while still appearing...
  45. npx

    Blocks Bypass mode questions

    They're referring to the audible SOUND, as it says at the beginning of that quote, "when bypassed" - meaning it passes your guitar tone in and out of the block with no alterations. You do not hear the effect of any parameter in the block, just as if it wasn't there. (In other bypass modes...
  46. npx

    Blocks Bypass mode questions

    In THRU mode, the block is still processing the signal through the effect at all times, regardless of whether the effect itself is on or bypassed. When the block is turned on, you'll hear any delays that haven't already faded out. Setting the bypass mode to "Mute Fx In" will send the signal...
  47. npx

    Second refinsih for my PRS!

    Well that certainly is unique! What's your spray setup?
  48. npx

    MFC-101 Or Mastermind GT?

    If by "eventually" you mean just that, the upcoming Liquid Foot X-Series controllers may also be of interest to you. FWIW, I have both an MFC-101 and a Liquid Foot JR+. The MFC hasn't been used in the 18 months since the LF+ arrived and is now a backup. Toasterdude is right about LCDs and...
  49. npx

    AC vs DC power supply parameter. Try it :)

    My favourite reason for switching the power supply parameter to DC is to get rid of ghost notes found on certain models. Yes, the ghosting is authentic, but it's great to be able to eliminate it when the need arises!
  50. npx

    Axe-Fx II / USB / Pro Tools 11 / OSX issue - Help would be appreciated!

    Yes, the sessions are 48k/24bit, there should be no sample rate conversion going on.
  51. npx

    Axe-Fx II / USB / Pro Tools 11 / OSX issue - Help would be appreciated!

    I’m running Mac OS X 10.9.5, a Presonus Firestudio Mobile Interface and an Axe-Fx II Mark 1 with Quantum 1.0 FW. My usual DAW of choice is Logic X, or sometimes I use Presonus Studio One 2, tracking guitars from the Axe-Fx over USB with no problems. I have owned Pro Tools 11 for a couple of...
  52. npx

    best way to "label" a Boss EV5 pedal?

    IIRC, Thomas Nordegg (Dweezil's tech) made those labels for his EV-5s. There's a thread somewhere with more pics. +1 on using coloured gaff or spike tape. The tape I put on mine 5 years ago ain't going anywhere.
  53. npx

    Beer spill on my MFC

    Analog Man's guide to repairing wet pedals may be of interest: aNaLoG.MaN Vintage Guitar Effects F.A.Q. page
  54. npx

    AxeFxCabList : A new tool listing Cabs used in your presets

    Sounds very useful Alex! Time for a user cab purge when the Mac version lands!
  55. npx

    I know it's been asked-but AX8-

    I really like that the #1 button has been moved to the lower left. That makes way more sense to me visually than having it on the second row!
  56. npx

    Chris Broderick New Album, Mag Cover, Axe-Fx II Video!

    His draw jops! :lol I hope he does well with the new band!
  57. npx

    What is this effect?

    If you're talking about the effect that he switches off at about 6 seconds in, it sounds like a whammy pedal set to an octave up and blended with the original signal. It doesn't sound like he's playing octaves to me, just single notes. That higher octave seems to have some of that digitech...
  58. npx

    RAC12 - New 1U rack controller for Axe-Fx II / XL

    No, it doesn't work that way. (I wish there was a way to make that work, but from previous correspondence with Alex, I don't believe it's currently possible unfortunately. Please correct me if I'm wrong!) The way it works is like this: Say you have more than one page on the RAC12 set up...
  59. npx

    External switch..what do you have it trigger?

    I have a LF+ JR+ as well. Since the LF+ can use 2 buttons per external switch input, I have 4 external switches and 2 expression pedals connected. Most of the time, my 4 external switches function like this: 1. PRESET/SONG - Press to access a LF page to scroll through banks of presets or...
  60. npx

    RAC12 - New 1U rack controller for Axe-Fx II / XL

    Thanks again Alex! Instance sync across pages is already helping my workflow in editing patches with 2 amps. Nice work! :encouragement:
  61. npx

    Fait No More - Hellfest 2015 : OMG

    Jon Hudson's recent live rig is pretty simple. JCM800 (2203) and a Les Paul. He uses 2 EQ pedals, one for a boost and the other to cut back the main dirty tone to a usable clean. Other than that I think he has wah, delay and reverb pedals from memory. No dirt pedals.
  62. npx

    New family member... help name her!

  63. npx

    Strange noise when switching between scenes

    Yep, there's several different ways to go about it! Chuck100 - Here's an old thread with a video tutorial that Scott Peterson posted in 2013 that should help explain a few things: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/76501-taming-monster-series-parallel-routing.html
  64. npx

    Strange noise when switching between scenes

    If you're only using one delay block, when you switch from an X state to a Y state with a different delay time or type, the delay block needs to (obviously) adjust itself. The "garbled" sound you are hearing momentarily is the delay changing to it's new settings. One work around is to use 2...
  65. npx

    no sound in Logic X i kinda forgot the simplicity of the set up

    On the Axe-Fx, set I/O -> AUDIO -> USB RETURN LEVEL to 0.00 http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/98561-usb-computer-sound-quiet-silent-heres-what-do.html
  66. npx

    About Scenes ?

    You could conceivably test 4 different wah settings by using 2 wah blocks and X/Y, but not 8. Here's a patch (for Axe-Fx II) with 4 different wahs in scenes 1-4. Each of them is tied to an expression pedal on External 1, and set to auto-engage. Scene 1: WAH1 X Clyde Scene 2: WAH1 Y...
  67. npx

    Dynaflanger - Dweezil and Frank Zappa????

    I remember following that anticipated patch release closely at the time... as far as I recall, it was announced that it would be posted at some stage, but I don't think that it ever actually eventuated. Please correct me if I'm wrong! :)
  68. npx

    What's the difference between LF+JR+ green screen & blue screen versions?

    The blue screen JR+ in your top pic is a never "G2" revision, while the lower pic is of a "G1" version. The only functional difference between the two units is to do with using the expander port. A G2 device can only connect to another G2 device. Similarly, a G1 device can only use another G1...
  69. npx

    YJM on the AFX

    I gotta admit, I clicked on the thread title expecting to see a video of YJM trash talking Fractal and rationalizing the use of 24 amp heads live! :lol
  70. npx

    U2 in the New York Times (Gear Content)

    Yep, it's right there next to his PlayStation 7! :lol
  71. npx

    Music Group aquire TC Group

    Uli Behringer is the founder and CEO of Music Group.
  72. npx

    Music Group aquire TC Group

    Very true, and it was indeed on the reputation of products such as those that I purchased that Nova System! :) I had no problem with the actual sounds I could get from the unit, but I had a lengthy list of basic usability issues that made me wonder at the time how many of its designers...
  73. npx

    Music Group aquire TC Group

    The only piece of TC gear I have ever owned was a Nova System. I disliked it so much that it prompted me to order an Axe-Fx Ultra. For that, TC will always hold a special place in my heart. 8) :lol
  74. npx

    Confused about "Save Preset" and "Save Template"

    They are the same thing, it's just a workflow convenience in axe edit. It saves you having to navigate from whatever folder you last imported a preset from to wherever you keep your templates (if you use them) and vice versa the next time you want to import a preset.
  75. npx

    Show us your MFC setups! (post your pics)

    Not sure why, but that thing just screams "bolt some skateboard trucks on me and ride me to gigs" to me! :lol I gather you Swiss cheesed it for weight relief. Looks pretty solid!
  76. npx

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.03 and Presets

    The Fractal website has an error in the URL for the Original/MkII presets. Change /15.0/ to /18.0/ and it works. :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  77. npx

    Hans from Vafam

    Wow, very sad news. I never had the need to personally purchase anything from Hans, but his reputation around here was for the ever elusive combo of quality, affordability, speed and genuine customer service. Like unix-guy said above, I hope he is with people he loves and is as comfortable as...
  78. npx

    Axe XL + Atomica Reactor 112 - 18 watt

    The Atomic Reactor 112 18w doesn't have a tweeter, it's just a 12 inch speaker and a front facing port. I have one sitting behind me under a blanket as I type this. I used to use it with a Pod-XT but I haven't touched it since I started using Fractal stuff in late 2010. In all that time I've...
  79. npx

    RAC12 - New 1U rack controller for Axe-Fx II / XL

    Just waiting for my new rack case to arrive! ;)
  80. npx

    Bareknuckle Black Dog or Painkiller?

    I have that same guitar with a pair of Black Dogs as my C standard guitar. I love it. I was curious about the Black Dogs but only pulled the trigger when I found some locally for an absurdly cheap price. I have no experience with other BK pickups, so I can't comment on how they compare to...
  81. npx

    RAC12 - New 1U rack controller for Axe-Fx II / XL

    iMac running 10.9.5 here. Just plug the RAC12 into a USB port using the provided cable. The RAC12 can draw power over USB, so no need for the power adapter, but it doesn't matter if it's still plugged in. Connect before you open the software, otherwise it might not show up. If the software...
  82. npx

    Cab Pack 8 and FW18 G3 VH'esque Test

    C'mon Yek! Everyone knows Van Helsing!
  83. npx

    RAC12 - New 1U rack controller for Axe-Fx II / XL

    Thanks! :) After a little more investigating, that particular behaviour happens to me the first time a patch is recalled after saving. I can reproduce it like this: 1. Create a new preset with only an amp block in the grid. 2. Go to scene 2, select the amp block, hit EDIT and then Y to change...
  84. npx

    RAC12 - New 1U rack controller for Axe-Fx II / XL

    That's not the same as what I'm trying to do. I'm switching from Amp 1 X to Amp 2 X between scenes (2 amp blocks to avoid the slight dropout with X/Y switching) whereas you're just switching between X and Y in a single amp block. For what it's worth though, I set up a patch like yours with a...
  85. npx

    RAC12 - New 1U rack controller for Axe-Fx II / XL

    Hmm, clearly I'm missing something then! :? Do I have to enable it or reconfigure something in the editor? At the moment if I switch from a scene with Amp 1 to a scene with Amp 2, the only way I can get the unit to display Amp 2 controls is to press the LEVEL button to trigger the Next...
  86. npx

    RAC12 - New 1U rack controller for Axe-Fx II / XL

    Oh, a couple of bug-ish things I’ve noticed: Regarding X/Y This works if the scenes are saved that way, however the new Y values display as RED indicating the RAC12 thinks they have been edited, when they haven’t. They’re just the saved Y version of the block. Also, if you then return to the...
  87. npx

    RAC12 - New 1U rack controller for Axe-Fx II / XL

    I’m playing around with v1.0.4 and like everyone else, I’m really enjoying having these dedicated controls to grab! I’m very much looking forward to going on a new patch making binge when I upgrade to FW18. The choice of main amp parameters on the front panel also makes more sense now that Cliff...
  88. npx

    Tone Matching a Violin/Viola/Cello ?

    Yep, live tone match all the way! :encouragement: I'd love to hear the results!
  89. npx

    RAC12 - New 1U rack controller for Axe-Fx II / XL

    My RAC12 arrived a couple days ago, but I’ve been flat out with gigs and haven’t had a chance to plug it in at all until just now. I’ve updated the firmware and I’ll report back with my thoughts when I’ve had a decent play with it, but I just wanted to report some good news: I've wired up a...
  90. npx

    Latency problem ! ? :O

    Can you post the preset? edit - Beaten by NMG! :)
  91. npx

    RAC12 - New 1U rack controller for Axe-Fx II / XL

    It turns out the TC Electronics Nova Drive actually comes with a simple MIDI Y cable, for splitting its MIDI signal to the MIDI IN and OUT ports of a G System, so it would appear that this does work in this situation. Here’s the wiring from the TC website: I suspect the RJM box is just a...
  92. npx

    RAC12 - New 1U rack controller for Axe-Fx II / XL

    Will it work (for this purpose) with just a straight hardwired split like that?? Most commercially available midi thru/split boxes I have seen, along with the one Y cable I have seen also contain some circuitry that helps reduce errors where the midi data is repeated. Most of them have more than...
  93. npx

    USA Pre LD1 Red bug.

    No problems on my MK 1 with either Axe Edit or the front panel. Can you post the preset?
  94. npx

    Studio Slips Gig bag and the CLR

    I have a Studio Slips bag for my CLR wedge. Due to the way the clamshell is designed, it's not really possible to leave the speaker in the bag when you use it. The case is super easy to get on and off, so it's no issue at all for me. It really is a nice design. For what it's worth, I also have...
  95. npx

    Post Your Rig!

    That bag looks like a Fusion Workstation DJ bag. There was a thread here a couple years back about them: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/mfc-discussion/49514-new-mfc-gig-bag.html http://www.fusion-bags.com/collections/dj-gig-bags/products/sa-workstation-dj-gig-bag
  96. npx

    RAC12 - New 1U rack controller for Axe-Fx II / XL

    If you need to fly with it, anything is heavy. Weight = $, especially in countries outside the US where you can't take a small elephant as carry on. :lol If you're rolling a trailer full of gear into a venue and it's all on casters, you probably won't even notice an extra 2kg!
  97. npx

    Marketplace.org interview with Gibson CEO

    Wow. $3759 is the price of the base model Les Paul Standard on Gibson’s website. “Approximate” indeed. ------------------------------------- INTERVIEWER: So if I want to go out and buy a brand new Les Paul 2015 100th anniversary model, how much is it going to cost me, this thing in your...
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