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  1. favance

    Hanging a couple of guitars on the wall… Suggestions requested

    I used these very same hangers (inexpensive), but mounted them to a 1x6" hardwood board I bought at Lowes, stained, then mounted to the studs in the wall... Here's my crew all nice and stable.
  2. favance

    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: HWAT 412 FN50 Lite

    Oh boy! I can't wait for the new Matchless updates. Will these be released in a new package? What, if any, will it cost for those of us that already purchased?
  3. favance

    My wife passed away today

    The only thing I can say is that things will get better if you allow them too. I too have had devastating issues in my life... I was lifted up by friends, family, and strangers. I reached out to them and trusted them. Some 20+ years later, I feel blessed because I trusted something better...
  4. favance

    Wish Cab Select "Auto-Audition"

    If you find cabs that you like, save the block to the block library. Works great for quickly finding your favorites! Heck, you can even number them 1,2,3...
  5. favance

    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: HWAT 412 FN50 Lite

    Not sure how you could improve on your existing Matchless 212 IR, but I'm up for it... Would love to hear other types of speakers/cabs, 1970 vintage EV-12Ls in a 2x12 cab would be nice!
  6. favance

    Wish Super Beatle

    Alot of us used Solid State back in the day...here's one I had:
  7. favance

    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: HWAT 412 FN50 Lite

    I have found using the mixes forces me to use my ears, instead of overthinking what mics to pick/blend. I trust your ears/equipment with providing a great range of mixes
  8. favance

    Wish Headphone-specific EQ

    Would be great if we had an EQ just for headphones. I found headphone EQ correction files, specifically for my Beyerdynamic 880 Pro 250 Ohm here. Others are available.
  9. favance

    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: HWAT 412 FN50 Lite

    Purchased. Plugged the "Numb" mix into my Gilmore Presets...Perfect! It really make the Hiwatt shine!
  10. favance

    Beyerdynamic DT770, DT880, DT990 Headphones with the Axe FXIII

    I have the 250 ohm 880s and they sound great.
  11. favance

    Out-of-Phase Humbucker Guitar Filter Block Help

    I did not say it had to be perfect. The block attached to my post is mint to be a close approximation of the effect for those that don't have their guitar wired up w/OOP... I'm asking for someone that owns such a guitar to try the block out and let me know how close it is. Based on my...
  12. favance

    Out-of-Phase Humbucker Guitar Filter Block Help

    I have been trying to simulate an out-of-phase humbucker setup for a preset using the Axe-FX III Filter block. I have a Gibson Les Paul, but really don't want to re-wire it with an out-of-phase switch. Also, I'm trying to emulate the Peter Green LP out-of-phase sound. I've attached the filter...
  13. favance

    Anyone have an electric car?

    How about a car that will run for 100 years between refills? Thorium Car!
  14. favance

    Souping Up My SSS Stratocaster For More Tonal Options

    I have a strat modded with noiseless fender pickups and the active Eric Clapton preamp. I love the tonal versatility. I can go from a treble boosted noiseless pickup to a mid-boosted, les paul sound. Something like this: https://www.twilightguitars.com/product-p/eric-clapton-loaded-pgd.htm
  15. favance

    Fishman Fluence pickups - (Stephen Carpenter signature vs Tosin Sig)

    I have the Fluence Gristle Pickups in my Tele and love them. The do a great job either emulating the 50's or 60's tele single coils.
  16. favance

    So the wife and I finally did it......

    Congratulations! Buying a home is one of the best, most important things you can do to help manage and grow your wealth. I'm reminded of a saying for growing personal wealth: "1) Pay yourself ever payday, by saving/investing for your future (retirement), 2) Buy a home, and 3) Pay off your...
  17. favance

    Angry Cat Blues - Axe-Fx 3 Carol Ann model + Wah

    Kick a$$!!! Man, that looks like a flat radius on the neck...what kind of axe is that? (not that I could ever play it like that...)
  18. favance

    issue after 14.01

    No, I had the newest version of Axe-Edit that automatically refreshed. However, I had an issue where the Amp Model Archon model names did not appear. Once I downloaded/reloaded the correctly appeared in the Amp Model selection list.
  19. favance

    Wish Little Walter Amps

    I can dig it! Would love to see this one: http://www.littlewaltertubeamps.com/King%20Arthur.html
  20. favance

    New Fender Brent Mason Tele

    That was one of my Dad's favorite sayings (he had many)...he was a wise man.
  21. favance

    New Fender Brent Mason Tele

    I believe Muddy Waters said it best!
  22. favance

    New Fender Brent Mason Tele

    We still have NOT been able to quantify why Stradivarius violins sound so good...call it mojo, minor imperfections, etc. 'Imperfections' One study has claimed that Stradivarius violins are far from perfect. In fact, physicist Dr Franco Zanini argued that what makes a Strad a Strad is its tiny...
  23. favance

    How Can a Chubby Aging Guitarist Get in Shape?

    Can you provide the supplement name/dose and and sample meal or a link? Thanks.
  24. favance

    How Can a Chubby Aging Guitarist Get in Shape?

    Ha, ha, ha...yea, I guess most drummers (including the ones I knew) liked to party too much...look at Keith Moon...
  25. favance

    How Can a Chubby Aging Guitarist Get in Shape?

    I convinced my wife to let me get a decent set of V-Drums as a cardio exercise machine. Also took 6 months of lessons from a pro drummer friend of mine, who taught me how to read drum charts and rudiments. I'm not saying I lost much weight, but it sure is fun when I want to the beat the heck...
  26. favance

    Can you hook up the Axe FX 3 in multiple ways at the same time?

    Mind you, I've never done this, but I understand you can drop Output2 Block before the Cab (for your 4cm and then use Output1 for you PC...others may be able to explain this better...
  27. favance

    Who are Robert Plant's predecessors?

    When the first got together, Led Zeppelin was called "the New Yardbirds".
  28. favance

    Can you hook up the Axe FX 3 in multiple ways at the same time?

    So, I'm not sure what you're looking for, but I know you can hook up the AxeFX III to the FOH and to a Power Amp/Cab at the same time, if you want to run a real amp/cab at the same time your sending a digital output to the FOH.
  29. favance

    The Pets Thread

    We had to put our big alpha male (18 lbs) cat down earlier this year due to cancer...His name was Syk (ShipYard Kat). I found him early one morning after a storm at the Shipyard I worked at...they were breed to catch giant rats in the yard....He had a way of looking right through to your soul...
  30. favance

    It’s Friday —right?

    I lost Mr' Syk (ShipYard Kat) earlier this year to cancer, after I had him for 13 years. He was a special Alpha Male and weighted 18 lbs...Best yard watch dog/cat ever... I miss him!
  31. favance

    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: HWAT 412 FN50 Lite

    Can I ask what Mixes were included in in your new AC30 demo? Thanks
  32. favance

    It’s Friday —right?

    Not true! Any firmware changes from here forward will be EXACTLY the same! However, the MKII will have other, expanded features....
  33. favance

    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: HWAT 412 FN50 Lite

    You got my money/vote again! Thanks. BTW, is the patch/mix used for the above available?
  34. favance

    New Fender Brent Mason Tele

    I wonder if Brent Mason was concerned about the string tree and why a player of his caliber would not object if it didn't have some functional purpose? He sure has made this guitar design sing! I would love to have his chops and musical provenance!
  35. favance

    Cakewalk by BandLab is getting incredible

    I too would be suspect...Let's say you create incredible tracks w/this tool. How are you intellectual rights protected?
  36. favance

    Golfers - favorite driver and hybrids?

    I just started back playing again after a 20 year hiatus (I retired). I put together a complete, used a nice set of Pings G30 Irons and Woods (from ebay and other online sources for under $1K)...now I'm working on the "Single Plane Swing" as developed by a Canadian named Moe Norman and now...
  37. favance

    Free IRs: Pacific Woodworks 1x12 cab

    I, for one, would love to see @York Audio do his treatment and release an EVM12L Cab IR like this! I had a 2x12 Fender Cab back in the 70's loaded w/EVM12Ls and would love to see something like this released!
  38. favance

    Axe-Edit III 1.06.11

  39. favance


    I'll wait till they can implant a chip that will help me play guitar better than anyone on the planet!
  40. favance

    K, so I just ordered some Stringjoy strings to try them out....

    I love the 9 and 10 balanced gauge sets for my guitars. They feel great, play great, and last IMHO. They may cost a little more, but I really like them.
  41. favance

    New Fender Brent Mason Tele

    Fender site lists it as ash body. Yea, what's up with the string tree mod? I believe the 5 saddles are required for the B-Bender. https://shop.fender.com/en-US/electric-guitars/telecaster/brent-mason-telecaster/0115912793.html
  42. favance

    For all the Les Paul folks out there

    So, I've often wondered what the difference is between a Stradivarius violin and a normal violin? Obviously a lot of really great violinist can tell the difference...maybe it's our ears, hands, etc... maybe guitars are the same?
  43. favance

    Beyerdynamic DT770, DT880, DT990 Headphones with the Axe FXIII

    I love the DT880 headphones I have used for several years. Patches made using my 2 CLRs convey very well when listening w/the headphones. They are also very comfortable...I can wear them for hours w/o fatigue.
  44. favance

    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: HWAT 412 FN50 Lite

    Dude, @York Audio, please quit! :p Just purchased the FDMN 412 M25-V30, and I had never really explored the Friedman BE. I loaded it up and setup a preset (based on your example). I'm blown away!
  45. favance

    For all the Les Paul folks out there

    Absolutely NO tuning issues on my 2014 LP Traditional, since i put these on: Klusion 3 Per side Revolution Locking Tuners. I haven't had to retune it for weeks...
  46. favance

    Jim the Pigeon

    Wait a minute, I thought you were a cat person? What does your cat think of the pigeon?
  47. favance

    New Fender Brent Mason Tele

    I don't want to break this to my wife, but I'm Jonesin' for this new Brent Mason Tele. He's always been one of my guitar heroes, a top Nashville player and now Fender has recognized him w/this beauty. So here's a vid by Carl Verheyen... This seems like one of the most versatile guitars I've...
  48. favance

    Recommend a replacement tremolo for my Strat

    "Troll" seems to be an overused term on some sites...sorta like being called a "Karen" on some of the Social Media sites.
  49. favance

    Fender cabs third party

    York Audio has some great stuff, including the Deluxe Verb, 59 Bassman 4x10, and a killer Matchless 2x12.
  50. favance

    Recommend a replacement tremolo for my Strat

    Actually, it makes tremolo bar bends on each string predictable...
  51. favance

    Recommend a replacement tremolo for my Strat

    So, I started w/a 2007 Deluxe Strat. I just didn't dig it until I found Callaham parts (just be sure you pick the right set as they offer Vintage, Standard or Deluxe drop in replacements). I put a new Brass Block w/Trem Arm on it and replaced the Saddles w/Vintage saddles...Also I run a...
  52. favance

    Best first golf club set “for life”

    Check out the Moe Norman, Single Plane Swing, it cured my back issues!
  53. favance

    Best first golf club set “for life”

    Last year I retired and got back into golf, after 20 years of not playing. I ended up piecing together a set of Pings by going on eBay, Second Swing, and ordering a club or two direct from Ping (using the serial number on the hosel). It's a real nice, full set and matches my height/wrist to...
  54. favance

    1st Song in 14yrs ... FM3 Princeton/Plexi

    Very Nice! Thanks.
  55. favance

    BB King tone

    Much of B.B.s sound was in his hands...but also a 335-345/Lucille is the secret. IMHO, w/o a semi-hollowbody I can't get the vibe/feel. The 335/345 was created by Gibson specifically for these guys and jazz players (the 3 kings). The other secret was in the Varitone (as mentioned by @Jeremiah...
  56. favance

    BB King tone

    I was just watched the "Life of Riley" film saw B.B. several times when he was alive. I was playing around the other day w/my '63 335 Gibson 2015 Memphis re-issue. I believe I dialed it in pretty close using the Fender Blues Jr. and a filter notch around 1875 Hz (see above) on the Amp Input...
  57. favance

    Linseed Oil

    This stuff works great! MusicNomad F-ONE Oil Fretboard Cleaner & Conditioner
  58. favance


    Here's what the Chinese Leadership are doing to their own people!
  59. favance

    Gentle Giant fan Proclamation video

    Sorry, I was wrong. The date I saw them was April 8, 1973 @Hampton Roads Coliseum, Hampton, Virginia...They did open for Humble Pie. I felt sorry for Humble Pie, as they had to follow these guys!
  60. favance

    Gentle Giant fan Proclamation video

    Wow! Fabulous. I didn't know anyone else knew about Gentle Giant. I am a big fan. I got to see them live...I believe it was 1971 in Hampton Roads Coliseum, Hampton, VA. The Shulman Brothers, switched instruments throughout the concert... It was an amazing experience. I believe they opened...
  61. favance


    Agreed!!! What's the solution? Eliminate Politicians and Lawyers...
  62. favance


    China - 1.43 billion people, U.S. 328.2 million people... China is buying our food companies now (they bought Smithfield Foods). Also, they are educating their people here and have been caught stealing technology...at the same time, they are weaponizing islands. All we're asking for is a "Fair...
  63. favance


    Depends on how you look at it...if we are dependent on other Countries that do not share our values, they could at any time cut us off from critical supplies and goods. Then what happens?
  64. favance


    Would be great if the current Administration would provide some sort of incentive...i.e. Tax Break, etc. Looks like they're considering it!
  65. favance

    For you players with CLRs/PowerCabs/Other large FRFRs

    CLRs will work at any volume...but may not translate well to normal band playing levels if your patches are created at low volumes due to the fletcher-munson curve effect.
  66. favance

    Recording Setup Advice (AxeFX III, Superior Drums, Studio One)

    I don't use Axe-FX as my only audio device. I have a PreSonus StudioLive 16R for my main audio interface (for StudioLive) and have my Axe-FX connected via USB to the Macbook Pro (Studiolive) and also Out1 to the 16R inputs (stereo)...This setup allows me to connect up to 16 tracks for recording...
  67. favance

    Tommy Shaw coolness...

    Glad to some classic musicians giving back to the next generation!
  68. favance

    F*&@#$^% Microsoft

    Never had a single issue w/Apple OS/X Mail... I worked in IT as a Software Engineer for 40+ years and specialized in C#, Microsoft's development language. Now that I am retired, I will never ever again use or recommend Microsoft Software!
  69. favance

    Wish search preset by amp type

    FracTool is amazing! I am cleaning up my Cab IRs using it. One thing it can do is export Cabs/Amps List either by Amps or Cabs, and then sort/search with Excel or other similar Spreadsheet tool.
  70. favance

    RIP - Charlie Daniels

    There are those that are great musicians/artists and there are those that are great human beings. Rare are those that are both. Charlie Daniels was both.
  71. favance

    RIP - Charlie Daniels

    “I just thank God I can make a living doing something I enjoy as much as I do playing music.” -- Charlie Daniels “He may look dumb, but that's just a disguise.” -- Charlie Daniels For more CD quotes: https://www.inspiringquotes.us/author/8685-charlie-daniels
  72. favance

    FC-12 is the bomb!

    I have a Switch "Hold" set to "Reveal". With this set this way, you can see hidden scenes, control switches, etc...this would allow you to hit and hold a switch so that you can use 4 switches for your 8 scenes.
  73. favance

    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: HWAT 412 FN50 Lite

    Works wonderfully with my 59 Bassman presets! Quite a bit of work with all the mixes available...however, it was easy to find a great mix, despite all the options. Thanks!
  74. favance

    Keyboards! Decisions Decisions (Yamaha vs Komplete Kontrol)

    I just got an Akai MK261, as I plan on using mainly for the Blue3 B3 app/plugin. I love that it's semi weighted and they feel great for b3, synth, or keyboard...plus I like the 16 pads and controllers on it.
  75. favance

    Cliff's Reviews: Ad Astra

    Wow...I guess I won't be watching that one. But, I can't wait for the next installment for "Upload" on Netflix, as it was very entertaining for both the wife and I.
  76. favance

    Richlite and Baked Maple?

    I have a 2017 '63 ES335 built in the last year of the Memphis shop. It has the 60's slim taper neck w/rosewood fretboard and block inlays. Back in the 60's I played a later 60's trapeze model. This guitar is one of best I've ever played. I did replace the nylon bridge (just like we did back...
  77. favance

    Fender American Standard Strat.....Meets Axe-Fx 3

    Pick any 70's or 80's Clapton clips. With the Strat setup the way I have it, I can go from Hendrix to Clapton to Stevie Ray. The great thing about this setup, is I can boost the mids with a turn of the second tone knob and get a humbucker sound...or I can push the detante up (first tone...
  78. favance

    Fender American Standard Strat.....Meets Axe-Fx 3

    I never could get the sound I was looking for on my 2007 Strat Deluxe, until I bit the bullet and installed a Eric Clapton TBX Mid-Boost. I can now go from clean to mean (including original noiseless pickups) on a Strat that already played really good. Here's a link: Eric Clapton TBX...
  79. favance

    Les Paul Overdriven tone with the AXE FX 3 (purchased patch) + screenshots of blocks used

    So, I contacted Moke, he said the patch sounded like his "Brother in Arms" preset...so I purchased this and it does indeed sound like your performance. Thanks again!
  80. favance

    Les Paul Overdriven tone with the AXE FX 3 (purchased patch) + screenshots of blocks used

    Beautiful...I looked for this patch on Moke's site and could not find it. Can you provide a link? Did you make any changes? Thanks!
  81. favance

    Austin Buddy Presets...a Review.

    They @austinbuddy presets should be required learning for ever AFX User...especially if you have never used many of the original amps. There is much to be learned by studying these presets!
  82. favance

    Fishman Fluence Single Coil set - Thoughts?

    I easily get more than 100 hours on my Tele Gristle Fluence pickups!
  83. favance

    Fishman Fluence Single Coil set - Thoughts?

    Not sure about Strats, but I absolutely love the Gristle Fishman Fluence pickups on my Tele! On my Strat, I use the Eric Clapton preamp w/original noiseless pickups...with that setup I can go from clean to mean, as it has a mid-boost control that can make the Strat sound like a...
  84. favance

    Why isn't the metric system the only system taught?

    There are cases where each is better. ex. It's fairly easy to estimate in Feet or Inches, as the average human anatomy is a point of reference. Metric is also easier in many cases. Why can't we use both? (I'm a fan where it makes sense). This seems to me more a religious war....besides...
  85. favance

    Why isn't the metric system the only system taught?

    Another reason why the U.S. will NEVER convert solely to metric (we use both): "Who has the guts to push an idea like this forward in the country today? If Republicans championed the cause, Democrats would rail against it. And vice versa. And unfortunately, engineers, scientists and the like...
  86. favance

    Why isn't the metric system the only system taught?

    The Imperial system worked ok when we put a man on the moon...
  87. favance

    Overwhelmed by cabs to be honest....

    I somewhat agree w/the OP, it would be great, if when searching for a Cab to match the selected Amp, that a filtered list be presented to narrow down the list of Cabs that would pair w/the amp cab response setting. Hopefully this could be turned into a feature request. Until we get this, I...
  88. favance

    12.08 Public Beta 4, Tom Petty Preset

    Really digging 12.08 Beta 4, so I though I would use it to beef up a Tom Petty patch. I used this patch when I played out with cover bands, so it works well in a live performance context. W/firmware 12.08 Public Beta 4, came improvements with the Compressor and Pitch Shifting, so I have added...
  89. favance

    How to get the most out of changing power tube types

    Would be great if FAS had an option to copy the Power or Pre Amp model only from one model to another!
  90. favance

    Best way to get global settings for two different guitars?

    Austin Buddy's presets use a "Filter" block for Fender/Single Coil guitars that work fairly well to switch the preset. I've adopted that approach...I set it up with a Switch that I can kick in for the preset, as needed.
  91. favance

    Where is the music like this?

    There are some groups out that still provide very musical content w/o being flashy. I've seen these guys live, they remind me that there's still real musicians/music...it's just buried and not mainstream:
  92. favance

    Why isn't the metric system the only system taught?

    It's kind of like time signatures: 2/4, 3/4, 5/4, 7/4, 6/8....
  93. favance

    Why isn't the metric system the only system taught?

    One could use the same logic many here have articulated to ask why don't we all speak English (1.39 Billion Speakers) instead of Chinese (1.15 Billion Speakers)? When in Rome do as the Romans do...
  94. favance

    Where is the music like this?

    On the video (above), they break down the tracks on some of the songs. I really like the discussion/tracks on Michael McDonald's the harmonies on "Peg". When you listen to the close harmony he/they created for this track it's amazingly creative and unique...nothing like it in today's music...
  95. favance

    Opinions Gibson 2011 Mditown Custom?

    Never played a Midtown. But, as you can tell from my avatar, I have a 2017 335 from the Memphis Gibson shop (last year before they closed) that I totally love. It's comparable to a '63 335, and is very close to ones I played as a kid (I'm a child of the 60's). It's a bigger guitar, but I'm a...
  96. favance

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta 4

    An observation...I had to reset most of my patch volume levels. Most of the amps, I had to increase the level to get them where they were the same as previous FW versions. Anybody know why this is required?
  97. favance

    Where is the music like this?

    At one point in this video, Fagen and Becker talk about having several of the best LA/NY musicians play the same track (guitarists) and then they went with the one that sounded the best. In this day of instant gratification and settling for less, few have this kind of "search for excellence"...
  98. favance

    Where is the music like this?

    One of my favorite albums..one of the most innovative collections of music I've ever heard!
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