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  1. firepile

    HiDPI support

    Will the cab-lab plugin ever be updated to support hiDPI (4K) displays?
  2. firepile

    Steve Vai: - I don’t do modelling

    "It’s not modelling, I don’t do modelling. You can get Fender amplifiers - I have the Bassman and Deluxe - then Marshalls, like a Plexi. Synergy Amps feel like they're at the forefront of technology. I’ve tested them forensically against the real thing. It’s not profiling; it’s analogue-powered...
  3. firepile

    G66 waiting list

    Anyone knows how far down the waiting list G66 has gotten? I signed up Apr 20...
  4. firepile

    Preset-Cab Bundles

    Doesn't AxeChange support uploading preset-cab bundles?
  5. firepile

    What would you be willing to pay for a VST version of AXE FX?

    Now that Helix Native has been released, what would you be willing to pay for a VST (plugin) version of AXE FX? (Helix Native costs $399).
  6. firepile


  7. firepile

    Guitar Center Presents: Tosin Abasi Sound Set-Up

    Thought he used an Axe-FX?
  8. firepile

    HELIX vs AX8 - Metal

    AX8 definitely sounded better to me.
  9. firepile

    Select Preset window

    Would be great if Axe-Edit would remember which of the All/Bank A/B/C/D/E/F buttons was last selected next time you open the window.
  10. firepile

    List of user cabs linked to presets

    Is it somehow possible to get a list of all user cabs with the name (or just the preset number) of the presets that use each of the cabs? Or at least a list of all users cabs not in use?
  11. firepile

    Behringer FCV100 Expression Pedal

    Is the Behringer FCV100 pedal compatible with Axe-Fx II?
  12. firepile

    Tight metal rhythm

    Which cab pack would you recommend for getting a tight metal rhythm sound? Not 7 string djent sounds, but classic metal tuned to E/Eb (think Metallica, Slayer, Maiden, etc.).
  13. firepile

    Reinstalling Cab-Lab

    Can one install it on a new PC (or reinstall it if one has to reinstall Windows) without having to pay for Cab-Lab twice?
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