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  1. npx

    Axe-Fx III Tuner Offsets

    Has there been any change to the range of the tuner offsets in the Axe-Fx III? Personally, it's my only wish for the new tuner... I would love it if the offsets could be increased from +/- 25 cents to +/- 50 cents. I use the offset for simple, quick and accurate tuning with a Hipshot Xtender on...
  2. npx

    v3.3.1 Stereo UltraRes Swap X and Y Bug

    I just noticed a bug using v3.3.1 (OSX) and an Axe-Fx II Mark 1 running Quantum 1.0 FW. 1. Set a cab block to Stereo UltraRes in both X and Y states 2. Select "Swap X and Y" in the editor 3. The X and Y states swap, but the cab block becomes bypassed on the Axe-Fx, while still appearing...
  3. npx

    Axe-Fx II / USB / Pro Tools 11 / OSX issue - Help would be appreciated!

    I’m running Mac OS X 10.9.5, a Presonus Firestudio Mobile Interface and an Axe-Fx II Mark 1 with Quantum 1.0 FW. My usual DAW of choice is Logic X, or sometimes I use Presonus Studio One 2, tracking guitars from the Axe-Fx over USB with no problems. I have owned Pro Tools 11 for a couple of...
  4. npx


    ******************************************************************************* 16.01 Improved Drive block algorithms for types based on the Tube Screamer. Fixed thumping when switching amp types. Fixed crackling when running two instances of the same amp...
  5. npx

    Significance of italics in Axe-Manage Presets window

    I just upgraded and noticed that many of my presets (and the new v15 factory presets) appear italicized in the Axe-Manage Presets window in Axe-Edit version 3.0.12. I know that both the cab picker and the cab window of Axe-Manage use italics to designate Ultra-Res cabs. I can't figure out what...
  6. npx

    Bulk Rename Scripts for OwnHammer IRs! (Cab-Lab/OwnHammer .wav Conversion Content)

    UPDATE APRIL 4: INFO FOR WINDOWS USERS ADDED BELOW For the folks who have downloaded the Ownhammer MIX library WAV files and are converting them to UltraRes IRs using Cab-Lab 2.0, you'll notice that when you import a newly converted IR into Axe Edit, some of the name gets cut off. After...
  7. npx

    Cab-Lab adding .sit extension to converted folder?

    I just did a batch conversion of my Ownhammer MIX Wav files using the new Cab-Lab v2.0.0 on OSX 10.8.4. After the conversion, one of the 3 folders in the top level of the destination (converted) directory had it's name amended with the .sit extension. I repeated that particular conversion with...
  8. npx

    Axe Edit not obtaining correct data with custom MFC Scene IA ON/OFF

    I have been using all 8 scenes on my MFC recently and have programmed the IA switch controlling scene 7 to trigger scene 3 when it is pressed a second time. This works great, however when recalling a new patch using Axe Edit, the hardware will be set to scene 3 while Axe Edit displays scene 1...
  9. npx

    Steve Vai Home and Mothership Studio for sale

    $1,795,000 No mention of any guitars included in the sale. :) Steve Vai's - Hollywood Home and Studio Steve Vai lists Hollywood Hills house and studio - latimes.com
  10. npx

    Bug? TMA Export Naming Issue

    FW 11.03 No USB connection 1. Select a patch containing a Tone Match and go to the EXPORT tab in the TMA block. 2. Select a user cab block to save over. 3. Using the Y button, delete the name of the cab you want to save over. 4. Begin naming your new cab. 5. If you add a space (or several)...
  11. npx

    Bug? Modifier changes, no EDITED light.

    I checked a bunch of other modifier related bug threads but didn't see this one mentioned. My apologies if it has already been reported. - Axe-Edit Version 3.00 - Axe-Fx II FW 11.01 - Mac OSX 10.8.4 - Detailed steps to reproduce the problem: 1. Bring up a preset in Axe Edit. 2. Click on any...
  12. npx

    Bug? FW10 Output Tab Interface Anomaly

    When changing scenes in the Layout -> Output tab by using the Quick Control A knob, the current patch's CAB BLOCK number is (very) briefly displayed in the dB field. For example, the stock Friedman BE preset reads 0.00 dB, but will briefly stutter "FACTORY 103" when changing between scenes...
  13. npx

    Bug? Scenes on Reveal overriding Looper Control Mode

    Axe FX II FW 9 MFC FW 2.15 (Factory reset of MFC after FW update due to switch reprogramming weirdness) Steps to reproduce: 1. Set up scenes 1-5 on IA switches 1-5 in Reveal mode. 2. When in Looper Control Mode, pressing switch 5 (supposed to be Tempo) engages scene 5. Switches 1/2/3/4...
  14. npx

    MFC -> Axe II Ethernet Troubleshooting

    I'm trying to troubleshoot a problem with the Ethernet communication between my MFC-101 (FW 2.02) and my Axe FX II (FW 6.02). This connection has worked flawlessly for the 4 months that I have had the Axe II until suddenly a few days ago patch names no longer displayed on the MFC and I...
  15. npx

    Tone Match frequency analysis - TMA block, exported cab and double tone matching.

    After having a bit of a play with V6 tone matching, I found my most accurate matches were obtained when I applied a high pass blocking filter at 80Hz after the TMA block. Just for my own curiosity I ran a frequency analysis (using FuzzMeasure for OS X) to compare between the original, TMA block...
  16. npx

    Totalsync - Does it need to be enabled?

    I just updated to V6 and FW 2.01 for the MFC and I'm using a cat5 cable for communication. Does the new Totalsync feature need to be enabled in a menu somewhere? By default, changes from the front panel of the Axe II aren't changing the MFC. I'm not using song or set mode or preset remapping. I...
  17. npx

    DIY Ethercon Passthrough Box w/ Selectable External Stomp Switches for MFC 101

    Just thought I'd share a simple wiring diagram for a box I made a couple months ago that I am finding extremely useful. It enables the use of all 4 external switch inputs on the MFC without the physical footprint of 4 stomp switches, using a sliding switch to choose between external switch...
  18. npx

    Unce. Tice. FEE TINES I'M AXELESS!!

    By the power of Buckwheat - help me through these late night first world problems!! It's 2:45am and the gods of frustration are upon me. After receipt of my Axe II 10 days ago I immediately had some issues and started this thread. You can read about the issues in more detail there, but at the...
  19. npx

    Axe II issues - Blank screen, audio crackles.

    So picked up my Axe II yesterday afternoon, patiently left it boxed up and went to my bass gig last night. When I got home at 2:30 am, I thought I'd better not start on a full night of endless new-axe-tweekery, so I left my guitar to the side and just loaded the OSX (I'm running 10.7.3) usb...
  20. npx

    Axe II + Presonus Firestudio Mobile Aggregate Device?

    I'm running Logic on a mid 2011 iMac running OSX 10.7.2. Can anyone tell me if the Presonus Firestudio Mobile and the Axe II behave themselves nicely when set up as an aggregate device? I know some interfaces don't seem to like it.
  21. npx

    Expression pedal value override / PC Reset troubles

    I'm using an expression pedal tied to External 2, and connected to an MFC-101, to control the Master Feedback (between 45% and 100%) in a delay block in one of my patches. This works fine. I am having some trouble trying to configure the patch using PC Reset so that when it initially loads, the...
  22. npx

    Devin Townsend patches and IR's

    I just noticed a tweet from Devin Townsend that reads: "Doing a 'rigged' feature for MetalSucks. Will post links to my Axe-fx presets and cab ir's as well. thanks for everything." This could be interesting!
  23. npx

    Single preset routing challenge: Wah Whammy & Volume. Difficulty: 1 expression pedal

    I have been using 1 spring loaded expression pedal to auto-engage Wah, and have an IA switch on my MFC configured to switch between wah/whammy (via a mixer block tied to external 8, CC#23 ) when needed. This works great. Since the recent MFC firmware enabled tap tempo and tuner on the one...
  24. npx

    Solution to Wah/Whammy routing issue when MFC not plugged in needed! Any ideas?

    I'm using an MFC-101 with a spring-loaded Mission pedal connected to expression 1. My patches are set up so that the expression pedal auto-engages wah by default, and with a button on the MFC I can switch this (via a mixer block) to Whammy or other pitch block activities - as described in the...
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