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  1. Slammin Mofo

    Chris Isaak - Wicked Game

    Here's my rendition of this classic song: I only used a little bit of Valhalla Verb (Taj Mahal patch) and the MJUC compressor in the DAW. The Axe FX II XL Q8.02 patch is uploaded below. Hope you enjoy it!
  2. Slammin Mofo

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue

    Don't mind the two audio bits in the beginning. Soundcloud is a bit finicky, so I had to insert them in order to upload the song properly.
  3. Slammin Mofo

    Doug Aldrich Riffs

    I recorded some Doug Aldrich riffs from the song "call on me" by Whitesnake. I used the JVM OD1 Orange model along with the Triptik 1x12 mix cab. The guitar was a superstrat with a overwound PAF style pickup. If there's any interest in the patch, I'll upload it here. Hope you enjoy it!
  4. Slammin Mofo

    Dimed Real Plexi VS Dimed Simulation [Q8.01]

    Here's a comparison between an Axe FX II Plexi simulation and my Mojave Scorpion amplifier: FAS Plexi: https://instaud.io/VAM Mojave Scorpion: https://instaud.io/VAN EDIT: New comparison clip with matched EQ (first Mojave, then FAS Plexi) https://instaud.io/VGx The following setup was used...
  5. Slammin Mofo

    Toto - "I'll Be Over You" (Solos)

    Here's my cover of the "I'll be over you" solos by Steve Lukather of Toto: Initially, I wanted to cover the 1990 Paris live version of this song, unfortunately, I haven't found the corresponding backing track and I'm way too lazy to program it myself :D I attached the patch below, just in...
  6. Slammin Mofo

    Van Halen's Pretty Woman [Q 6.02]

    I've got some Inception sh%& for you guys... here's my cover of Van Halen's cover of Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman. It does sound more Hi-Fi than the original Van Halen recording and the tone is not quite there yet - I still can't nail the pre-Amp Analog Chorus settings -, but I still think it...
  7. Slammin Mofo

    DI level differs between guitars

    I'm using the Axe FX II via USB in my DAW (Logic Pro X) and I chose the Axe FX II as my audio device for both input and output with a buffer of 128. Project Sample Size is set to 48 kHz and I'm using the latest USB driver. To get a mono DI track, I use Input 3 and output 1+2. The DI level I'm...
  8. Slammin Mofo

    Late Nite Jam With The JTM 45 [Q5.01]

    I was fooling around with some presets I made with the new Quantum 5.01 Firmware and here's the result: The Mesa Boogie Lonestar Clean was used for rhythm and the jumpered Marshall JTM 45, with a TS 808 drive in front of it, was used for lead guitar. Hope you like it!
  9. Slammin Mofo

    [NOT A BUG] Crackling with Modelling Version = Q2.00 Λ Harmonics ≠ 0

    I noticed a latent crackling when I was using the Spawn Nitrous 2 Model with modelling version set to Q2.00 along with the Harmonics parameter set to anything but 0. As soon as I set the Harmonics parameter to 0, the crackling vanishes. This is no problem with any of the other Q versions, so I'm...
  10. Slammin Mofo

    Helix Tones (Vox AC 30 & Marshall 1959)

    I was just checking out some Line 6 Helix videos to see and hear what that unit is capable of and I found two interesting demos by Sean Halley, an amazing guitar player with a keen sense of melody. There were two tracks in those demos that particularly caught my eye/ear: "Pretty Clean" and...
  11. Slammin Mofo

    2290 w/ Mod Delay not working

    Tried to use this delay on a couple of different patches, and I just can't hear any delays if this model is selected. As soon as I pick a different delay type, without increasing the level, feedback or mix, the delays become audible again. I'm on the latest Firmware 19.
  12. Slammin Mofo

    18.10 | Possible Citrus Bass 200 Bug [FIXED]

    After the update to 18.10, I'm noticing a pulsating sound that, so far, only the Citrus Bass 200 model creates. I've tried the model on 5 different presets with different cabs and this pulsating sound still persists. Is this a bug or a mistake on my end?
  13. Slammin Mofo

    Just a heads up...

    Once you update your firmware to 18.01, go check out the cameron ccv models. And yes, they are that good.
  14. Slammin Mofo

    Yet Another Hotel California Cover

    This track has been covered time and time again, so I hope that it doesn't bore you too much.
  15. Slammin Mofo

    Two Notes Torpedo Studio & Axe FX II

    I want to connect the Torpedo Studio to the Axe FX II so that I can sometimes use the Axe FX II as an effects unit for the processed and loaded down Amp tone of the Torpedo Studio and sometimes use it as an additional cab slot in the Axe FX II signal chain. This should be possible with the...
  16. Slammin Mofo

    Lively Ones - Surf Rider

    This one's yet another reverb demonstration of the new Firmware 16.04.1, but I've decided to test drive the (large) spring reverb instead of the usual room/hall reverbs. You can hear me on the left and the original guitar player on the right side. Here it is: This is a newer version where...
  17. Slammin Mofo

    Citrus RV 50 Version

    I've read that Cliff has used the MK I version of the Orange Rockerverb 50 with 4 x 6V6 power amp tubes. However, the default power amp tubes in the Axe FX II model of said amp are (2) x EL34. Was the MK II version purchased in the meantime to replace the MK I version, or was there never an MK I...
  18. Slammin Mofo

    Axe FX II Is Freezing Randomly

    After I've updated my Axe FX II to Firmware 16, the unit started to freeze randomly. I'm using it as my primary soundcard on both Mac OS X 10.9.5 and Windows 8.1 Pro. When the freeze happens, the input LED remain where they are for a couple of seconds and vanish afterwards, then only the top...
  19. Slammin Mofo

    John Czajkowski

    Has anyone heard of John recently? Was just listening to his West ZooOpolis album that he did with Marco Minnemann and I instantly thought about his amazing Ultra patches that he also shared with the Fractal community. Would be great to have that guy back, be it as a fellow Fractalite or "just"...
  20. Slammin Mofo

    Dimension Type & Mode Unclarity

    If I read 12.03beta2 the release notes correctly, the 4 modes of the original Dimension D unit can be otained by using the Dimension type as follows: 1 -> Dimension Mode = Medium, Rate = 0.25 Hz, Depth 1 ~ 15%-20%? 2 -> Dimension Mode = Medium, Rate = 0.25 Hz, Depth 2 > Depth 1 3 ->...
  21. Slammin Mofo

    Wood & Guitar Tone

    Here's a little poll for you guys: Do you believe that body, neck and fingerboard wood is actively affecting, regardless how sparsely, the electrical guitar tone?
  22. Slammin Mofo

    Request for Zentman (EMG SV Pickups)

    I'm thinking of upgrading my strat with the EMG SV pickup set for a rather good price, so I've searched for some sound samples and luckily found this video that you made with your ULTRA: Now I know it sounds fairly good recorded with a camera/mobile phone mic, but could you provide a...
  23. Slammin Mofo

    Trainwreck Style Amps

    Now that I've spent some quality time with the Wrecker, Comet 60 / Concourse and Ruby Rocket on FW 11.01, I'm left speechless..... I know that all the other amp simulations sound very nice with this new firmware, but, IMO, the Trainwreck style amps take it a notch further. Don't know about you...
  24. Slammin Mofo

    How to switch between the two gain modes in the Brit Super sim?

    As you might know, there are two gain modes in the original Marshall AFD amplifier, the AFD and #34 mode. Now, what are the differences between the two gain modes and how can I overcome them in the Axe FX II in order to get the sound of both of these modes from the Brit Super sim?
  25. Slammin Mofo

    Any good Bass presets made by Bassists?

    I'm not a bassist myself, so I really don't know how to achieve a good Marcus Miller or Nathan East type of sound... but if someone more experienced in all things bass could provide a good bass preset for a Passive Pickups Jazz Bass, I'd definitely appreciate it!
  26. Slammin Mofo

    CLR Question

    Are the CLR speakers much better/flatter than let's say very good studio monitors (neumann kh120a and better)? Would you recommend them for mixing and mastering? From what I gathered, these speakers are built to deliver a studio like sound to live settings, so they should perform, in a studio...
  27. Slammin Mofo

    A Chucklehead-ish Attempt At Spinal Tap :D

    Wow, this dude is something else! Also, check the viewcounter LOL... only 10 likes...yet more than 10^5 views. But at least he knows his stuff when it comes to top of the line DSPs and electric circuits ;)
  28. Slammin Mofo

    Can someone replicate this dripping wet clean tone?

    The signal chain is as follows: Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp || V DBX 160X Compressor || V Dytronics CS-5 Tri-Stereo Chorus || V Eventide H3000 Ultra Harmonizer || V Strymon TimeLine Delay The pure guitar sound without FX is no big deal, the hard part is making the effects sound the...
  29. Slammin Mofo

    Capturing Amp Tones With FW 6.0

    Is it possible to caputre the sound of a cranked amp through the amp's line-out (this line-out includes the power amp distortion, too) going into an Axe FX II input and ultimately an Axe FX II cabinet simulation, or is there only the possibility to tone match the whole physical amp-cab-mic system?
  30. Slammin Mofo

    What tones will you try to match first once 6.0 is ready?

    So what tones do you want to match first? Here's my rather brief list... The very first guitar bit in this video : Everything beyond 1:35 in this video: I'm sooo looking forward to 6.0 :D
  31. Slammin Mofo

    Removing Fade Outs in Logic 9

    Does anyone know how to remove fade outs effectively / match their volume to the usual volumes of the tracks in Logic 9?
  32. Slammin Mofo

    Ownhammer IRs Question

    I've bought some Ownhammer IRs about a year ago and I used them on my Axe FX Ultra. They cost me 3$ per cabinet and they were always labeled with AX1 at the end, e.g.: 412-GTR SLM H75 (AX1) Does that mean that they're only usable for the first generation Axe FX / Axe II Lo-Res and that I need...
  33. Slammin Mofo

    What Happened To Hip-Hop/Rap Music?

    I don't really like Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop etc. (lowest common denominator music)... but as I compare old rap songs to new ones... well... I gotta admit that tupac and biggie smalls were not that bad after all... I'm still not a fan... but take a slice of this... This new #stuff...
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