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  1. Patzag

    OMG 9 without FC-6. How to use the 3 switches by themselves to do everything!

    A brilliant application was created by @Admin M@ to integrate the FM3 with the FC6. He dubbed it the OMG9 and it is really a killer app that allows much flexibility in using these 2 units together. Some users have commented that this does not include a way to operate the FM3 without the FC6...
  2. Patzag

    Revisiting old Dumble Preset

    Late rehearsal for a show and I find myself in need to use a preset I have not used in a year. Some Dumble preset I made on the II then translated to the III and used for a short while. Wow. I don’t know if this is the cumulative improvements since I made this preset on Ares 1.03 or something...
  3. Patzag

    Implemented Revert to Performance Page

    When on performance page, revert to performance page rather than home screen when exiting Tuner or Layout. For example - Global Performance is showing, press B for tuner, Press Exit or B again, this reverts to HOME page rather than PERFORMANCE page. Same thing when using the Tuner switch on the...
  4. Patzag

    WISH: Add "Truncate" tool to [TIME] window on CabLab

    For the treatment of recently released FF IRs, ability truncate the IRs would be very useful. As the IRs are UltraRes and not exportable, this seems to be the only viable option to process the IRs. Thanks for watching!
  5. Patzag

    Wish Export Option in Cab block

    I don't use cab lab because I like working out my cabs in Edit. I have the flexibility I need and all the IRs are there and available. It's easy, there's the align tool that's amazing. Anyhow, it's great! But once I'm done with an IR mix and fine tuned it to my heart's content, I'd like to...
  6. Patzag

    SURVEY: How many layouts do you use?

    Just as the title says. Curious about how many layouts are in actual use.
  7. Patzag

    IPS Technologies FS8?

    Hi. I’m looking for a small and relatively portable powered monitor. The FS8 looks interesting. Any reviews?
  8. Patzag

    Wish 6 Channels for Mixer

    Like the Multiplexer, the Mixer block has 6 inputs - one for each grid row. And like the Multiplexer, it would be good to have 6 channels to be able to control al these inputs fully.
  9. Patzag

    The power of the grid: The Mixer

    I was testing a way for another user to have two rigs on a single grid without using the multiplexer so I delved into another block which is actually both simple and powerful: The Mixer. Using it to route signal between alternate paths or mix various effects in parallel is quite something. And...
  10. Patzag

    Wish Vocal Mic Pre model

    I would live to have a vocal mic pre modeled as part of the AMP block, with a totally flat Amplifier. Something like an API or Neve pre that would be used as part of a vocal or piezo chain, to warm up or brighten up the signal a bit or just give it some of that high end mojo!
  11. Patzag

    SOLD Package Deal: AxeFXII XL, MFC101 MkIII, Fractal EV1, Mission Pedal

    Back when I upgraded, I sold my entire rig to a friend. He was in love with my sound and wanted an Axe FX. Fast forward to today, he asked me to help him sell the rig. Knowing it is in the exact same great shape as when he got it, I am listing it here. It is in the Caribbean so anyone...
  12. Patzag

    Fractal Sighting - Santana Master Class

  13. Patzag

    Strandberg guitar bought - tested - and sent back

    I'm a long time (1994) Parker user. been through many guitars before and since but always come back to the tried and true best player. Mostly I GAS for "classic" guitars. I'd love to love a Strat or a Les Paul. But the back doesn't allow for that so I keep looking for the guitar that's going...
  14. Patzag

    FS Old Mac Book Pro with issues - but a good deal

    Its a 2012 unibody. Served me well. Read the fine print, it needs help. But it's really cheap! http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575378759&campid=5338273189&customid=&icep_item=192613114537&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg&toolid=11111
  15. Patzag

    Block CPU Usage Values

    Here is a quick compilation of CPU usage by Block. Nothing super scientific. I suspect one of the CPUs handles the amp as the usage is barely above that of a volume control! Input 1.5 Output 0.6 Shunt (1) 0.2 Shunt (10) 1.9 Amp 0.6 Amp 2 0.6 Cab - 1 Active 5.2 Cab - 2 Active 9.7 Cab -...
  16. Patzag

    FX8 for less than $20.00??? Really?

    http://www.bridgestune.com/products/fractal-audio-systems-logo-x0253-zippered-pillows-covers-16x16-18x18-20x20-inches?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=googlepla ;););)
  17. Patzag

    Stanley Clarke Fans - Any interesting bass presets?

    I'm going to be doing some bass work on some Stanley tunes. Anyone have some bass presets that are worthy of this bass legend?
  18. Patzag

    Network Media Player advice needed

    Hi Peeps. I figured there might be more than a few people here who would be knowledgable in this domain. I'm looking at setting up a media player with a large library of films and movies and network it to a bunch of "boxes" to play back at various location on my Lan. This is not for a...
  19. Patzag

    I'm a Mark V ignoramus - so give me a hand.

    I've been asked to send some samples of my guitar recorded with a Mark V model. Well, try as I may, I can't get a tone that I like with this amp model. I have no problem getting good tone out of almost anything here, but the Mark V eludes me. Anyone would like to send me a couple of edge...
  20. Patzag

    New Rotary Block - Brilliant!

    Just wanted to alert to a very cool newly implemented feature in the new and improved Rotary Block. The block now supports X/Y function and if you have different rates between X and Y will ramp between these. This is a very cool function which makes this effect even more usable live!
  21. Patzag

    Anyone around Emerald Hills, CA 94062 with Axe FX and MFC?

    Buddy of mine there with a bit of trouble. MFC won't turn on when connected with ethernet. He needs to test if the MFC or the Axe is at fault so he can get it repaired. PM me if you're in the area and are willing to help. Thanks.
  22. Patzag

    FW 18: ODS Clean and HRM

    These amps have been favorite of mine since before I got the AxeFX. I used to own a Dumble clone and loved that amp. The Input Drive on the clean channel can be set to a super edge-of-break-up level which takes drive pedals real well. The OD channel then takes it out of the park. How this...
  23. Patzag

    Spector NS-2 Bass. A big deal?

    A friend of mine is selling a Spector NS-2 bass (early serial number). He's all excited about the instrument. I never heard of these. Big deal?
  24. Patzag

    Analog "Tubes"

    Anybody tried this? 12AX7WS WarmStone - 12AX7 tubes solid-state equivalents
  25. Patzag

    Wish Cab Used Display

    As "Amp 1" and "Amp 2" are displayed, I'd like to see Cab 1 and Cab 2 displayed right next to that. It would give the composition of the preset at a glance. at least until Axe Manage shows all cabs used in presets! :mrgreen
  26. Patzag

    Recommend a portable substitute

    I'm going to be doing a series of week end gigs overseas. Tiring things with my gig bag on my shoulder and an overnight bag in hand. I don't want to check my Axe FX in, Don't want to roll it in my clothes. So I have to rely on an alternate sound source. I have Guitar Rig 5 on my...
  27. Patzag

    Firmware Update Good Practices

    I'd like to see a place, maybe in the Wiki, which explains the best practices when updating firmwares. There's various topics which mention the Reset Presets Utility, there's talk about resetting the amp block and then reloading the preset, etc. But a blow by blow best practices would be...
  28. Patzag

    Anyone in Paris with an Axe FX II they'd be willing to loan/rent?

    I'll be doing 2 gigs in Paris on the 18th and 19th of April. I'm looking for someone who would not mind parting with their baby for 2 days to help me out. I'd gladly pay a rental fee to avoid lugging this across the planet for a single weekend! PM me! :)
  29. Patzag

    Need some assistance with an amp choice an patch design

    Hi. Being a low to medium-gain amp player mainly, I have limited experience with the sound design in the heavier gain category. I have to play some tunes similar in style to Nickelback and Doughtry. The heavy guitar riffs are obviously multi tracked, but I'd like some pointers on how to...
  30. Patzag

    Help needed: No MIDI input on MFC - can't restore a backup

    I am not sure if I am facing a bug or an incorrect setting: When trying to restore a syses dump to my MFC, the "Waiting for data" display does not change and no data seems to be arriving to the MFC. Everything else seems OK. I can dump data perfectly but I can't seem to be able to restore...
  31. Patzag

    Wish Return to Previous Preset AND Bank

    I make extensive use of the BAK command on the MFC which sends the return to previous preset command on pressing the current preset switch. Perhaps like some others, I use this mostly when switching between presets which are in different banks. I would find it more useful if the command...
  32. Patzag

    New Amps in 12.3??? Really? Do we need more amps?

    I totally thought that I was done with the New Amp thing. Had more than I needed, didn't know what to do with them. I use one to four presets per gig so how many amps could I really need? OK. I'm proceeding to eat my words. I don't usually wax effusive but the new amps are absolutely...
  33. Patzag

    Anyone know what model is closest to Peavey Classic 30?

    I have a few amps left, of which the Classic 30 is one of my favorites. Believe it or not, that ultra cheap little guy is capable of some great jazz and blues tones. Does anyone know which amp would be closest to it in out Axe stable?
  34. Patzag

    Jazz Fix - Who's got it?

    I uploaded a preset called Jazz Fix. I wonder what people think of it and would love to get some feedback. Here's a quick sound byte I made using Garage band's Magic Song feature - just for fun. As I play live and don't really record, this was a cool experiment too. :) And here's the...
  35. Patzag

    Wish Using Axe Edit without Axe Attached

    I know that right now it's impossible due to the server/client nature of the beast. But another post made me think about this crazy idea. Would it be possible to make an Axe FX Dongle? A small USB thing that would be loaded with a flash that acted as a server and allowed off line editing...
  36. Patzag


    I would like a COMPARE button on Axe Edit. I know there's a Snapshot function which works, but it's unwieldy to use. The simple version: Load your preset, mess with it, click on COMPARE - The button "illuminates", the original preset gets loaded in the edit buffer and you can listen to it...
  37. Patzag

    L'Acoustics 108P - Wow!

    I have been on a search for a small, relatively light, monitoring solution. I currently use a Meyersound UP Junior which I thought was quite good but stiff not satisfying. My IEMs sound better, brighter, fuller than the UP Junior. I had a chance to pit my UP Junior against a 108P in a...
  38. Patzag

    NeoLight (NL12) and 44 Magnum ???

    Anyone tried this combo? I'm looking for the lightest possible solution while sounding great. Just wondering how this would fare.
  39. Patzag

    ODS 100 Clean (Kinda)

    Been a long time Dumble admirer from afar. Never would afford one and the closest I got was a nice clone from Ceriatone which sounded really good to me. Along comes Cliff and Co and FW 10 and the ODS 100. I messed around with the Overdrive channel, of course. But I remembered that I got a...
  40. Patzag

    New format for IRs in FW 10?

    Apparently, the IRs now have a new format. Converting a new IR with AOMDSP yields a strange result. I downloaded Sean's Port City Cab IRs (thanks Sean) and the format is also different than the old impulse-looking IRs. Cliff mentions that the new IRs cannot be converted to Wav (TGP). So do...
  41. Patzag

    A Working Man's View on V10 and some attendant Ideas

    Being that I do about 200 gigs a year, and having recently loaded V10, I wanted to throw my 2 cents in on what this has done for me and my sound. First, the new ODS 100 is worth the price of admission on the whole deal. That amp is fantastic. Both clean and OD channels are gorgeous and I...
  42. Patzag

    Wish BAK - Can this be a real "return to sender"?

    When tapping the preset button currently engaged, my MFC is set to return to previous patch. It's a great feature. But I would love to be able to return to not only the patch but the bank also. Right now, using a 5-preset bank, if I start with preset ONE, then go to preset 8 and press "8"...
  43. Patzag

    MFC Strategies

    There are probably as many ways to set up the MFC as there are individual players out there. And with the advent of Scenes, that number just got compounded. I'm not happy with mine. It requires too much footwork. Anyone care to share their successful strategies for the MFC?
  44. Patzag

    Eric Johnson Live Rig - Axe FX II

    In the rack, right next to the Marshall stack!
  45. Patzag

    IRs - Am I the only one who hears odd phase artifacts?

    Some IRs are spectacular. Load them in a cab block and the cab appears in all its splendor. But on a lot of IRs, I hear odd phase-type things which bother me to no end. Some of you are aware of the phase issues certain types of filters (EQ) impart on the sound. A perfect example of this...
  46. Patzag

    Axe Change - likes, edits - not working?

    Hi. I tried to "Like" a download. Couldn't figure out how. Also, I wanted to edit my Tommy Cab comments as the IR is labeled as a 1x8, when it's actually a tone match of an acoustic guitar, but the software does not allow me to edit the entries.
  47. Patzag

    Wish WISH - Step Controller

    When thinking through the Scene system and also looking into the use of custom scales, I found myself wishing for a "step" controller which would allow the incremental step-through values of a single CC. Example: The famed Hotel California harmonies. A single preset with 4 custom scales...
  48. Patzag

    Tuner on MFC interferes with preset selection

    When I have the tuner engaged on the MFC, if I try to change bank, the tuner remains active and there's no way to know what bank I am on until I actually press a preset button. This is a new behavior and was not like that prior to V7.
  49. Patzag

    Carry On Alternate Solution? Help needed

    Hi Guys, I'm going overseas for a very short gig and I'm not looking forward to schlepping my Axe FX for a 30 minute appearance. But I'm also not looking forward to playing through some random, untried, potentially crappy local amp solution. I'm thinking of playing either through some...
  50. Patzag

    Help Needed! Formant, Wah, Filter?

    Hi guys, I need a little help because I'm stomped. I'm trying to get a Formant-type sound like the intro to Living On A Prayer (Bon Jovi) and try as I may, I think I'm lurking the wrong alley on this. Anyone can help on this?
  51. Patzag

    WISH: Update Subscription

    I love the Forum and what I can find in it. I find it a tremendous resource for such things as preset ideas, informed conversation on usage, tips, etc. Some of the contributions are absolutely invaluable. For instance, Scotts posts on mixed FF and NF IRs were, IMO, a game changer in how the...
  52. Patzag

    Radley's personal online Rig Discussion/Implementation/Group Therapy Session:

    Hey Radley, This is exciting. I'm reading this and these are my thoughts: 1. 15 presets per bank? are you not using IAs at all to turn on/off effects? 2. Why do you need a Boss processor to handle the volume control? I use an expression pedal plugged into the MFC for this, controlling the...
  53. Patzag

    Wow! Now THAT's what I'm talking about! Acoustic Tone From Heaven!

    All right, I decided to give this Tonematching thing a go and see if it's really as good as it sounds. My experience with Fishman Aura left me completely disenchanted with trying to get some good acoustic tones out of my piezo-equipped guitar. So! The best advice I got on this was to select...
  54. Patzag

    MFC Expansion

    The Axe FX II is an awesome machine. It offers a level of control that is insanely versatile. And while the MFC is a well thought-out machine, along with an FW update on the horizon, I would like to revive the subject of the expansion module for the MFC as it is, for me, a very critical piece...
  55. Patzag

    Quiz: How did I do it?

    Quiz: How did I do it? (Clavinet Sound) Hi Guys. well, I just finished reading the manual for the Axe FX II from cover to cover. There's a lot to learn, even after 9 months of usage. I got to experiment with things I thought I'd never use and I certainly found some interesting options. So...
  56. Patzag

    Volume / Pan block utilization and standardization

    Every preset I make uses a Volume/Pan block. I always put it as soon after the cab as possible and before any other time based effects. I can therefore control the volume of my preset on the fly, including reducing volume to 0, without affecting the tails of reverbs or delays. I personally...
  57. Patzag

    The end of my Trem staying in tune issues - very useful tutorial

    I've always had trouble using the trem on any guitar (except Floyd Rose) and staying in tune. Various recipes such as nut sauce and such were, to me, annoying fixes which did not result in lasting satisfaction and made using the whammy bar a luxury that I kept for absolutely needed effects...
  58. Patzag

    V5 Preset Banks? Did I miss something?

    Apparently the new preset banks are out there somewhere but I must have missed their release. Where are those to be downloaded? Thanks.
  59. Patzag

    FAS: A couple clarifications needed on 5.0, please.

    To Cliff: I'd like to get a couple of clarifications to make the most out of my upgrade to V5.0. Having thoroughly enjoyed 4.01 and sculpted presets which worked wonderfully and sat well in live mixing environments, I was a bit stomped when I upgraded to 5.0 and my presets no longer worked...
  60. Patzag

    Anyone with a good Dumble cab they can shoot an IR of?

    I'd love to get a couple of IRs of a Dumble Cab IR. Anyone out there with something like that?
  61. Patzag

    RCF NX 10 - Any reviews?

    I am very interested in what anyone would have to say about the NX 10 SMA. There's been lots of reviews and discussions on the 12" and it sure looks like a fantastic speaker. But does anyone have any date on the 10? The specs certainly are no less impressive on paper than the 12. Anyone with...
  62. Patzag

    Single Coil and High Gain - A little guidance needed

    Working with high gain amps and single coils is definitely a challenge. Getting a good fat tone is usually the domain of humbuckers, but, having had to send my H equipped guitar away for some surgery, I'm now left with a single guitar with SCs. So .. does anyone have any recommendations for...
  63. Patzag

    Daisy Chain?

    Can I daisy chain 2 MFCs? Currently going Ethernet from 1 MFC to Axe II. I want to dedicate one MFC to IAs and 1 to PC. Is this possible?
  64. Patzag

    Bug? Axe II amp or unit goes into bypass when using controllers

    This issue has been brought up several times in various threads by a number of people. There seems to be some agreement that this happens when the MFC is connected AND Axe Edit is running. This is not true for me. I NEVER used Axe Edit on stage, and the issue, unfortunately, only happens...
  65. Patzag

    GR300 Emulation - Clip of Pat Metheny-style Solo

    Here's a clip of the Solo Section of Are You Going With Me by Pat Metheny. I didn't try to learn or play the same solo, just having fun with the tune and a crappy backing track, but the sound is good. I posted the preset in the exchange forum.
  66. Patzag

    Pat Metheny synth Lead

    Pat Metheny synth Lead - Clip posted I posted that in the topic started by Island Music but I figure it deserves its own post/thread. I've made synth patch that emulates pretty accurately the GR300 sound of Pat Metheny. I'll try to post a sample as soon as I have an adequate track for it...
  67. Patzag

    Anyone has a Jazz box IR?

    I want to make an experiment and load a cab as the first item in the chain on the Axe with the IR of a Jazz box. There's a special resonance to an archtop which can't really be obtained otherwise, I think, than either playing one, or slapping a high quality IR ahead of everything, so that that...
  68. Patzag

    Gain Structure Question

    Using a typical amp in the Axe such as the ODS. The original amplifier has an Input Volume, an Overdrive Level Setting and a Master Volume. The Master is the master output level. It also sets the clean level channel. The overdrive LEVEL pot controls the level of the overdrive channel. The...
  69. Patzag

    Inspired to post this - Dumble a la Robben Ford

    I got inspired to post this excerpt of a demo from Talk To Your Daughter by Robben Ford. A couple of people have posted their take on the amp sound and being a huge RF fan, I had worked out my own version, including a super-subtle wah (almost inaudible) but which gives me an addition layer of...
  70. Patzag

    Mr. Chase, please ...

    How about a Public Beta 3.0? Is it ready enough? I'm not sure if Axe Edit is ready enough to go out with it soI don't want to ask for what can't be done, but I'd be ready to sacrifice a bit of Axe Edit functionality to get going with 3.0.
  71. Patzag

    Are there some tubes in there? My Axe-Fx II is microphonic!

    I was doing some tests with my wireless unit to compare noise levels and had the gain cranked on a patch when I noticed that unplugging the cable from the input produced some mechanical noises. I pulled the plug and tapped the case of my Axe II and was shocked at hearing noise coming out of my...
  72. Patzag

    Out 1 Clip - Please help understand and resolve

    When I connect my MBP to the Axe through USB and play something on iTunes, the Out 1 Clip light blinks. As dar as I understand, this signifies that the Output Level is so hot that the DAC clips. I do not understand how this is possible through a USB connection.
  73. Patzag

    Violin body IR

    Hi. Does anyone have a Violin body IR they would not mind sharing? Thanks. Patrick
  74. Patzag

    Help me understand, please, how the cabinet block actually works.

    I'm trying to improve the sound of some presets to make them more "organic" if you will. I find that the element that tweaks the sound most, after the basic amp settings, are the cabinets. I downloaded the free IR from RW (the 1960A Marshall) and so far, my presets have taken on a whole new...
  75. Patzag

    Ethercon for the MFC 101 - The missing link

    The MFC 101 is a fantastic foot controller. Well built, sturdy, fabulous software, integrate extremely well with the Axe II. The only thing which makes it one small step removed from a touring unit is an Ethercon connector. In fact, two would be great so a touring musician could have two in...
  76. Patzag

    The ONE! - The preset that did it all (or almost)

    Well I worked hard at it and spent a lot of time getting there and did several gigs with it and tweaked live but It's finally done. I have a single preset that can handle just about all of my needs. Tonight I did a 1hour+ show which covered stuff by Robben Ford, Santana, Clapton and more and...
  77. Patzag

    Firmware update help - please.

    I'm trying to update the firmware on my MFC. I have currently a TC Electronics interface which is partially disabled since I am running Lion on my Mac. So I can't use the Midi portion of the interface. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to update the Firmware of the MFC using the Axe FX II...
  78. Patzag

    Looking for that Robben Ford Tone

    Hi Guys, there are two RB tones that I'm working on right now with the Axe II and are a bit elusive. Has anyone gotten the nice clean chime of Robben's "Life Song" and , for that matter, the solo Tone he gets in that same tune? Thanks. P
  79. Patzag

    Expression pedals with MFC 101 or Axe FX - A definitive guide to what works (or not)

    I have been doing quite some research on this forum to locate what actually works and what doesn't in terms of expression pedals. It has been made abundantly clear that Mission Engineering pedals work perfectly and that's great. In my opinion, they are quite pricey. I'd love to be able to...
  80. Patzag

    How do I make the Direct outs sound good?

    Hi everyone. First of all, my appreciation for all the good people who are on this board. I'm fairly new here and just got my Axe FX II. But I'm not a newbee to guitar or sound or modeling for that matter and I have a very hard time going "direct". I've tried many modelers and hated them...
  81. Patzag

    Help! Need box dimensions urgently

    Hi. My Axe FXII is in transit and to clear customs, I am being asked for the shipping box dimensions. Anyone out there can give me those dimensions? Thanks. Patrick
  82. Patzag

    Open Letter to Fractal

    Dear Cliff and all at the Fractal Team Thanks for the implementation of the waiting list. This goes a ling way towards restoring some sanity to our world. Many of us have no data other than conjecture about when we will see the actual unit. Rumors and noise would be, I think, completely...
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