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  1. Starfighter

    Vox AC30CC2 relay switching?

    Does anyone use the FX8 with a Vox AC30CC2 or similar with external reverb/tremolo switching? Is the AC30 "short-to-sleeve" per the FX8 manual?
  2. Starfighter

    Gear for backing track/click with easy control

    Hi! Looking for a solution to play some click tracks and backing tracks in a live band setting. Using a Behringer X32 rack mixer, with IEM monitoring. I use the MFC 101 and an iPad with the app SetList Maker to control the Axe FX II via bluetooth, using the mi.1 bluetooth midi device. Wishes...
  3. Starfighter

    Controller/modifier help

    Hi guys! I think that there is a way to do this - I just can't figure out how. Ok - here's the issue: I have multi-scene preset that I use for the song "Magnificent" by U2. I use 4 different scenes for the song. (Scene1: Intro) Scene2: Bridge (not using the word "chorus" to avoid confusion...
  4. Starfighter

    When will the EV-1 in black be available again?

    ...at G66? Cheers
  5. Starfighter

    Live PA setup guide - speaker placement?

    Hi guys! A while back, someone linked to a very good video on PA speaker placement. It showed examples of how to place your PA speakers in different venues, and different rooms. Among other tips, it recommended an asymmetrical placement for oblong rooms. I´ve searched both this forum and...
  6. Starfighter

    For new guys. FRFR vs real cabs - what to buy?

    This is intended for the less experienced/new Axe FX-user. I know this is a can of worms, but it´s been a never-ending debate as long as I have been on the forum - and I know a lot of people new to the Axe FX have difficulties choosing among all the different options of amplifying and presenting...
  7. Starfighter

    Another praise for Fractal Audio support

    (We all know the Axe FX 2 is top of the line already, I mean The Edge, Metallica, Dweezil Zappa, etc.. So I am gonna say a few words about their customer support) I bought the MFC-edit program today, but couldn't for the life of me enter the license key. Emailed support (on a Saturday...
  8. Starfighter

    Preset layout for FRFR and amp+cab

    Hi guys (and gals)! I've run strictly FRFR for a while, but have ordered a power amp (GT1000FX) and a couple of NL212s from Matrix - to hopefully add some "amp in room" and punch to my setup here at home. My question is how to rearrange my presets for an FRFR AND amp+cab setup. More specific...
  9. Starfighter

    FW 18 beta AC30 TB + rotary demo (U2 One)

    Here goes, my first videorecording so be gentle :) (Backingtrack from Free Guitar Backing Tracks @ GuitarBackingTrack.com, preset is Axeman's One-preset with a few minor adjustments - U2 Guitar Tutorials - Introduction. Guitar is a 1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom.) Have to say that the...
  10. Starfighter

    Sudden difference in level Output 1 vs 2 after installing RAC12

    Hi guys.... something strange happened today. I installed my newly arrived RAC12 controller in my rack, and in that process i had to unplug all the connections from the Axe FX II and plug them in again. Now, suddenly output 1 level is about 9 db lower than output 2 when checking in the VU meter...
  11. Starfighter

    Semi-acoustic clean / U2 Satellite of love

    Here is my take on U2's version of the Lou Reed classic "Satellite of Love". Loosely based on the ZOO TV tour version. The preset works as a general clean sound for a hollowbody as well. For the preset to work, you need 2 IRs: - "Clark Kent's Gift to Mankind IR" in user cab slot 50 for CAB2...
  12. Starfighter

    Thanks a million!

    I just wanna give a big thank you to the entire Fractal Audio team and the dedicated forumists who offer so much info, help and assistance to the community. Having the boss himself as an active member of the forum is immensly valuable, and adds greatly to the value of the product itself. I think...
  13. Starfighter

    PRS Studio?

    Hi guys/gals Does anyone have hands-on experience with the PRS Studio? I am selling a Les Paul Custom and was offered one of these in trade. I don´t know anything about it other than what´s out there on the www. It gets great reviews, but in the soundclips I´ve heard I think the cleans are a...
  14. Starfighter

    U2 - Even Better Than The Real Thing

    My take on U2s Even Better Than The Real Thing. Used with Gretsch Electromatic 12-string, for FRFR/headphones - FW 12.02. Pitch-Block and Wah-block both controlled by EXTRN1, for "sweep"-effect - so be sure to have EXTRN1 attached to an expression pedal, or change the modifiers on both the...
  15. Starfighter

    Preliminary CLR review for the mediocre bedroom player :)

    Hello friends! Thought I would post a preliminary and non-scientific review of the Atomic CLR active wedge for the mediocre bedroom players (like myself) who are searching for the holy grail - how to make the most of the awesomeness that the Axe FX II puts out. Background info To put this...
  16. Starfighter

    Thump when changing presets Class-A 30W TB

    I get a quite loud thump when changing between two Class-A 30W TB presets. Haven't noticed any thumping when switching from any of these to any other presets. Had the problem with FW 10.XX and now also with 11b. Presets:
  17. Starfighter

    Changing "UP" and "DOWN" switches on the MFC

    Hello! Is it possible to change/edit the control switches? I haven't been able to find information on this. I would like the "UP" and "DOWN"-switches on the bottom right of the MFC to trade places - so that the "UP"-switch is on the bottom - would make it easier for me to change presets.
  18. Starfighter

    The Boss is still The Boss

    Just got back from Friends Arena in Stockholm, man what a show Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band put on! 3 hours straight with pure energy. They played the entire Darkness On The Edge of Town-album, and then they weren´t even halfway through the show.. :shock If you have the...
  19. Starfighter

    Error 14 - help

    Error 14 - help (solved) Hello I've tried updating my MFC-101 from 2.15 til 2.16 for hours now. I'm using a U2MIDI v2 USB to MIDI interface, I've tried both from a Vista computer and a Mac - both times using Fractal-Bot. The problem is this - each time the MFC hangs at some random %, the...
  20. Starfighter

    Advice on electric 12-strings

    Hello guys and girls I´m looking into buying an electric 12-string, more specifically a used Gretsch G5422DC-12 G5422DC-12 Electromatic® Hollow Body 12-String by Gretsch® Electric Guitars Does anyone here have any experience with this guitar in particular, or electric 12-strings in...
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