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  1. ritchgbg

    BJ Devices TB-12 Review

    Hi !! I wrote to sergei, but maybe someone knows , i got 2 questions : I have an axe fx 2mk1, and a tb12. Some of my switches are turning fx on/off, but if i turn an fx off, the light is off. I thought there was another color, like yellow, that would say that the fx was present but turned off...
  2. ritchgbg

    Axe-Fx USB into DAW trouble

    You need to create an aggregate with the axe and the scarlett, so you'll be able to choose which inputs/outputs you want. Check this out https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202000
  3. ritchgbg

    Mfc Mk1 and Axe fx II Mk1

    Well, i'm planning to buy one so ... Thnaks anyway
  4. ritchgbg

    Mfc Mk1 and Axe fx II Mk1

    Awesome, thanks for your fast answer !!
  5. ritchgbg

    Mfc Mk1 and Axe fx II Mk1

    Hi ! Got an axe fx 2 mk1, and wonder if can use the ethernet / rj45 with a MFC101 MK1 ?? So i skip the 2 midi cables(and have it powered via rj45 ...which would be neat) ! Thanks !
  6. ritchgbg

    Plini - Handmade Cities

    Sounds good !!! I actually compared it side by side with the plugin i thought i reaaly liked :) Made quite a lot of tweaks , added a huge ambient / space reverb, and i like it way better than the plugin now !
  7. ritchgbg

    IRs...what are they and how can they help?

    That's a bit odd. You got a problem in your midi configuration i guess. An ir, wich is really small in size, takes like 4 seconds to load
  8. ritchgbg

    Turning of the wah

    Thanks to your help guys ! The percentage of the off setting was the clue ! Me happy :)
  9. ritchgbg

    Turning of the wah

    Hi guys !I use a mission pedal (with the spring thingy). It works fantastic but :I have let's say one preset with the wah , not activated. I use the pedal, the wah works perfectly But when i remove my foot from the pedal, it sounds like the wah is still activated.Any advice on how to turn it off...
  10. ritchgbg

    How to increase the volume of the dry signal when recording?

    The dry signal from the axe is pristine clean and at perfect level. If your engineer needs to beef it up, there will be absolutely no problem to do it within his daw . If he can't do that, i just advise you to get rid of this sound engineer :)
  11. ritchgbg

    "Recording" the external pedal

    Thank you soooooo much !!
  12. ritchgbg

    "Recording" the external pedal

    Hi to you all ! I got quite a problem. I have an exp pedal, used for the wah. I'm recording my dry signal as well as the wet, then i reamp later on. But, if i use the wah, the dry signal is not affected, and if i reamp, i need to use the expression pedal during the recording to have the wah...
  13. ritchgbg

    Any good bass presets?

    I'm using all the time a preset found on axe change, called Universal Bass, which is killer for me
  14. ritchgbg

    Steve Lukather Soldano X88R preset

    Thanks a lot for those presets ! they sound awesome !! :)
  15. ritchgbg

    Using Axe Fx with an audio interface.

    I'm on mac, and it's connected exactly like you wrote, and works brilliantly. I never use software monitoring for the guitar, it's perfect this way, no latency at all
  16. ritchgbg

    New melodic song / Axe fx II

    Hi guys and thanks to you all !! It's funny, cause even if Satriani has been a major influence on me , i didn't thought about that when composing (and actually, there's a loooooong time i haven't listened to a Satriani album, i'm still one of those guys who liked him until The extremist :) The...
  17. ritchgbg

    New melodic song / Axe fx II

    Such an inspiring machine ! Hope you enjoy :)
  18. ritchgbg

    New Fractal Pedal

    I'm actually really happy with my EV1, probably the best volume / expression pedal i have used. Sur it's huge but once on the pedal board, it's perfect
  19. ritchgbg

    Modern George Lynch Tone

    It sounds damn good !No idea about how to achieve it, but remember it probably uses his seymour duncan pups at first. i would go for a Marshall, a drive to tighten it but ...
  20. ritchgbg

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

    I'm so glad i made the jump from tube amps to FAS :) Proud owner of an MKII, and definitly LOVE IT !Thanks Cliff !
  21. ritchgbg

    Ring Modulator as Octave - Can't get it to work in FW 19

    Thanks anyways guys, cause i've strugles with the pitch block, and found exactly what i was looking for with the ringmod !
  22. ritchgbg

    Wah Wah Settings...share yours

    Damn, i'm looking for the bad horsie settings as well
  23. ritchgbg

    Met Larry Mitchel in Hamburg getting ready for a gig.

    I'm listening to Larry's music since ...20+ years maybe, and his tone and music are absolutly top notch, and it looks like a cool cat actually :) Definitly one of the most underrated guitar player imo
  24. ritchgbg

    2 xpressions pedals / AXE FX II

    Thanks guys!
  25. ritchgbg

    2 xpressions pedals / AXE FX II

    Hi guys, i've searched the forum but couldn't find my answer ... I got only an axe fx II , and no MFC controller (for studio use only). Is there a way i can connect 2 expressions pedals (a mission and an EV ) ?? Thanks !
  26. ritchgbg

    Custom scales / pitch shifter

    So am i !
  27. ritchgbg

    What to do while I'm waiting

    I am counting ! Less than 24 h for me :)
  28. ritchgbg

    Confused On Cables

    Get some decent xlr cables not the 1st price. You can get some cordial 6 meters cables for 12/15 € (read $20 or something)
  29. ritchgbg

    Stock reverbs?

    For playing (live or practicing), yes, a spring reverb on a fender amp is necessary, Imo, to recreate the feeling of really playing. But when it comes to recording, i only rely on Fractal reverb, or eventide (even eventide plugins) FAS reverb are absolutely top notch, and i do own a few eventide...
  30. ritchgbg

    Fractal Audio AMP Models: Yeks PDF Guide

    Thank you sooooo much for this !!!!
  31. ritchgbg

    What to do while I'm waiting

    I'm in the sam situation, waiting for my MKII, and that's a hell of an advice :) Thanks
  32. ritchgbg

    New here, I want an Axe FX!

    I had the same "problem". I had a std, an ultra, and just ordered an axe fx II. You'll be diosappointed if you get an ultra, compared to waht a II can do (sound wise). The axe edit with the ultra, if you're lucky enough to make it work, is a pain in ... you know. Then the modelling capacity of...
  33. ritchgbg

    help with effects

    This remember me of an effect i had in my H9 actaully, i think it uses the vowels things (like a vocoder), can't remember the name ... It was called stutter something, and i locked with the tempo. So you choose a vowel (a,e,i ...), have it to repeat every 1/8 or something. Now, How to do that...
  34. ritchgbg

    80's hero's preset bundle interest?

    damn.... a vai / satch patch would be amazing....
  35. ritchgbg

    Another Tri-Chorus thread

    Damn, i've been looking for that preset for a looooong time ! Thank you sooooo much :)
  36. ritchgbg

    Van Halen - Panama Tone Match

    Excellent !
  37. ritchgbg

    Cover of Joe Satriani's Memories

    Brilliant, just brilliant !
  38. ritchgbg

    Sending program changed ?

    Yeah, thanks paranoid, i figured that out actually, and it sucks big time imo ...
  39. ritchgbg

    Paul gilbert tone anyone ?

    I've seen him live with a marshall, a flanger and a wah pedal, and he was, of course, fantastic.
  40. ritchgbg

    Paul gilbert tone anyone ?

    Hi ! Did some of you ever made / found some Paul Gilbert presets (any year, mister big or not )? I'm really fan of his new stuff like the "Siletn followed ..." album, with really raw tones . If someone has any patch, you're welcome ;)
  41. ritchgbg

    Sending program changed ?

    Nobody ??? :(
  42. ritchgbg

    Sending program changed ?

    Hi ! In the studio i need to have my ultra to send programs changes to my eventide h9 in the loop. Is that possible to do so ? I don't have a midi controller, so when changing presets manually i'd like to recall let's say preset 1 on the axe and preset 10 on the H9 Thanks :)
  43. ritchgbg

    WISH: Axe-Edit DAW Plugin

    That would be cool actually ! I had an eleven rack, and this was one of the biggest points to have one. It was embedding the settings in each track recorded with it, so it was just a question of right clicking the track, and the preset was loaded directly into the eleven. So, i guess that, if...
  44. ritchgbg

    RME Fireface 800

    Well, it's like 4 years after your post, but anyway :) How do you manage to have the axe edit working if you only use axe fx in only ??
  45. ritchgbg

    Axe edit v0.9 for mac ?

    Well, i think i've tried it all. I tried on 2 computers i got home. A mac and a pc. On the mac i got a Fireface 800, and a midisport 2x2 anniv. nothing. On the pc, i took the midisport. same things. I've contacted the g66 support (they are fantastic btw) and they asked me to check everything...
  46. ritchgbg

    Axe edit v0.9 for mac ?

    Yes Rex, i've tried them all. And thanks ole, but the 1.0.191 (or anything with 1.0 ...) just doesn't work .
  47. ritchgbg

    Axe edit v0.9 for mac ?

    Thanks Rex, but it's not there, the only one there (0.9) aree for pc only ... :(
  48. ritchgbg

    Axe edit v0.9 for mac ?

    Hi to you all ! Is there someone in the forum who could tell me where to find a version 0.9 (legacy then), for mac ? I found one actually, and it's very buggy (spalsh screen freezing when chossing workspace etc ..). I have found the official for pc, but nothing for mac ...
  49. ritchgbg

    Symphony X preset anyone ??

    Hi to you all ! I'm lloking for a preset , for axe fx standard, that would sound like michael romeo's latest tones. Does anyone around here got something that would come close ? :D
  50. ritchgbg

    Direct recording help.

    a simple jack or an xlr cables. Btw, if you're that new to this, the first thing to do would be to read the manual.
  51. ritchgbg

    Interfaces for ultra and iMac

    Hi ! I actually had the duet, and several mbox, an eleven rack ... and finally i'm using a babyface. I won't say that it sounds better than the duet2, but the way RME is updating it's drivers, the totalmix features (just awesome), the number of in/outs (the midi in/out for the axe fx, as well...
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