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  1. Fabio KTG

    Unable to Browse for firmware *resolved*

    Try unzipping the file first.
  2. Fabio KTG

    Milco - Spanky Distortion Tone!

    Holy smokes, that was refreshing. Could definitely hear the Holdsworth/AaL influence. Great work.
  3. Fabio KTG

    Probably lost my Axe FX II and my MFC101 :(((

    Oh, dude, I am so sorry to see the sheer devastation and loss of your gear. Do you know what caused the fire? If it was no fault of your own, the band space build owner may be liable for damages to replace your gear. I appreciate that this is in Germany and not the UK, but surely you have some...
  4. Fabio KTG

    After 15 years of playing...

    Tom Quayle is one of the best modern jazz players around and has lessons on his website. I can vouch for their quality. http://www.tomquayle.co.uk/lessons.html
  5. Fabio KTG

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta #2

    Hi Cliff, I don't know if you saw my post asking about making your own schematics by measuring the component values and circuit paths. :)
  6. Fabio KTG

    The only GAS I saw at NAMM

    Didn't Greg tour for Fender for like 20 years or something, doing clinics and product launches?
  7. Fabio KTG

    Mesa Tremoverb ?

    IIRC the gain/dirty sounded different to the other Rectos. It had a snarl about it that I can't describe. No idea what was going on under the hood. I ran one for clean and the other dirty/lead. I remember the sound guy moaning that he had to mic up an extra guitar and wondering why I didn't just...
  8. Fabio KTG

    Mesa Tremoverb ?

    Can confirm. I used to run 2 Trem-O-Verbs before I went to an Uberschall/Twin setup. Lovely amps. They are soooo hard to get nowadays
  9. Fabio KTG

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta #2

    @FractalAudio, Cliff, forgive me for asking.but if you have the actual product in front of you, there's only a finite number of components to a pedal (amps obviously have hundreds/thousands). Can you not draw your own schematic and measure the component values for an accurate representation...
  10. Fabio KTG

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta

    Psssh, you metal heads are all the same \m/
  11. Fabio KTG

    Video from our House of Blues show

    As a Brit who has been listening to BS and Ozzy since birth, you did that song more than justice. That was infuckingcredible. Your singer has the mannerisms and everything down; it's uncanny. Perhaps you should go that extra distance and get him smacked out of his eyeballs before every show for...
  12. Fabio KTG

    Somebody please convince me to NOT buy an Axe FX with my tax return.

    I'll be honest; I would have skinned that cat and made some $4,000 exotic cat slippers to sell to some rich Chinese consumer.
  13. Fabio KTG

    Symphony X - Serpents Kiss(FULL COVER) Energyball/CP19

    Man, I haven't listened to Symphony X since The Odessey. That verse riff was so damn groovy, it reminds me of Lamb of God. That was a stellar cover, great mixing and very tight. Don't ever let go of that singer, there's lots of character in his voice. What do you think of the GGD pack...
  14. Fabio KTG

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta

    If Cliff includes a B7K in the final version I think that I might pee my pants.
  15. Fabio KTG

    'Time' Hans Zimmer - Inception - Guitar Cover Axe Fx & Toontrack

  16. Fabio KTG

    Periphery - Catch Fire Guitar and Drum cover (Patches Inside)

    Awww, I am still using my trusty MK 1....
  17. Fabio KTG

    G66 appreciation

    I love Sussi and Jochen. G66 set the standard that all companies should strive for. I've sent emails at 2am and had a reply 5 minutes later. 10/10
  18. Fabio KTG

    I bet you cannot match this tone

    In my experience, even if you *did* tone match his tone 100%, it would never sound the same because there is only one Andy Summers. I would much rather watch a solid performance of MIAB with 90% tone match than a shoddy one with 100%. People spend years obsessing over emulating X person's tone...
  19. Fabio KTG

    What's your string gauge? Manufacturer?

    I remember reading somewhere that there are only 3 or 4 string manufacturers in the world. They make strings for the brands with their own design etc. I know that Ernie and Dunlop have their own facilities. Couldn't tell you about the rest, there are dozens of brands out there. I personally use...
  20. Fabio KTG

    Fractal Audio AMP models: your super guide to all AMP models

    Hmmm, when I started AOTW very few people contributed. Perhaps I was the wrong candidate for the job or the format was flawed.
  21. Fabio KTG

    Axe FX II vs Helix: initial thoughts

    Our beloved Scott Peterson owns The Gear Page. He is a long time Fractal user and beta tester. Having said that, he is a polite professional who knows what he likes and doesn't bash the competition. He doesn't get butthurt that people prefer Line 6 to Fractal, I seem to recall a similar...
  22. Fabio KTG

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.02 Firmware Release

    What did I miss? Nice job, Cliff. On a separate note; Surely, we must be reaching a plateau with the firmware improvements (I don't mean additional models). For clarity, there must be something] that circuit boards and coding cant reproduce, that is intrinsic to a vacuum tube? At what point...
  23. Fabio KTG

    Fractal Bot quit unexpectedly again and again

    Ha! Don't have my glasses on this morning. I've run a virus scan- all clear. I'll download a fresh copy of FB and see how I get on. Thanks for the giggle and the help. :)
  24. Fabio KTG

    Fractal Bot quit unexpectedly again and again

    Mac 10.9.5 Tried restart Tried fresh install Tried shouting at my mac I'm thinking that between porn and plugins, something must have gone ary. I don't use Anti-Virus, perhaps I should invest in some.
  25. Fabio KTG

    Green Display Light Spotted at Apple Event Live Stream

    I spotted it too, but i think it was a wireless system EDIT. I stand corrected. That is definitely an Axe Fx
  26. Fabio KTG

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.01 Public Beta (1)

  27. Fabio KTG

    ML Sound Lab High Gain comparison! 10 cabs (also unreleased) FW19 BOOM!

    7 and 9 get my vote. Stellar riffs and even better mixing. Bravo. Can't wait to hear what you come up with next.
  28. Fabio KTG

    Defaced - Power Rangers Metal Cover

    My 10 year old self just freaked out. Great jobs guys (and gal) :)
  29. Fabio KTG

    Me playing a solo with my Axe Fx II

    Are you Rocco's older brother? No, seriously? Great job
  30. Fabio KTG

    Shredi's 5th Annual "Happy Father's Day You Muthas" Thread

    Thanks bromandude :) Happy Father's Day to one and all.
  31. Fabio KTG

    Axe fx II with a hurdy gurdy, two years after

    You should contact Bethesda about contributing towards soundtracks on their games. Great job *thumbs up*
  32. Fabio KTG

    Just a farewell thanks to Fractal and all the forum users

    Such a sad loss to the forum. Keep fighting the good fight and best of luck, from the UK
  33. Fabio KTG

    Totally BIASed Video

    That stuff in the corner of his mouth at the close up. *cringe*
  34. Fabio KTG

    BigBox IR's!!

    Any chance of having this in full resolution, Andy? I'm having a hard time reading this and figuring out your reference method. :)
  35. Fabio KTG

    Time for UK axefest!?

    I'm flexible over the weekend, but anything south of Peterborough is a definite no from me. It can't be that hard to find a venue further north. London is a four hour drive for me and longer for others.
  36. Fabio KTG

    Mesa CabClone

    Thanks. I've been really curious about this.
  37. Fabio KTG

    MFC re-map

    I don't think that you can re-map the MFC or AFX. Cliffs squeezes all the horsepower he can get out of both ;)
  38. Fabio KTG

    Skinned for the fun of it...

    I like the idea of keeping the grid and blocks separate from the "panel". Looks great though. Brushed steel/titanium would look sweet if the buttons could be matched with a blue/red line to indicate position.
  39. Fabio KTG

    Scar Symmetry- Noumenon and Phenomenon solo --Patch included!

    I love gems like this. So refreshing from usual metal videos that I see. Excellent playing, phrasing and tone. Wasn't harsh in the slightest and your technique is breath taking. Definitely one of the best videos that I've seen in a long time, plus I love SS and Per Nilsson. Great job.
  40. Fabio KTG

    New EP out now! 5 tracks feat. FW18 and Ownhammer V3 bass and guitar IR's!

    One problem, Jon... How do I get them in hand? Y U NO ITUNES?
  41. Fabio KTG

    Time for UK axefest!?

    We should do it for August bank holiday. 1 day event. What says y'all?
  42. Fabio KTG

    Time for UK axefest!?

    I'd be happy to give anyone a lift as long as it's not too far from the M1 route, or if you're based in good ol' Yorkshire. I appreciate that people want it in London, but please think of the rest of us. Simeon has to travel from WALES! Some guys are in Scotland and I know a few in Ireland...
  43. Fabio KTG

    Eeee-Clarkarena! Cab Pack 11 & 12 (?) CLIP

    The first clip is The Prodigy, right? Love it.
  44. Fabio KTG

    Time for UK axefest!?

    I think that Chris organised the last one, but it was waaay too far south for a lot of people (myself included). I think somewhere a little further north this time would be fairer. Somewhere like Nottingham or Peterborough.
  45. Fabio KTG

    Fremen presets v 18.07

    Can anyone email me the presets? I don't want to disturb Fremen at this hour.
  46. Fabio KTG

    Fremen presets v 18.07

    Impressive as always , Thibault (y)
  47. Fabio KTG

    Web Site Redesign

    Looks to be more in line the magazine adverts. Nice improvement.
  48. Fabio KTG

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.07 Released

    It never surprises me to see overly defensive people become offended by people who lack tact and diplomacy. Semantics should be banned on this forum. We're mostly grown men on here, yet a a minor few drag a good proportion into arbitrary pissing contests about context, wording and implied tone...
  49. Fabio KTG

    Look What Arrived Today

    Would it be cheeky to ask for some IR's to be shot, whilst this Mark IIC+ is in FAS's hands?
  50. Fabio KTG

    Any prob with scratchpads?

    Scratchpad does something similar in Cab Lab.
  51. Fabio KTG

    New recording from my band using FW18 and Ownhammer bass and guitar V3 IR's!

    Another refreshing listen, Jon. I'm always seriously impressed with your band's compositions, arrangement and choice of guitar tone. Very reminiscent of Stone Sour and Lamb of God. Whatever it is that you're doing, keep it up. I'll buy the album when it drops. Such a nice change from a lot of...
  52. Fabio KTG

    Why I won't be using the cab block for recording any more

    I guess that this explains all those people who went back to FW 15, citing that they preferred the sound over FW 18. I can't believe that nobody else has picked up on it, myself included. Perhaps these people will now give FW 18 and the G3 modelling another chance.
  53. Fabio KTG

    Why I won't be using the cab block for recording any more

    I never fail to be amazed by Cliff's humility, nobility and forward thinking. I'll never use another company for my guitars tones. His work ethic and treatment of customers is truly outstanding.
  54. Fabio KTG

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.07 Released

    I thought that I was going mad yesterday. Some IR's were not loading properly from Cab Lab. Glad this was sorted.
  55. Fabio KTG

    Cliff, please hire Rebecca Dirks

    My God, she can run down my rig ANY day.
  56. Fabio KTG


    This is a much more diplomatic version of what I was trying to say. Thank you :)
  57. Fabio KTG

    How can I improve my tone?

    Yeah pick attack is strong. Sounds a little shrill in the very high mids IMO. But that's only my opinion. Great playing btw.
  58. Fabio KTG

    Axe FX lessons in the UK (South Bucks)

    I'm in Leeds and I'm pretty competent. No where near Scott or Yek competent, but still. If you're ever up this neck of the woods, drop me a line.
  59. Fabio KTG

    IR/Re-amp Comparison: "Killswitch Engage - End Of Heartache"

    Sounds great Mikko, however I has one criticism and it's only the pedant in me speaking... The guitars sound a little honky and lacking mid range. It doesn't seem to have that bottom end pump tot he guitars.... Just my thoughts. Sounds great otherwise :)
  60. Fabio KTG


    Can we PLEASE have a thread where all the djent kids can share their "tone test dj0ntOMGbulbsamazeballsIboughtBKPJuggsandaProTonepedal" recordings because 99% sound the same and this is why a lot of skeptics think that the Axe is a one trick pony. Every other metal recording is bloody djent with...
  61. Fabio KTG

    Periphery Creamback G12H-75 with Vintage 30 combo?

    Yes, Ownhammer has these speakers and they sound glorious.
  62. Fabio KTG

    AXFXII v18 - Dynamics, harmonics and exploding tubes? Pictorial/Tutorial Added!!!

    Thanks Scott, that was a very insightful response. I really should hit you up for some programming lessons.
  63. Fabio KTG

    AXFXII v18 - Dynamics, harmonics and exploding tubes? Pictorial/Tutorial Added!!!

    I guess that explains it. I wasn't trying to be an ass, It's hard to get a proper understanding of your tone choices out of context. I was hoping for a response with a little more explanation. How you came to liking that kind of tone (All amps are dialled very similar) and what it is that you're...
  64. Fabio KTG

    AXFXII v18 - Dynamics, harmonics and exploding tubes? Pictorial/Tutorial Added!!!

    Scott, can I ask and this is purely out of subjective taste.... Your tones seem a little "bright" and heavy in the 3-5kHz range. Does this translate well at gig volume and with the other instruments? I've always favoured less treble and more upper mids, as I find that i fits well with other...
  65. Fabio KTG

    Hans Zimmer Cover Album - Feeler

    You're in Huddersfield, right? I'd love to drive over and pick your brains about your compositions etc. I for one would love a whole album of covers. Love your work mate, it's so refreshing.
  66. Fabio KTG

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.04 Released

    You need to remember that synchronising schedules between a busy touring artist and Cliff's right hand man having time to drive up to Johns house to collect the amp is difficult at best. I would be surprised if Matt has even picked up the amp yet. Have patience my friend. It will happen eventually.
  67. Fabio KTG

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.04 Released

    You have obviously never met Cliff Chase. He works 24/7. Holidays, bathroom breaks, probably when he's asleep too. Cliff hasn't taken a bank holiday off in 10 years. Same goes for Matt too.
  68. Fabio KTG

    Corellation between musical genre and death age, interesting

    But folk music gives you inoperable brain tumours.. Figures.
  69. Fabio KTG

    Screw You, UPS

    I use DPD in the UK and in 10 years, never, not once had any compliant about their service. All packages arrive pristine.
  70. Fabio KTG

    FAS Modern 7-String Heavy Shred Fest

    *face melted*
  71. Fabio KTG

    Wiki maintenance

    Your work is such a thankless task... So I won't thank you. JK, thanks for your relentless dedication to such a valuable resource for our community. :)
  72. Fabio KTG

    Clark Kent's FW18 Mesa Mark IV John Petrucci Guide

    Great work Mikko. You little tone guru :D
  73. Fabio KTG

    Get ready for Cab Pack 9!

    Yeah baby, I can't wait for these!
  74. Fabio KTG

    Frustrated. Help me dial in a killer metal tone with my Carvin 8 string

    [/soundcloud] (Note the / in the last piece of code)
  75. Fabio KTG

    Frustrated. Help me dial in a killer metal tone with my Carvin 8 string

    Pro tip: If you want the sound cloud player to appear in the forum add [soundcloud]insertURLhere
  76. Fabio KTG

    Sir Terry Pratchett

    RIP. I had the rare privilege of meeting him as kid. I didn't think much of it at the time (22 years ago). Now I wish that i'd embraced the opportunity to consult with such a unique mind. Such is the mentality of a child.
  77. Fabio KTG

    Does the Axe FX come with Pro Tools?

    Return the 11R, Save for an AFX2, Buy AFX2, Be the envy of all your mates who don't have one, Have awesome tone, all day long, no matter what the venue, Use Reaper or equivalent, Get involved in the forum and enjoy a product lifetime of free updates and first class support, PROFIT?
  78. Fabio KTG

    Care to try your hand at the impossible?

    Believe me when I say that that is NOT a mixable tone. Too scooped (Unless you're aiming for 80's thrash metal) I think you've made progress today, in the respect that providing a reference source for us to listen to, for us to give you advice so that you can achieve the desired tone. I...
  79. Fabio KTG

    Fw18... news?

    30 years old, look 25, act like a 12 year old.
  80. Fabio KTG

    New 18.00 Public Beta

    OK, so Cab Lab and Axe Edit updates have both been released on the website (thanks Chris) but no full release of FW 18 yet... What do?
  81. Fabio KTG

    My first acceptable Axe-FX gain tone

    Shredi: I just lost my shit.
  82. Fabio KTG

    Cab-Lab 3 Launched!

    You have one license. You can either store it locally on the PC/Mac that you use for audio production, or store it on an iLok dongle like i do, so you can transfer between any computer with Cab Lab V3 installed.
  83. Fabio KTG

    My first acceptable Axe-FX gain tone

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Kate Upton....
  84. Fabio KTG

    iLok Server Unavailable?

    No problems here in the UK
  85. Fabio KTG

    Need.......and XL!

    I bought a second Mk 1 and run a quad uber core, dual black box of death star deliciousness. But that's just me.
  86. Fabio KTG

    Which of the V3 OH Mesa mic's should I get?

    Yeah I bought a bunch of the V30's, the G12T75's and the Modern Mix. I bought a bunch of the new Bogners yesterday. Trying to recreate a decent replacement for my beloved Uberkab. As soon as my left hand heals, I'll get into mixing some Uberkab recipes with my Uberschall head tone match. None of...
  87. Fabio KTG

    My first acceptable Axe-FX gain tone

    Loquenau, I only speak for myself here when I say (as politely as I can) that you don't have the best ear for guitar tone (hey, neither do I). Cutting at 6kHz is like cutting the tits off of Kate Upton: She's still OK and would keep you warm on a frosty night, but she's still acking a little...
  88. Fabio KTG

    7-string metal brutality! Listen and download!!

    I'm with Ben on this one and i'm sat in a sound treated room with top of the range Adam and Focal SM9's
  89. Fabio KTG

    Which of the V3 OH Mesa mic's should I get?

    Also, on a separate note. It's nice that you have some decent download speeds from your servers. Fractal has their server plugged into a labrador sometimes.
  90. Fabio KTG

    Which of the V3 OH Mesa mic's should I get?

    Thanks guys, just ordered a bunch of the Mesa Mix V3's. I got a little confused with the Vector Libraries.
  91. Fabio KTG

    Which of the V3 OH Mesa mic's should I get?

    412-GTR MES-ST : OwnHammer.com - Store I don't think that I need them all, but some guidance would be appreciated. I tend to prefer mixed/alloy IR's rather than having to trial them all and spend hours tweaking and mixing it's. Are you about, Kevin?
  92. Fabio KTG

    Cab-Lab 3 Launched!

    Just bought it. Will have lots of fun tonight when I get back
  93. Fabio KTG

    Who is this guy?!!!

    He's freaking amazing!
  94. Fabio KTG

    having some fun with fw18beta & Chapman ML1 Bea

    Y'know, there's only so much plastic surgery that I can go through, so I'll have to stop watching your videos, because they keep melting my face.
  95. Fabio KTG

    Howdy from Texas, the greatest country in the world!~

    I literally have nothing conducive to add to this conversation. I'm too tired from watching all the fat Texans/Americans ride their mobility scooters at Wallmart. :D PS: SHOTS FIRED
  96. Fabio KTG

    Howdy from Texas, the greatest country in the world!~

    I genuinely don't think that Texas is the greatest country in the world. I believe that Europe is.
  97. Fabio KTG

    I wish I had an Axe FX buddy near me.

    Leeds, UK. What?
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