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    How to display Preset Numbers Greater than 1-9 correctly on FCB1010

    Using Ripwerks I can get (01-09) showing presets 1-9) ok, but a bright dot (00.- 09.) for preset 10-18. How can I get it to show 10-18 on the number screen of the FCB1010. See attached Program and Pictures showing my program and the problem. Anyone able to help me reprogram the numbers. I'm...
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    High Frequency Buzz on anything with some gain

    I have had this buzz for about a fortnight now. Have it at different venues and at home with different guitars even when wireless. Cables changed, earth lift switch either way. Changes of firmware from Ares 1.3 back to 10.1, etc. still the same . I am a Technician and nothing has changed in...
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    Anyone using a Vox Tonelab LE to control AXE FX II

    I would like to use the VOX Tonelab LE as a backup to control the AXE. So I need a way to set this up. Thanks Nick H
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    Anyone using a Vox Tonelab LE to control AXE FX II

    I'm thinking of trying this as a backup.Can I get patch changes with scenes on bottom row and stomps top row. Anyone care to show there procedure in setting this up. Someone posted they used the VOX some time ago but I can't find the post. Thanks Nick H.
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    Want a backup alternative to axe +FCB1010

    I saw a post ages ago of someone using a Vox Tonelab LE to control the Axe FxII. I can't find the post and would like to get in touch with that person. I'm thinking this would be a Cheap alternative for me as : 1. The Behringer FCB1010 fails, I have a midi controller. 2. If the Axe FXII fails I...
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    The uno chip also allows you to have latching or momentary switches How to

    ↑ The uno chip also allows you to have latching or momentary switches How to. How does this look in Ripwerkx. I'd like to utilize an on/off momentary switch for no.9 on the FCB1010. Could you post a screen shot please. Also the two switches on the back. How do I use them to switch something in...
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    What Cabs are you using with the Hook Amp Channels?

    I know Yek's notes say they use V30's, G12H, G12-65 or WGS speakers. I'm interested to know your favourite cab with this amp. Cheers nickxmix
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    Can't get volume swell up to full volume

    When I insert a Vol/Pan block either before the amp or anywhere after on the grid I can't get it to max level in auto swell mode. I can swell with my pedal in normal volume mode but I have to add some 10-12 db of gain to get the same level as without it in the chain. I've tried all the settings...
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    User manual still seems to have Output2 Labelled as Output 1 in Input/Output Hardware & Parame

    This appears to have been updated with the same error over the revisions. Am I correct in noticing this on the last page of the User Manual. Thanks nickxmix
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    FCB1010 how to make 1 stomp footswitch momentary

    I have stomp box mode set up on the top row and I just want the ability to bring in the pitch block for a small part of a solo. My question how do I program that 1 switch in my case no.10 for that function. Thanks nickxmix
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    Can't get tempo indication 0n AxeEdit 3.1.9 with FW18.04

    I've had this once before way back to much earlier FW versions and I know it was a simple setting somewhere But for the life of me I can't find it. I presume it's not a bug otherwise I would have seen a thread by now. So anyone care to enlighten me? Thanks in advance nickxmix
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    Using the FCB1010 with Scenes

    Hi I'm using the UNO chip and have scenes setup in the top row in stomp box mode. Patches/Presets on the bottom row. I notice when going from any scene on the top row 2-5 then back to scene 1 which is the preset default, the display goes thru all 8 scenes quickly before it settles on scene 1...
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    How to get a fast AutoWha

    I have the AutoWha working using LFO but I need to adjust speed as I can't adjust the LFO speed. Is there anyway of doing this. I need say between 5Hz - 10Hz. Like a fast tremolo. I went thru previous post where the same question came up and was answered using only the LFO. I need the sound...
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    ToneMatch needed for "Edge of seventeen" Stevie Nicks or "Bootylicious"

    I'd really appreciate a tone match of the continuous riff in "Edge of seventeen" Stevie Nicks also similar to Destiny's Child "Bootylicious". Thanks in advancenickxmix.
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    Need a preset for riff of "Edge of seventeen" Stevie Nicks

    Also "Bootylicious" Destin'ys Child. Anyone have this as a preset or steer me in the right direction. I'm trying to produce this sound on my fender strat with Humbucker bridge pickup. I've always thought this as a catchy special sound. Thanks in advance nickxmix.
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    Multi delay block still has problems

    I was working with a V11 preset and noticed with the "Multi Delay" block set to "Quad Tap" the delay values and feedback wouldn't react. I then changed that block to something else and the came back to the Multi Delay and could vary the delay amount to a certain amount but nowhere near max I...
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    Loading a block into the AXE-FXII how?

    I've put the 4 versions of the Dimension D chorus as loaded from a post doing a FW12.03beta test in c:/user/name/my documents/Fractal audio/Axe-edit/Blocks which is where I presume it should go. Now how do I get it to the AXE. There does not seem to be a method as Fractal bot only accepts .sys...
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    AE 3.0.2 no tempo light flashing

    Noticed this, but tempo tap changes in AE work and show value in AE window and on AXe-FX2 correctly. Just no light AE window. Cheers Nickxmix
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    FCB1010 w/UNO and AXE-FX2 some more questions

    Ok I have put some more hours into setting this up and have the following working: 1. All presets upto 95 on bottom row 1-5 2. All stomp boxes ok on top row 6-10. 3. Controls on 2nd press of a preset ok. I still would like an answer to the question of cc# from AXE2 in Vol/out Vol1/out Vol2...
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    Newbie have trouble with Fcb1010 using Uno with AxeFxII V6

    I have read thru all the past posts and am still confused. I have correctly initialised the fcb1010 using the VOES method. I'm using Ripwerx and am able to select presets upto 95 which is probably enough for me. I was able to get Exp pedal B to adjust output volume only by setting the axe cc#7...
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    Yamaha DSR112P powered speaker

    Anyone tried and compared to QSC K12 or EV Live x112p for their Axe-Fx monitoring? Thanks Nick H.
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    String Gauge difference

    New to the forum and on the waiting list for the new Axe-Fx II. Just wondering is there a big difference between a Strat with (10 - 46) gauge as compared to one with (9 - 42) gauge, all other factors being equal. I'm talking fullness of sound, tone thinner? etc. Any info I need to take into...
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    String gauge change in sound.

    I'm looking seriously into buying the AXE-FX II. Just wondering how big a difference in sound change there is between string gauges e.g. (10-46) to (9-42) as far as fullness/richness of sound. Volume wise can be compensated for. I just don't want to lose to much impact in sound in changing to a...
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    Axe Edit, saving and positioning of patches.

    I will soon be purchasing the Axe-FX II and I need to know whether I can save patches to the computer using the Axe Edit program but also put patches back to the user locations @ positions I need. E.G. If I have reputior of songs I uasually name my patches for each song. When we make up our...
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    Seeing the FX-Ultra in use

    Hi I live in the Sydney area Australia and am very interested in hearing this unit and trying it with my USA strat Deluxe ssh. Anyone out there willing to demo their unit. Thanks Nick H AU.
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