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    AFX III Navigation Question

    The AFX II has a handy navigation shortcut on the front panel. The right arrow key in the NAV area jumps forward ten presets for each push. Makes selecting a distant preset quicker. Is there a similar key on the III front panel? Thanks.
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    AFX II to XL+ Block Conversion

    I have an XL+ on the way to replace my trusty II Mark 2. I have some blocks (compressor, drive, etc) that I have created with the Mark 2 stored on my PC. What happens to these blocks, particularly the ones with added X/Y states like the compressor, when they are opened on the XL+? Do they get...
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    One month with my (new to me) Axe-FX II Mark II

    Bought and received a used Axe-Fx II Mark II about a month ago. I had two Eleven Rack units (main and backup). I had been an 11R user for about 1-1/2 years. Sold both of them the first week after receiving the AFX. In fact, I knew within the first couple hours after plugging in the Axe...
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    Preset Compatibility with Firmware 19

    Hello - First post here. I bought a used Axe-Fx II Mark II and it has version 19 firmware installed. I would like to download lots of presets from axechange to try, but I'm concerned with which firmware revisions are compatible with the most current version. In other words, which...
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