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  1. Keg8605

    Wish Power Amp Modeling

    With the awesome announcement of the FM3 I really hope FAS can place some power amp only models into the lineup. Reason is this will find its place on many pedalboards with people who may be used tube preamps and amps with it. It would be great to have some power amp sims to give you the direct...
  2. Keg8605

    AX8 block library and fractool issues

    I am trying to convert my presets from my XL over to an AX8. None of the options are working besides of course manually dialing in blocks. Fractal converted XL to AX8 presets load incorrectly and then when I make changes those changes aren't being saved. For example, FXloop keeps going back to...
  3. Keg8605

    Mercuriall Spark (marshall plugin)

    Recently discovered Mercuriall and their plug-ins. They have good demos so you can try. I grabbed the Marshall Spark one after using it for awhile. First plug-in I've tried where I am satisfied playing it.
  4. Keg8605

    Sweetwater Used Marketplace

    Just noticed it seems they are building up an online used marketplace. I've been steadily selling on reverb but may have to give this a shot. https://www.sweetwater.com/used/
  5. Keg8605

    Dominican Republic - bringing guitars

    Playing a corporate show in the Dominican and the client has informed us that it's very hard to get approval for us to bring in guitars and equipment. For this reason we are thinking of renting guitars to not cause an issue but I'm wondering if anyone here has traveled there to play and dealt...
  6. Keg8605

    DIY Fret Leveling & crowning

    Has anybody started doing their own fret work? I've been considering buying a fret leveling beam as it doesn't seem all that hard to do and the more I do it I'm sure the better you get. Until now I've had my local shop do it....
  7. Keg8605

    Variax thoughts?

    Anybody here use these still? I'm considering it for a travel guitar for corporate shows instead of bringing my strat and les paul. I'd be going for the JTV-59. Waste of time?
  8. Keg8605

    Tone Talk - Rectifier and Soldano

    Been loving the Tone Talk channel on youtube and listened to the latest one where Mike Soldano was the guest. At about 2 hrs 18 minutes in they discuss the possible copy of the Soldano Preamp in the early rectifiers.
  9. Keg8605

    Wish MFC programming within axe edit

    This goes with the axe fx obviously but a way to use the MFC more similar to how the AX8 works. ie Assign footswitches and midi commands right in Axe Edit.
  10. Keg8605

    Midi in and FAS Link

    Quick question - lots of searching and didn't find the answer. Can I use the midi in port on the MFC along with FAS Link? I'd be using it on a different channel and I read about no phantom power obviously. Pretty sure the answer is no. Confirmation? Thanks
  11. Keg8605

    Wireless routers for Digital Mixers

    Looking for a new wireless router to use with our X32 in-ear system. What do you all recommend? I've seen the Thomann stage router which is kind of pricey but rack mountable. I've also read about getting the antennas out of the rack tho. Our current router is 5 years old and lately there's been...
  12. Keg8605

    Ambient In-Ears

    Anybody have experience with these Weston AM Pro 30 triple driver in-ears - https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/AmPro30 . The reviews seem pretty good. Right now I use the shure se535's. They've certainly done well for me but I really think I'd enjoy having some ambient sound coming in...
  13. Keg8605

    Global IA (Drive 2) Help in 4 cable method

    So I'm back in the 4cm territory using a relay switcher to change channels on my amp. For every preset I have the scene switches (IA's) also send program changes to change the amp channel on my friedman. I've setup an IA to be global for Drive 2. I use Drive 2 for the RC boost to keep levels...
  14. Keg8605

    New NYC Pedalboard

    I finally ordered a lid off style pedal board case for myself. After using wood and a pedal train pro bag that is tearing apart (after 5 years) I wanted to have a hard case- lid off option for faster setup/tear down. The bag to me is always annoying to stand up and set places.
  15. Keg8605

    Facebook Marketing "Sponsored Ads"

    Do you guys use facebook sponsored ads for your shows at all? Do you think its helping and worth it?
  16. Keg8605

    Backing Tracks these days

    My one band is considering heading the backing track route. As the Keyboard/Guitarist is would help me out considerably as I wouldn't have to spend as much time on keyboard tones and parts. Anyways wondering how people are running their backing tracks these days? Ableton and a Mac scares me...
  17. Keg8605

    Humbuster Adapters

    Quick question- I have a bunch of rack panel adapters from various rack setups. Including some TRS panel adapters. I believe I'm wrong but might I use those and then simply plug in regular ts cables to them and get the humbuster wiring?
  18. Keg8605

    Thanks to Matrix!

    I just wanted to give a forum shout out to Matrix for their willingness to allow me a nice amount of time to test out the GT1000fx. I was leaving on vacation and did not want to miss the 14 day trial deadline. They were confident that some more tweaking would get me there and allowed me some...
  19. Keg8605

    Electric L & Acoustic R

    It's been awhile since I've run Acoustic with my XL but my 2nd guitar player recently picked up an AX8. He's going to setup separate patches for electric and patches for Acoustic. What's the verdict on Panning everything. Pan every block L or R and the output mixer as well? Are there any...
  20. Keg8605

    FX8 Relay's

    Hi quick question - so the relay on the FX8 is trs. A lot of amps are TS. I'm looking to have a snake made for an FX8 or AX8 setup. Does this mean I could have a trs cable included and use the y splitter adapters as needed on either end depending on the setup?
  21. Keg8605

    Flying with Mono Dual M80

    Just wondering if anyone has successfully flown with their Mono Dual Gig bag and fit it in the overhead or closet? I don't fly to often for gigs but this one is a well paid gig and I'd like to have my strat and my prs with me. My other thought is to use this case and add extra padding and...
  22. Keg8605

    Helix LT

    we're past April fools right? http://line6.com/helix/helix-lt.html
  23. Keg8605

    Half Rack Power Conditioner

    Just thought I'd share this. I've never come across a half rack power conditioner before. For keeping your rack condensed this form works great. Just ordered one Atlas sound ap-s15hr https://www.atlasied.com/ap-s15hr
  24. Keg8605

    1u Tube Power Amps

    I enjoy my Fryette Power Station but still want a 1u tube power amp. Having a hard time justifying the price of the LXII or Syn 50-50, neither of which is available yet anyways. Found these other options. Unfortunately nothing gives much hope of reliability. Kind of rolling the dice...
  25. Keg8605

    Vocal Lessons

    Someone here pointed me to Truefire for guitar lessons which is an awesome site. I've neglected my voice over the past 3-4 years probably due to so much axe fx tweaking :). I've decided though it's a weaker link for me these days and it deserves some focus. So if anybody has any...
  26. Keg8605

    Cheap band mates

    Just venting but I think as guitarists and gear lovers we tend to invest the most into our bands. I'm completely willing to agree that its GAS and sometimes to much but at the same time while we tend to be on the far side of the spending spectrum I find that the rest of my band mates are on the...
  27. Keg8605

    Workaround for Global Blocks

    What have you guys done for a work around with Global blocks?Curious as I've been stuck to my XL but still wanting the portability of the AX8 again. It seems CPU has improved a lot too. The wish I know has been beat to death and Cliff did say they were looking into it but that was awhile ago...
  28. Keg8605

    High quality Audio Interfaces 500-800

    Checking into a new interface for my keyboard rig. Looking at the typical competitors. I think I will be staying USB. Anybody have much experience with these? Apogee Duet, Apollo Twin solo, RME babyface pro.... Thanks
  29. Keg8605

    The real thing...

    So recently one of my bands former guitarists returned to the band. He is very well known in the cover band scene here for his ear and tones. Very u2 inspired, his step dad has produced lots of national acts in Nashville, so he's had lots of good help. He used to have a massive stereo rig...
  30. Keg8605

    Friedman Runt Series Amps

    Just saw an announcement for a more affordable line from Friedman. 20 watt runt - http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Runt20Head 50 watt runt - http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Runt50Head
  31. Keg8605

    Tube Amp as Power Amp?

    Does anyone know of a nice head that has a good clean power section to it? I've been wanting to pickup a power station to use with my XL but I'm starting to think maybe just a nice tube head with a good power amp section would be better since I would have the option of using 4cm as well then.
  32. Keg8605

    One Guitar - 2 tunings (strobing)

    So I have a new strat that I thoroughly enjoy playing. However I'm in 2 bands. One plays in standard and the other eb. I'm curious of the best way to setup the guitar to work pretty well for both. I enjoy the feel of 10's in standard. Maybe 11's for eb then? Just looking for some pointers...
  33. Keg8605

    Rewire Orange 4x12 from 16ohm to 4ohm

    Thought I'd post my question here. I'm embarking on a stereo setup for one of my bands and have a carvin dcm1540. I'm considering rewiring my orange 4x12 16ohm to 4ohm to gain max output from the carvin in stereo. Anyone think this is a bad idea?? My second cab would be either a mesa 2x12 or...
  34. Keg8605

    FASlink and Midi in same time?

    Is it possible to use FASlink with the mfc and then also use the midi in port as well (non phantom powered of course)? Hope this isn't a repeat - searched and unable to find an answer. Thanks
  35. Keg8605

    Keyboard players?

    Just curious if anyone hear tends to plays keys in their bands in addition to guitar? What hardware synths are you all using? Been using Mainstage for awhile and really has done pretty well, but I'm looking to move to maybe a yamaha moxf6 or roland fa-06.
  36. Keg8605

    Focusrite saffire pro 24 vs Steinberg UR242

    Any opinions?? My focusrite recently had to be sent in for repair. SW took care of it, no problem. I'm debating whether to keep it or purchase something else. I would only miss having a few more outputs from the saffire. Will the USB vs Firewire really make a difference?
  37. Keg8605

    Steampunk Tele! Guitar with moving parts!

  38. Keg8605

    Strat Bridge Single Coil Rock Tones

    What do you guys do for that bridge single coil in a strat to tame it for a bit more rock tone? I've been just rolling off the tone knob a bit and that seems to help warm it up. Should I be using a compressor maybe? Just looking for tips thanks. I picked up my first quality strat in October...
  39. Keg8605

    Rack Lid Storage

    Thinking of ways to store cables inside my 6u/4u rack lid. I came across this - http://sierracases.com/SKB-3SKB-BB60-Small-Accessory-Lid-Pouch.html Price is kinda high though. I'm thinking a pouch with doublesided tape would work well. Anyone do something like this?
  40. Keg8605

    Detune or Chorus (80s rock)

    Do you prefer Detune or Chorus for that 80s vibe? I recently started toying with Detune and have noticed its quite nice. Prior I always used the dimension Chorus. Please feel free to mention your settings for either. I usually have mix for both in the 25-30% range. Detune like +- 4-7 cents.
  41. Keg8605

    LOGO Contest (paid winner)

    One of my cover bands, The Gina Glocksen Band (GGB) is doing a Logo contest. We're offering $125 to the winner if we pick the design. Here's the post from our facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gina-Glocksen-Band/119744184745746 We're looking for a friendly design. Our target is...
  42. Keg8605

    Liquid Foot Pro and XL

    Anyone still using a LFP with an XL? The latest beta software from FAMC doesn't work for me.
  43. Keg8605

    Rack Mounting Protection

    Is there anything anyone uses in their racks to protect the Axe from scratches and rack rash? Almost like covering the top, bottom with a thin electrical tape or something? The mounting part, I figure large rubber/nylon washers are best. Just looking for ideas. Thanks
  44. Keg8605

    AX8 Wishes

    After using the AX8 for a few weeks, here are a few things I find myself wishing for - 1) Global Blocks - no surprise here, lots of other people missing these too. 2) Scene Recall/Reload - so that on a preset when you click a scene it reloads its saved position. For example scene...
  45. Keg8605

    4 button midi footswitch

    So I'm trying to resist doing this but I think it will help my FS layout stay a bit more consistent so I can always select presets and use the AX8's switches for IA's, Scenes and changing banks. I am thinking of adding a 4 button midi footswitch at the bottom to always select presets 1-4 in...
  46. Keg8605

    Scene Reload or retrigger

    Question- I am new to scenes and taking advantage on the AX8. I have scene revert on which is what I want. Is there anyway to have it so it reloads the scene once you've added a few fx and then hit that scene again brings it back to its original setting? For example Scene 1 is clean. I add...
  47. Keg8605

    VU meters for output 2 (AX8)

    As an Out 1 FOH / Out 2 power amp-cab user I used the VU meters for output 2 on the Axe FX. Any chance these could be added back to the AX8? Often the cab block changes my levels quite a bit and thus output 2 vs output 1 can be very different.
  48. Keg8605

    Modulation block Wish

    What if we had a modulation block instead or in addition? Would help with xy switching and save some blocks/cpu. I for one pretty much never use flanger, phaser and chorus together...
  49. Keg8605

    Block Exchange

    So now that we have Block compatibility among the FX8, AX8 and II would it be possible to modify axechange so that we could share blocks or groups of blocks? This would help with XL vs II presets as well.
  50. Keg8605

    Got my invite! Woohoo!

    Purchase made!! Can't wait. Invite came in at 11:30 am Central.
  51. Keg8605

    Pedalboard power setup

    So just brainstorming how I will power my new AX8 rig. I play keys and so have some extras for power you guys might not. Items to power on the board- Shure Wireless (14 to 18v DC @ 550ma) AX8 (outlet) Akai Keyboard (6v @ 1a DC) USB Hub for Ipad (outlet) Wah or tuner possible (9v) I would also...
  52. Keg8605

    Small midi pedal extension

    For those of us maybe thinking we might need a few more switches does anyone know about the midi in capability? I'm assuming we could hookup a small midi controller to possibly change scenes or presets or what not. We now have a midi in port available since the axe II of course uses the midi...
  53. Keg8605

    1000 posts

    Apparently I'm spending too much time on here :) I noticed today I'm over 1k posts. Seriously though, its been pretty cool being a part of this forum/community. To be around and experience all of the improvements from the Ultra in 2010 > Axe II in 2012> and AX8 SOON. I've learned so many...
  54. Keg8605

    Axe FX as interface saved my gig

    I play keys in my one band in addition to guitar. I use mainstage on my macbook and have a saffire pro interface that I use for the audio. Everything was working at home. Packed up and after setting up at the gig noticed my interface was not linking or being recognized. Swapped cables...etc...
  55. Keg8605

    NGD Nash S-57 Mary Kay

    Finally snagged myself a nice strat. I've got a MIM one but not really much of a comparison between the two. Didn't think I'd buy a relic but the feel on this just snuck up on me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  56. Keg8605

    [NOT A BUG] 2290 w/mod delay problem? Q1

    Not sure if this has always been the case or not. This has to do with the 2290 w/mod delay type. In regards to panning I leave everything at 0/center. I set the input mode to the cab block as stereo. However with this delay type (2290 w/mod) I will then have no delay when the block is...
  57. Keg8605

    Cab Pack 14 2.0

    So just browsing through the latest cab packs. I noticed Cab Pack 5 was replaced with 14, 2.0. Same 4x12 options with the new Mic and DI method. Question- were the cab pack 5 factory included mixes in the axe fx updated to this cab pack's mixes? I'm referring to the 4x12 citrus mix, 4x12...
  58. Keg8605

    Quantum for Power Amp/Cab guys

    Curious what the power amp/cab users think about the new Quantum? I do the direct out1 and power amp cab out 2 setup. With this Quantum I found myself just loving the sound through the cab so much I couldn't stop playing. Definitely noticed an improvement here. I even flattened the Global...
  59. Keg8605

    Guitar learning software/app

    Just looking to start practicing and honing my skills more this year. I have lots of toys and gear, the talent simulator needs work :) Wondering what Ipad apps or computer software or videos everyone's using these days.
  60. Keg8605

    Allen and Heath Au-Pac

    Sorry Meant Qu-PAC - Anyone using this mixer?? My uses would be for in-ears. My fear is I can't seem to find out whether you can link the first four mono mixes to be stereo. In the process of selling my x32 Producer to downsize to either the X32 rack or this. Love the X32 but like A&H's...
  61. Keg8605

    studio/ office chair with moveable arms?

    Lame I know but anybody got any recommendations for a studio/ office chair that has moveable arms? Looking to stay under 175 or so...
  62. Keg8605

    Out 1 FOH / Out 2 Power amp Cab leveling volume

    Quick question for out 1 foh and out 2 power amp cab users. A few fw's ago I started to wonder why my presets were always level when dialing them in via headphones/studio monitors yet when I'd go to practice my levels weren't quite equal through my power amp cab setup. Upon checking the VU...
  63. Keg8605

    Logic recording entire live show using x32

    RECORDING Newbie here: Figuring some of you here should have some extensive experience recording live shows. I want to try recording my bands entire live show (or at least set 1) for the first time. My setup- Interface: Behringer x32 Producer USB 16 Channels (All I need) Computer: Early 2011...
  64. Keg8605

    Behringer x32 Producer or Allen and Heath Qu-16

    With some of the new updates to both of these mixers I was curious of any updated opinions on these two mixers. The Qu now has the Qu-You app which is definitely a plus for A & H. Decided to go for the X32 Producer for our in-ear rack. Basically the only drawback I found myself wanting...
  65. Keg8605

    Keith urban the new Esteban?

    Learn Guitar with the Keith Urban Player Guitar Set Just saw a nice infomercial for this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  66. Keg8605

    Roadie Tuner

    Clever idea, curious how well it works. Roadie | Automatic Guitar Tuner | Ukulele, Acoustic & Electric Guitar Strings Tuner
  67. Keg8605

    Trancy Synth (sandstorm goof)

    I enjoy messing with the Synths and pitch shifting since I'm in a band without a keyboard player. I use my fishman triple play a lot but its nice to sometimes just have an axe patch to take care of things. I'll post the patch later when I am at home. Could use some improvement still but not bad...
  68. Keg8605

    Calendar Apps for those in multiple bands?

    Hey guys- I've recently joined/started 2 additional bands for a total of 3 groups I am currently in. In an effort to make sure I'm organized and scheduled well for booking/dead dates I'm finding I need a calendar app that is better than the iphone calendar app. Basically my biggest problem...
  69. Keg8605

    Technical question for power supply for LFP

    I've gone through two power supplies for my LFP since May. Luckily I know whats causing it. It has to be the heat inside my rack setup. I redid it with a patch bay and vented panel on the back. Then not much longer after that I lost the first power supply which lasted for 3+years prior. Now just...
  70. Keg8605

    Mission SP1 Cleaning?

    I've had a mission SP1 LF since late 2010. Its definitely gotten its uses. Lately however, I'm having some issues with it. I notice mainly on the wah because that's about all i use it for. I've wiped it off before but never really done anything else to it. It just doesn't respond well to...
  71. Keg8605

    Dual Guitar Gigbag

    Looking for some recommendations for a dual guitar gigbag. Either two electric or Acoustic and Electric not sure yet which. Keeping my portable rig setup, I like to keep my lugging from the apartment to one trip. That means guitar on back, rack in hand and pedalboard in the other. Due to a...
  72. Keg8605

    Fryette LXII Finally! Some progress!

    https://www.facebook.com/#!/FryetteAmps About time! This might be my next power amp choice to try out. Curious to see where the price lines up. From their page For those of you awaiting word on the LXII... Word! The redesigned LXII with built in Valvulator I production sample has now...
  73. Keg8605

    Recto orange or red? Compared to mesa rectoverb/ single rec

    Quick question, does anybody know which channel of the recto would be closer to the mesa rectoverb? Thanks in advance! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  74. Keg8605

    Anybody still using a real WAH?

    I left my axe fx rig home last night and used a spare amp and a few pedals that I keep at practice. I used my crybaby 95Q into my orange head last night and wow was that wah just awesome. Made me realize that something is just missing from my Wah's in the axe. I'd be happy to mess with it...
  75. Keg8605

    BeatBuddy Pedal

    Just came across this cool little drum pedal. Could be fun to use or practice with. Nice idea. I definitely could have used this back in the day. Apologies if this has been brought up before, searched and didn't see it. http://vimeo.com/82761552
  76. Keg8605

    Cheap glow labeling (gaff tape)

    Per Scott's suggestion of glow in the dark gaff tape (Thanks Scott). Quite a simple solution for my liquid foot pro. I don't have an mfc so I don't really have options other than DIY. Worked Great! Not the best pic from my phone but in person it looks much better. Sent from my iPhone using...
  77. Keg8605

    Cheap Basses

    Any recommendations for some of the cheap basses out there? Mainly in the 200 dollar range? I see some squier P Basses, a few musicman sterlings, and a bunch of ibanez ones. I know nothing about any of them... I'm a non metal guy, mostly rock.
  78. Keg8605

    Small Expression pedal AMT Electronics EX 50

    After checking out Prometh's thread for the solid state tubes, I noticed something else that peaked my interest on their website. A much smaller expression pedal. Not sure its anything I need, but I could see where this and a liquid foot jr. of sorts would be extremely compact. AMT Electronics...
  79. Keg8605

    Patch panel and custom wiring from best-tronics.

    I recently had Best-Tronics do a custom patch panel for my 4u axe fx rig. It turned out great! This is a rig capable of any sound you need. I'm using a fishman triple play to trigger synths through mainstage, hence the focusrite interface. See the pics below. They did exactly what I wanted. They...
  80. Keg8605

    Anybody notice the addition to the store?

    I don't think it's been in there yet right? Should have some notifications SOON. Axe-Fx II [XL] Preamp Effects Processor - Fractal Audio Systems - Order Online
  81. Keg8605

    Komplete 9 or omnisphere? For cover band use...mostly

    Looking to hear from anyone who has both. I've been setting up a nice live synth rig with my mac pro and I use the fishman triple play to play patches with mainstage. Looking to upgrade my sounds from the basic logic sounds. I have read through a few threads on other sites. Keep in mind I'd...
  82. Keg8605

    Leaving USB patch connector plugged into Axe

    Hi quick question - I'm going to be making a patch panel soon. Are there any issues with connecting the Axe USB to the connector? Leaving it plugged in essentially but not to any computer or anything? Thanks, Kerry
  83. Keg8605

    Axe 2 as midi interface question

    What I want to accomplish is sending midi, pc, cc commands from liquid foot> to axe fx > to macbook pro mainstage. So after stumbling up another thread mentioning USB adapter mode. My understanding is this should be set to off if I want the axe to only send midi to my macbook right? Also, will...
  84. Keg8605

    RHCP UNPLUGGED at halftime show

    Not surprised but they are such a great live band. Wonder if they fought about this at all. I mean I knew Bruno Mars horn players weren't live...Live Music is fading more and more Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  85. Keg8605

    Help: Interface connection- Trs out to xlr input, DI box needed?

    Question, I have an audio interface I'll be using live for my synths. It has trs balanced outputs. Our in-ear snake split has all xlr inputs (mic level). Do I need a di or can I just use trs to xlr cables? Can you just push a button on most mixers for line level or pad if needed? I guess...
  86. Keg8605

    Motu 828 mk3 hybrid

    Anyone have this interface? I've upped my budget and I'm seriously considering this mainly because of the iPad use with cuemix. Besides a great recording interface if I read the manual correctly we could replace our in ear mixer with this and each control our own mix or bus from our own iPads...
  87. Keg8605

    Help choosing - USB/Firewire Interface about 200 used

    Looking for some recommendations. I'd love the Motu Ultralite but i don't necessarily "need" to spend 350 (used) on it. What I need and will use it for. I have a 2011 Macbook pro 1) Live synths stereo or mono from using the fishman triple play. 2) two preamps for my hobby of recording. (new...
  88. Keg8605

    Using PEQ's after cab block for Front of House

    I've been using PEQ's at the end of my signal since I've been going direct. Just was curious of how many people use this method. Sometimes I feel I'm limiting my tone and could just let the sound guy eq the Cab IR if he wants. I usually block out 100hz and below and something like mid 4000hz...
  89. Keg8605

    What Keyboard Midi controllers do you guys use?

    Just curious what you guys use. I bought an akai mpk49 a few weeks ago from GC. Trying it out for the 30 days. Not sure how I like it. What's everybody using?
  90. Keg8605

    4 space rack utilization (wireless, axe, matrix1u)

    So i've searched through a lot of threads. Trying to find ideas and power options to keep myself in a 4 space rack. I need to fit the axe, matrix or art sla, and my line 6 wireless g55 and a good way to power it all. I may also need to put a small audio interface in there soon too. I have a...
  91. Keg8605

    GTD Audio Power amps

    So I just happen to run across these on ebay. Looks to good to be true... Very cheap for a lightweight 1u power amp. Somebody stop me from trying this... 2 Channel 6500 Watts 1U Professional Power Amplifier Amp Stereo GTD Audio TN 350 | eBay
  92. Keg8605

    Warped Vinyl preset

    Just wanted to say thanks to whomever created this preset. I feel like it was some forum member. My band was impressed with another axe fx preset I had. However this one I couldn't take credit for! We are playing an Elvis song for a wedding and it dawned on me that this would sound great on...
  93. Keg8605

    Upgrading a Mexican Strat

    Hi guys - Looking for some recommendations on low cost options to upgrade my strat. Its like a 2000 Mexican Standard Strat. Only thing I did to it awhile ago was install a duncan JB in the bridge. Pickups, Hardware, nut, pots,tuners... what should I start with? Thanks
  94. Keg8605

    Yamaha hs50m vs. hs80 M

    Looking to get my first set of studio monitors for working on foh direct signal from the II. Was close to buying the hs80m's but the deals have gone away. Ebay/ Craigslist nothing. 400 was the lowest I saw for a pair. I have a chance to grab the HS50M for 200 bucks. Should I hold out for the...
  95. Keg8605

    Chicago CLR users?

    Anybody in the Chicago area using their axe II with a CLR wedge at all? Would like to check one out....
  96. Keg8605

    Why the need for CLR or Matrix...etc.

    Just curious after responding to a thread about qsc's. I've always wondered why the buzz over the FRFR Matrix, CLR and the like when most PA systems aren't using those brands. In other words usually the only person hearing these monitors is you the guitarist. Your direct sound is running to...
  97. Keg8605

    Used one pedal and head at practice last night

    So I recently sold my axe ultra. I currently have a spare ultra to gig with. I also purchased a used Axe II from a forum member. It's on its way. Well last night we had practice and I didn't have time to switch the spare ultra into my rig nor did I want to carry my heavy pedal board case, rack...
  98. Keg8605

    Ukulele Recommendations

    Thinking about picking up a Ukulele or possibly a mandolin for acoustic shows. Any recommendations? I think electric capabilities are a must for plugging into the PA...
  99. Keg8605

    Elec., Acoustic and Keys/synth (mono) through Axe FX

    Hi guys, I'm starting to figure out how I will route my new rig. As the title says I will be running Elec., Acoustic and Keys (mono) through my axe fx. The Acoustic and electric would use the same cable. I don't have the piezo stereo output yet. I know its possible just want some input as to...
  100. Keg8605

    Chicago Matrix AXE II users?

    Hi I'm really close to selling my Ultra and Orange head to make the change to an AXE II and Matrix power amp. Any Chicago users that have this setup? I'd like to get together and check it out. Maybe even compare to the rockerverb side by side. I'm a south sider but would be willing to go...
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