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    Is the dry-signal-path still digital ?

    Does anybody know if the dry signal-path on the fx8 is still digital ? I asked before and was informed that there maybe was a possiblity to have an analog dry path. That would be a really cool option for purists. I know a couple of guys that would bye the unit the same day this was solved.
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    Can anybody try this preset please ?

    I am trying to build a three channel amp preset (with no dropouts) without changing the amp. I am getting audio-pops and crap. There is 6 scenes. clean - clean with chorus, chrunch- church with chorus etc. The scene controller puts on the saturation switch on the "lead channel". I think the use...
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    Where is 8.01 for AX8 ?

    Did anybody hear anything about 8,01 for ax8 ?
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    Possible drop out bug in 8.0

    i noticed a sound drop out when switching the delay on and off with a footswitch. The interesting thing was that my delay is wired i parallell. So the dry signal goes through the chorus. How could the direct signal dissappear when switching the delay signal on and off. Anyway, my delay switch...
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    What can I expect from 8.01 ?

    I have a ax8 with fw 8.0. It sounds and feels really good. What is the basic difference between 8.0 and 8.01 ?
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    Scene controller- and function switches behaviour.

    On my old behringer FCB1010 board there was a great function for some switches. They had 3 states. On off don´t care. I miss the third one when programming function switches or scene controllers or even presets. Then you can change scene or preset without your delay turning on or off when...
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    Powered 1-12 # guitar speaker

    Does any one know if there is a powered 1-12 # guitar speaker available anywhere. ? (I don't mean fullrange)
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    Quantum 7 for AX8 ?

    Did anybody hear if the AX8 will get a Q7 beta ?
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    6.02 for ax8

    is the ax8 getting fw 6.02 with the new speaker drive ?
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    Quantum 4 for AX8 ?

    Is there gonna be a quantum 4 for the AX8 ? Does anybody know ?
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    Scenes / and no default state for effects

    Hi ! I am trying to configure my ax 8 like this. : Switch 1-4 scene 1-4 (four different amounts of gain on the same amp) Switch 5-8 comp,chorus,delay,vol, in stompbox mode. It works but: The delay turns of or on depending on the default state of each scene. I want it to work as a...
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    Wish Global blocks

    I wish there were global blocks in the AX8. Sometimes I borrow cabs at gigs wich can be different on wright an left side. Then you can have a global eq on the left side on all presets, for example. Also you can tweak your favorite delay once, instead of on every preset.
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    Wish Remove the parameterbox

    Is there a way to remove the parameterbox that appears when you turn an amp knob ? It´s really annoying and gets in the way of the softknob that I would like to see turning. Anybody knows anything about this ?
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    Is cab lab the only solution ?

    If I wan't to make an ultra res ir of a long red wires ir, is cab lab the only soluion ?
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    Bass resonance mk2c

    I just noticed that the speaker resonance were a little different on the mk2c than most other amps in fw 18.08. The bass resonance were really low in magnitude. I moved it up from 3 to 5,5 or something and the amp sounded a lot fuller to me. (Maybe it is simulating an evm12l impedance curve...
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    USA lead presence

    Am I the only one wondering why the presence-knob doesn´t do anything ? It only works in shift mode. I can´t remember that my MK IV behaved like that.
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    Program change sound dropout

    When I bought my first axe fx ultra there was no dropout when changing preset. Now it is a major pain in the ass when changing preset (fx 2) with the mfc. What happened ?
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    AXE-fx-II to big

    I´m going on a tour to the us (from sweden). The band don´t want to check in their stage equipment and allways bring everything they need, for the show, as handluggage. Unfortunally I discovered that I can´t bring the axe-II because it´s to big to fit in a bag that´s small enough for that...
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    Help , no axe input device in logic !

    A friend of mine installed the new usb drivers before he knew that it wouldn't work with os x 10.6.8. He followed some instructions from this forum how to install the old driver again. It works for the audio out but not for the audio inputs. There is actually no "axe fx audio input"...
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    Global reverbmix do not work on 11.03 (solved)

    That's all
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    Boogies sounds better in 11.03

    I think the mark´s sounds good again.. It didn´t feel right with 11.0 .Now it seems like it should. I think, anyway.. But. What´s up with the american ryhtm . Is the depth supposed to be at 7 on that one .It´s easy to change , if there isn´t something else that got wrong.
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    Change input impedance on the fly

    Does anybody know if it possible to change input impedance whithin a preset. Maybe when switching scene or to become lower when a treble booster or a fuzzface is activated ?
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    Tonight first gig with FW10

    :encouragement: Really looking forward to tonight and tomorrows gigs. I will explore how the new firmwares sound will blend with the band at live levels. Gonna drive a 1-12 cab and maybe a 2-12 with the matrix and probably connect the axe direct with some cab sim to the PA. It´s allways nice...
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    FW10 Holy crapper

    This ac30 sounds just like blackmores sound on Down To Earth. At least through my matrix-poweramp and 4-12. Can'twait to the weekend gigs.
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    Fw10 great but I'm a little confused

    When I tried fw10 with real speakers it sounded very natural but maybe a little bright. I had to cut some treble on Plexi 50 hi and /13 and vox ac 30. When i tried it with cabsims in the studio it felt the other way around. The same amps felt muddier than fw 9. I tried a bunch of cabs...
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    Can somebody inform me ?

    What is fractal-boot ? I can´t find any information about it.
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    Copy out 1 to out 2 Fw9

    When I listen at output 2 nothing happens when I choose "Copy out 1 to out 2" . I have cab sims at out 1 so i think something should happen. I also can't get the metronome sounding at Output 2.
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    Output 1 and 2 volume value

    I have used a footcontroller to change the value of output 1 and 2 volume (cc 10,11 i think) . Anyway I have an other solution right now. I just wonder if somebody know where I can find the value for that parameter ( output 1 and 2 volume) in the axe. I just can´t seem to find it.
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    I have noticed that if you set the levels ,so that no clipping occours ,and then activate the cab block ,the level increases and clipping starts. Maybe it would be a good idea to lower the cab block levels, so the same headroom is achieved. Since the ir is a long addition of intances it...
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    Rack question

    Has anybody managed to fit an axe II , matrix gx800 and a mfc 101 into a Skb rlx 4 ? It looks like it could be possible but tight.
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    Axe-II stock cab IR

    Does anybody know if there is a collection with the stock axe II IR s somewhere . I need to mix one of them with a tonematch IR that I've made. For some reason I did the matching together with a stock IR. I can't export the stock IR from the Axe , I think .
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    Is it possible to record out 1 and 2 at the same time on usb ?

    I doesn´t look possible to record output 1 and 2 at the same time over USB. Or is it ? I wanted to record a stereo track from out 1 and a strong (100% level ) reamp signal from output 2. However I haven´t figured it out yet. I know that I´m able to record the input signal (together with...
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    About sizzle and fizz

    Here are some rythm files of my small EL84 amp (JCM800 preamp) with some poweramp-distortion: http://www.thomaslarsson.org/mp3/GIT%201%23188.aif http://www.thomaslarsson.org/mp3/GIT%204%2347.aif http://www.thomaslarsson.org/mp3/Git2%23179.aif This is a Lonestar with no poweramp...
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    Maybe quite handy after all .Matched home-built amp

    I tried to nail a solo-sound of an amp on a recording I´m doing right now. I matched it with help from recorded rythmtracks and the tonematch block. It´s a homebuilt JCM800 with 2-EL84-s and a 2-12 fender-cab with G12-65-s -miced with a SM57 Matched with Buttery - cab-factory-38 and a...
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    Senior Member issue

    Why are some members , that joined the forum after (for example) me, named "senior members" , and I am just named "member" .:o ? Feeling a little bit misstreated:lol It might not be important but it is still strange. :ugeek
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    Can't find the new 18 w amp modell

    Did anybody find the new leeds or liverpool model. Can not remember the exact name.
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    6.0 holy shit !

    This feels for real for shure. Only tried with headphones so far. Now the amps have that roaring sound like they should. First time it responded so real that you don't feel like tweaking , just playing. Even the fenders felt fun playing , holy shit ! I remember the guy who sold he's axe...
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    Dumble ODS

    Am I the only one that believes that the tonestack on a dumble overdrive special is supposed to be pre distortion. It is post as default and easy to change . Am I missing something ?
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    Where is the facts about tone matching ?

    Where are the facts about tone matching ? I read roumurs and speculations of something called tone matching. Is there any real facts released about this from Fractal Audio ? It would be a lot easier to read that than all this mumbo jumbo speculations .
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    Jcm 800 usb with background.

    Did a recording with the background sent to the axeII and the giutar into input 2 and mixed the together with some compression and eq. Everything over usb. The only problem was that the unprossed background was also being recorded. So I had to bring the level down and then boost it like a maniac...
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    Usb channel confusion

    I read in the manual that you could send audio to axe II via usb , have it proceesed , and then recorded in the computer. When i do as the manual says I get the inputsignal from the computer recorded as well. To be clearer , if you mute the signal in the grid the signal is still coming...
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    FCB-1010-editor with AXE-II

    Did anyone try connecting midi in ,and -out to Behringer FCB 1010 , through the AXE-II interface. I´m getting wrong message length . Should be 2352 (bits or Bytes )I don´t know wich. Unable to get patchdump . I also notice the axe is sending sysex id all day long. I have to turn off "send...
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    New editor weirdness

    The editor for 5,04b behaves weird. 1. If i bypass a cab (that's in mute bypass mode) it puts out sound. 2. If i bypass delayblocks in the editor they won't bypass in the axe. 3. The saved presetname won't show up in the editor. It's really strange.
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    Does this firmware really sound good

    I tried my AXE-II in a solidstate poweramp with a mesa 4-12 today. I turned of the speaker modelling. Then I started trying a couple of sounds . After I while I felt that something wasn´t sounding right. If I increased the mastervolume the sound got sharper and sharper (very unpleasant in fact)...
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    Strange levels with USB

    Am I the only one having problems when using the AXE-II as a soundcard. I´m trying if I could use my AXE-II and my macBookPro as my only guitar recording equipment . I have two big problems: 1. To loud guitar monitoring level I can´t find a way to set the monitoring levels between...
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    The sound of input 1

    I'm wondering about "the guitar optimization" on input one on the ultra . It seems like no setting will make this input linear. It sounds like if it's eather treble cut or treble boosted. Input 2 seems to have a more linear sound . If i'm right i guess all I would have to do to make input...
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    Input level indicators dissapears on fw-11.0

    A couple of times the Input level indicators has gone dead on my axe . This happened after uppgrading to 11 .They can come back after a couple of reboots though . Strange anyway . Am I the only one ?
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    Possible presence issue on 9.0.2

    I most say that I liked the aliveness of the 9.0.2 firmware . I just have to make a couple of constructive comments. If this is supposed to work like a normal presence-control The presence control shouldn´t be working if damping is set to zero (no neg fb). it´s almost the same same thing as...
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    Real amps vs Axe FW 9.02 (new-clip)

    A new demo with a heavier sound on the Axe-fx http://www.thomaslarsson.net/mp3/Monkey ... l-88rs.mp3 The old one (Axe) http://www.thomaslarsson.net/mp3/Monkeyfractal.mp3 The real amps http://www.thomaslarsson.net/mp3/Monkey ... e-demo.mp3 The new one might be a little bright but I don´t...
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    Wich one sounds best /FW 9.02 or real amps

    I´m recording an album right now and I did two tests . One with real amps (Boogie and self-made "fenris-ulven") , and the other with the Axe . Some times it´s hard to decide so I thought I should ask you guys . Wich do you prefere ? 1. real amps...
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    V9 Good-LesPaul-Plexi-sound

    I think this solo-sound is pretty true as a marshall sound. http://www.thomaslarsson.net/mp3/Sololjud%204.mp3 :D It´s the plexi 1 . Thomas
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    Did anybody get the digital input to work

    I have tried several times to reamp line recorded signals through the Axe dig input . It has never worked . Did anybody try this with a positive result ? I have tried to set logic audio to 48 but all I hear is weard noise and crappy stuff. I use a Mac g5 Fireface 400 . I have no problems with...
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    Sounds even better

    The new firmware was really cool. Now the presence controll really kicks ass. That´s how it should work. You can really get some bite from the marshall sounds . That´s what i´ve been missing until now . The depth controll is also more effective if you need it (most amps don´t have them anyway)...
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    Change global amp with controller

    Change global amp with controller Wouldn´t it be great to be able to change global amp with a controll change message. Then you could use one preset and only change the amps sound.(Talking about live gigs now) Thomas
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    Damping parameter

    I personally think that the damping parameter is changing the volume of the power-amp -section in the wrong direction. If you increase the damping (negative feedback) in a real amp, it normally makes the (gain) volume go down. However , in the "axe" it gets louder. This strange behaviour only...
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    Cabinet drive

    I must say that I think the speaker drive now sounds really good (in Firware 7,08). The marshall sound can now sound a little angry ( if you want it to) , as they do in real life. It´s getting better all the time.
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    Tried to get VanHalen sound

    Tried to get some Van Halen sound . I think it sounds pretty good. I maxed the treble out in all ways i could think of . But there really should be even more treble to sound like Van Halen I think. I´m shure I could have solved it with an eq but I didn´t, just wanted to see how close I could...
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    Some Texas -blues sound

    I made an eperiment to get a deasent blues-sound straight into the mixer without waking my girlfriend up . It´s an IR that I made from 69 marshall cab sm57 vintage design mic pre and some tricks .The speaker sound very alike what it did in reality.This time I have no backup band . I think the...
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    New IR test (three guitars)

    Made IR of my old marshall cab and added three guitars to a background to check the sound. Clean: American clean Distorted: JCM 800 lead: american lead http://www.fractalaudio.com/Documents/Weise-4.mp3
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    I´m getting 5kB sysex instead of 9kB

    Hi ! I have tried Alberts editor and when I convert a 24bit 48kHz 1024 samples long Wave(IR) file I end up with a 5kB file wich doesn´t work with my firmware (7,0) .I use a Mac G5 PPc.The 5 kB sysex files cannot be used in my Axe Fx , I think.
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    Mac G5 and IR converter

    I am having problems with the IR converter with my mac . When I choose the midi configuration , nothing happens. I know there should be a window with some parameters cause I´ve seen it on my Dell computor wich doesn´t even have a midi interface. I want to send an IR response file (sysex) to the...
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