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  1. Piing

    Once upon a time there were Service Manuals

    I've found the Service Manual of the Roland VG-8. That was a real Service Manual! like the old time TVs It starts with the part numbers of all the mechanical components, including an exploded view A block diagram of the circuit with a description of the functions of each block Exhaustive...
  2. Piing

    ValhalIR Z-2 Zebra free for 24 hours. RIP Eddie

    ValhalIR Z-2 Zebra free for 24 hours. RIP Eddie Thank, you Bastian and Andy from Valhallir.at https://valhallir.at/en/shop/v2-zebra/
  3. Piing

    FS FS: Axe-FX III Input/Phones replacement board

    I have a spare Axe-FX III Input / Phones board. Brand new. Not used. I ship it from Bangkok, Thailand
  4. Piing

    Differences between the Fender Tonestack Types at the AMP block

    I am trying to understand the differences between the Fender Tonestacks at the Axe-FX. I have identified six, and I have made the following assumptions: 65 Bassman Bass Axe-FX Amp: 65 Bassguy Real name: Bassman 1965 Schematic: Bassman AB165 Bassguy Axe-FX Amp: 59 Bassguy? Real name: Tweed...
  5. Piing

    [fixed] No sound from Axe-FX Input 1

    My Axe-FX III Input 1 has stopped working. There is an abrupt noise when I insert and remove the plug, and the Input-1 LEDs spike for an instant, but no sound. Neither from the front or the rear input. All other inputs are working. I have provisionally connected the guitar to Input 4 and I...
  6. Piing

    Pink Floyd Cluster One

    Here is a preset for Cluster One using the 6G12 Concert and a 1x12 Bludo Cab. Modifications and suggestions are welcome I find it easier to match with 1x12 or 2x12 than with 4x4. https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8202 And a quick&dirty recording:
  7. Piing

    JEM7V Vs RG550LTD. Veredict: I've sold the JEM, I keep the unbeatable RG550LTD

    The RG550LTD has been my #1 Super-strat since 1994 (it replaced the Charvel firecrack of my avatar). I have played hundreds of gigs with her. I don't know if all the RG550 Limited Edition are like this one or if I have a lucky piece of wood with mojo. It has great resonance, even unplugged...
  8. Piing

    How to create a Pulse Train (Square Wave) with basic PLC modules?

    I am no member of any PLC or HVAC Control forum, so I will ask here :) I have a PLC with basic Timer Modules: On-Delay, Off-Delay, Minimum-On, Minimum-Off and Pulse. All these modules have a reset input that cancels timer activity and makes the output low I am using two digital outputs...
  9. Piing

    Implemented Allow modifier at the Synth Attack control [Implemented]

    I have created a Cello Tone and I would like to control the Attack time from the expression pedal.
  10. Piing

    Cello preset (Tone Match and IR included)

    I have tonematched Cello samples from Kontakt Emotive Strings Library with a Sawtooth waveform. I have followed the method described here, but extending the notes from C2 to C6 (the whole Cello range). The sawtooth was generated using Omnisphere. The preset is using the Synth to generate a...
  11. Piing

    BOSS SY-1000 - Just the Amp Modelling (Leon Todd)

    Thank you for the video, @2112 Having the Axe-FX III I still haven't connected my regular pickups to the SY-1000, I only use the v-instruments processed through the axe-FX, but it is good to know that there is all that potential there, for rehearsals, backup and small gigs.
  12. Piing

    Axe-FX Tone Imprinting. Guitar Profiler Tone-Match Cloner (Guitar Vault, Season III)

    Back in 2013 @Singtall had the great idea of creating a Guitar Vault to share the sound imprinting of our guitars for tone-matching. Now there is a small box from SIM1 named XT-1 that can profile guitars. According to the XT-1 user manual, the profiling procedure is similar to the Axe-FX Tone...
  13. Piing

    Would you get the ADA MP-1 Classic for $100?

    I know, I know... but would it be worth for that price? just to have some fun. Who is still messing with these toys? @2112 ? In the old times I had a JMP-1, a Triaxis and a Egnater M4 modular preamp. I've always heard that the MP-1 was the winner
  14. Piing

    Happy Birthday to Jason Becker

    Nice performances and lovely messages from Steve Morse Marty Friedman Mike Varney Greg Howe Joe Bonamassa Eric Gales Alex Skolnick Richie Kotzen Ben Woods John Petrucci Paul Gilbert Vinnie Moore Tony Franklin Jason Newsted Steve Lukather Chris Broderick Angel Vivaldi Joe Holmes James "Munky"...
  15. Piing

    Wish Control FC switches from external MIDI CC

    Every day there are more presets with modifiers assigned to the FC-6/FC-12/FM3 switches (e.g.: Austin Buddy) For those of us who have another type of MIDI controller, it is a PITA to replace all these modifiers one by one on each individual preset Would it be possible to globally set these FC...
  16. Piing

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    They have won because they have repeatedly managed to eliminate threads that contained interesting and valuable information. They intentionally derail them until they touch the sensibility of the moderators. It is a pity.
  17. Piing

    You know you are getting old when...

    When you spend the whole day tweaking presets with a reamped track and you realize that you recorded it with the tone pot turned down
  18. Piing

    Wish Save Preset + CAB Bundle

    This has been wished many times by many users since the first release of Axe-Edit III. I was going to bump it, but I cannot find the thread. The useful Save Preset + CAB Bundle feature was available at the Axe-FX Ultra, Axe-FX II and AX8 editors. It would be very welcome at Axe-Edit III
  19. Piing

    Wish Allow 6 instances of Vol/Pan, Drive, IR Player, Synth, Pitch and other blocks, for Hex-processing

    Six instances of DRIVE, Synth and IR loader to allow processing the strings separately. Not only for poly-distortion, but for modelling different pickups, guitars and other string instruments (what Roland calls V-Guitar) using the IR loader. It may be not possible with the AMP block (there is...
  20. Piing

    Looking for a guitar to host P90 pickups

    I have two P90 pups: Harmonic Design Z90 neck Seymour Duncan SPH90 Phat Cat bridge I bought these pickups to install on a Schecter Solo II Custom. It was a great guitar, and even better with the P90s, but I sold it because after 40 years playing only with Strats and Super-Strats I find the...
  21. Piing

    Implemented Display authentic controls at the Drive Block

    The AMP Block is already displaying only the authentic controls at the first page. However, the DRV block is always displaying Drive and Tone at the Basic page. Could it display the authentic controls? e.g.: the Tube Drv 3-knob would display Tone-Drive-Out and the Tube Drv 4-knob would display...
  22. Piing

    Not a Bug Selection boxes at the bottom do not work when Axe-Edit III is located close to the bottom of the computer screen

    The selection boxes at the bottom do not work when Axe-Edit III is located close to the bottom of the computer screen (Windows 10) It works if I move the Axe-Edit window to the top of the screen. The problem is that at the laptop I cannot move it up enough to make it work. If I connect a large...
  23. Piing

    RIP UFO's Paul Chapman

    He passed away last Tuesday, on his 66th birthday Doctor Doctor was the favorite cover song of our 80's rock band May he rest in peace https://loudwire.com/ufo-paul-chapman-dies/?fbclid=IwAR2NdbS86p3A8bUcA0fIBlnbxP9HnU0DhD3dcDBQMkxe4_Ol76VRd54nZXM
  24. Piing

    Would you buy a Ibanez Jemini for $150, or can it be covered with the Axe-FX III

    For sale here in Thailand. $150 brand new. Prices in Reverb, used, are starting at $264 o_O The deal looks good, but if it can be covered with the Axe-FX drives I would not bother. It seems to be based on a TS9 Tube Screamer + Boss DS-1. Has anyone compared the actual Jemini with the Axe-FX?
  25. Piing

    [fixed] random tuner problem since FW 12

    I've already reported this at the FW12.08 thread but there was no solution, so I better collect all the details here. Since the latest upgrade, very frequently the tuner is either not responsive or displaying random notes and not following the pitch at all. Sometimes it is solved after...
  26. Piing

    "Hysteria" - cover from home

  27. Piing

    A song that f*cking teaches you how to play (Guy Pratt - One of These Days)

    Minute 4:20 I wish I had a guitar teacher like him :smiley:
  28. Piing

    Wish Echo the Pedal1/Pedal2 MIDI CC position at the MIDI USB and MIDI Output

    I always record a dry guitar for reamping, but on these occasions where I use the WahWah or other feature using the External Expression Pedals, I cannot recreate the pedal movement when reamping. Would it be possible to use the MIDI block to send the MIDI CC Values of the Pedal position? That...
  29. Piing

    Overload of musician streams amid confinement

    No time to watch it all. Vai, Satriani, Gilmour (more poetry than music, though)... The last one I've discovered is the Live Social Distantcing Jams by the great Jack Thamarat
  30. Piing

    faIRmageddon Graphical IR Merger - Time to update Cab-Lab 3?

    Here is a cool Graphical IR Merger. https://www.forward-audio.com/fairmageddon/ Unfortunately, Fractal Audio Cab Pack IRs are proprietary and not compatible with any other brand of IR loaders I purchased Fractal Audio Cab-Lab 3 Standalone long time ago, but for me it is a complete useless...
  31. Piing

    Confined Bad Horsie

    I said the PIA is gaudy, but watching it in action is a different dimension
  32. Piing

    Nick Johnston - Remarkably Human - Complete Sequential Video

    Nick Johnston has uploaded to YouTube the complete sequential video of Remarkably Human It has been many years since I haven't listened to a complete new album of any artist, from the start to the end. Not even Satriani or Vai. Let's not talk about listening to it several times. I though that...
  33. Piing

    David Gilmour, Poly Samson and family. Lockdown live stream

    A nice time with the family. Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night are also broadcasting streams
  34. Piing

    Band in a Box - A good companion for the confinement

    I was not using BiaB since it was just a MIDI song generator without Real Tracks. Today I have purchased version 2020 and I am enjoying it a lot. There have been huge improvements. I used to complain that all the styles were jazz, country, r'n'r, classic latino styles... but now several modern...
  35. Piing

    Asymmetric Faces - and their Effects in Psychoacoustics

    Could your ugly asymmetric faces be the reason why I do not like 99% of your Axe-FX presets that I've purchased or downloaded, or is it me? 😆 https://www.nti-audio.com/en/news/asymmetric-faces-and-their-effects-in-psychoacoustics The left and right halves of a human face are usually...
  36. Piing

    How to get this fine reverb for Nylon Guitar? {Steve Hackett - Momentum}

    I have tried various types of reverb, but I am not getting close. My attempts are too "sparky", and if if cut highs they are too "dark". What is your suggestion? Note: the YouTube compression does not make honor to the quality when listening the CD through hi-end equipment
  37. Piing

    New Nick Johnston Lessons: Intuition

    New lessons from Nick Johnston. The pack includes video, pdf with tabs and a Guitar Pro gpx file I still haven't gone through all of it, but my mind has exploded with Intuition - Part 1, Examples 24 and 25 (minute 48:30 of the video), where he explains the chord progression of the "Remarkably...
  38. Piing


    Still in great shape 😍
  39. Piing

    Bug? CAB Manager Browser > Favorite IRs are not marked with asterisk

    I already reported this in another thread, but it is still not fixed. When marking a Favorite IR at CAB Manager Browser (either pressing spacebar, pressing "F" or right-click "Mark selected as favorite") you can momentarily see the asterisk, but it disappears as soon as you select another IR...
  40. Piing

    Cloning the Eventide H9 and beyond. Chapter 1: Crystals Algorithm

    The structure of the H9 user interface is simple. It consists of Algorithms and Presets. An algorithm is a block that contains few combined effects e.g.: delay and modulator or Compressor and Equalizer. The algorithms are divided in 5 categories: TimeFactor, ModFactor, PitchFactor, Space and H9...
  41. Piing

    NAONのYAON Japanese rock festival for female musicians

    NAONのYAON is a festival organized in Japan since 1987. Initiated and sponsored by Keiko Terada, vocalist of SHOW-YA, is held at Hibiya Open-air Concert Hall Since 2017 there is a section named WORLD GUITAR GIRLS COLLECTION (WGGC), where they invite female guitarists to perform In 2017 they...
  42. Piing

    FS Seymour Duncan Antiquity Texas Hot Loaded Pickguard

    $430 Including shipping worldwide (from Bangkok)
  43. Piing

    David Gilmour 5AM - With preset

    Another take. This time with a Harmonic Design Z90 (P90 pickup) on a Schecter Solo II Custom Deluxe Tweed on factory-1 cabs #171 and #671 http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=7623
  44. Piing

    Seems like our guitars and amps cannot compete with the dynamic range of classical instruments and voices

    Try to play over this: No matter how much you try to play with dynamics, either you will sound too soft at the fortissimo parts or too loud at the pianissimo parts And that is the compressed YouTube. When listening in a high end equipment, the dynamic range is even higher
  45. Piing

    FS DIY MIDI Controller for Axe-Fx III with 4,3" touch screen

    I am selling two DIY projects of Arduino MIDI controller for the Axe-FX III Functions: 15 fully programmable switches 3 User Layouts (the number can be expanded) Nextion NX4827T043 HMI TFT 4,3" touch display (Nextion programming requires final refinement) 4 Expression Pedal inputs (pending...
  46. Piing

    [bug] Loud thunder spark when adjuting Cathode Follower Compression

    It almost blows my speakers and my ears. Fortunately, I was not tweaking with headphones, as normally do. I had a Boss GP-10 connected at Input-4 and the regular pickups at Input-1 The AMP model is Tube Pre I attach the preset. Just move the Cathode Follower Compression, and mind your ears!
  47. Piing

    New BOSS SY-1000. The Hex-pickup is not dead. Long live the 13-pin plug!

    New toy, expected for January 2020. https://www.boss.info/global/products/sy-1000/ SOAR INTO THE INFINITE The SY-1000 is a breakthrough creation machine that transforms your guitar or bass rig with limitless sound design options. This powerhouse music tool opens a bold new chapter in...
  48. Piing

    ¿Tom Anderson Atom?

    I am craving for a Tom Anderson or a Suhr, but I am limited to what is available at the second hand market in Bangkok. A Tom Anderson Atom for $2,400 has called my attention. I've never had a LesPaul type guitar. I've owned many axes during the last 30 years, but only Strats and Super-Strats...
  49. Piing

    Weird squeal when touching the tone knob

    Guitar: Schecter Nick Johnston USA with Seymour Duncan Antiquity Texas Hot. Metallic knobs With medium or high gain settings, touching the tone knob causes a high-pitch noise, similar to the one that happens when you place the pickups close to speakers without magnetic shielding. With clean...
  50. Piing

    Nick Johnston - Seymour Duncan Antiquity Texas Hot

    I've recreated the tone of this video. Using the same guitar and pickups I've used the AC30, as indicated at the video description. If there is any difference, it could only be because my Schecter NJ has Atomic Silver finish, not black. Or perhaps because he is using a Kemper... The truth is...
  51. Piing

    Wish Add USB and Looper Output as sources for the Envelope Follower

    Otherwise the Envelope Follower doesn't work when re-amping or looping. El Maestro already said that this is simple to fix. I am entering it to the wish list, so it will not be forgotten Thanks! https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/envelope-follower-not-working-when-re-amping.155099/
  52. Piing

    Gilmour Castellorizon "On an Island"

    Friedman HBE and Valhallir VH-MA-WhiteAX97-k-4400-B2c IR (from the WhiteAX97 pack) After spending ages trying to imitate the Gilmour setup (pedals + clean Hiwatt), now I find more enjoyable to play with the amp distortion rather than with the distortion from a pedal. There are more "artifacts"...
  53. Piing

    Envelope Follower not working when re-amping

    The Envelope Follower can only use Input 1 or Input 2 as a source, not the USB. I have a Pitch Block that uses the Envelope Follower Modifier to control the Input Gain and it doesn't work when reamping. Is there a workaround for this?
  54. Piing

    WTB [Want to trade] Fender CS Fat '50 neck for similar RWRP

    I have one Fender CS Fat '50 neck I want to swap it for a Fender CS Fat '50 neck RWRP (Reverse Wound / Reverse Polarity) I have a CS 69 at the middle, and it cancels phase at the 4th position Ship to/from Bangkok
  55. Piing

    FW10 FAQ

    The official threads for new FW usually grow very fast, and it becomes difficult to go through all the pages to find tips and tricks. So I have started compiling them on this dedicated thread. Feel free to add new tips kindly offered by The Master and other users. But please, ask your questions...
  56. Piing

    原始神母 Atom Heart Mother

    I've enjoyed this performance, from the beginning to the end. A lot of nostalgia. it has been many many years since I listened to this. Now I realize that it must be part of my DNA
  57. Piing

    I admit it. I am addicted to one IR

    I have to confess that there are more than 160,000 syx files at my hard disk, from all the known and unknown IR manufacturers. And after having being immersed and emerging countless times from the polydimensional rabbit hole, I must admit that I have addiction to one particular IR. Sometimes...
  58. Piing

    What would be the closest drive to the Seymour Duncan 805?

    I know that most wishes for modeling new pedals are discarded, because the existing ones can cover almost everything. Where could I start for approaching the SD 805 OD? https://www.seymourduncan.com/pedal/805-overdrive Amateur demos here: 805-OD to Kemper AC30 805-OD to Quilter Aviator 2x10
  59. Piing

    Replacing Carbon Activated Filter for kitchen hood. A cheap alternative?

    I cannot find the answer on Google, so I will try The Lounge’s Wisdom 🧙‍♂️ I have a kitchen hood without an exhaust duct. The air is 100% recirculated, so it has a couple of activated charcoal (aka active carbon) filters to absorb smells. A new filter cost around $50. It is just a plastic...
  60. Piing

    Nick Johnston goes Dumble [preset included]

    Quick and dirty take of Nick Johnston "Impossible Things" tune, using the ODS-100 Ford Pab https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=7176
  61. Piing

    USA IIC++ What is the equivalent of the "Overdrive" control on the real amplifier?

    There is a Nick Johnston video playing the Mesa Mark V 35. At the description they indicate these settings: Ch. 2 MKIIC+ Mode Gain: 5 Treble: 5 Mid: 6 Bass: 5.5 Presence: 4 Master: 4 35 watts I assume that Gain is "Input Drive" on the Axe-FX, but where do I set the Axe-FX "Overdrive" control...
  62. Piing

    Cakewalk by BandLab is getting incredible

    I have been using Cakewalk since it was a simple MIDI sequencer for MS-DOS, developed by Twelve Tones System, that came in a floppy disk. It has lived dark moments, the worst one when it was acquired by Gibson and they completely abandoned the development. Now that it is totally free, thanks...
  63. Piing

    Any IR for the Lone Star Open Back 1x12 23 Extension Cabinet? (Nick Johnston tone)

    I am trying to get this tone: According to the description, the CAB is a Lone Star Open Back 1x12 23" Extension Cabinet with a Mesa Celestion 90 speaker. Mic’d with a Shure KSM313 and a Shure SM57. Mixed 45% KSM313 and 50% SM57 and 5% stereo room mic. What would be the closest IR? I've...
  64. Piing

    Not allowed to mail the Axe-FX (or any other item containing batteries)

    I’ve got an unexpected and stupid backlash at the Thai Post Office. For security and legal reasons, they do not allow to post items containing batteries. Even an internal small CR2450 battery, like the Axe-FX. They told me that a violation may cost you up to two years in jail and/or a $2,400...
  65. Piing

    What were your first amp modelers?

    I started with the Zoom 9002, back in 1989. Others followed, but I couldn’t get a tone that I could use live and get rid of guitar amplifiers and cabinets until I got the magnificent Roland VG-8 that offered not only COSM, but V-Guitar. Then I incorporated the Boss GX700. The GX700 had one CAB...
  66. Piing

    Challenged by Tony Banks

    Since I started playing guitar, at the end of the 70's, I've loved to play Steve Hackett solos like "Firth of Fifth", highly loaded with emotion. It never occurred to me to play the Anthony Banks parts on guitar until today, about 40 years later... OMG! I have all the keyboard melodies fully...
  67. Piing

    David Gilmour 5AM - with preset

    Quick take. Using the ODS-100 Ford amp Pup is a Fender CS '50 Fat on the neck of an American Deluxe Strat. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=7123
  68. Piing

    Axe-Fx III vs Zoom 505 !!!

    Just for fun :joycat: At 9:00 they play the Zoom through Axe-FX III CABs. The duende is gone when they roll down the guitar volume
  69. Piing

    Roger Waters and Nick Mason playing together... again

    Amazing!!! Almost like a 1000 years' planets alignment event I hope that David will join one of these days... https://ultimateclassicrock.com/roger-waters-joins-nick-mason/
  70. Piing

    Modern Metal makes me laugh...

    ... laugh like Ian Gillan disturbing the priest That was powerful! :cool:
  71. Piing

    Do not trust Windows Defender !!! What Windows Anti-Virus are you using?

    I read somewhere that Windows Defender covered all threats for Windows 10, so I decided not to use other antivirus. Besides Windows Defender, I only had installed Malwarebytes free version. Few days ago my Mozilla Firefox started to slow down and showing "Program not Responding". I tried all...
  72. Piing

    Nick Johnston Weakened by Winter intro. Recording and preset

    My first attempt to get a NJ tone (I've discovered this guy last month). I have used the Bludojai Lead. I think that it has a bit more of personality than the Marshalls for edge of breakup tones. The guitar is a Fender American Deluxe with a Fender Custom Shop Fat '50 on the neck. Volume and...
  73. Piing

    New “acoustic metamaterial” that can cancel 94% of sound, while preserving air flow

    This is interesting. I am wondering how it will develop. https://www.bu.edu/research/articles/researchers-develop-acoustic-metamaterial-noise-cancellation-device/
  74. Piing

    Dropping IR files to the Axe-FX does not trim the silence

    Cab Pack: OwnHammer 412 FMAN 6-pack Format: .wav files 200 ms not minimum phase transformed Procedures: 1) drag drop from file explorer to the CAB block. 2) drag-drom files at Axe Manage Cabs Settings: "Auto Trim" is selected on Axe-Edit Cabinet Import preferences Result: the IRs are not trimmed...
  75. Piing

    Wish Wave-Particle Balance Knob at the Amp block advanced parameters

    How is the wave-particle behavior coded at the Axe-FX? Is the electron modeled as a wave or as a particle when traveling between the cathode and the plate of the tube? What is the actual percentage of wave and the percentage of particle? This is an unbearable situation! Our distress could only...
  76. Piing

    Marshall Major...so, let's build our own... (S03E01: Axe-FX III edition)

    This is Season III, Chapter 1 of the thread initiated by @xarkon : https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/no-marshall-major-so-lets-build-our-own.83791/ I have created a patch for the Axe-FX III using some of the excelent tips from the contributors on that thread. Playing a Strat with a...
  77. Piing

    David GiImour auctioning guitars. About time he gets an Axe-Fx III!

    He has probably been watching 'Tidying up with Marie Kondo' and he is getting rid of excess gear. I am sure that Marie Kondo would wisely recommend the Zen simplicity and efficiency of the Axe-FX, instead of all these dusty pedals, cables, amps, cabs and huge gear-racks messing around his...
  78. Piing

    How to recover IRs from scratchpad?

    I've spent a long time auditioning third party IR's by dropping them directly from Windows File Explorer to the Scratchap slots of the CAB block. Now I have scratchapds 1 to 16 filled with IR's that I am interested to move to User CAB slots. Why I cannot just drag-drop them from scratchpad to...
  79. Piing

    [BUG] Unbearable latency on Live Mode

    I have mentioned this at other places but it didn't got attention, so I open a new thread. There is an unbearable latency when setting the Axe-FX Buffer to the default of 256 (5.3 ms). Setting it higher than that creates nasty noises. I am using an Intel i7 6700HQ 2.6 GHz (ASUS GL552VW) with...
  80. Piing

    [BUG] Cab-Lab "Live Mode" volume is higher than Axe-FX III CAB block.

    If USB-1/2 level is set to 0dB, the volume of Cab-Lab Live Mode is much higher than the volume of the same IR loaded at the Axe-FX (with CAB block level 0dB). To equalize the levels, USB-1/2 volume has to be adjusted around -8.5 dB at the Axe-FX. This is inconvenient, because every time when...
  81. Piing

    [SOLVED] Cab-Lab "Live Mode" not working with Axe-FX III

    There is no sound coming from the Axe-FX III when "Live Mode" is selected. As a matter of fact, the mix from Cab-Lab can be heard for a fraction of a second when the "Live Mode" button is pressed, and then there is silence. I have asked in another thread if its working but there have been no...
  82. Piing

    Having the Axe-Fx III, what are the advantages of Cab-Lab 3?

    ... besides mixing 8 IR's instead of 4, saving the mix into a single IR or the Batch Conversion utility. The advantage of mixing at the Axe-FX III is that we hear the results on real-time, but with Cab Lab we have to send the mix to the Axe-FX every time we do some adjustment. At the axe-FX we...
  83. Piing

    Timothy Drive degrading signal quality when Mix = 0%

    I use the Mix feature of the Drive block quite often, to mix the clean sound with the overridden sound. Normally, the signal quality is not affected when Mix is set to 0% in any FX block (sometimes it is needed to adjust the Level, but they are transparent). But today I've found that the...
  84. Piing

    Is it possible to reset just one AMP channel, not the entire bock?

    If not, that would be a nice addition. Sometimes there is a channel with a real mess on the settings, but I do not want to reset the other channels.
  85. Piing

    Beware the Tone-Match Deadly Silence! An Urban Legend?

    I've seen YouTube tutorials and comments at this forum warning to never leave silent gaps while Tone-Matching, because that would create out-of-phase issues and other nasty artifacts. Hence, they recommend to push the capture button first and then play the tone. That doesn't make sense to me. I...
  86. Piing

    Origin Effects Revival DRIVE Custom Overdrive

    This is an amazing pedal. These are good times to be a guitarist, both at the Analog or Digital realms. I guess that all the tones could be made from the Axe-FX, with a combination of Drives and Amps (the Axe-FX has even deeper possibilities of tweaking advanced parameters), but it is...
  87. Piing

    When setting globally "Cabinet Modelling" OFF, is the CAB block HI-LO Cut still active?

    At home I play with studio monitors, and at the rehearsal room with a Egnater Tourmaster 4100 amp (connected to the Return of the FX loop) and a Egnater 412A 4x12 cab. Then I disable AMP and CAB modelling. All my presets have HI-LO cut at the CAB block. When Cabinet Modelling is set to OFF, is...
  88. Piing

    Alldocube X - alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 for less than half price

    I was thinking about purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 but I've found a cheaper Chinese tab using the same amoled display as the S4, and specs quite similar to the S4. Alldocube X http://www.alldocube.com/en/mtk/alldocube-x.html/ Pre-order price is $239 to be delivered November 2018 (normal...
  89. Piing

    [PRESET] Steve Lukather - TOTO - Maiden Voyage

    For the lead guitar of Toto's cover of Maiden Voyage (Herbie Hancock) Use Expression-1 for increasing the delay at the end of each phrase. I am using the bridge pickup of a Ibanez JS2450 (Dimarzio Mo'Joe) It is late at night, so I have only been using headphones for tweaking this tone...
  90. Piing

    Cab-Lab 3 Standalone - suddenly not working - Crashes at start

    Last time I used it was last month. I haven't made any change to the PC since then. Asus i7 Laptop with Windows 10. I have already uninstalled it and installed it again. The license is correctly displayed at iLok Manager Any advice?
  91. Piing

    Implemented Mix control for the Multi-Band Compressor

    The normal compressor has a Mix control that I use quite often (to blend direct with compressed signal). Why not the M-Comp? I made this request long time ago for the Axe-FX II, but it never happened
  92. Piing

    [BUG] CAB files exported from Axe-FX III cannot be imported to AX8 or Cab-Lab 3

    I have made a TM with the Axe FX III of an Egnater Tourmaster. I have exported it to CAB and the CAB exported to syx file, but when I try to import it to the AX8 I got the message: "Unable to import file. The selected format is not supported..." And the same happens with any of the user CABs...
  93. Piing

    Tone-Match Export to CAB - Name not saved

    I am exporting a Tone Match to a user cab, but the name is not saved. It is displayed as "<EMPTY>". Therefore, I cannot export the CAB or properly operate with it. Anyone else having this issue? Firmware 1.15
  94. Piing

    Wish Two instances of Synth Block

    I’ve ordered the AX8 because I need portability for rehearsals and small gigs. Reading the user manual, I see that it only has one instance of Synth. Since we do not have keyboard player in our band, I have some presets on the Axe-FX III where I use two synth blocks to play background pad...
  95. Piing

    I am addicted to cab Air

    Short story: I’ve just found that I am addicted to the Air parameter from the CAB block. Long story: I believe that this started with the Axe-FX Ultra. I loved to tweak all the advanced parameters, so I probably got a good tone with the Air parameter engaged and I used it as a template to...
  96. Piing

    Closest AMP to Egnater Tourmaster 4100

    What would be the closest amp to the Egnater Tourmaster 4100 at the Axe-FXIII? It is a 100W 4-channel head with 8 x ECC83S and 4 x 6L6. I am interested in channels Overdrive-1 and Overdrive-2 http://www.egnateramps.com/EgnaterProducts/Tourmaster/Tourmaster4100/Tourmaster4100.html I always...
  97. Piing

    Wish Import/Export preset buttons (open/save to computer)

    It would be nice to have a couple of small buttons at the upper left corner to open and save presets from the computer Since the Axe- FX III can only store 511 user presets and I may have a thousand or more on the hard drive (factory presets, Axechange, Austin Buddy, etc) I use very often the...
  98. Piing

    IR "based on xxx loaded with yyy". Are xxx and yyy real?

    Some IR’s manufacturers say that their product is “Based on xxx loaded with yyy”. Are they selling real captures of the actual cabinet and speaker, or just mimic EQ curves? IR’s are just complex EQ curves that could be created “based” on what they think it should be, or mixing and retouching...
  99. Piing

    What can you love as much as guitar?

    This Rest in peace Keith and Greg.
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