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    Issue with Drive knob on unit

    Hi, I bought the AX8 on 9/7/18. Love this unit! I don't know if it's always done this or if it's a new issue, but I was trying to adjust the Drive value using the knob on the front of the unit and it doesn't work. It will stutter, as if it tries to change the value, but doesn't. No extension...
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    After all of these years, finally--I've bit the bullet and jumped on board the Fractal train..

    I'm really excited. I took advantage of the lower cost that I've been seeing over the past month or so, and said to myself, If I'm going to get in, now is the time. I've been thinking of ways to sell pedals/gear for an Axe FX, and it really didn't matter to me which one. Now, I've never even...
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