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  1. MaxTaylorGrant

    Strap locks

    I'm a big fan of both the Schaller dual button guys and DiMarzio's Cliplock ones. Only problem I had with Cliplocks before is the strap was always too long, but the JP signature solved that.
  2. MaxTaylorGrant

    Coheed and Cambria - The Suffering

    I always forget how much I love this band. Thank you for throwing me way back to some golden memories!
  3. MaxTaylorGrant

    Music Theory books

    I found The Practical Guide to Modern Music Theory for Guitarists on amazon, but haven't yet given it a read as it hasn't arrived yet. I'm pretty interested to see what other suggestions you get though!
  4. MaxTaylorGrant

    Firmware 19 inspires!

    That snare tone is incredible!
  5. MaxTaylorGrant


    I'd love this preset. Sounds great! maxtaylorgrant@googlemail.com
  6. MaxTaylorGrant

    Simple Lighting Rig help?

    How do you actually run this to the lights themselves? What interfaces are you using? Thanks for the help! :)
  7. MaxTaylorGrant

    Simple Lighting Rig help?

    Hey guys, Looking for some lighting suggestions for a metal core band I tour manage. Looking to do a simple and effective set up with 2 floods and 2 strobes synced to our click tracks. The same playback device would ideally control 3 Axe Fx, Light Rig, and Backing / Click. Bonus points if we...
  8. MaxTaylorGrant

    USA Clean

    Always love your stuff man, keep it coming! I'd love a look at this new S2 Patch of yours too
  9. MaxTaylorGrant

    FW18.8 Bulb Patch

    Superior preset would be ace, but even if you could just briefly explain what's going on I'd appreciate it a lot! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. MaxTaylorGrant

    FW18.8 Bulb Patch

    Any chance you could share the drum preset? Would love to see what's going on there!
  11. MaxTaylorGrant

    Tonematched my Martin D18

  12. MaxTaylorGrant

    Periphery Alpha/Omega Tone with Cab Pack 7

    Did you actually make a blend or just use 2 cabs in the block?
  13. MaxTaylorGrant

    Fighting 17th Cover - Hans Zimmer - Backdraft - AXE FX/S2.0/Ownhammer/Trilian

    I'm excited to listen to this when I get home, your interstellar cover has been on repeat since you posted it! I'd love to know more about your mixing process, have you ever considered doing tutorials? Also, the album thing, I have no idea how you'd go about it but good god you should Sent...
  14. MaxTaylorGrant

    How to get this effect in the Axe?

    Anyone know how to set up a momentary switch on the FCB1010?
  15. MaxTaylorGrant

    Just Heavy Stuff - Axe Fx- Ownhammer - Toontrack S2.0

    I love the drum sound! Any chance you could elaborate a bit further as to what samples you used?
  16. MaxTaylorGrant

    My Drive blocks [Yek]

    Standard post about being gutted this is XL only. I swear Yek, you might be the sole reason I upgrade
  17. MaxTaylorGrant

    'Thumb Trick' by James Norbert Ivanyi

    This was incredible. Loved the whole vibe. Are the patches on AxeChange?
  18. MaxTaylorGrant

    Skervesen demo with Herbert Ch3 and an ultra clean Shiva!

    You've got mail my friend, thank you for this!
  19. MaxTaylorGrant

    Skervesen demo with Herbert Ch3 and an ultra clean Shiva!

    Good god do they both sound incredible. What are you using for the drums, I NEED a snare like that in my life! The production all around is top!
  20. MaxTaylorGrant

    Majesty Question 2: Preamp input gain.

    Hello again guys, So, a week has passed with the new Majesty 7. I'm sure you don't need told how that's been. Anyway, I had a go of a friend's Mark V and noticed something when I kicked in the on board pre-amp. The axe fx acts very little like a real amp when it's engaged. I assume the...
  21. MaxTaylorGrant

    Original song with EBMM Majesty

    I've got a majesty 7 if you wanna shoot me a message man? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. MaxTaylorGrant

    Axe-Edit --> Preamps?

    AE 3.1.3? If it is, go into settings and refresh block parameters. I had the same problem! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. MaxTaylorGrant

    EBMM Majesty Stereo Question

    I can't tell you how many times I watched this whilst waiting on delivery haha Love your videos man, keep up the solid work! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. MaxTaylorGrant

    EBMM Majesty Stereo Question

    It's my first time owning an EBMM, but I've had the pleasure of playing just about every other JP out there. I think if I'd just have picked up the Majesty first I wouldn't have understood the changes or appreciated any of the design features but now, having an appreciation for why everything...
  25. MaxTaylorGrant

    ToneClone - John Petrucci #1 (fw17.00 + Cab Pack 7)

    These are absolutely spot on! Would love to have a go and see how close they are with my new Majesty!
  26. MaxTaylorGrant

    Wish List: VU Meters in Axe Edit

    +1 Sat down for a day of tweaking today and now realise how useful this would be!
  27. MaxTaylorGrant

    My Quick Guide to where to start with FW v.17

    Yep, that's done it, cheers!
  28. MaxTaylorGrant

    My Quick Guide to where to start with FW v.17

    Anyone else finding some difficulties with AE? Updated to 3.1.3 and have FW17 on the Axe. AE won't let me select a mic pre in the cab block for some reason, any clues?
  29. MaxTaylorGrant

    EBMM Majesty Stereo Question

    Thank you Simeon! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  30. MaxTaylorGrant

    EBMM Majesty Stereo Question

    Hey guys, long time no post! Looking for a bit of advice. Recently purchased an EBMM Majesty 7 string and need advice in regards to the stereo jack it has. Obviously I'd like to run it in stereo and process the magnetic pickups and the piezo separately, but I'm not sure how to best go about...
  31. MaxTaylorGrant

    Writing a new song...with the 7 string!

    Link doesn't work man!
  32. MaxTaylorGrant

    Summer hollowbody vibes

    It's amazing how the Internet ha made that possible haha
  33. MaxTaylorGrant

    Summer hollowbody vibes

    Way to make me jealous man! Cheers for checking it out!
  34. MaxTaylorGrant

    Summer hollowbody vibes

    Thanks Damien!
  35. MaxTaylorGrant

    Summer hollowbody vibes

    Hey guys! Here's a wee summer jam I wrote / produced in under an hour last night using my friends Ibanez hollowbody. The guitar is absolutely immense and I'm trying hard to make him sell me it so fingers crossed! Guitars and bass are all the same, Ibanez > Axe Fx II > Logic. The bass is...
  36. MaxTaylorGrant

    Firmware Version 10.11 Now Available

    Brilliant news! Installing now :D
  37. MaxTaylorGrant

    FCB1010 users - Eureka Prom or Uno or Stock?

    I have scenes 1-5 mapped across switches 1-5 on the FCB and my presets 1-5 across 6-10. Like I said, it can be a bit of a fuss to set up but it's well worth the hassle!
  38. MaxTaylorGrant

    FCB1010 users - Eureka Prom or Uno or Stock?

    I use a stock FCB1010 with scenes with great results. It's a bit of a pain to set up, but once it's done, it's done and you can reap all the rewards.
  39. MaxTaylorGrant

    Phone Sex... (FW 10.9 Shredbang)

    Hi guys! Since my last post here my band, Gambit, has disbanded. So now I'm working on new material with a very talented bunch of folk and having a great time doing it! Here's the first of theses musical exploits. Rhythm guitars are the Cameron CH 2 amp, cleans are factory preset "Deley...
  40. MaxTaylorGrant

    Periphery Engage madness, now with rough vocals!

    So, in my first ever post on this forum, I shared a recording of my good buddy, Calum Blair, and I having a rough jam entitled "Engage your Peripherals". Calum is a monster drummer and actually holds the title as Britain's young drummer of the year! Now my other good buddy, Sean McChord, of...
  41. MaxTaylorGrant

    How can I activate the Tuner when the volume goes to zero?

    I wonder if there's a way to implement the GT-8's dynamic switching too haha
  42. MaxTaylorGrant

    How can I activate the Tuner when the volume goes to zero?

    This is actually a feature I'm interested in myself. Somewhat of an old habit from the days of using my Boss GT-8!
  43. MaxTaylorGrant

    Final word on Drums?

    Slate drums 4 is worth a look too. I'm a long time Superior user and find the new slate drums to be just fantastic. Superior is still my go to though, purely because I know what I want from it and how to quickly get it.
  44. MaxTaylorGrant

    played the piano today, went like this.

    THis makes me wish I hadn't sold my OASYS :(
  45. MaxTaylorGrant

    Bagpipes Attempt

  46. MaxTaylorGrant

    FW 10 Shredbang. Full original track!

    Thanks man! Yeah, I can't say I'm happy with the sound quality. I might just overdub my playing in future, I'm still new to the whole video thing and all I have to shoot with is my iPhone :/ Cheers for the feedback though!
  47. MaxTaylorGrant

    FW 10 Shredbang. Full original track!

    So, in my last post I had a snippet of a track my band Gambit are working on. This is how that has progressed, and here's a video of me playing it! I managed to keep the silly solo from last time. Can't have it being all bang and no shred, can we? :lol Max has a shredbang. - YouTube
  48. MaxTaylorGrant

    Hoping for some Axe2 help in Central Scotland

    I too am Glasgow based and happy to help :)
  49. MaxTaylorGrant

    FW10 5153 Shredbang goodness.

    Sure! I'll fire them up on AxeChange ASAP! Also thanks for clearing up the Mike thing, I am in no way of that calibre, Paul Gilbert is the man!
  50. MaxTaylorGrant

    FW10 5153 Shredbang goodness.

    Who is this Mike you speak of?!
  51. MaxTaylorGrant

    FW10 5153 Shredbang goodness.

    Thanks Kriig!
  52. MaxTaylorGrant

    FW10 5153 Shredbang goodness.

    Bringing all the shredbang. The final version of the song uses a lot of the chord / melody relationship you mentioned. I like complex chords and the kind of 'rung out' melodies using fragments like that haha
  53. MaxTaylorGrant

    FW10 5153 Shredbang goodness.

    It's been a little while since I've posted anything here and thought I should change that. I've actually been on tour for the past 2 weeks and got home to find FW10 had dropped. My jaw is still on the floor (which doesn't make playing very easy:mrgreen) everything on this sounds immediately...
  54. MaxTaylorGrant

    FW10 Amp bank

    You are a credit to this community. I made heavy use of you bank with V9 an look forward to the same with V10! Also Jbis, your bank is incredibly useful too so kudos on fine work!
  55. MaxTaylorGrant

    V10 Mini demo...friedman and more ...

    This sounds truly incredible. I'm loving the wave of tremendous demos people are throwing up on the forum, a trend I intend to follow as soon as I find a spare hour or two!
  56. MaxTaylorGrant

    I need a new wireless - Suggestions?

    The new shure one looks pretty good! Check on premiere guitar's YouTube, they had a good demo of it from namm.
  57. MaxTaylorGrant

    Where Can I Demo The AF2 in the UK??

    I'm in Glasgow should you be north of the wall. Same as anyone, happy to demo :)
  58. MaxTaylorGrant

    Logic using 1 core of CPU

    It should handle it fine, I use logic with much more complex set-ups than you've described and it handles it flawlessly.
  59. MaxTaylorGrant

    Randy Blythe Lamb of God--free, what a letter he wrote

    Did anyone else imagine military snare drums and an epic score under this as you read it? I did and I liked it.
  60. MaxTaylorGrant

    just had a few words to say to " chucklehead" lol

    Nah, he strikes me as the type that'd cut his nose off to spite his face. He won't be back, and even if he did come back I'm not going to rush to welcome him.
  61. MaxTaylorGrant

    Technophobic guitarists... Got Skype?

    I'm interested in your experiment. Hit me with some details!
  62. MaxTaylorGrant

    just had a few words to say to " chucklehead" lol

    The fact that the descriptor for his youtube channel and website says "unbiased" first and foremost leads me to draw one of two conclusions. A) He is not aware of what the word Unbiased means. B) His descriptor is false. In any case, I respect his right to a personal opinion, but I do not...
  63. MaxTaylorGrant

    What is the typical Fractal user like? ;)

    I'm only 21! Please tell me that can't be classed as old? Haha
  64. MaxTaylorGrant

    Metalcore for the masses Ft. Your's truly on guest harmonies.

    I wish! Haha I used it for a tiny bit of tape drive and some decent compression. More as an experiment than anything else but it turned out to be quite nice regardless! In hindsight I'm not too sure about the screams, but I think it's a case of vocal technique as opposed to recording technique.
  65. MaxTaylorGrant

    What is the typical Fractal user like? ;)

    1 ) I've played for 13 years, started when I was 8! 2 ) I think I'm a rank amateur however, I do get payed for my skills and I'm always busy so I guess I'm professional in that sense? 3 ) I usually aim to play for about 3 hours a day. 1 hour solid practice and 2 just dicking about (usually patch...
  66. MaxTaylorGrant

    just had a few words to say to " chucklehead" lol

    Personally, I like Cliff's direct interaction here in the forum. In my short time as a member here I've seen him help with all manner of things for people which is brilliant. Long may it continue, regardless if the feathers of a few chuckleheads get ruffled as a result.
  67. MaxTaylorGrant

    just had a few words to say to " chucklehead" lol

    Yeah, as any sane person would in the same scenario.
  68. MaxTaylorGrant

    just had a few words to say to " chucklehead" lol

    Chucklehead is as harmless over here as it is where you are. He's just a prat and it's a shame he's taken up arms against you. On behalf of all of your UK customers, we salute you! May we all chuckle at the chucklehead, and enjoy our gear of glory :lol
  69. MaxTaylorGrant

    Here's a little FW 10 Preview VIDEO

    I'm so jealous. Also, it's to late for me to jam here in the UK :(
  70. MaxTaylorGrant

    Metalcore for the masses Ft. Your's truly on guest harmonies.

    They've gigged up and down Scotland but that's no major trek by any means. Thanks for the compliment! I was asked by the drummer to not edit too much time wise, so I stuck to what was there for the most part. They didn't seem very experienced studio wise, but they've asked me to produce a full...
  71. MaxTaylorGrant

    Metalcore for the masses Ft. Your's truly on guest harmonies.

    Recently I've been producing a few bands in the metalcore and hardcore scene here in Glasgow, and this is my latest work with the band, Insights. Kinda goes without saying that my Axe Fx II was used exclusively for guitar and bass tones, however it also saw use as an insert effect on vocals...
  72. MaxTaylorGrant

    Inexpensive/Budget Power Amp Recommendations?

    EHX 44 Magnum is perfect and cheap. Couldn't recommend it any more highly.
  73. MaxTaylorGrant

    glassy clean ambient patch, where to start?

    Do the soft controls on the front still work in the way this was originally intended? I've been looking for a way to do this for a while now!
  74. MaxTaylorGrant

    Killswitch Engage tone. Am I close?

    I'd say this is a bit tinny but is a solid basis, also, tight playing and excellent pinches! Try adding a healthy amount of bass to the tone and see if you come out any better. Failing that, I find that the Diezel VH4 or Recto Red Modern with a tube screamer up front gets pretty damn close...
  75. MaxTaylorGrant

    Riff Station(This is damn cool)

    Having now had the chance to use it for a little while, I can wholeheartedly recommend it!
  76. MaxTaylorGrant

    Riff Station(This is damn cool)

    I just won a copy of this! haha
  77. MaxTaylorGrant

    Would anyone like to collaborate with me

    Gotcha, I'll post something later tonight! I've some Uni work to do!
  78. MaxTaylorGrant

    Monday Morning Heavy Times!

    Yeah, normally I don't use a third take but I read somewhere on here about Dream Theater doing it in Scenes from a memory so thought I'd give it a try since I was getting that kinda vibe! Och well, the more you know, eh?
  79. MaxTaylorGrant

    Monday Morning Heavy Times!

    This is actually brilliant, it's actually given me a good idea on where to go with this!
  80. MaxTaylorGrant

    Monday Morning Heavy Times!

    They are panned! There's one centre track though, I'll do an update with that also double tracked!
  81. MaxTaylorGrant

    Monday Morning Heavy Times!

    Dropbox it shall be!
  82. MaxTaylorGrant

    Monday Morning Heavy Times!

    Sure, I'm up for that, PM me an email address and I'll fire over the bounces of it! Do you want the MIDI from the drums or just an audio stem of them?
  83. MaxTaylorGrant

    Monday Morning Heavy Times!

    Recently I've really been digging channel 2+ on the Diezel Herbert sim so I thought I'd get my 7 out and let it rip with my spare time this morning! Guitar is double tracked, with a third track an octave above dead centre. Bass is a blend of SVT and a Darkglass B7K tone match! Drums are...
  84. MaxTaylorGrant

    How to start on Logic, Superior drummer, or getting my own songs done from scratch.

    Just use the Axe-Fx as your audio interface, I do this and it works fine with Logic. Be sure to turn software monitoring off in your audio preferences though, and if you find there is any latency use the "Low-Latency" button down on the bottom right hand side! Also, why not subscribe to iTunes...
  85. MaxTaylorGrant

    How to start on Logic, Superior drummer, or getting my own songs done from scratch.

    I do agree with you to an extent, but given the choice between Logic and Pro Tools for programming any midi, logic wins out as the easiest for a complete beginner to grasp due to gestures on the MacBook and sheer intuitiveness. Taken out of context, yes, it may be absurd but, in the context of...
  86. MaxTaylorGrant

    How to start on Logic, Superior drummer, or getting my own songs done from scratch.

    Yupp, Logic allows for that easily. Maybe start with EZ Drummer, it's easier to get sounding good and will give you great fundamental knowledge when you decide to go to superior! You open it on a software instrument track, as either vst or Audio Unit.
  87. MaxTaylorGrant

    Bareknuckle Pickups for ESP Horizon NT7

    Go with aftermaths, if you dig 'em, why change? Nailbombs are godly though. Perhaps asking Nolly on formspring would yield a professional answer!
  88. MaxTaylorGrant

    How to start on Logic, Superior drummer, or getting my own songs done from scratch.

    Logic is the easiest DAW to get your head around, also, it'll support your interfaces too! ProTools requires an iLok which may be why it won't see your peripherals. Yes, you can use your keyboard to program in drum sounds. Try messing about with some of the preset sounds and watch some...
  89. MaxTaylorGrant

    Guess What Amp I Just Bought

    To spend so much to give it back to the community, Cliff, you're definitely firmly at the top of my inspiration list. If I ever get the chance, you sir are owed a drink!
  90. MaxTaylorGrant

    Toughest Petrucci Solo?

    The end unisons of In The Presence Of Enemies Pt.1 were impossible for me at one point. Pretty much my go to picking exercise now! That and the glass prison arps if you alternate pick them as he does. Moral of the story is Petrucci is the man. New album should be killer!
  91. MaxTaylorGrant

    recording amp????

    Yeah, herbies aint cheap! I suppose a "do it all" amp would be a mesa mark v but again, not cheap. My recommendation is get an Electro Harmonix 44 Magnum and use your ultra through the cab man. Or, y'know, buy a II ;)
  92. MaxTaylorGrant

    recording amp????

    Tbh, I've been experimenting with micing up a cab and using the amp sims on the Axe Fx II, just because I really love my cab and it sounds huge. Out of all the amps I've used on it my favourite is the Diezel Herbert so I'd recommend one of those! Be sure to post the results!
  93. MaxTaylorGrant

    Bulb and Nolly goodness!

    I didn't see that he'd started a thread on here until after I'd posted this. Apologies for reposting! Still doesn't make me look forward to this any less though, Nolly's bass tone alone will be fantastic to dissect!
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