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  1. jiggajewjay

    XL+ New Cabs

    Hey there I am sure this has been discussed however I have posted this question in other threads and i never received a response so i was hoping that i could get an answer to my question with a new thread. I have a Axe II Mark I - I read when Q7 hit that there were new cabs that were placed in...
  2. jiggajewjay

    How will this sound when paired together?

    I usually keep the Axe in my rack in the studio. when i gig i just take an Acoustic amp and and acoustic guitar and do an acoustic set. i have my first (non pro) gig for like 20 people in a basement this weekend. I only have my one Acoustic amplifier. its a Fishman Loudbox Artist 120-watt 1x8"...
  3. jiggajewjay

    Best way to go about setting this up...

    Hey there! For a few reasons i wanted to start experimenting with using 2 amp sims and 2 different cabs in one preset. Mostly for creative sound design options as well as for my general Axe knowledge.I am looking for a super vintage Plexi'ish tone that is super wide and nice and growly. I find...
  4. jiggajewjay

    Best All Around IR pack

    Hey Fellow Fractalites Quick one for the community at large... I produce predominantly Pop music (I know I know - just giving the people what they want :) ) and I already own quite a few of the Fractal Cab Packs as well as a few from Mikko and OwnHammer. Was wondering which one would lend...
  5. jiggajewjay

    New Update for Axe Edit

    I got the pop up the other day for the latest update on Axe Edit. Typically this happens roughly around the same time as a new firmware is released. Any info on this? or was this just a bug fix or something?
  6. jiggajewjay

    DI recording thru the Axe

    Hey y'all - have a question. I am tracking guitars tonight for a very large project and i wanted to make sure that i do this the best way. I don't want to paint the client into a corner so i don't want to only record the Axe signal but also want to record dry tracks so that i can re-amp it later...
  7. jiggajewjay

    Looking for that Jimmy Page tone

    Hey y'all! So I just finished tracking drums for this really awesome classic rock band. They really nail that Zeppelin sound live. However due to the fact that I am trying to track all the guitars at home and not at the studio, i want to use only the Axe FX. The guitarist brought my attention to...
  8. jiggajewjay

    New Factory Presets

    Any discussion around here regarding new factory presets for the non beta release of Quantum 2? Would love to see what FAS comes up with now that they have the magic sauce all up in the black box. ;)
  9. jiggajewjay

    Funny story about how the Axe FX won - again!

    I had a client over at the studio last night. He is a heavy gigging musician who ONLY uses tube amps and vintage guitars from pawn shops. I suppose you can say that he fancies himself a purist. We started off last nights session with me micing up his Marshall amp with an SM57 and Beyerdynamic...
  10. jiggajewjay

    Axe FX quality with regards to AES vs. Analog input

    I have been using the AES output on my Axe ever since i owned my unit (2012). I had a quick question regarding this. When you connect the Axe via AES it is (to my understanding) a digital connection that retains the purist sound as intended by Cliff when he created the Axe FX. Here is the...
  11. jiggajewjay

    The Amp Factory Cabinet IR question

    Hey all - quick question (probably a dumb one but....). I have been tossing around the idea of picking up one of their cab packs called "The Cab Legends". I found something quite confusing that i have not seen before. If you click the link...
  12. jiggajewjay

    I finally got to see the Helix in action at AES

    So i was at the AES (Audio Engineering Society) convention at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan this past weekend. Line 6 had a booth setup with the Helix and a Line 6 FRFR speaker. I was definitely taken by the appearance of the unit. It really looks nice! That however is where the good part...
  13. jiggajewjay

    What pickups work best with Les Paul and Axe FXII?

    Instead of searching online and reading thru all the different sites dedicated to les paul humbuckers, I wanted to ask my fellow Axe'ers what you are using. I have a Strat so i have those clean like tones spoken for. I have a hot rodded Ibanez so i have my super high gain covered as well. The...
  14. jiggajewjay

    New Factory Presets For Quantum 1

    Was wondering if the FAS team was planning on creating new factory presets for this new firmware. Would also be nice to see the new presets taking advantage of the new De-Phase feature. :encouragement:
  15. jiggajewjay

    question re: Fender Deluxe 58 Cap/Cone

    Fender Deluxe 58 Cap/Cone cab was recently posted on the Axe-change. I noticed that it is for XL and XL+ users only ;( Can anyone load this up in cablab or something and do something to it so that us non XL users can check it out? thanks!
  16. jiggajewjay

    Has anyone ever used this before?

    https://reverb.com/item/757800-gibson-les-paul-traditional-pro-ii-with-w-floyd-rose-tremolo-vibrato-2014-amberburst?_aid=pla&pla=1&gclid=CJzU8cjJpscCFQ6RHwodkLQJOA Has anyone ever tried this guitar? with an Axe FX II? I tried one out in guitar center and it felt really nice!! it sounded...
  17. jiggajewjay

    Shout out to Fremen

    I just updated to Fremen's FW 19 presets. WOW!! This guys knows how to get all the goodness out of the AXE. I have been using his presets since FW 18 and I am one super happy camper. He leaves a bunch of empty presets so that we can create our own. He also provides really awesome unique IR's...
  18. jiggajewjay

    New Keith Urban Amp

    I swapped my favorite cleanish preset with the Keith Urban amp to see if i would also fall in love with it. To be quite honest with you i didn't find that amp to be anything special. Now i am NOT saying that this amp inst a gem. i just tweaked for a few minutes but no magic. Can someone post...
  19. jiggajewjay

    UAD Marshal 1959 Plexi VS. FRACTAL Marshal 1959 Plexi model

    Hey I just got an e-mail from Universal Audio about the latest update for the UAD plugins. i am going to try out the UAD version against the Fractal model and see how it stacks up. The online demos sound really phat! I will try and post a clip of the 2. If anyone else has tried it out and can...
  20. jiggajewjay

    backing up question regarding cabs

    hey y'all! so decided last night to completely overhaul my unit :mrgreen I started by completely backing up my Axe. i then went ahead and loaded up Fremens 18.07 presets. they are quite fantastic! Here is my question. if i rearrange my cabs and remove some and add some.... If for some reason i...
  21. jiggajewjay


    A few months ago i sent my Axe II in for a service b/c there was this really nasty hissing buzzing noise when using the front input. Fractal got back to me once they received the unit and said there was NO buzz. unbeknownst to me though, they were testing for noise using only the rear input...
  22. jiggajewjay

    quick question plz

    The UR IR's that are included in the FW download - Do i need to pick and chose and drop them into USER slots? or are these baked into the firmware and i just have to find them? thanks
  23. jiggajewjay

    Tucana 3 G3'd

    Anyone know if this model will be G3'd for the upcoming FW release? I know that one of the forum members loaned Cliff the Carol Ann amps... Were they re-loaned to Cliff so he could work his magic on this again? just wondering b/c i love this model and would love to hear an improvement to an...
  24. jiggajewjay

    USA IIC+

    question about this model. I read all the hubbub about JP loaning this amp to Cliff and I said to myself damn this must be a sweet amp. I have never tried the model on the Axe so i was really curious to try it out. I paired it with a few different cabs - namely the CK pack 7 & 8. With the gain...
  25. jiggajewjay

    Using EAS/EBU instead of Analog

    I noticed that when I moved from the Analog port to AES i no longer have gain control from Out 1 & Out 2. they no longer effect my gain structure. Any reason for that? is it set to unity? just wanted to make sure i wasn't doing something incorrectly. Thanks!
  26. jiggajewjay

    Placebo??....I think not!

    I have an artist that is in middle of recording his first album at my studio. We are using just the Axe II for all electric guitars. He has been extremely satisfied to date with the tones I created for him. last week I loaded up FW 18 and was really blown away. mostly by the feel of the amps...
  27. jiggajewjay

    where can i find the null IR?

    where can i find the null IR?
  28. jiggajewjay

    Is this normal behavior for the Axe FX II?

    Hey for the last year or so I have been noticing that there is this buzzing noise coming from my patches. even on a slightly overdriven clean sound i am getting this buzz. it kinda sounds the way a real amp does when you get too close. Did Cliff mimic this into the amps? high gain amps...
  29. jiggajewjay

    anyone in Queens NY

    Anyone from the fractal community from Queens NY or willing to come down to Queens? i have a recording studio w an Axe 2 and a bunch of other killer gear. looking for someone that wants to spend time tweaking presets and rocking out. hit me up! thanks!
  30. jiggajewjay

    how much will it cost

    i am about to ship my AXE 2 back to Fractal in New Hampshire for some repairs. Anyone know how much i have to shell out to UPS or FedEx ground from NY? thanks
  31. jiggajewjay

    my axe is buzzing like crazy!!

    my Axe FX 2 is making a buzzing sound... it sounds like a grounding issue but my rig is grounded properly and it makes the noise whether or not a guitar is plugged into the unit. i think i may have to send it in forsome TLC.... how does one go about this? also for anyone that has had to send...
  32. jiggajewjay

    buzzing noise/hum after update to FW 13

    i recently upgraded to FW 13 and now all of a sudden after 2 years of using the AXE i'm getting buzzing. i AM using single coil pups and there has always been a bit of hum however now its major interference. i also notice now that if my iphone gets anywhere near the Axe i get a lot of noise...
  33. jiggajewjay

    2 guitars 1 Axe

    I know this is an old topic... Are there any presets that have the routing already done? If not, any posts from the past that explain how to do this? I just want to be able tO jam on the axe w a friend and not have to give him a plain ole DI while I smoke him in the Axe ;) Thanks
  34. jiggajewjay

    Any AXF2 users in Queens NY ?

    looking to hook up with other Axe users to share knowledge and stuff.....anyone? doesnt have to be queens but hopefully somewhere closeby. i have a really dope recording studio where we could meet up. hit me up or pm me :) J
  35. jiggajewjay

    .syx to reset my axe

    I recall seeing a .syx that would effectively wipe out my system and start it from scratch...i cant seem to find that right now. can someone please post a link to the .syx please? thanks!!
  36. jiggajewjay

    Axe FX 2 into Universal Audio LA610

    Has anyone tried routing the axe thru the LA610? It works great for most things- I've done it a few times but it seems to take away some if the dynamics- especially after fw11b. Any thoughts or perhaps some good settings on the LA610 that would make this a good combo? Thanks
  37. jiggajewjay

    David Gilmour sound on sound effect

    Hey fellow fractal junkies ;) Was wondering if anyone has a method of achieving the sound that David Gilmour gets on his acoustic tour. Basically he would play a chord and then step on a pedal and that chord would ring out while at the same time allowing him to play over that chord. It's gotta...
  38. jiggajewjay

    Am i nuts?? Or just a Fractal junkie?

    I was running 10.6.8 on a quad core Mac Pro and all was well however when the new Axe Edit came out and i couldn't run it - i decided to get a new Mac Pro for the studio. i really didn't need it as my system has been running quite well- i just had to have the newer Axe Edit. that is how obsessed...
  39. jiggajewjay

    Phish/ Trey Anastasio tone match

    Phish/Trey Anastasio Tone Hello I've been looking everywhere for a trey patch and haven't had any luck. There was a TS/9 mod block that someone posted for the Ultra. I'm specifically looking for that lead tone that trey gets when he's soloing. Has anyone had any success perhaps using the...
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