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  1. mickeys


    Looking to trade for Strymon Big Sky/Timeline or Mobius
  2. mickeys

    How do I achieve the dotted 1/8th delay?

    First of all...I have NEVER used the dotted 1/8th trick and feel stupid to even ask for help. However, a song at my church is requiring it. I choose DOTTED EIGHTH and the use TAP TEMPO to the correct beat and the results are not good.
  3. mickeys

    One button on FC12 is lit but has no function?

    Button is lit up but does nothing when stepped on! Using it to select scenes! Will go 2 is dead
  4. mickeys

    FS Kemper/Remote/2 KP-1 EXP Ped/Rack/Cords

    Kemper/Remote/2 Mission exp pedals made for Kemper/ Rack/Cords/ and over $3,000 worth of Commercial Profiles and IRs. $2,000 plus shipping in US only Mesa Boogie 50/50 not included in price....if you want it to..add $500 plus shipping . Will accept TRADES!
  5. mickeys

    AX8 ....can't store cabs from SCRATCHPAD after saving??

    I have read and watch videos but nothing on how to save a cab from scratchpad after storing a preset that comes in CAB BUNDLE form. It saves temporarily and deletes once i turn AX8 on....HELP!!!!!!
  6. mickeys


    Any new info of when AXE8 will be in production!
  7. mickeys

    Cant upload pictures of what I am selling!

    Everytime I pick out a picture to post....it wont let me upload it! WTF???? I can post on any other sight......HELP
  8. mickeys

    Can MARK III control a second PREAMP/PROCESSOR

    I have a MARK III, 4 mission expression pedals, and 4 Mission switches available! I wanted to add an old DIGITECh 2120 because I have some tones on it worth using! Is it possible using FX in & FX out along with midi connectors to use as outboard effects? And if so, can the MFC101 MARK III...
  9. mickeys

    HAVE OWNHAMMER and IRS but cant figure out how to download them!

    Please.....I also own the FRACTAL AUDIO cabs and had no problem downloading them with FRACTAL-BOT! Every time I try with OWNHAMMER or IRS I have gotten from friendly users...it isn't letting me! Do I need to buy CAB-LAB also???
  10. mickeys

    Using multiple preamps/need help!

    I own a pretty good size rack and I have purchased an AXE FX2 about 4 months ago, and just recently purchased the MFC MARK III! I also own a LINE 6 HDPRO and a DIGITECH 2120 in the same rack! Having knowledge that the AXE FX2 is the superior preamp, I still have a few favorites on the other...
  11. mickeys

    Ownhammer Questions!

    I purchased the Ownhammer package and can't seem to get them uploaded so I can use them. I have looked for tutorial videos and not having any luck! Sorry for the ignorance but I need help!
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