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  1. dakineman

    prince guitar erotic city song

    To me it sounds like Prince plugged right in the audio interface (no amp) for his tone, and yes prince probably slowed down the recording and recorded the guitar parts. Then speed up the recording. But no question about it, speed up or not, he killed it..so Funky
  2. dakineman

    Axe FX Name Timeout

    It's timed out because the Axe Fx midi was disabled. The instructions are listed on the MFC-101 Quickstart guide under Choose A Setup. If you don't find it.. here's how to change it. On your Axe FX II or whatever you have. Press the I/O button, and tab over to Midi. There you will find the...
  3. dakineman

    MFC out of stock? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    Has anyone received email from Fractal regarding your waiting list for the MFC III? anyone know how much longer..I remember the guy from Fractal saying two weeks but its over 3 weeks now..:( was thinking about getting one on Ebay but rather buy a new one from Fractal..hope to know soon
  4. dakineman

    MFC out of stock? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    I can't wait for Fractal to have them available again. I've been saving my gig money and ready to purchase one right away. Does anyone know when they might have them available, I am on the waiting list..but heard nothing yet..:(
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