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  1. PJM

    Axe-Fx II as Effects Processor Only

    Could anyone please advise if this is correct ? Intending on running out of front guitar input of real amp . to OUTPUT2L of AXE. as p23 Manual right hand drawing With my existing presets could it be as simple as just bypassing Amp and cab block . Also manual states that effects only presets...
  2. PJM

    Treble Boost Pedal

    Could anyone please advise on using an external Treble Boost Pedal . I know there is a Treble Boost Drive in the Axe but I bought a Brian May Treble boost just before i bought the Axe fx2 . I want to give it a try with a Brian May Preset to see how it sounds . I have a Mission pedal straight to...
  3. PJM

    Switching Scenes problem

    I have I/A switches 1-5 as scenes when reveal selected . When Switches 1-5 are selected on the MFC - 101 they do not change the Scenes on the Axe FX although the mfc displays scenes 1-5 when pressed the light does not show . But when scenes are selected from the front panel of the Axe the...
  4. PJM

    Copying Existing Blocks

    Is it possible to copy an amp block from one preset to another using the controls on the front panel of the Axe ?
  5. PJM

    Iron Maiden Tone

    Has anyone out there got some ideas on creating a good Iron Maiden tone ?
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