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    AXE doing funny things?

    Hi there, Having a problem with the bright switch, when I turn it off I get this weird sound kind of like thunder, thats the only way to describe it? Anyone else had this problem or might know how to fix it? Thanks in advance
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    4cm help please

    Hi there, I'm have hooked up my axe 2 to my head for shits and giggles. My question is a bit hard to explain but I will give it ago. I have set it up as outlined in the manual and all good getting sound. My question is how should I set the the front outputs and levels in general? Also the signal...
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    Gate /expander question with 4cm

    Hi there, Using the 4cm what is the best way to set it up? Is it better to use a separate gate? Thanks in advance
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    Axe fx 2 with tube power amp & cab question

    I'm just wondering how people go about setting up tones with a tube tube power and cab. I appreciate the this set up isn't as popular however still would like to hear from those who run there axe this way. I have found I get a good sound at low volume but seems to crap out at rehearsal. I'm...
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    Headphones only working on left side

    Hi there, as the title states I'm only getting signal through the left side. I am using a 1/4 adaptor but works in every other application. Is there a setting I'm missing? Also can anyone suggest the best headphones for use with the axe? Thanks in advance
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    Level in Amp block changing???

    Hi there, hey I'm finding that when I adjust my level in the amp block and store it, it keeps reverting back to the default setting. I have recently introduced an MFC, I dont know if that has anything to do with it. Any ideas would be muchly appreciated. Cheers
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    Is anyone using Axe 2 usb with Logic?

    I'm have trouble setting up my axe fx 2 going into Locic. I had it kinda working but I think I fluked it and now nothing. Can anyone walk me through the set up? Thanks in advance
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    Axe 2 in 4cm boosting the front of a tube amp????

    Has anyone tried this or can it even be done with good results?
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    Why do patches I download sound like crap?

    Any ideas will be welcomed. When I download patches they are always way to hot with heaps of clipping and they just dont sound anything like the recordings I hear. Now I understand that there will be differences in guitars and pups but yeah not sure whats going on. I'm thinking it must be a...
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    AXE 2 squealing issues and level setting advice desperately needed please

    Hi there, yeah on high gain patches I'm getting feedback even witht the gate threshhold up pretty high, even to the point of choking the sound. My set up is axe 2 into Mesa 2 50 in stereo into mesa stereo cab. I have checked the power tubes and they are fine. Also has anyone got any hints on...
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    What interfaces are people using with their AXE FX

    Hope this is the right section. Yeah what are people using in their home studios and does it make a big difference in tone. I'm using a Guitar rig IO Session and am wondering if I'm short changing the Axe buy using a cheap interface. Thanks in advance
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    Tone Match question

    Hi there, I'm only new to axe 2 and have been trying out some of ola englunds tone matched presets. The thing is that when I try them they sound really shithouse compared to the original and this goes beyond the obvious difference in guitar, pickups and so on. I heard another user on here using...
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    AXE 2

    Hi there, hey i just got my axe fx 2, I have been using an ultra for a while now. Just a question. Even when I bypass the power amp and cab sims everything sounds really muddy like I have my tone knob off and when I adjust the power am settings it affects the sound??? Im running it into a mesa...
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    Stereo help please

    Hi there, I'm running an axe fx ultra into a mesa 2/50 into a stereo mesa cab. I have it set up output left/right going into left/right of power amp and set outputs to stereo and it is working fine. Is this the right way to do it? Thanks in advance
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    Pitch shifter help please

    Hi there, hey I'm really having trouble with the pitchshifter in my ultra, I just cant work it out. Can anybody tell me how to program a simple root and third harmony? This would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    Plexi sim issue

    Hi there, lately I have been trying out the plexiglas sim in my ultra, the thing is I get a good tone when I have the channel master flat out but am getting output 2 clipping. When I turn the level goes down I lose the tone. Oh yeah this is with a Mesa 2/50 and Mesa cab. Thanks in advance.
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    fcb 1010 help please

    Hi there, I just bought Behringer fcb 1010, the problem is that I can not get the expression pedals to work for either volume and wah. I have read heaps of stuff about setting it up but still wont work. The presets work and the axe's midi in light at times flashes when I push the pedals down...
  18. M


    Hi there, just a question about running my ultra through the power amp section of my cobra. I'm finding that the volume is low when running it this way. The level on the axe amp is a 3 oclock and I can turn up the master on the cobra all the way. It is loud but nowhere near the same as running...
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    AXE Ultra

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum and Fractal altogether. I have just bought an Axe fx ultra and will be arriving very soon. Can anyone please tell me the best way to get it into my computer? I'm running a Guitar rig session i/o (I know it is not the best but is working for me). Like the right...
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