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    Firmware 10 lead noodling with Marco Sfogli preset-feels and sounds great!

    Hey all, just wanted to get back into backing track practicing, and i accidentally loaded A preset called Dreamy Lead from an earlier firmware, now uses IIC+ bright. Guess what? Sounds awesome! Playing on the Track wasn't rehearsed or planned, and I played only through the first two minutes, but...
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    Axe Fx II and Peavey IPR 3000 Cab setup

    Hi, just wanted to share a few points about this combo. I picked up the IPR 3000 for smaller gigs and as backup to my main PA. Since I had it I figure why not try it with my Axe. I have gigged it twice with my Axe and a 1x12 cab with a Veteran WGS speaker, and in both cases it ROCKED. I know the...
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    USA PRE YELLOW AND GREEN- Cliff, you nailed it!

    Long time triaxis user and still have one. These Sound amazing. How should I use the Power Amp/Master Volume controls here? FWIW I often gigged the triaxis using the Record Output going direct to board. and Presence should be rolled off? THANKS A TON CLIFF, TEAM AND ALL THE BETA TESTERS
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    What makes the Matrix 1000fx so much better than the Carvin 1540L?

    I have a bunch of reasons to get the carvin power amp (price, PA use aswell, more power, good reviews)-can anyone really say its that much better? Want to use with PA cabs and my guitar cabs (EV speakers). Opinions? Thanks.
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    Please take my studio lead patch and translate it for live use!! (Calling Scott)

    Hey all, haven't gigged with the Axe much as i don't have an mfc and was enjoying it too much at home and recording. Here's the thing though, last I tried, I couldn't translate my favorite lead sound (a USA lead 2 with a cali cab and royer mic) for live use, even with bumping up mids i just...
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    9.01 can only be described as...

    FAT. Thick, rich, FAT tone that's not healthy for me in this busy season. Also, modeling gets more and more accurate which means my playing is exposed more and more every update :) GREAT STUFF. Put on the Euro Red patch with a drop more delay and played for a while in total ecstasy. Thanks...
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    Axe FX Satch noodle

    Free backing track from Walimann's site. Happy Satch mood. Playing wth my Triaxis tone match patch. Sounds great direct. Theres some good shred points in between the noodling.
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    Cryin' with VH4 channel 3

    Next Satch tune. Not a lot of notes. At least not to me.
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    Got my Satch back on again...Different Guitar

    Same song, this time with my ESP Edwards Soloist instead of my Suhr, I think the playing is worse but the tone is better!
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    Got my Satch on (JVM OD1)

    Not great, but the tone just motivated me.....Suhr modern, used the noise gate in the beginning of the lead, and settings were too much. rhythm is killer...... If I could fly EDIT: PATCH ADDED! Enjoy.
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    I still can't get over the Bogner Shiva Lead channel....

    To my ears its the most "alive" lead sound I've had. Its funny, because right when I bought the AXE II I was contemplating selling it off and purchasing a Bogner 20th Shiva. I even spoke to Scott Peterson about it at the time. This model is just so rich and responsive to dynamics. The clean is...
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    Anyone suggest their favorite Own Hammer or RedWirez for live use (High gain)

    Mesa or Marshall lead tones. any suggestions?
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    Is anyone here actually using the same patches for studio AND live use?

    I don't know why , but I can get beautiful tone at home, but even with all the discussed mid-boosts, going FRFR, direct to pa, or power amp with cabs, I'm just not there if there's any gain involved. Cleans are beautiful live also, but all the gain sounds just sound too similar once volume gets...
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    Going from an ART SLA2 to a matrix power amp...

    Anyone here do this? Weight aside, is the power amp that much better? I liked the sla2 at first but I'm not blown away. Will power Ev sx300 speakers or my guitar cabs (EVL, celestions).....let me know your thoughts!
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    Bogner Shiva Lead-where's the love?

    The attack on this amp is so meaty and satisfying...
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    Trying a new preset with Brown Eye 7.0

    Trying to get that balance between clarity in the High end and shred-tastic comfort. Cabs are JM Far Field 65 and OH Recto I believe with a Royer 121. Ignore clams. Sad Jam HB by AriBoiangiu on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
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    Good wah settings for Behringer FCB1010

    Hey all, i'm doing pretty good but not perfect with the wah. I have all the settings people recommend, but anyone here use the expression pedals of their behringer fcb1010 for wah? any tips? Thanks.
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    Tone Match challenge-Please take my patches and tweak them for gigging voume!

    I would be so thrilled if I can get this tone at loud gig volumes Gigging direct to Pa with a jbl eon monitor. So i'd love anyone here to try these on your next gig and let me know how you can make them sing at band volume! Thanks
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    Has version 6.01 messed with anyone's tone matches?

    I'm so happy with my tone matched presets for recording I'm deathly afraid of losing them, but I want the new amps and pedals...what say you?
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    Diezel Patch sound check-tone matched

    I'll post the patch after i make some adjustments, but the basic patch is in one of my earlier posts...enjoy!
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    Phrygian Jam with Fortin Tone Match!

    More noodling, trying to see where I can execute (and where I CAN'T) certain licks i've been learnng. Using my Fortin TM preset. At band volumes its not quite there, but in a recording i'm loving it! Lemme know what you think...the preset is in my previous posts...search for my high gain preset...
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    Trying again-High Gain Tone matches

    These should be fine...
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    High Gain Tone Match Presets Part 2

    Here's the rest-please try em!
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    High Gain Tone Match Presets

    Backed up the axe and was able to post these presets. I'd love to know how these translate to other people's rigs-please try em and let me know!
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    Axe FX II Tone Match Jam (USA LEAD 2 High gain)

    In my quest to gain knowledge and approval from the fractal audio forum (joke), here's my third clip using Tone match. tried with a backing track. I will upload all my patches later today if anyone wants....
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    Anyone have Def leppard stems (Phil Collen leads)

    I know his rig is the jmp-1 pre so I'm sure the axe can get there. Anyone have stems or solo tracks? I've had no luck finding them.
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    High Gain Tone Matches so far...No tweaking or patch alteration...just the results...

    Lemme know what you think. Demo 2 has the amps that I tone matched in the comments...FIRE AWAY and please tell me what I'm doing wrong if i am..Thanks! I'm in a whole new world now with each new amp...Ari
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    THANK YOU FRACTAL for ending a YEAR of aggrevation-TONE MATCH

    You're going to laugh at me but I'm actually tearing up while i write this. I got my Axe II last June, and its been a struggle. I can't EQ, I don't know enough about amps, and I don't have a home studio. I've been playing for 20 years, and gigging with Boogies, Pods, Randalls, an axe fx standard...
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    Looking for stems of hot-rodded marshalls-please help

    Hey i'm all into Tone matching tonight and i'm blown away! Looking for some Phil Collen-esque stems or 80s super solo type stuff...anyone out there that can help? Ari
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    I would like to paypal 25 dollars to the person who...(lead patch help)

    Can make me my lead patch that I can rock loud on a stage. Here's where I'm at: Running 5.04b through an ART SLA2 and a lopoline cab with an ev12l. Current main guitar is a Tom Anderson Drop Top made of Alder with maple cap and neck, HSS configuration. The cleans are PERFECT (based on EJ...
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    Phil Collen Def Leppard Lead patch

    I know he uses a jmp-1 and a palmer speaker sim, but my brit pre is not exactly the same (nor can I nail his 80's delay/chorus sound perfectly). I play through an art SLA2 and EV speaker but output 1 is direct to board, if anyone cares...Whatcha got? I'm close with mark day's HBE but that has a...
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    The obligatory "fear of change" thread-if i go from 3 to 3.03 will my patches change?

    I'm rocking the free world right now...but i want the hi-res and the JVM model...will the upgrade screw with my presets?
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    Output 2 /cab sims help please!

    So i decided that for me the best setup for the axe is a solid state power amp and cabs. I gave up on FRFR and i had a great gig with my art sla2 tonight. But since every time my rig changes so do my presets, i'm still tweaking. Problem is, that if i want to go direct to house i need to add an...
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    Says the Producer/Engineer: Your gain sounds are too compressed...bigger tone

    So I was working on tracks on Sat night when the producer said that the high gain tones were great but too "small" and compressed. Mind you i was using the Recto Red patch and a the modern eddie patch (with the occasional solo 99 lead sound). So how do all of you get that "huge sound"? Mind you...
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    Cheaper solid state amp with guitar cabs

    Hey, anyone put there having luck with the cheaper pa amp lines (crown, qsc, peavey, Samson etc). For use with two guitar cabs with ev and celestion speakers. Thanks
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    V3 Sounds great-must I reset system parameters?

    Thanks in advance
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    Wah parameter settings for a stock crybaby

    Didnt see this anywhere in the wiki. Anyone have settings for a good ole' basic crybaby? Thanks
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    Some help performing Live FRFR please!

    Hey all, 2 questions with my life performances. Gigs going well and as per Matt's advice, i picked up a mackie hd1221. Sounds beautiful and clean and low gain i'm set. I have 2 problems with my lead tones and I need your advice: 1)Highs are really biting my head off. The monitor is right up at...
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    Recommend me your favorite cab sims for LiVE use please

    Hey all, I'm gigging live with a Mesa 50/50 and guitar cabs and doing great live, but looking to go FRFR and direct tonight. Did one gig direct based on stock settings and wasn't as good as I hoped yet. I am trying again tonight and would like to hear which cab sims anyone here gigs with with...
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    Output 1 (digital and physical knob) Clarification

    So live, I'm running the axe II into a boogie 50/50 and the volume is controlled by my behringer fcb pedal. I have output 1 volume controlled by midi channel 7 which is my right footpedal. Question: Is the output level supposed to affecting the sound in any way (ie running pre amp model) or...
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    Input Trim and Mesa Amps

    On my quest to replace my Triaxis once and for all, I sat down today for an hour and AB'ed my settings to create a Mesa Mark IV patch like my triaxis (Lead 2 green). Now, most mesa mark's have a gain knob and a drive knob (not the rectos). In advanced settings there's an Input Trim knob. Would...
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    Axe Fx ii expert in the NYC area? Looking for lesson/programmer

    Hey, I would be willing to pay for someone in the NYC area to help with some basics for live gigging. I'm fine with effects, but amp sounds /drive sounds/levels and soundchecking my rig is what I need. Did a gig last night and e erything turned too bright and I pushed the tweeter to hard. Things...
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    Does the Transformer Drive parameter....

    Do the same thing as the the Transformer Match parameter on the Standard/Ultra? Reading through the wiki's to work on my mesa mark/triaxis tones and it was suggested several times that that's THE parameter to tweak. As I turned it on my AXE II i felt the amp model jump out of the...
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    Update! Running axe II with Mesa 50/50 tube power and passive pa wedges

    Update! I tried something unconventional today and I found my sound! Tried my Mesa 50/50 power amp with my pa speaker-an ev sx300. Figured that's basically what the atomic wedges are. Unreal. All the eq and punchiness concerns right outthe window. This is what the axe fx should sound like!! I...
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    Axe FX II after about 10 hours and comparisons with my other rigs.

    Hey, I was fortunate to get on the list really early so my AXE FX came last thursday. Since then i've spent a long long time trying amp models through my home speakers, a powered carvin speaker that works great with some of my other rigs, and my mesa 50/50 power amp plus 1x12 cabs with...
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