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  1. Rich G.

    BodyRez emulation in FX8?

    Did some Room EQ Wizard sweep measurements on my TC Electronic Acoustic Play with BodyRez 1 enabled. Everything else was off. Definitely something other than a straight EQ happening in the mid range. I built a preset in the FX8 with just a single Parametric EQ. I adjusted the EQ to get close to...
  2. Rich G.

    BodyRez emulation in FX8?

    Anyone figure out a way to emulate TC's BodyRez in the FX8? I'd like to dedicate my FX8 to acoustic gigs since those seem to be the only gigs happening these days. I know I can just go and get the pedal, but I'm trying to down size.
  3. Rich G.

    Help to identify these locking tuners, please

    And the price keeps dropping! $17.83 on eBay. :laughing:
  4. Rich G.

    It's 2020, why can't we have a completely wireless set up?

    I'm using a MFC-101 to control our lighting wirelessly. I use a wireless midi device (Yamaha MD-BT01) connected to the MFC-101. The MFC is powered by one of THESE batteries. I charged it up and ran it for 3 or 4 days straight with all LED's on just to verify it will make it through at least two...
  5. Rich G.

    Where to buy a new Strat neck?

    I have a few guitars with Warmoth necks. In every case, I picked up the neck second hand. I've never been dissapointed. If you go with a new neck, there is a disclaimer on their website HERE stating that they do not do fret leveling after the frets are installed. Some leveling may be required...
  6. Rich G.

    Selling gear in the age of COVID

    Really? I would've thought just the opposite. I've been gathering things together with the intent to sell them when things settle down. Maybe now is a good time to start purging.
  7. Rich G.

    Selling gear in the age of COVID

    You mean you can actually sell gear? :laughing: I've picked up way too much gear over the last 15 or 20 years. I get most of it through The Gear Page. I've had very few issues going this route. Any disputes have been easily resolved. It seems most people there are in the same musician boat...
  8. Rich G.

    Anyone know Stock Market software (ThinkorSwim) procedures? Options Trading?

    New all time high today. :) :)
  9. Rich G.

    Recommendations on wireless audio control to old stereo

    I have an old Kenwood receiver I use to play music while working around the house. I typically have a tablet directly hooked up to it via 3.5mm to RCA connection and use it to play Pandora or Spotify radio. Occasionally, the stations will stop and I have to go over and tap the screen to...
  10. Rich G.

    Retirement balance with the current market?

    Hmmm... Company specializing in remote video conferencing. Up about 50% over the last month.
  11. Rich G.

    Retirement balance with the current market?

    But what if you haven't gotten out yet? :( Everything I'm reading says "Do NOT sell", "Do NOT act out of panic". [source]. I'm not completely panicked. I'm trying to look at it logically and realistically. If a) nobody knows where the bottom of this thing is, b) Everyone's pretty sure we're...
  12. Rich G.

    Retirement balance with the current market?

    We're heading in that direction. Futures for tomorrow already hit Limit Down of -5%. It'll probably open in the low 18's. Currently 18084 now. Almost 40% down from the peak of 29,551. https://www.investing.com/indices/us-30-futures
  13. Rich G.

    Retirement balance with the current market?

    Speaking or WalMart... The market is in an overall free fall. Most big name stocks are down 30% or more over the last month. Restaurant stocks are down 70% from that high point!... But not WalMart. They seem to be weathering this storm quite well. In fact, they hit an all time high today. I...
  14. Rich G.

    DC Adapter voltage variance

    Now that I'm pretty much stuck at home for a while I decided to do some organizing. One of the items on my list is to sort out my ever growing collection of about 50 wall warts. Some are AC, some DC, some 12 volts, some 9, some have special connectors, others are standard 2.5 mm barrels. During...
  15. Rich G.

    Gigs canceled due to COVID-19?

    Erie, PA All bars, restaurants, Coffee Shops, etc. are on limited hours Take-Out orders only until further notice. Which means all my gigs are canceled until further notice. Could be two weeks. Could be two months. Many of my musician friends are live streaming house gigs for tips.
  16. Rich G.

    Anyone know Stock Market software (ThinkorSwim) procedures? Options Trading?

    Right around mid Feb I was thinking it would be good to pull out of the market for a while. When I first read the story (forget where) when Apple said "We have some kind of virus thing going on here. We're asking people to stay home... aaaand we don't think we're going to make our numbers next...
  17. Rich G.

    Gigs canceled due to COVID-19?

    Erie, PA. My gigs went on as usual this past Friday and Saturday. My gigs next weekend will likely be canceled. Many restaurants and bars are suspending operations and going to take-out orders only starting today until further notice. St. Pat's day is HUGE here. Probably one of the biggest if...
  18. Rich G.

    Anyone know Stock Market software (ThinkorSwim) procedures? Options Trading?

    Best. move. ever. Hindsight me really wishes I would've done the same. :worried:
  19. Rich G.

    Gigs canceled due to COVID-19?

    I can see how some of the larger events (5000+ ppl) are getting canceled. Really wondering how it's affecting us little guys playing in smaller venues. We typically play to rooms of 100 to 400 people these days. Haven't heard anything about our gigs yet in Erie, PA.
  20. Rich G.

    Gigs canceled due to COVID-19?

    One of my Facebook friends just posted that he had his first gig cancellation due to COVID-19. As of today (Wednesday), my gigs are still on for the weekend. Anyone else have their gigs canceled?
  21. Rich G.

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    I found this article to be quite well written and informative: https://www.sleepphones.com/blog/Coronavirus-Predictions-and-Business-Impact-How-Fast-It-Will-Spread-Creating-a-Business-Continuity-Plan-and-What-You-Should-Stock-Up-On
  22. Rich G.

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Corporate announced the closing of our branch at the beginning of January before any of this virus stuff. Last Friday was my last day. Maybe it's a blessing?
  23. Rich G.

    Anyone know Stock Market software (ThinkorSwim) procedures? Options Trading?

    Yes, I can see where the confusion could come in. I just checked with another local accountant citing both links. She said $39,375 is the limit for single. Due to the confusion, I'm recommending to anyone reading this to check with their accountants... or if you're using some automated software...
  24. Rich G.

    Anyone know Stock Market software (ThinkorSwim) procedures? Options Trading?

    Line item 15 on sheet D-16: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i1040sd.pdf Met with my accountant today. Asked about the $78k number. He pulled out a giant book of tax laws for 2019 and showed me that's only for filing jointly. He then showed me the $39,375 is for single. I'm not an accountant...
  25. Rich G.

    Anyone know Stock Market software (ThinkorSwim) procedures? Options Trading?

    For clarification on 2019 Capital Gains tax rates, for single it's: 0% for taxable income of $0 to $39,375 15% for taxable income of $39,376 to $434,550 20% for taxable income $434551 or more Source: https://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/taxes/capital-gains-tax-rates/
  26. Rich G.

    Anyone know Stock Market software (ThinkorSwim) procedures? Options Trading?

    and apparently they need NFLX too. :)
  27. Rich G.

    Anyone know Stock Market software (ThinkorSwim) procedures? Options Trading?

    This has been painful. We're now down 12% over the past week. Hate waking up to see another 3% drop before the market opens.
  28. Rich G.

    Anyone looking forward to TC Electronic’s Plethora X5?

    Check out the SoftStep for the ultimate in expression foot switches.
  29. Rich G.

    Anyone looking forward to TC Electronic’s Plethora X5?

    Pretty cool! I like the streamlined layout. I have a few Toneprint pedals (Corona Chorus, Hall of Fame Reverb, Transition (Flashback) Delay) and like how they sound. This could be a replacement for all three of those.
  30. Rich G.

    Anyone know Stock Market software (ThinkorSwim) procedures? Options Trading?

    Based on a 3% drop across the board before open today, this was a smart move.
  31. Rich G.

    Anyone know Stock Market software (ThinkorSwim) procedures? Options Trading?

    "The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient." - Warren Buffett. A couple years ago I timed the market imperfectly. I dumped a ton into stocks on 9/14/18. Two weeks later a downward spiral happened that cut the value in half in a month. Funny thing...
  32. Rich G.

    DLR content... Sad

    Back in "the day" he really had it going on. He could sing and put on a show. Problem is, that sets a precedent that people expect. It's hard to live up to our 30 yr younger selves.
  33. Rich G.

    2020 AxeFxTutorials update

    Sorry to hear about your injury! Your tutorials have been quite helpful over the years. Even the older ones are a good reference. It's those things that I end up having to do once every other year that make them very useful.
  34. Rich G.

    PC program/app that will help isolate guitar tracks?

    As mentioned above, isolated tracks can be found on YouTube for some songs. AnyTune Pro+ app has some features that allow you to isolate. It's the best app I've found to date for learning songs. Karaoke Versions aren't the original tracks, but they are really well done and produced. You can...
  35. Rich G.

    Fancy displays on products- Yay or Nay?

    A favorite old saying that I've used here before in the forum... Most fishing lures are designed to catch fishermen.
  36. Rich G.

    Lyric App

    Huh? I've never been nickled nor dimed by OnSong after installing it. They do have some add-on features, but I never felt the need for them. Looks like BandHelper has a yearly subscription fee.
  37. Rich G.

    Lyric App

    OnSong... though it may be overkill for what you need.
  38. Rich G.

    Fancy displays on products- Yay or Nay?

    Dual Lock an old iPhone to the front panel. Still using my more than adequate iPhone 5S daily. Replaced the battery once. And in ten years we'll probably all be using the AxeFx V which will be compatible with the latest tablets. :)
  39. Rich G.

    Fancy displays on products- Yay or Nay?

    I say nay-nay! I'm seeing more and more products come out that have integrated touch screens. The screens are getting bigger. The graphics are getting 'prettier'. I say there's no need for fancier displays. In fact, there's no need for an on-board display at all for a few reason... The...
  40. Rich G.

    LR Baggs Soundscape. I'm intrigued.

    LR Baggs recently unveiled a new product called Soundscape. It captures an IR from your acoustic guitar. Very intriguing. I'm tempted to try one out.
  41. Rich G.

    Any one recommend a good USB hub for Mac Pro?

    Sometimes it's just as important to know what NOT to get. I picked up one of THESE a while back. It works ok for a mouse, but it seemed buggy on large file transfers. I found a lot of my mp3 files had blips and blurts after being transferred from a USB drive with this hub. Plugging the USB drive...
  42. Rich G.

    Elixir Optiweb feel tighter?

    Hmm... found THIS post from 3/12/19 where the guy says: "First, [OptiWebs] felt very stiff and tight. I prefer a slinky, bendy feel, which is why I use .09s. With the Elixirs it felt like I had gone up two string gauges to .11s." I sent a message to Elixir asking about it. I have a few tests...
  43. Rich G.

    Elixir Optiweb feel tighter?

    I've been using Elixir Nanowebs 10's for something like 10 years. Just to try something different, I decided to order Optiwebs. Had my first gig with them last night. I don't know if it's just me or what... but today my fingers feel like I had 12's on last night. I found I had to 'double-up' to...
  44. Rich G.

    Default Q value = 1/√2

    RMS is the Root Mean (average) Squared value of a waveform. 0.707 Vpk is only good for sine waves. Q of 0.707 corresponds to the -3db cutoff point (20 log(0.707)) of a filter. It’s just a coincidence that the two are the same.
  45. Rich G.

    Guthrie Govan FX8

    That's a MK I in the video. He must have been using the FX8 for quite a while.
  46. Rich G.

    "Daily Driver" amp recommendations

    I'm thinking about getting a decent inexpensive SS amp for daily use around the house, band practices, and possibly gigs if needed in a pinch. I've a Tech 21 Trademark 10 which is good enough for sitting down and learning songs, but not enough for band practice. The 1x12 50W Boss Katana MKII...
  47. Rich G.

    Very bad news

    I wouldn't have known about Carol Ann amps had it not been for Fractal. I got a Tucana 3r combo based on all the praise here. Everyone who gets to hear it or play though it agrees it's about as perfect as tone gets. Great amp.
  48. Rich G.

    Newby with stocks and trading..... Advice and tips

    Warren Buffett has said, "The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient."
  49. Rich G.

    High-shielded cables and EMI noise

    Quietest guitar I have is a '79 Les Paul Custom. All the pots in the control cavity mount to a metal plate. There's an "ash tray" sort of cover that goes over the top of all that. The 3-Way switch has a metal cup around it as does the input jack.
  50. Rich G.

    Tuner Poll

    7 YEARS. I've been wanting this for 7 years. I feel like my voice has been heard. I can hardly believe it's happening!! THANK YOU!
  51. Rich G.

    Some questions about the tuner

    What key is Tom Petty's Mary Jane's Last Dance in?... or Steve Miller's The Joker? ;)
  52. Rich G.

    Tuner Poll

    If I had to choose one, it would be all flats. HOWEVER, I would ultimately prefer to have the ability to define an offset. Same ol' thing I'e been sayin' for 7 years now.
  53. Rich G.

    Some questions about the tuner

    WISH LIST ITEM: Add a transpose to the tuner... just like the StroboSoft app. Add that and we'll never see another one of these "Why does the tuner display..." threads again. Problem closed.
  54. Rich G.

    Gibson Burstbucker Pro Vs Suhr Aldrich pickup comparison

    Nice comparison. Aldrich's sound more scooped than the BurstBuckers. I would imagine they would get lost in the mix more so than the BB's. Based on this comparison, I'd pick BB Pro's. If you're on a ToneQuest for your LP, be sure to check out some Bare Knuckle Mules. I have an '08 LP...
  55. Rich G.

    Some questions about the tuner

    Related Thread And if we go waaay back, you can find related content HERE.
  56. Rich G.

    FAS Link cable run works for FC-6 but not FC-12

    The wire in cable snakes is typically stranded 22 or 24 AWG which has a resistance of approximately 15 or 25 ohms per 1000 ft respectively (Source). What is maximum voltage drop the FC-12 can withstand?
  57. Rich G.

    The first ever Extension Module for MFC-101 !

    I made a switchbox for my MFC-101. It has 8 switches. Four go to the switch inputs, the other four go to the expression pedal inputs that I'll be using as switches. The box is made of folded 16ga steel height and angled to match the pitch of the MFC-101. I primed and painted it with Rust-Oluem...
  58. Rich G.

    Wish Larger and more accurate calibration on the advanced tuner configuration parameters

    Whatever it takes to make my A string display 'A' at 415.3 Hz... and the harmonizer should also be based on that calibration... So it doesn't matter if I use a guitar tuned to A440 or a half step down to A415.3. All I have to do is change the calibration and all my harmonizer presets will be "in...
  59. Rich G.

    Wish Larger and more accurate calibration on the advanced tuner configuration parameters

    I don't have a III, but this is a wish I've had for the II for a long time. Maybe not a full octave, but something wider. My band tunes down a half step, so A is 415.3 Hz. The calibration only goes down to 430. The tuner that I use on my iPhone (iStroboSoft) allows you to transpose the tuner in...
  60. Rich G.

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Another encore?? I had already stood up, gathered my coat and program and was headed towards the isle. I'm going back to my seat! Many thanks to the Fractal Team!!
  61. Rich G.

    Anyone Know What The Best Software Would Be For Isolating Instruments?

    I'm a regular user of Anytune Pro+ for the iPad. It's the best tool I've come across for learning material. You can really hone in on certain aspects of a song, however it can only do so much. Once the "soup" is made, it's near impossible to extract individual "spices" from the mix. To get...
  62. Rich G.

    What A Pain In The Neck!

    I've been having pain in my neck for years. It often radiated to my right shoulder and down to my right elbow. After some trips to the Dr and X-Rays they said "I have a neck of a 90 yr old" and left it at that... which did nothing for the chronic pain. I did a lot of research and came to the...
  63. Rich G.

    I have a weakness for Anderson's

    Very nice! Looks a lot like mine, 'cept I have the Switcheroo.
  64. Rich G.

    The Aristocrats - 7/1/19 - tour opener

    I wish I could be this 'amateur'.
  65. Rich G.

    How to tactfully decline playing benefits

    Very true... AND if you play a benefit for A, but not for B then people are bound to get upset. One thing I have no problem rejecting is a "fundraiser". For example, if your daughter's cheer team is trying to raise money so her cheer team can go to a national competition in FL. Yes- we were...
  66. Rich G.

    How to tactfully decline playing benefits

    I'm not sure if this is a universal thing, but it certainly happens a lot where I'm from. Something unfortunate happens where people need money. A house burns down, an unforeseen illness, a tragic accident. People group together to see what they can do to help... and someone suggests "let's get...
  67. Rich G.

    Using the Harmonizer / Queen project

    I'm doing a one-off project from my band where we're doing a bunch of Queen songs. A lot of Brian May's solos contain inter-weaving harmony parts. My Best Friend, for example, sounds like it contains 3 or 4 harmony lines at various points in the song. I haven't used the Harmonizer all that much...
  68. Rich G.

    Tech info to give sound person for DI gig

    I tell them "treat it like a keyboard."
  69. Rich G.

    Brian May patches

    Any chance we can get the Burgs or AustinBuddy preset in AxeFX II (Original) format? I tried converting with FracTool, but no luck.
  70. Rich G.

    Sennheiser XSW-D, Thoughts?

    Do you have the receivers connected direct to the inputs on the back of the AxeFx III?
  71. Rich G.

    Sennheiser XSW-D, Thoughts?

    I'm interested in the XSW-D wireless as something I can use without having to set up stuff. I just want something I can throw into the guitar case and go. How are these on interference due to Wi Fi and other 2.4GHz systems? I've been using Line 6 XD-V70 systems for a long time and have run into...
  72. Rich G.

    Hum (Bad earth) at strange times

    Do you have control over the system? If so, turn it off to see if the noise goes away. We first have to confirm this is the problem. If it is the problem, look into contacting the manufacturer of the equipment or the installer. They might have some input on filtering system that will reduce the...
  73. Rich G.

    I need SMALL and LIGHT PA speakers & monitors for my jazz band

    I recently picked up an RCF EVOX J8 system for my acoustic gigs. The clarity and coverage obtained with just one of these is really good. I also use it for practice. We run an electronic drum kit and bass direct into. It would be perfect for a small venue of around 100 people. The 120 degree...
  74. Rich G.

    Hum (Bad earth) at strange times

    Hmmm... Noise during daylight hours only? Are there any solar panels around? The inverters used in photovoltaic systems can cause EMI.
  75. Rich G.

    Paul Gilbert new album

    His solo stuff has evolved a lot over the years. He sang on his early albums (Flying Dog, Alligator Farm, and Spaceship One). They were very melodic and had great harmony vocals. Lyrics are pretty funny sometimes (SVT). More recent albums are instrumental and jazzy. Either way, I've always liked...
  76. Rich G.

    MFC-101 SysEx Decode Utility

    I recently created a Windows 10 command line MFC-101 SysEx decoder utility that produces a csv file output that can be imported into an Excel spreadsheet. The accompanying spreadsheet further decodes the csv into a report format. It has tabs for Presets, Switches, Songs, Sets and Info. I'm...
  77. Rich G.

    Windows 10 Sucks!

    My favorite UI of all time... C:\>
  78. Rich G.

    Bank Select MSB sent with Program Change, but no LSB?

    I was looking at the MFC-101 output using MidiOx and noticed whenever a Program Change is called for, the Bank Select MSB is also sent. The data looks like this: 0xB0 0x00 0x00 0xC0 0x00 The Bank Select LSB is missing. Is there a way in the MFC to have it also send the LSB?... so the msg...
  79. Rich G.

    Recommendation needed : full In-Ear Monitoring & PA System

    We've been running the same QSC KW system for about 8 years now and have been really happy with it. It consists of: 2 x QSC KW153 FOH Top cabs 4 x QSC KW181Subs 2 x QSC KW122 Mon 2 x QSC K10 Mon Our singer uses IEM's, but no one else does. At the heart of the system is an X32 Rack. Hard to...
  80. Rich G.

    Cracking The Code

    If you're diggin' the series, Check out his "how it's made" follow up HERE. You get to see the process of creating scenes. He had to have spent an enormous amount of time on this project. He has a lot more worthwhile vids on his YouTube channel as well.
  81. Rich G.

    Cracking The Code

    Ok, I know I'm a little late to the game on this. I did a search for "Cracking the code" and found posts going waaayy back. However, maybe some of you, like myself, were unaware of this series. I recently was told about and watched this 12 part series: Cracking The Code. It dives deep into...
  82. Rich G.

    Some days...I love YouTube.

    YouTube is usually my first stop when it comes to learning how to play a song. It's much easier for me to see someone breakdown parts of a song. That being said, I agree with you regarding instruction. I took lessons for four years when I started out, then 20 years later I took lessons for 6...
  83. Rich G.

    Bug? Ares 1 default values

    As a software engineer, I've been known to say there's a fine line between a Bug and a Feature. A Feature can be immediately explained, A Bug can not... although sometimes Bugs become Features once understood.
  84. Rich G.

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Here it is, the FINAL AxeFX II Firmware release (except for bug fixes, if any). I feel like I should be in a large auditorium with fellow AxeFxer's as we all rise and give a standing ovation. It has been an incredible journey for this product from the humble word-of-mouth (or internet)...
  85. Rich G.

    Do you fly .....Do you like your hearing ?

    I used to fly a lot. I'd occasionally have pain as you're describing. Especially when I was stuffed up. Couple things that helped during the flight were a) yawning and b) chewing gun. These helped relieved the pressure before it got to be too much.
  86. Rich G.

    How to get Reaper output to monitors

    That's what I ended up doing- Grabbed a couple XLR cables and hooked up the monitors directly to the AxeFx Output. Thanks!
  87. Rich G.

    How to get Reaper output to monitors

    Sorry- Really new to using Reaper. I have Reaper set up to use FAS USB Audio ASIO Driver. I can record and play along with other tracks by using the Phones output of the AxeFx. How do I route things so the audio goes out the computer's sound card output? All I see for output options is OUT 1...
  88. Rich G.

    Open Sourced Axe-Fx 2

    There nothing stopping anyone from coming up with a product that benefits from open source. The MOD Duo is one example. In the case of Fractal Audio who produces audio processors for a living, it behooves them to protect their intellectual property.
  89. Rich G.

    Recording with effects Yay or Nay?

    Despite having decades of stage experience, I'm a complete novice when it comes to recording. I've recently been asked to provide some guitar tracks for a local artist's recording. Would it be better to track the dry guitar and add effects later? I think of reverb as an overall effect so I...
  90. Rich G.

    "modeling technology" and Artists & 75% of the time..lol

    All his talk about "latency" and running the Synergy preamp in the loop of the Legacy... yet not a word about the AxeFX II blinking away right between them. I'm sure the Synergy preamp sounds good. I used an RM4 system for years. It has sat dormant since I started using an Ultra followed by a...
  91. Rich G.

    What type of quick disconnect for pickup swapping

    I picked up a pickup that had connector on it. When I asked the seller about it, he sent me a link to THIS informative thread where he discussed the connectors.
  92. Rich G.

    Locking tuner replacement for these tuners?

    Reminds me of story... I had locking tuners that required a screwdriver or a coin to unlock. I broke a string during a gig and couldn't find a coin to undo the locking screw. I went up to the mic and asked (in front of a packed house) "Does anyone have a quarter I can use? I need it to unlock...
  93. Rich G.

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    I sincerely appreciate the efforts you and the whole Fractal team put in to ensure your products are the best they can possibly be. This is precisely why I own an AxeFx II, Ultra, FX8, AX8, two MFC-101's, and three EV-1's.
  94. Rich G.

    Fishman Fluence?

    A friend came to me asking for pickup advice. One of his main concerns is noise. He wants a humbucker set that's as quiet as possible. He has a Duncan JB & 59 set right now. Are the Fluence pickups any quieter than traditional humbuckers?
  95. Rich G.

    Are these Axe-Fx 2 hardware limitations?

    Though I do like me some updates, I also like it when things settle for a bit. It allows me some time to dial in presets and discover what new parameters do.
  96. Rich G.

    Help needed: keyboard brand/model recommendations

    Been watching this thread as I'm interested in possibly adding some keys. I'm intrigued by the A25. I love that it's so compact! To use it live I imagine it will require bringing a laptop to run some software and some sort of plug in for sounds... I'm really new to all this keyboard stuff...
  97. Rich G.

    EHX sues Mooer

    I'm sure piracy of this type is an underground industry of itself. I've often been suspicious of the Blizzard wiCICLE and the Donner DMX512 wireless lighting systems. I picked up some of the Donner wireless stuff... it comes with a Blizzard manual! I imagine a lot of electronic products like...
  98. Rich G.

    Santa Cruz Shred

    I'm a little late to the game on this one... The other night I discovered Santa Cruz. This was followed quickly by discovering Santa Cruz is no more. Too bad, I'd love to see some new stuff from them. There's some serious shred going on here that reminds me of old Racer X or Cacophony. In some...
  99. Rich G.

    Any tabs site(s) worth paying for? Do you play the song exactly?

    I've been playing in cover bands for about 20 years now. Over that time I've learned quite a few songs... guessing a few thousand. I'm always learning new songs and have developed a method that does not involve paying for tabs. It has evolved over the years with emerging technology. Gone are...
  100. Rich G.

    RIP XL+...?

    I've been using an original AxeFX II for 7 years and barely scratch the surface of its capabilities.
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