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  1. Alex C

    Amazing female vocals on Dream Theater-ish prog metal

    This is like Dream Theater with a powerful female singer, and her voice is just incredible. The riffs are proggy and melodic and I really like the musical side of this, but I keep coming back for that voice and I can't stop listening. I love DT, but I can't help feeling like this is what "The...
  2. Alex C

    Neat Christmas cover: Mr. Grinch

    Great vocals on this.
  3. Alex C

    Advice on selling a PRS with damaged tremolo knife edges

    I'm planning to sell a 2002 PRS Swamp Ash Special, natural finish, PRS tremolo bridge, no birds. I'm the original/only owner, and I got this guitar when I graduated from high school in 2003. Around that time, in a moment of youthful folly while attempting to lower the action, instead of...
  4. Alex C

    Is there a name for this common D-chord thing?

    I don't know the right terms to use here, but there's a D chord "enhancement thing" that is used in a number of popular songs and is usually played by an acoustic guitar. That thing where you hold a D chord shape and add and remove the 4th and 2nd (pinky and middle) fingers. One way of writing...
  5. Alex C

    NUX Cerberus - Multi-function effects pedal with presets and IR loading

    Does anyone have any experience with this? I just learned about it and can't quite tell if it has been fully released or where it could be purchased (it's out of stock everywhere I've seen, or maybe not yet in stock). Overdrive, distortion, tremolo/phaser/univibe, mutliple chorus types, delay...
  6. Alex C

    New band for old-timers/Zeppelin fans: Greta van Fleet

    This band sounds like the reincarnation/second coming of Zeppelin. They only have a 4-track EP so far.
  7. Alex C

    Tue Madsen mixing Meshuggah's guitars

    Very neat look into the mixing process behind the new album. I especially liked watching the process of boosting a narrow frequency spike and sweeping that around to find particularly offensive frequencies, then dropping those by several dB. The original EQ initially sounded fine to me, but...
  8. Alex C

    250k volume pot coil-split mod, retains 500k for humbuckers [diagram included]

    I'm the proud owner of a Carvin/Kiesel DC727 that I received about two years ago and I've been very pleased with it. I ordered it just before the Lithium humbuckers were available, but I was able to get a late prototype version of them, which I'm also pleased with and which are still in this...
  9. Alex C

    Danny Carey (drummer from Tool) sitting in with a teenage girl cover band

    Apparently this was at a charity golf event. The girls' band was the entertainment, and after his round of golf Danny offered to sit in when he learned that "The Pot" was on the setlist.
  10. Alex C

    Best way to remove a broken 1/4" adapter from Axe-Fx rear output?

    I recently ran into an issue while testing different connection configurations using a standard 1/4" to 1/8" TRS adapter (like this) in a rear output of the Axe-Fx. When I pulled on the base of the adapter to remove it, the tip portion remained in the jack while the rest came out. The tip...
  11. Alex C

    Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig

    http://www.tech21nyc.com/products/sansamp/bassflyrig.html This looks like a great product. Compared to the original guitar Fly Rigs, this one seems to have some really useful added features like a built-in tuner and a pre/post switch for the boost, along with the bass-specific stuff. EDIT...
  12. Alex C

    [NOT A BUG] Axe-Fx II - VU meter issue (1 to 2dB low after preset recall)

    I'm currently on Quantum 2.00. A week or two ago I had leveled my presets with the VU meter and then slightly by ear, and everything was good, as it had been the dozens of times I had leveled in the past. Today I checked the VU meter on one of my main presets and saw that it was between -2...
  13. Alex C

    Quantum 1.05 Hot Kitty test - Drop-D noodling - cleanish and heavy

    Here's some noodling using the 1.05 firmware. I used a Kiesel DC727 into an Axe-Fx II MkI using Quantum 1.05 firmware. The amp model is the Hot Kitty into the Vox Beatle 4x12 cab that was part of the "UltraRes Samples" from a few firmwares ago. No tweaks to default amp settings other than...
  14. Alex C

    "Sam Ash" scene from Mike Judge's 2009 film "Extract"

    The rest of the film has nothing to do with guitars, but I thought this scene in a Sam Ash store was worth sharing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNG8wW6Ffw4
  15. Alex C

    NGD - Carvin DC727 - Koa, Limba/Koa, Zebrawood

    I'm a first-time Carvin/Kiesel owner with a new DC727 that I ordered as a graduation gift for myself after finishing grad school. Here are the specs reproduced from the packing slip: DC727 7 STRING GUITAR, FIXED BRIDGE SS RPL TO GRAPH TECH STRING SAVER KOA KOA BODY SIDES /GD...
  16. Alex C

    Danelectro Fab Metal Distortion Review

    This kid does a pretty extensive review of the Danelectro Fab Metal pedal, exploring the nuances and subtle details of its complex gain structure and dynamic response. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XejLGKJyX2U&
  17. Alex C

    [Wish (forum)] Forum search character minimum of 3 (currently 4)

    It appears that the vBulletin forum search character minimum is currently set to the default value of 4. This makes it impossible to search for many common terms, especially acronyms (MFC, FCB, QSC, LED, USB, etc.). It's possible to use a custom search on Google (that includes...
  18. Alex C

    FW14 TX Star Clean + BB Pre

    Here's a demo of the new TX Star Clean amp model, first clean and then driven with the BB Pre drive block. I saw Clark Kent's tip to lower the Master from the default setting of 5.0 to get things to clean up a little, and then I turned up INPUT DRIVE to taste. Amp: TX Star Clean Cab...
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