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  1. gabbenante

    Why do downloaded user presets sound different on my set-up?

    Another mans blanket is another mans perfect preset...but this preset truly is guitar dependant! All I did was to turn the master down to 3 and turn the level up to -15 to compensate lost volume. I am using a Fender Strat 62 reissue MIJ with Kinman Hx Traditional Mk-III K9 pickups. I am using...
  2. gabbenante

    Keith Urban Tone - "Good Thing" Cover

    Great tone/performance! =)
  3. gabbenante

    VAN HALEN plexi [updated patch-fw11.03]---free download

    There will be no looking back in regret! =)
  4. gabbenante

    U2 - Iris (Hold Me Close)

    Great tone! Just curious if on preset 2 AC30TB if you engage the boost switch. Thx Greg
  5. gabbenante

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Done! Brilliant as there are many popular presets on Exchange that are now usable for me (AxeFx II user) Thank you Greg
  6. gabbenante

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.02 Firmware Release

    Beyond amazing!!! :)
  7. gabbenante

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Settings > Refresh after firmware
  8. gabbenante

    Steve Lukather CAE 3+SE preset

    Thank you so much for sharing this and your other preset! Both of these translate wonderfully for my Ibanez RG (Tone Zone bridge, PAF Joe neck) totally plug and play. Superior presets. Thanks again ;) Greg
  9. gabbenante

    Ritchie Blackmore preset

    I wanted to add that having the Treble Boost being paired with the FET is working really well with this setup! Thanks again.
  10. gabbenante

    Ritchie Blackmore preset

    WOW!! Love this preset. Very Dynamic and great rolled off volume characteristics. ;) Using a MIJ 62 Strat re-issue loaded with Kinman Traditional MK III (thanks to Burgs!) Thank you for sharing! Greg
  11. gabbenante

    Does anyone else find they have a new favorite amp in different firmware releases

    ...He who controls the spice controls the universe
  12. gabbenante

    FX Loop - What have I done wrong???

    Now to re-apply the Quantum firmware!!! Quantum is just outrageous. Thanks again Chris!
  13. gabbenante

    FX Loop - What have I done wrong???

    OOOH Crap! Yes I accidentally plugged the CLR to Input 2 instead of Output 2 when I setup from returning from a gig!!! Chris Thank you!!! YOU ROCK!
  14. gabbenante

    FX Loop - What have I done wrong???

    Yes Output 2 is turned up but the way this patch works you should hear both and the FX Block should not "block" the signal to output 1 which it is...
  15. gabbenante

    FX Loop - What have I done wrong???

    Its like I somehow broke the Block??? Is that possible?
  16. gabbenante

    FX Loop - What have I done wrong???

    Thx for reply Chris! Strange thing is when I reset while its in bypass mode it then goes silent again but if I un-bypass then bypass again I can hear a signal.
  17. gabbenante

    FX Loop - What have I done wrong???

    I don't know how it happened or what I may have done, but the FX Loop block only lets a signal through when its bypassed? Example for me is patch "OUT1->FOH OUT2->CAB" (which has the FX Loop in between the Reverb and Cab blocks) I cant hear any sound unless I bypass the FX Loop which normally I...
  18. gabbenante

    Keith Urban's 5F8

    Always appreciate your in-depth demos/reviews. Thanks for posting!
  19. gabbenante

    Orange + Marshall is a Great Strat Combination

    Tyler out of curiosity, can you tell me what pickups you prefer on a strat with an alder body? Greg
  20. gabbenante

    Orange + Marshall is a Great Strat Combination

    Thank you for the clarification. I just bought a fender strat 62 reissue yesterday (1st real strat although its made in Japan) and this preset IS KILLER as well as the Bassman you shared the other day. I love your clips. Thanks again, your presets are always top notch and now through my setup...
  21. gabbenante

    Orange + Marshall is a Great Strat Combination

    Tyler Thank you for sharing this preset! Can you please tell me at what level is your output 1? 12 o'clock ish or less? As I am wondering if I am doing something wrong as I always need to turn the volume in your presets down like 10-12db. Thanks again! Greg
  22. gabbenante

    question about blending two amps

    Bluesmostly, here is the HB CleanCrunch patch ;) I took the modifier off the mixer (vol pedal - extrn 1) and also set it to stereo so you can just plug and play. and by output 1 and 2 I mean the levels knobs on the front of the AxeFx II. And these are created on Axe Fx II...
  23. gabbenante

    question about blending two amps

    I forgot to mention that when in path 1 the volume blocks are off and only engaged when the 2 one is activated (scenes 5-8 ) I am posting a Medium gain patch that you might like that uses factory cabs and shows the routing better in this screenshot: 1. Go to the mixer block and set it to stereo...
  24. gabbenante

    question about blending two amps

    Here is what I do (not a pro player...) I use 2 paths which I basically set up where the 1st patch is on set up and the second patch is one that gets added/blended. This is a Clean Double Verb by itself and then the ODS adds drive but the Double Verb stays on so its more texture. you blend and...
  25. gabbenante

    Amundsen Hammond FW 18.04

    Cogrango, Downloaded the cpu friendly version and WOW!!! This preset is super and put a huge smile on my face ;) Having this a choice in our sound arsenal is very beneficial. Thank you for sharing this with us! Greg
  26. gabbenante

    Sneak Preview: New Cab Pack Goodness Heading Your Way

    Sweet sounding clip thx for posting!
  27. gabbenante

    *fw17.03* RACER X - Motor Man cover [w/ patch]

    Simply Mind-blowing!! 8) Thank you for sharing the patch! Sounds great as always. Greg
  28. gabbenante

    Judas Priest Cover Axe-Fx FW 17.02

    Great to see a new vid from you Mark 8) I know its been said many times, your videos sealed the deal for me making my purchase. [fact] Keep up the good work! Greg
  29. gabbenante

    My Band Playing Rebel Yell - Live Video

    That was GREAT! Can't wait to try the patches 8) Thanks for sharing them! Greg
  30. gabbenante

    Axe-Edit 3.1.2

    Thx Matt! Great new features :encouragement: I have learned to wait for Axe-Edit to try the releases so this is perfecto! Greg
  31. gabbenante

    fw15.03 | Friedman BE Classic Rock Crunch [w/patch]

    Rocco Immense appreciation for your sharing your patches that are always 100% plug and play on my end!!! Thank you Greg 8)
  32. gabbenante

    Chef's Breaking the Silence

    Love how this patch is so dynamic and reacts well to guitar vol changes as far as cleaning up and retaining tone! I like how you dial in the distortion yet has a low background noise even when the gates are not engaged. Sweet patch, thank you for posting it!8)
  33. gabbenante

    Chef's Strange Land

    Chef...LOVE this preset!!! Thanks for sharing 8) Tickled pink by the cab choices in this preset and the amp was unexpected as well, I would have never guessed!
  34. gabbenante

    Your first guitar & amp

    Still have um...Purchased when I was 19 (54 now) 76 Les Paul recording...slightly modified :shock Acoustic 230 head...ouch :?
  35. gabbenante

    12.05 JCM800 in the mix test

    Very Nice! Sounded great!
  36. gabbenante

    Chef's Kee Marcello lead...

    Chef, Great playing and what a sweet lead tone! Thanks for sharing this patch. Just tried it on an RG with Tone Zone (bridge) PAF Joe (Neck) and I love how the distortion is so clean/clear if that makes sense :geek I then tried it on a single coil guitar (Casio Midi Guitar hehehe :?) with...
  37. gabbenante

    A Comet i really like!!

    Outstanding playing and great sounding preset! Just curious as to what guitar it is that you are playing on this recording? Thanks for posting. Greg
  38. gabbenante

    Whitesnake - Still Of The Night

    Chef this is MASSIVE!!!:shock Awesome preset, plug and play super huge sounding (RG with Tone Zone in bridge) This is going into favorites folder!8) Thank you for sharing. Greg
  39. gabbenante

    Dumble Note flips

    Previously shared (post #13) The flip occurs at the end of the 5th note (@ 5 seconds). Petty hard not to hear it, at least what is claimed to be a flip...go to the audio link inside this persons post. http://www.tdpri.com/forum/2941412-post3.html
  40. gabbenante

    Money Test

    That was great!
  41. gabbenante

    Dumble Note flips

    Hi LVC, Did a little search and came up with what appears to be a "technical" explanation as well as a another audio clip, where in the post they refer to the Phenomenon as "Swirl". Perhaps Cliff could validate the explanation as it seems to be a characteristic of the amp design and not a...
  42. gabbenante

    Cleanning up Twin Reverb model

    I think its wise to only used advanced stuff as a last resort as these are the likely candidates getting revised in the firmware updates and could cause time consuming re-tweaking on the users end when major updates do occur. And if they are user modified from default, care should be taken by...
  43. gabbenante

    New AXE FX 2 Owner - help a man out!

    Velokki, Have day off today, thought I would take a peek as I love all of the presets Wes has posted. Cant remember :? setting up for dry/reamp at the moment, but... What I noticed is that your setting in the input/section should not be utilized as Wes has a Gate/Expander block with very...
  44. gabbenante

    FW11 Dumble ODS Patch For single coils

    LVC, This is another gem!!! And exactly what you say is what you get from this patch ;) I am grateful for your skills/experience in the "tube world" and its translation to the AxeFx and on top of that your willingness to share. Thanks again. Greg
  45. gabbenante

    Vibro Verb is my favorite all in one

    Scrumpy, Thanks for sharing this info...nice way to "spruce up" this preset! Translates well to SC or HB pups ;) Greg
  46. gabbenante

    FW 11 All Around Gig Patch For Single Coil Guitars

    Hi LVC, I am assuming this the completed version of the WIP you posted yesterday right? Yesterdays post was already kickbutt ;) Thank you for sharing this workhorse!!! Greg
  47. gabbenante

    FW 11 Jumpered Plexi Video - VH's I'm The One

    WOW!!!...What a sweet patch 8) Thank You Adam! Greg
  48. gabbenante

    George Lynch/DOKKEN Plexi tone (Back For The Attack era-1987) - (w/ PATCH)

    Rocco, Thanks for sharing this patch. It is AWESOME!!! I have a Tone Zone pup in the bridge of an RG and the tone I am getting full volume or otherwise is stellar! (using 11b fw)
  49. gabbenante

    Mr.E's All Amps Presets for FW11b

    Thx levipeto for hooking up that link 8) MisterE thank you for sharing - this rocks!!!
  50. gabbenante

    The Toruk Has landed!

    Thx. My pickups must be hotter (Samarium Cobalt Noiseless SC) or I just bang on the strings too hard :) I just went to the output tab to adjust the volume down for 4 and 5 and a little up on 1. Very sweet preset!!! This will be great for a standard template for me. Thanks for sharing Greg
  51. gabbenante

    The Toruk Has landed!

    Hi LVC, Regarding your scene 4 and 5 in your Twin Tweed patch (non cab sim)... This being said, when you actually do turn up your vol and tone all the way, do you see output 1 clipping on the Fractal when you hit the strings relatively hard? Thanks Greg
  52. gabbenante

    New owner and lovin it!!

    Been my modus operandi since July 3 2011. One glorious day I too may actually become productive...but until that day ;)
  53. gabbenante

    just took a tour thru my amps in 11

    Clarky Thanks for posting some of your presets. I just need to figure the midi controller assignments out =) I bought a FCB1010 that was modded like 6 months ago and haven't really needed to use it. But now is a good time!!! I have enjoyed following your thread and the recordings of your tone...
  54. gabbenante

    Axe-Fest II

    I would definitely attend again!
  55. gabbenante

    Get Yer 11.0 Beta Here!

    To me the most noticeable pleasant surprise is...when I turn down my volume pot, it seams as though the tone retains the treble all the way down. I never turned down the pot as I didn't like the muffled sound. Simply amazing or I must be dreaming =) Thanks Cliff this is killer so far!!! Greg
  56. gabbenante

    Get Yer 11.0 Beta Here!

    Would happy to sample! =)
  57. gabbenante

    Triptik for hard rok

    Aziz, Sounds great! RG w/ToneZone in the bridge 8) Thx for posting! Greg
  58. gabbenante

    Rock cover songs with both keys *and* guitars?

    Blue Oyster Cult Frank Marino/Mahogany Rush Head East Molly Hatchet
  59. gabbenante

    Post a Good Tone with Every Amp!

    Aziz, Excellent demo of amps. Nice chops! Thanks for posting the patch as its totally plug and play and sounds identical to to recording8) Greg
  60. gabbenante

    Announcing Fractal-Bot 1.1

    Yes Phostenix...
  61. gabbenante

    Why The World Needs Mark Day

    Plug and play awesomeness as always 8) Thank you for sharing this patch Mark!!!
  62. gabbenante


    That was great!
  63. gabbenante

    Dimarzio Evolution DP159 or Fred DP153 + Axe FX II anyone?

    My current favorite to play at this time is an RG with basswood body with Tone Zone in the bridge, Fender Vintage Noiseless middle, PAF Joe neck. I originally tried an Evo in the bridge, but as Clarky said very bright. The final setup I ended up with is very balanced and versatile.
  64. gabbenante

    Live Studio Video - FAS Modern

    That was great! Nice work.
  65. gabbenante

    Used the Axe FX to demo a 1973 Stratocaster I'm Selling...

    Tyler, Great video and great playing! Was that the same patch for the whole video? It seemed so. Also what make/model headphones are you using and are they plugged into the Axe or are you monitoring that signal elsewhere? Greg
  66. gabbenante

    Help me decide here

    I like the "wider yet in your face" tone of #2 8) Had they both been separate posts, I would still want the preset for both :)
  67. gabbenante

    Malmsteen attenpt

    ^^^What he said 8)
  68. gabbenante

    Fender Deluxe Fusion

    Dave, Awesome stuff as usual ;) Thanks for sharing the vid and posting the preset to Axe-Change. Cant wait to try this preset out after work tonight! Greg
  69. gabbenante

    New Original

    Inspiring...like a theme to a dream 8)
  70. gabbenante

    Why do patches I download sound like crap?

    Metal. Just as a point of reference here is a link to one of David Wallimans presets that was a simple "plug and play awsome results without any tweaking whatsoever patch" for me. Its a lead patch that put a huge smile on my face, big sounding/loud without clipping anything internal to the...
  71. gabbenante

    LPD Tone Clone - Pat Travers Cant Be Right / Snortin' Whiskey

    Groovenut - Those are some crazy skillz you posess!!! AMAZING AS ALWAYS ;) Greg
  72. gabbenante

    Axe FX II - High gain amp showcase, 13 amp models

    WOW!!!! Over the TOP =)
  73. gabbenante

    LPD - Loading User Cab IRs Into AxeFxII Using Axe-Edit Demo

    Thanks Groovenut!! Really like the 2nd method demonstrated and appreciate the time you spent to produce the video. Greg
  74. gabbenante

    Scott Szeryk - "Southern Roads" - AXE FX2 - With PATCH

    Patch is great! Thank you for sharing this 8)
  75. gabbenante

    LPD TNT Le Tekro Intuition Tone Clone

    Love this patch!!! I played it for about a half hour using an RG with a Tone Zone in the bridge also tried it using a strat copy with Samarium Cobalt Noiseless pups and was great as well. Seems to be spot on to me and at 102+ db it really opens up =) What amazes me is that I keep thinking it...
  76. gabbenante

    my first actual song with the Axe-II

    First class! Thanks for posting this Clarky! Greg
  77. gabbenante

    Track from our new debut album

    WOW! Cool groove great guitar tones and vocals. Thanks for posting =)
  78. gabbenante

    More great AC-30 tone with 6.02

    Wow...luv this patch!!! (Strat with Samarium Cobalt Noiseless pups + nice breakup crunch using RG w/Tone Zone bridge pup w/out drive) Thank you! Greg
  79. gabbenante

    Axe2 Preset building

    My vote would be to figure out how to play between 98-108 db without bothering the neighbors =) I find that I am much happier at these volumes as compared to headphones (I only paid ~250 dollars so they are not that great). btw I love this thread! As Mark Day has inspired me to purchase the...
  80. gabbenante

    Encomium(original instrumental song)

    Fantastic tones and expression!! Nice video as well. Thank you for sharing this work. Greg
  81. gabbenante

    Something different this time around. An ode to...

    Great vibe/attitude!!! Music I love to hear while driving :twisted
  82. gabbenante

    Axe-FX II: Lincoln Brewster Tone (A demonstration of how important band mix is)

    I have a question regarding the 'white noise" or buzz that is practically as loud as the actual notes played from the guitar. Can that be only filtered out or is there too much gain in the preset? I acually had that same kind of noise I was wrestling with (it made me crazy that it was as loud as...
  83. gabbenante

    Andy Timmons: tone match request

    Simeon, I first listened to the you tube you used to emulate your patch after and then downloaded your patch. Super impressive rendition!!! I love your patch, it was totally plug and play for me. I have only tried it through an Ibanez RG with a Tone Zone in the bridge and PAF Joe in the...
  84. gabbenante

    Show us your pride and joy - your car!

    On our way to Hearst Castle...Pride and Joy #1 (Wife) on top of Pride and Joy #2 (C5 2001) Pride and Joy #3 since July 2011...YOU GOT IT!!! Axe-Fx II 8)
  85. gabbenante

    Tone Matching Bonamassa's twin amp rig...

    Very impressive tone!! Bonamassa vibe for sure. Love it.
  86. gabbenante

    Another Mesa Boogie Mark IV Lead preset

    HUGE GRIN on my face! Love the style/tone/quality of your playing and to have a video to boot! Greg
  87. gabbenante

    Dream Theater-Lines in the sand solo cover

    Excellent playin/great tone too man!!!
  88. gabbenante

    Caught in a Web - Mixed and Mastered

    Amazing work! Great tones/mixing. Thanks for sharing.
  89. gabbenante

    I dare you all with this song Cryin

    Charvel That was an amazing piece! Great playing and awesome tone. And how the heck does one actually remember all those notes, just fantastic!!! Greg
  90. gabbenante

    anybody swapped carvin pickups for dimarzios?

    OOps...Sorry I type tooo slow
  91. gabbenante

    anybody swapped carvin pickups for dimarzios?

    Simeon, I just put a Tone Zone and PAF Joe on my Ibanez...Ibanez pickups had 3 wires as well. On the Dimarzio's, White and Black get tied together and went to White location. Red goes to Red, Green goes to ground. All sounds well with my swap =) Greg
  92. gabbenante

    Tape Delay Groove

    Great mix, nice tones. Very dreamlike with tasty chops. Thanks for sharing!
  93. gabbenante

    Bassman challenge

    shasha, I really like your tone in this recording!!! I too got a little obsessed with trying to copy the tone. :twisted I thought it would be a great learning experience as I am a new to Fractal user (axeII). In the past, I never really took the time to create presets with any of the other...
  94. gabbenante

    My attempt at nailing Pete Thorn's presets for the song Homage

    adrianni, First off, amazing playing I wish to have half your skills one day! 8) But I really want to express my gratitude for you sharing the presets you developed for this song, super generous of you. What blows me away is that they were sooo plug and play for me with my setup, what you hear...
  95. gabbenante

    Anyone try to connect AXE FX II to a HiFi home system!?

    Tone, How do you like the Vox Tonelab through your stereo, its a modeler as well right? For years I played modelers through stereo Hi Fi amp/speakers and was happy with the results. I am a first time Axe owner (II) since July when it came out and this to me was a night and day difference...
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