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    What's your favorite amp model?

    Need to revisit Engl sims. Engl Savage tones a la Evergrey are some of my favorite crushing tones ever. For me, Mark IV and Mark Clean have been staples. Love HBE a ton, and the Lonestar/Shiva/VHT Blue all do great midgains. Really like the Slash amp for juiced marshall. I've been loving the...
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    Always. Follow. Your. Ears.

    Check out the Zendrive while you're straying away from traditional TS9 ODs. I don't like a nasally drive pedal; I'm a big fan of the Chandler OD, but also really love the Zendrive and go back and forth between the two a lot.
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    Carlos Arcay - Kybalion - ML Cab Pack 13, 5150 and HBE Sim

    This song is kicking me more than my morning coffee. Rad uptempo groove.
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    Help with Sykes' Sizzle?

    Try the Cameron amp. Sykes played Jose modded jcm800 on bad boy live so the Cameron will be very close. Jose mod had a LED clipping gain stage which is probably the source of that sizzle. I know he played mk3 colosseum on 1987 but I hear a more Marshall tone in his playing and wouldnt go the...
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    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    16-Oct @ 12:22p ET waitlist confirmation. Received invite 1 hour ago.
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    Favorite sounds EVM12L IRs?

    What are everyone's favorite EVM12 IRs today? Anyone using the 4x12 Cali (Cliff's Boogie), 1x12 E12L, or 4x12 Rumble? Or is there other stuff floating around for cabs loaded with this speaker? Has anyone has released high quality Mesa half-back IRs loaded with EVs recently? I know redwirez...
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    Time to ditch my real (somewhat rare) cabs? (Ax8 and CLR influence...)

    A Mesa Boogie Mark-seriesamp into a 80's Boogie EV-loaded half-back was my sound for many, many years. The halfback cabs aren't easy to come by. Once the AxeFX came out I ditched the boogie head and it has been AxeFX controlled a LF Pro+ controller and through a QSC PLX1804 SS poweramp into...
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    How many don't use reverb at all for live?

    On the flip side of the coin, doesn't Bonamassa stage multiple reverbs and delays in his lead sound? Perhaps there's a difference between natural room reverb and reverb for color and depth on the decay of notes in lead playing. But reverb in dirty rhythm playing I'm not a fan of...
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    Running a solid state Gibson Lab Series into the Axe Fx as a preamp? Help!

    Raises the question why the Lab hasn't been modeled yet? That seems to be the most asked for amp left to be modeled. Though I get that Ty used it more as a 'drive pedal' instead of an amp, and rather with the preamp gutted and in front of another amp, but TONE.
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    Marshall-esque amps for high gain tones?

    I concur on the Friedmans and the Splawns being at the top of the pack for me.
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.11 Released

    That's not how the software development industry is going. Most people have turned to fast, agile development with quick and incremental releases (even at the mercy of failure) that allow for people to understand misdirection and issues earlier in a timeline: Scrum (software development) -...
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    Understanding the IIC+

    The layout of a real mark series amp had the knobs in order of the amount of effect on the gain (aside from the actual lead drive gain knob): volume, treble, bass, mid. Volume and the the treble knob have a huge impact on the gain structure. You really have to consider that the Volume, treble...
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    Those with First Gen Liquid Foot controllers - Handling X/Y?

    How are those with first gen LF controllers handling X/Y with the AxeFx II? It seems the two best ways would be * Step-Thru: The challenge here is that the LED stays in red on this mode regardless of the underlying FX block state. * IA with Hold: This may be be the better approach, but I'm...
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    Has there been any changes in the other amps lately?

    Yes the Mesa amps were reworked with v17. You will need to reprogram your Boogies' settings.
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    Irregular Tuner behavior when exiting tuner from config page

    This is a minor one. The behavior occurs when one hits the tuner button, and changes to the config page of the tuner, then exits out without changing back to the main tuner page. From here, if you select the tuner from a MIDI footcontroller, the tuner data flashes briefly and goes back to...
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    Used to AxeFx->real cab; having issues dialing in tones with Cab IRs

    Thanks for everyone's insight. There are some good suggestions in here for me to try. I'll work on getting an IR of my cab. Do I need to worry about room treatment for capturing a cab IR, or is the impulse time short enough that room reflections aren't significant for cab IRs? Sent from my...
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    Used to AxeFx->real cab; having issues dialing in tones with Cab IRs

    My distorted leads don't seem to saturate and get creamy enough as they do with the real speaker. There may also be something with the low end response that is different, but i can't put my finger on that one just yet. Maybe I need to set up an a/b between a near field monitor and my cab...
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    Used to AxeFx->real cab; having issues dialing in tones with Cab IRs

    I've owned an AxeFx for a while, but merely for a pre/power amp sim and have gone through a SS power amp into a real 4x12 (EVM12L/C90). I've had great results with that approach getting nice tones, but I'm starting to get into using the AxeFx direct and having issues dialing in tones from...
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    RAC12 - New 1U rack controller for Axe-Fx II / XL

    Great concept. Looking forward to seeing what the price point is, but I like the use case of on-the-fly tweaks to make it feel like an amp (that's been my biggest challenge since ditching a real amp). It is a bummer than my 6 space rack is full, though (axefx, wireless, power conditioner, 2u...
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    Are most people using the AxeFX as their output DAC?

    I'm rearranging my studio and gear hookups, and I'm looking for opinions on what output routing would be best suited for tracking, mixing, and casual everyday listening through my monitors. Hence, I'm new to running audio through the AxeFX via USB. I have a hair of latency when I output the...
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    8.0!!!!!!!! This is what I have been missing.

    Patiently waiting for this. I've always loved Evergrey's guitar tones. Sooo meaty.
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    Tonematched my Roland JC 120 (Steve Rothery Marillion patch)

    Not near my Axe to test how it sounds, but is the JC120 lead that characteristic juicy Rothery distorted lead tone he uses on solos?
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    v6 just idiot proofed dialing good tone in.

    In fact, you barely even need to turn dials now. I haven't even peeked into the advanced menus at all. Amazing stock sounds in tons of amp models now. It really is going to make this more accessible for the less knob-tweaking inclined folks. Having the knob tapers match the real amps...
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    Anyone having issues with 6.00 and Liquid Foot Junior?

    The beta firmware fixed the issue. I just loaded it and confirmed it. =D
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    Liquid Foot Pro beta firmware to work with Axe-FX II 6.0

    Tested it out and it fixed my preset switching issue.
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    Anyone having issues with 6.00 and Liquid Foot Junior?

    What LF firmware are you using?
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    Anyone having issues with 6.00 and Liquid Foot Junior?

    What firmware are you running on your LF?
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    Anyone having issues with 6.00 and Liquid Foot Junior?

    I agree. It seems like the data transmission would almost completely be LF->Axe, leaning to some extraneous info LF sends, which never got caught in the old Axe firmware. Anyway, I've got him looking into it via the FAMC support ticket, so we'll see. Takes the fun out of trying the new...
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    Compatability issue with LF Midi & AFX v6.0; preset changes choose random preset.

    And I apparently can't spell compatibility.
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    Anyone having issues with 6.00 and Liquid Foot Junior?

    Also posted it in the bug section here, to track on the FA side, since at this time we're not sure where the spec violation is, yet: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-bugs/51046-compatability-issue-lf-midi-afx-v6-0%3B-preset-changes-choose-random-preset.html
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    Compatability issue with LF Midi & AFX v6.0; preset changes choose random preset.

    Preset switches on the LF controller cause the AxeFx to jump around between 3-4 different random presets. Seems to be triggered by AxeFx v6 update. Reference thread: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/51038-anyone-having-issues-6-00-liquid-foot-junior.html Opened up...
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    Anyone having issues with 6.00 and Liquid Foot Junior?

    I submitted a support ticket with FAMC for this issue. Ticket #0069.
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    Anyone having issues with 6.00 and Liquid Foot Junior?

    Are they still updating the LF Jr/Pro Firmware, or are we EOL, there?
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    Anyone having issues with 6.00 and Liquid Foot Junior?

    Yeah, I'm seeing this same issue with my Liquid Foot Pro on 2.21 and AFXII 6.00. :-(
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    Axe-Fx II Technical Questions Thread

    I feel X/Y may also be used to audition and A/B old settings vs new ones to decide which one to keep. I know it can be done by duplicating a preset, but using X/Y would be cleaner. Given this, is there a native function in the AxeFX II UI to copy the current settings in a block from X to Y...
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    Any fellow Axe owners in NC?

    Where in NC are you? I'm located in southwest Durham.
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    Axe-fx power amp modelling possibly still not up to par?

    I'd say I agree with this too. Let's say you have, say the SLO sim on with PA sim on going through a flat SS power amp into a 4x12, next to a real SLO into the same model 4x12 cabinet. At the same SPL levels if the real SLO is put with all the controls at noon, I'd expect the controls at noon...
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    Looking for a cheap portable midi interface

    I actually have one of those--picked it up about a year ago to try this out. Documented my issue here: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=10745&start=10 That was before Snow Leopard was out, though. I may give it a shot again and see how things fare with the newer versions of everything.
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    Looking for a cheap portable midi interface

    I'd like to have a cheap and portable MIDI interface that I can use for firmware upgrades and preset backups remotely at my practice space via my laptop. What interfaces do you all have success with regarding firmware upgrades to the AxeFX that are compact and <$50. I can take either USB or...
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    USA Lead 2 with CA3+2E tonestack NICE!

    I would figure the CA3+SE tonestack would be pretty much a marshall tone stack, maybe with a different frequency voicing. Haven't seen a CAE schematic to verify, though. What makes the Mark IV have it's sound (IMO) is the fender tone stack in the circuit; I'd figure you'd lose the smooth...
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    Marillion - Kayleigh Needed

    There was a good thread a while back regarding someone that got pretty close to a Rothery-style rotary sounds, too, if you are interested. I don't recall Kayleigh having any rotary in it, but I know other stuff is chalk full of rotary. viewtopic.php?f=11&t=11487 I got the new Marillion DVD...
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    Power Conditioner

    I have a Furman AR-1215 that I got for cheap. The thing about this one is that it is a line conditioner and a voltage regulator. Most units can't regulate voltage, and IMO I think both conditioning and voltage regulating are important, especially with tube amps. The unit is heavy (probably 10...
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    Has anyone dropped the AXE FX unit yet?

    I wheeled my cab out of a corner once, and the wheel caught an edge and sent the cab and rack toppling forwards. Everything was racked in a non-shock 6 space Road Ready rack, and there was no damage done. Hooray for well built things, and the protection that plywood rack cases provide.
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    Axe Tuner and Accuracy?

    The liquid foot supports tuner information to be sent to the pedalboard's display. As will the MFC-101 whenever it comes out.
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    Cheap $5 chinese midi interface..... the verdict is:

    Got one of these the other day. Trying it with my Macbook to the AxeFX and I can't get it to even detect that the AxeFX is connected. :-( When trying to send firmware, the Axe doesn't even think I'm sending it firmware. I also tried sending firmware to my liquid food with it, and I seem to...
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    Best Parameter To Put Volume Pedal On

    Perhaps I'm an idiot. I just looked at the specs on the 500L and the input/output jacks are still audio taper and its the stereo expression jack which is linear. I've been using a Y cable on the input/output jacks. I should give the expression pedal jack a shot and see how things fare...
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    Best Parameter To Put Volume Pedal On

    I've yet to get my boss volume pedal FV-500L (which is linear) to feel even remotely like my Ernie ball while hooked up as a controller like it did in-band in front of the Axe (or a real amp). With the controller its like ON or OFF (and I have tip and ring hooked up correctly--I can observe the...
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    It possible to "DOUBLE" your guitar signal

    I'd recommend splitting the signal and putting it through the delay before the amp block, so that you have two signals delayed slightly and heading to different amp blocks. The idea is to get the two sounds pretty different harmonically so that you won't have phasing issues.
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    new video/music of a Paramore tune with my Ultra

    Cool to see you're a fellow AxeFX user, Paul! Nice stuff; hope things have been well. As trendy as Paramore may be, the production and guitars on Paramore's 'All we know is falling...' sound HUGE. And Hayley Williams can not only sing, but she's nice to look at too. :D
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    Acoustic sim.......mag pickups

    Do a search on the forum; javajunkie made it and links to where to download the patch and the IR.
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    Savatage - Criss Olivia Tone

    FWIW I think Criss' tone was mostly a JCM900, not an 800. Boosted with a couple Boss OD pedals. Though I think you'd get pretty close with either amp. I never liked his rhythm tone, but he did get some cool lead tones. Though I always thought that Al Pitrelli's tone on Dead Winter Dead takes...
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    X2 - front or rear input?

    I've never been able to find an answer to this: Is plugging into the back with the 'input option' set to 'front' the same as plugging into the front input when the input option is set to 'front?'
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    Some questions about the new rotary block?

    For sure. I just dialed in Merlin's rotary setting and that's the total SW/Marillion sound right there. Thanks for those settings; I've never owner a rotary before so I was kind of lost dialing it in before. Looks like my trem on the clean patches now is getting replaced. The trem sounds...
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    Axe Fx with a Power amp and old school Mesa cab?

    I run an AxeFx through a Mesa 2:90 and a Mesa halfback. Mine has two EVs in the bottom and 2 C90s in the top, and the top is still open. I think it sounds good. I've never had it with another one of my cab side-by-side to A/B it, though. Ever since getting that cab and it being a huge step...
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    Getting the Boss FV-50L to have a more linear sweep.

    The pot on this pedal is pretty linear, but there is a dead section in the top and bottom of the pedal, which for volume isn't a big deal, but throws me of on the sweep of the wah. I can't overcome it with a custom envelope taper on the modifier either. From research, it looks like all the...
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    Signal loss out of the Axe-Fx?

    Is your noise gate set too high?
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    Help Adjusting...

    You aren't the first person to report Mark patches having less gain after the upgrade. Shredi and someone else were talking about it on RigTalk. Try just resetting the block and starting from scratch, using your ears to dial in the tone. I reworked my lead patch (USA Lead 1) and I don't find...
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    Amp sim requests

    I don't think Clayman is a savage 120. I remember it having something to do with a Marshall valvestate, and sending the preamp out into the front input (not the FX return) of another amp. Don't remember the details. Never chased that tone. Live around the time of that tour, they were using...
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    For those using their axe with 4x12's...

    But the sound guy would likely only run 1 mic cable to your amp. Plus, most PA systems are in mono at FOH anyway, so going stereo doesn't seem to be a big advantage.
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    For those using their axe with 4x12's...

    I'm thinking about doing this and running direct to FOH. For those that have done it, have you noticed a more consistent tone in FOH compared to micing the cab? Or is it simply a convenience thing?
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    LF Pro: Grouping multiple effects to a single CC/IA

    Poked around some more and it looks like I can spoof the initial state of the effect preset with this: "PRESET EDIT MODE. Scroll down to IA INITIAL STATES. You can then press the IA switches. Press once makes it GREEN. again makes it RED. again shuts it off." I can set those presets to have...
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    LF Pro: Grouping multiple effects to a single CC/IA

    From what I've read/played around with, I don't think this is possible, but I figured I'd run it by the community and see if anyone has any ideas. Let's say I have three patches: Clean chorused, clean phased, clean flanged. For sake of simplicity, let's say each preset has only an amp and a...
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    Getting Extremely Tight Metal Tones

    BTW, I like how this sounds, but I am able to hear the EQ turn on and off on some chords. It is most noticeable on a ringing power chord at the 14th fret in drop C (so a D3 power chord I guess), and sounds like someone is flipping a 'deep' switch on my amp from off to on. I tried playing with...
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    Getting Extremely Tight Metal Tones

    No, it's way lower than that. 850 is straight up midrange. Mud occurs in the low end. I find with guitars, at least on recordings, that the mud is usually around 120. I'd say you need to keep an eye on anything below 200, though. Typically on recordings I high pass around 80-100, and use a...
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    Clean to High Gain With Guitar Knob

    You may want to check out the Trainwreck sim. Traditionally 'wrecks are know for being able to go from cranked Marshall to crystal cleans with just the guitar volume knob. Though, I haven't had a need for a 'wreck sound yet, so I don't have any personal experience with if this holds true in...
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    Patiently waiting for 9.0?

    Holy crap! I have a 50W clone of an SLO, and I don't think I've ever had that thing above 4, and that was when I was in the control room playing. I'd fear for my life with the thing on 6, and I like to play loud!
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    Volume pedal as controler attached to input volume

    I've had my Ernie Ball volume pedal out in front of my amp for years. Recently I took the wireless plunge, and decided it was time to move the volume pedal to be an external midi controller attached to the Axe input volume. I have it configured for a continuous pedal on input volume, and I...
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    strange behavior of input 1

    Part of this depends on how you are plugging into the rear input. Is that coming from a guitar, or from an amp's FX loop send? If it is the latter, you need to set input 1 to rear. What that does is turn off the software processing of the secret sauce for the input. You don't want that extra...
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    Axe FX does bass- Progressive heavy rock

    My band just released our debut full length record 'A Silent End.' We play hard rock with a progressive slant. Something along the lines of Tool, Chevelle, & Porcupine Tree. We tracked the guitars with an SLO, Fuchs, and Mark IV, but the bass is all AxeFX direct to the console. Check it out...
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    Buffering/impedance quetions with 4CM

    Well in thinking about this some more, since the Axe is going to buffer the signal no matter what, I guess the question is simply: how does an amp sound with the Axe buffering (and the Axe not having anything enabled) vs. straight into the amp? I'll end up trying it out myself next week when...
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    Buffering/impedance quetions with 4CM

    All potential hum/noise/groundloop issues aside: I'm in the process of rebuilding my rig, and if all goes well, will be doing the 4 cable method with the AxeFX through an Engl E570. So I'll be plugging the guitar into the Axe, axe to Engl, Engl back to Axe, then to power amp. I'm curious as to...
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    AXE-FX as a preamp "V" a REAL tube preamp

    I find that I prefer the power amp sims off when going into my VHT 2/50/2. Actually, I kind of like the way that the power amp sim sounds, but even at the lowest setting felt it still didn't sound 'direct' enough. Off seems like I'm missing a little mojo. I wonder how it would sound running...
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    How did you connect the Axe to the PC, then? :D
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    'User-friendly' Delay Spillover (global on/off)

    One thing I miss about the G-Major is that it handled delay/reverb spillover in a way more user-friendly manner. Instead of the current method for delay spillover of configuring a delay for every preset to enable a spillover, it would be nice to just have a global spillover setting (on or off)...
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    Axechange.net JS error due to permission issue

    Ok the DNS queries come back with the same IP for both sites, so the issue is specific to the IIS configuration on, if the admin of the IIS server cares to fix this issue. That's probably as far as I can troubleshoot on my side to isolate the issue.
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    Axechange.net JS error due to permission issue

    I figured it out. It looks like a DNS issue. Go to http://axechange.net and you will reproduce the issue. Go to http://www.axechange.net and it works fine. That explains why I could sometimes get to it--I probably was typing in the full address those times (which I don't often do as the www...
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    Axechange.net JS error due to permission issue

    Does anyone else have issues with the site's javascript window not opening up? For me, it is real hit-and-miss--probably 40% success ratio (refreshing doesn't seem to help). I'm seeing the issue across multiple browsers (IE, Firefox & Safari) and on both Mac and Windows XP. I just loaded it...
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    New and improved TOANZ... and a brutal grindcore song

    Holy loud kick drum! :twisted:
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    Request: Brutal bass sound?

    This worked for the sounds I was looking for: SVT with bright and drive knobs pulled. Gain to taste. Amp sends to a 8x10 as well as the 1x15 for bass (forget the model name). Pushing the front of the amp with a FET boost, and a GEQ afterward to tweak some EQ. The FET boost really seems to...
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    Decent IR for a single EVM 12L in an open back cab anywhere?

    I've got a Mesa Boogie Halfback with 2 EVM-12Ls in the bottom and 2 C90s in the top, which in my opinion is the holy grail cabinet. I've thought about making an IR for it with my Audix i5, but not sure when I'll get around to it. The room it is normally in sounds pretty bad, too, I think. Do...
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    Chug metal with nearly all the amps in the Axe-fx [repost]

    Bumping an old but awesome thread. Maybe it is just me, but I think Das Metal really stands out here. It has the presence/crunch in the palm mutes, but is still really fat in the low end. Next comes the SLO100, although I hear some weird phasing in there that sounds undesirable. Several amps...
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    The SVT rules...

    I've only had the AxeFx for a day now, but I think it has already earned its keep. My band is recording a full length album currently, and although guitars are 95% complete, we've still got to do bass on most of the tracks. We had a SVT 3 Pro into a SVT 8x10 mic'd with a bad mic and direct...
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