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    CL3 Freezing When Saving IR to Computer

    I just downloaded and installed CL3 and I'm not sure what is happening or if I'm doing something wrong. I can create an IR and save it to the computer fine, and save to the FX 3. If I try to create a new IR and save it to the computer CL3 freezes and I have to Command+Option+Esc to force quite...
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    Eternal Love (Lovepedal Eternity)

    I had the Lovepedal Eternity, Roadhouse version. I bought it because I liked the sound I was getting from my Axe-FX II, when I got the real pedal it as very different, to me it was dark and muddy. Chuck
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    Upcoming Axe-Fx II Streaming Class

    Bought the lesson, so far love it. Thanks again Cooper! Chuck
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    Bogner 2x12OS IR's - 3 Speakers - 4 Mics

    Great! Iwill take down the V1 link in the OP. Hoping I can get my hands on a few more mics just for comparison. Chuck
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    Bogner 2x12OS IR's - 3 Speakers - 4 Mics

    So did exporting the IR's using midi-ox make a difference?
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    Bogner 2x12OS IR's - 3 Speakers - 4 Mics

    Ok I just uploaded the V2 of the IR's. Here are the changes: I used midi-ox to export the IR's from the Axe-Fx, first time using midi-ox so hope I did it right. The J75 and M75 speakers usign the Peluso R14 mic were redone, I moved the mic to 4" away from the grill to get rid of some of the...
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    Bogner 2x12OS IR's - 3 Speakers - 4 Mics

    I did notice that the IR's using the Peluso R14 were a bit bassy, so I plan to redo those this afternoon/evening. That can happen when close micing with a ribbon mic. I will post back when the new files are uploaded. Chuck
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    Bogner 2x12OS IR's - 3 Speakers - 4 Mics

    I'm using V10.02 and I have tested these and they seemed to be ok, this is my first time doing IR's so maybe I'm missing something? I exported them using axe-edit then zipped them up in a zip file. If there is a different/better way to export then post them let me know and I will give it a try...
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    Bogner 2x12OS IR's - 3 Speakers - 4 Mics

    Hi All, I did my first IR's today and I think they turned out ok. Check them out and let me know what you think. Signal Chains Axe-Fx II --> Fryette 2/90/2 --> Bogner 2x12OS Mic --> DigiDesign Mbox 2 Pro -->Axe-Fx II Note - The Fryette 2/90/2 had the voicing turned off, the presence...
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    Axe fx 2 with tube power amp & cab question

    +1, I too leave the power amp sims on. Running AxeFx II into Fryette 2/90/2 into a Bogner 2x12 OS cab. Chuck
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    AXE FX 2 with REBELRELIC Guitar / Euro Blue "Bogner Ecstasy"

    wow, really loving that tone.
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    using cabs? cabnet modeling,power amp modeling? in single persets

    Cabs I always leave off, but the SAG I always leave on when using a tube power amp ( Fryette 2:90:2 ). I think the "book" says to turn off the SAG when using a real tube amp but I think it sounds much better with the SAG on. Chuck
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    AXE-FX II Rack is Finished.... (I think)

    Very Cool. I might build a cheap computer using a 1U rack server case and just set the monitor on top of my rack. hmmmmm I'm a system admin too and have tons of stuff laying around my office.
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    Using a valve power amp....AxeFX power amps on or off??

    i have been using my Axe-FX II with a Fryette 2/90/2 and Bogner 2x12OS with V30's. I def like to keep the amp sim (sag) on, I do turn off the cabinet sim. Chuck
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    Axe PC

    +1 I would think $300-$400 would be a good price for current owners to have access to the VST. ilok would be the way to go. Chuck
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