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    So is this temperature normal?

    Admin isn't just some guy on the forum. He works for Fractal & the post quoted indicates what you are seeing is normal. What else do you want???
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.11

    No, you can go direct to v12.11.
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    Time for a new audio interface?

    +1000 on Metric Halo! Great company & great interfaces!
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.10

    The models also have many advanced parameters available that could potentially reduce or eliminate this behavior. Maybe a better response would have been info about which parameter(s) could be adjusted to accomplish this rather than pick another amp or use another product.
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    Where are the Hiwatt cabs?

    Not factory cabs.
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    My AXE FX II XL is going nuts with Ares v1.03! Please help!

    I'm not sure why but the website only shows Ares 1.03. To the OP, you can find Ares 2.0 here: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axe-fx-ii-ares-rev-2-00-firmware-release.154149/ As far as factory presets go, the most recent ones are before even 1.03 so they won't be any help. There should be...
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    MFC-Edit Stopped Working

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    No sound from downloaded preset

    It does have the IR Player block. That is a stripped down cab block. That is where you would assign the User IR provided once it is loaded onto your Axe.
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    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    I'm not sure it's something I need or want either. Just replying to your question.
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    User Error, again and some praise!

    Maybe set the auto engage to speed rather than position so that won't happen again.
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    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    It could be a user preference setting. For me it would always be Amp 1, Channel A.
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    FS Rac 12 (price drop)

    I have one too but with the performance screens on the III, I'm not sure it's worth even trying to get it to work in such a limited way.
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    FS Rac 12 (price drop)

    That's not entirely true. It does work but in a very limited way. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/rac12.134849/post-1872775
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    Name timeout

    I was having that problem too and resetting the system settings cleared it up. It's been a couple of months with no issues now.
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    Question about disabled power amp

    Yes the presence knob still works but with power amps off, it is boost & cut so 5 is flat.
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    Firmware 5 - High Freq Res

    That's about as pathetic of a response I have ever seen from any company. I'll be sure to remember that the next time I think about buying an MFC or the impending Axe III that these firmware updates are ultimately leading too!
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 5.00 Up

    This was a weird update for me. I haven't been able to play around with it since last night but it seems like maybe 2 steps forward & 3 backwards. I'm just not feeling this one like past updates. I guess maybe since I don't use the cab sims a lot of the dynamics improvements are missing for us...
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    What is to be gained? USB source NOT selectable??? Bogus!!!

    If they don't like answering technical questions, why make a technically sophisticated device like this?
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    Firmware 5 - High Freq Res

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    Added to the wait list!

    You're obviously not familiar with Metric Halo. I know Henry is!!
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    Version 5 mini review

    I go into a Mesa power amp & guitar cabs so if you don't use the cab sims, will this update have little to no effect on the sound & feel?
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    Plugging In to a Power amp Compared to a normal amp.

    I use the Axe II with a Mesa 2:90 & it sounds great. Yek is right about using the FX return. I run into the FX return of my Zentera combo at home for practice & it sounds great there too. You don't want to double up on pre-amps!
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    Starting point?

    If you are using a guitar amp & speakers, don't worry. Just go to the Global button on the front & there is an option to turn off all cab sims so you don't have to do it in each preset. This is the way I use it & it sounds great! Also, if I remember correctly, there is a quick start tutorial...
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    Unable to Connect Axe-Fx 2 via USB to Macbook Pro

    Join the club! I haven't had much luck with Fractal email support getting back to me on the first email (if at all) so keep emailing them. I sent my 3rd email last night about the release that was supposed to fix this not fixing it & have yet to hear back from them. So much for the fabled...
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    Unable to Connect Axe-Fx 2 via USB to Macbook Pro

    I just tried again with build.222 which was supposed to be the one that had the issues fixed for PPC. guess what? It ain't fixed. If it doesn't crash first it will say it's connected & receive data from the Axe (backups) but WILL NOT SEND ANY DATA TO THE AXE! (new or revised presets, firmware)...
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    Unable to Connect Axe-Fx 2 via USB to Macbook Pro

    Before you buy a new cable, check it with something else like a printer or scanner.
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    Question for Cliff (or anyone that knows) about word clock sync through Axe II AES

    The Axe will be the master clock. All digital devices have an internal clock. Some have the word clock input & can be controlled by an external clock but there can only be 1 clock in the system no matter how many digital devices are connected.
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    Question for Cliff (or anyone that knows) about word clock sync through Axe II AES

    The way I understand it, unless all devices have a dedicated work clock input, the input device, in this case the Axe Fx, needs to be the master clock or they will drift or not sync up at all. I tried this with my TC G-Force & Eventide Eclipse. I wanted to run into the G-Force first & then to...
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    Unable to Connect Axe-Fx 2 via USB to Macbook Pro

    What OS are you running on the G5? I have tried on a G4 & G5 with no luck. They are both 10.4.11 which according to the Axe manual should work.
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    Unable to Connect Axe-Fx 2 via USB to Macbook Pro

    That sounds vaugley familiar:D I can only connect via midi & so far I can only run a backup from the Axe to the computer. It either won't send data to the Axe (like firmware update) or the Axe won't accept or recognize data is coming in. No USB at all. I can update firmware with Snoise so it's...
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    Clock Source

    That noise is the 2 devices out of sync. It works best to have the input device be the master clock.
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    Question: Muffled noise

    You can also raise the volume from there too. I use to to get nice, loud crystal clean sounds out of the AC15 & AC30 models or more gain & drive out of the Plexi & other med gain amps. I'm not sure it will help your issue but that's where it is located. Have you taken some low end out of the...
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    Question: Muffled noise

    Input trim is at the top of the advanced page of each amp block.
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    Question: Muffled noise

    That's strange. I found the exact opposite. My rig sounds very dark, murky & boomy with the cab sims on & great with them off. I do keep the power amp sims on. Axe Fx II into a Mesa 2:90 power amp into 4 single 12 speaker cabs, 2 open back, 2 closed back each with the Mesa 90 watt speakers. The...
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    Hmmmm?Ouptut 1 to monitors Check! Output2 to power amp ..Nothing

    The good new is you can globally disable the cab sims &/or power amp sims when you don't want them.
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    How quiet is your setup with the II?

    I used the demo version of the Waves program back in 2004 to get rid of tape hiss & it worked great! The song was just guitar using a long, ambient reverb/chorus/delay patch & sax so the noise was very evident. I was also able to easily get a good, solid sample of the noise & it was very easy to...
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    How quiet is your setup with the II?

    That's fine at home or at a studio but most likely not possible at a gig. I don't have noise issues at home or at our studio with the Axe or my Triaxis but on some gigs it's been hellish because of the environment & there's not much you can do about it.
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    How quiet is your setup with the II?

    What would be way cool would be to implement something like the Waves Z-noise & X-noise from their Restoration suite. That way you could sample the noise & have it eliminated all the time, not just when you stop playing. You also wouldn't have to deal with the gate killing your sustain on...
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    OK I have some patches in my Preset folder. How do I get them on to my Axe II?

    There are no blank user slots. It has to replace something already there, preferably a preset you don't use.
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    6L6's vs EL34's vs SS

    At home I run my Axe Fx II into the fx loop return on my Zentera 2-12 combo & at my band's rehearsal studio thru my Mesa 2:90 & 4 single 12 cabs & it sounds great thru both.
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    High end fizz...is this normal?

    Fizz is refreshing, Coca Cola, Alka Seltzer, Dom Pérignon, Axe Fx II. Will we be able to add fizz as well as reduce it?
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    How To Modify Global Volume?

    That's what I would like to do as well. My H & K Zentera lets you set the min & max levels of the master volume so you can have for example, heel at 80% volume, toe at 100% so you have easier control over small adjustments.
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    Speaker tab in the amp block...

    It used to be in the advanced parameters page before v3 but without the mid range frequency & the graph. See version 3 release notes.
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    Fractal Audio latest Tweet ... 3.0 Right Around the Corner........

    On a Mac command R. Cliff is doing us all a huge favor by not releasing it before it's ready!!
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