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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.00 Beta

    Sorry for another rookie question....can I update the Factory presets by reamping ?
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.00 Beta

    unix-guy, thanks, and if I remember correctly, Fractal doesn't update the presets very often ?
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.00 Beta

    Sorry to ask this, but I can't remember....when I update, does it update all the Fractal presets ?
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    First-use Preset Output Issue

    I've always read about how good the support is for Fractal and never really thought much about it, as I've never needed it in the six years that I've owned an Axe II. I submitted a ticket earlier today with absolutely no expectation of hearing from anybody, as it's both a Sunday and a holiday...
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    First-use Preset Output Issue

    Thank you, I submitted a ticket. It's no big deal if they are not available today, I'm having a blast with it the way it is. Thanks again !
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    First-use Preset Output Issue

    Thanks for the reply's, I'll contact Fractal support, anybody know if they are working today (Easter Sunday) ?
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    First-use Preset Output Issue

    Having the same issue as the OP, alot of presets with no output. It arrived with firmware 1.03 Let me know what I need to do to remedy the situation. By the way, the presets that do have output are insanely good !!! III is a beast !!!
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    Matrix 1600FX and (2) FRFR 12 cabs

    Thanks, based on what your saying, I'm wondering if the 1600 is too much for a single FR212, as I don't play out, only at home.
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    Matrix 1600FX and (2) FRFR 12 cabs

    What made you go from the 1000 to the 1600 ? I only ask because I haven't noticed many people running the 1600, usually the 1000. I've been wanting to pull the trigger on a Matrix Amp (either a 1000 or 1600) and an FR212, so I appreciate any response.
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    Looking for preset named "Kids These Days" or something along those lines...

    I used to use a factory preset called "Kids These Days" or something like that, loved it. I upgraded awhile back, had so much fun with the new features and tones that I forgot all about some of my old favorites. I was going through some old notes the other day and tried to find this patch...
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    Any one else a little disappointed with the new FW/patches?

    Can anybody post the link ? Thanks in advance
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    Not a Les Paul fan but....

    Looks like it had some work done to the headstock, really rough job on the repair, my guess is that it fell forward and snapped at the headstock (very common for a Les Paul). There are no pictures of the back of the headstock area going into the neck, which if there was any damage would be...
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    V10 Update

    Agreed, hope all goes smooth...
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    2013 Grammys in 10 words or less

    Same here, watched my Pens get beat again by the Devils.
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    Which Pick Do You Pick

    Pickboy Hi-Modulous Reefer Pick Carbon/Nylon, 0.60mm I love these ! Just enough grip from the leaf in the middle.
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    Angry Cameron

    Nice !
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    Here's a BRIT SILVER tone that I dialed in....

    Sweet tone and playing ! Would love the settings on this one !
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