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    A short ballad recorded with AX8

    Nice. Thanks for sharing!
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    AX8 drops bass and has to be turned off and on again.

    Next time it does it, try switching cables or at least reseating them. What are you playing through?
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    Why set Cab low and high cutoffs?

    Ok, I believe my answer comes from these: Close-micing sounds like it does in real-life. But that leads me to "so have sound engineers been doing those same cuts to make real amps sound good?". Likely, yes. And then, it makes perfect sense that these distributed IRs err on the side of leaving...
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    Why set Cab low and high cutoffs?

    What is the reason for setting the low and high cutoffs for the cab block, if the selected IR is accurately representing the speaker behavior? If the speaker is delivering the curve frequency response it's supposed to, isn't that already burned in?
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    Help sorting out possible PC generated EMI and my AX8.

    Turn off the gate and do some experimenting to nail down the cause. Move the guitar around... Closer, far, from the monitor, ax8, etc. My guess is the issue is the proximity of the guitar to the computer. It sounds like you don't have much flexibility in your space, so using the gate and maybe...
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    You want something in the FRFR category, which just means full range flat response, which is basically a powered PA speaker. Lots of low cost options, but as an example, look at guitar center Alto TX208 8" 2-Way Powered Loudspeaker for $100.
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    Help sorting out possible PC generated EMI and my AX8.

    Standing near my laptop (guitar within 18-24 inches of it) produces nasty noise. So I move away.
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    External vs Internal footswitches

    Can an external footswitch do anything that one of the 8 numbered footswitches cannot do? I'm thinking yes, as they can be a controller, but maybe there is always an equivalent setting for the 8 footswitches? Thanks.
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    Wish: AX8 Midi Block

    Search the forum for voes mc5jr. I don't know if it does all you need, but it may.
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    Stereo Output from the AX8

    Also, you might want to choose ping pong delay, to get extreme stereo, for testing. You should hear it bouncing back and forth left and right. I have a preset like that, that is strictly for during sound check, to make sure FOH has me in stereo.
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    Volume pedal before AX8 or as an expression with volume block?

    The layout grid is analogous to a real pedalboard. In that physical analogy, it seems what you did was, you grabbed your filter pedal, unplugged the patch cables on each side (In and Out), and set it aside so you could sell it on reverb.com. Now there are patch cables laying there, not connected...
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    So i'm just a boomer tryin' to keep up

    I'm a bit younger than you, and I expect to use my AX8 until I physically cannot play the guitar anymore. I can't imagine needing anything more. As a matter of fact, I have a case of GAS right now, and some $$, and I keep searching for something I can buy that I need, and I keep coming up empty.
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    Drive Blocks

    This thread is inspiring me to revisit some drives this weekend and try more variations on the settings and see how good I can make them sound.
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    Drive Blocks

    I'll attach a preset here. (You may have to set cabs in the Cab block yourself.) I do variations of this depending on the song. Scene Controller #1 - is on Amp Input Drive and Amp Input Trim.Both of those, when raised, make the patch louder, so I have... Scene Controller #2 - on the Cab Level...
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    Drive Blocks

    Yeah - I headed straight for the Timmy when it showed up on AX8, as that was an always-on pedal for me with my real amp. But I gave up on trying to get it to sound right. I'm content, though, as the scene controller on the Amp's input drive and trim, plus the 2nd scene controller on the cab...
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    Footswitch issues

    FAS Support recommends a little white lithium grease. Not spray. It worked for me.
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    Is there a routing method to have 2 mono fx loops instead of single stereo loop?

    No. In the preset, you can have only one FX block.
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    Why was the AX8 not upgraded to Ares?

    I'm amazed at the transparency coming from Cliff through the years. Companies hardly ever provide a running status of something coming out soon, unless it is some kind of defect, and has a lot of urgency, which this is neither. All this back and forth with "wonder what will happen" - "anybody...
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    AX8-Edit 1.9.1

    Never mind. I cannot reproduce this after restarting AX8Edit.
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    AX8-Edit 1.9.1

    On Windows 10 - the Control-arrow functionality is gone. Not sure what all this applies to, but I definitely see that in the Controller screen, adjusting the level of a Scene Controller, holding down the Ctrl key while hitting an up or down arrow does not adjust in smaller increments. It used to...
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    Why was the AX8 not upgraded to Ares?

    Of course he went to HR. If you're quitting, they're going to want to do an exit interview. :)
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    Weird AX8 preset switching problem

    Try exporting and importing to another preset number, and see how that one works. If still having trouble, upload the preset here.
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    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    WOOHOO ! Nice. Thank you. Get well first.
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    Using AX8 with MIDI amp (Diezel Herbert)

    No, you should not need Omni mode. You can tell the Herbert which single channel to listen to, which is preferable. Then, in AX8Edit, click Midi, and for each scene, specify the Midi channel you've chosen, and the PC#.
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    Weird experience with my AX8

    I have never had an issue with my AX8, but threads like this make me realize, I need to do a backup. I would be seriously bummed if I had to do a hard reset.
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    So, what's everyone's favourite amp model?

    When I first saw this thread, I thought it was going to end up being a photocopy of the amp list from the manual. But this is great - hearing how these different amps are used, along with other effects, etc. Learning a lot!
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    AX8 discontinued?

    Maybe the AX8 will become the Linksys wrt54 of modelers... Many different versions of open source firmware. That would be cool.
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    AX8 discontinued?

    I don't think any digital equipment retains its value.
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    Using CLR & AX8 together along with a small mixer for vocals?

    I would definitely run everything through the mixer. All faders in one spot.
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    Skynyrd Les Paul/Plexi tone - Guitar Cover

    Thanks for sharing. You're shaming me into doing some recording and sharing what I've come up with. :-)
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    Informal Poll - How many pedals are you using?

    TWO. Exp pedal for volume, and a BigSky reverb. I keep getting GAS and going shopping, but darnint, I don't need anything else!!!
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    Dealing with coil splits on the AX8

    Or trust the one you can afford.
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    Sweet Soaring Lead Sound Needed

    Can you post a youtube (with time location) that represents what you are after?
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    Guitar feedback with AX8

    Is he running direct? What equipment? Next time, trade guitars with him and see who gets feedback. Maybe his pickups are microphonic.
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    Guitar feedback with AX8

    Put the guitar pickups directly in front of the speaker - like 6 inches away, and start turning up the volume until you get feedback. Work from there.
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    GNR - 'Sweet Child O' Mine' preset

    I have a friend who keeps asking if I know this song. Gonna have to download this and give it a try. Thank you!
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    All foot switches unresponsive on AX8

    Contact FAS Support.
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    Output block level vs. Amp block level vs. Cab level

    You can put a drive block, for example, right after the amp, right after the cab, etc... so the level of the previous block is going to affect the tone, not just the output level.
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    Message Timeout when saving presets...

    Are you referring to the AxeManage Preset Tool in AxeEdit? What are the exact steps you are doing?
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    Balancing Cleans to Distortion

    Make sure you use the level meter on the AX8 to check the levels, so you can have some objective data to compare.
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    Best method for boosting lead guitar bits without altering tone?

    You can click on the Input block also. Yeah - I went about 6 months till I read that here and checked it out.
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    AX8-Edit newbie

    Besides hearing it, you can confirm it's on by seeing that its "patch cable" goes straight through it, rather than looping up (representing bypass) like a bell curve.
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    Best method for boosting lead guitar bits without altering tone?

    I always put a scene controller on the cab block, but this part never occurred to me. I think it may be useful in some cases. Thanks Moke!
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    Ground hum when using AX8

    My noise problem in church is definitely coming from the light dimmers. I now know to check about whether they are going to be doing dimming of the lights or not. (They usually have them at 100%). If they will be dimming, I'll take my humbuckers. I'd rather use the tele, but the noise is just...
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    Austin Buddy presets and Input Trim?

    @austinbuddy is a class act, I must say.
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    Axefest 2019 + AX8 ..... what do people think is coming?

    I think it will be.... Ax8 firmware 10.02, that will have a more realistic modeling of the early reflection factors of the negative bias Dynamics between the values of 4 and 6.5 for the bad cat amp's high gain channel.
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    Volume Block Settings

    I'm pretty sure he meant to put a space in there... he has a Behringer set up. OP - what is the model number of your volume pedal? Does it have "expression" capabilities? If so, it should be calibrated in one of the 4 EXP pedal jacks on the AX8 for maximum flexibility.
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    Touring preset breakdown

    Nicely presented. Thank you!
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    Switching between clean and dirty amp settings

    If you are sensitive to any audio gap, your best bet is to use the Controllers - either Scene controllers or Control Switches. Have them control the gain, maybe input trip, cab volume. I find Control Switches the easiest to deal with as opposed to Scene Controllers.
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    AX8 with Eventide H9 Strymon BigSky

    Oh - and I also used some of the extra CPU to mine Bitcoin.
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    AX8 with Eventide H9 Strymon BigSky

    Yes, I use a BigSky in the FX loop. I want really lush and thick and sometimes "weird" reverbs, and there are 2 things I didn't want to deal with... 1) Configuring tricky combinations of multi-delay et al to achieve that, and 2) worrying about hitting CPU, as I sometimes also have pitch, 1 or 2...
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    Ares is coming to the AX8?

    I've gotten the usefulness out of this thread. There are too many variables to predict what will happen. I'm fine with that.
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    Ares is coming to the AX8?

    Why would Cliff port "some of the ARES stuff" to AX8, and not all of it? That's what he did recently. It's easier to port 100% of something than parts of it. I think the AX8 has seen all the ARES it's gonna see.
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    Ares 1 for AX8?

    Why wouldn't I want an update?
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    Master Amp Wishlist

    Yes, FAS has added amps as part of firmware updates.
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    Can I really live without scribble strips?

    I'd like to have the option to "write" a long string of my choosing. That would cut down on reviewing what each switch does each week, for each song. Then, if I find myself staring at them, I'll change them back to "S1", "S2", and "S3" so they are much less meaningful. :-)
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    FX Loop overloading and poor integration with Big Sky

    Post the BigSky preset also.
  58. G

    Possible dumb question re: achieving three dimensional stereo sound

    Also use stereo cab block with 2 different cabs.
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    Wish AX8-EDIT - "Axe-Manage: Scenes"

    Makes sense. Without names to keep track, doing a single transaction is all that makes sense. Something such as Right-click on a scene and choose "shift scenes right" would be good.
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    Wish AX8-EDIT - "Axe-Manage: Scenes"

    It would be nice to go into a tool (like there is for Presets and Cabs) to manage the Scenes within the current Preset. This is a big deal, mostly, when I realize in my 5-scene preset I really want to add a Scene 1 and shift the others up to 2 thru 6. Drag and drop, copy, paste, etc.
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    Controlling external pedals via midi

    Sounds like you know what you're doing now, but just to be clear... You are able to send midi messages for each scene change. But keep in mind you have two options for where those midi controlled pedals can be located in your signal chain... Either up front, or in the FX block. If you're not...
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    Any tips for simulating an E-bow?

    Just to add to these great tips, I find the B string to be the easiest for ebow, so maybe start there. Also, if you have a hard time getting the string vibration started, just pluck it with the fretting hand to jump start it, then move the ebow close and it should continue.
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    New AX8 firmware update?

    Yes, and, The AX1 had 1 footswitch, the AX2 had 2, the AX3 had 3, etc.
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    Strymon Deco slapback sound: help!

    What are you referring to? At what point in the video?
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    New AX8 firmware update?

    I think Cliff is going to realize he forgot to turn on Hardware Acceleration, and then he'll port FX III to the AX8. :p
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    New to Fractal

    Best to learn the terminology right away. That is often an obstacle when people ask questions here - they refer to the wrong things, and the very willing experts have a hard time figuring out what they are asking.
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    Lows Disappear When Summing to Mono with Mixed-Res Stereo Cab Block

    Recently, I was in a different venue where I had to run mono instead of my normal stereo setup. All my presets are built with stereo in mind, and I didn't want to think through if I'd lose any musical info by just using the LEFT out, so I set it to sum to mono. As I played, I noticed the tone...
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    Filter wah

    Are you certain you are talking about "presets"? Might you mean "scenes"?
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    Anyone Else Checking Regularly for a Post NAMM Fractal Announcement

    I came here to make this appear as unread to everyone again. :-)
  70. G

    Stereo delay ?

    I've done dumber things. :-)
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    AX8 - ARES ?

    CPU - Easy fix for that is to offload the reverb to a BigSky or something, in the effects loop. I don't ever want to have to think about CPU, so that's what I did. ARES - So you're dissatisfied because FAS released an improved product and didn't backport its features to this one? That will...
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    H9 in AX8 Efx Loop tone?

    I'm not sure of how an h9 is set up, but if this makes sense... The h9's return should probably be 100% wet.
  73. G

    Adding an H9 in the Fx loop and going duel out.

    I assume your cab on stage is mono? What about FOH? Mono or stereo?
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    FAS Brown + 10 = Wow

    Pretty sure he's referring to the Firmware version. Yeah, I thought it was a cool IR or something at first.
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    How to tweak

    There really is no substitute for doing it yourself. I've forced myself to not rely on past presets I've built, even for the same song. I've been rebuilding them from scratch over and over, and they get better and better. I will say (and this is mostly for Class-A amp-based presets, which is all...
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    Main features you would like to see in a new AX unit?

    And a screw-on concrete block to make it weigh 28 pounds more.
  77. G

    Veteran Noob returning!

    Sorry to hear about the hearing thing. That's something that I think about a lot - it's so fun to crank it up.
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    Vendor FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    What I'm looking for is a guide to tell me which of the 8 footswitches I need to stomp next. So, no, not looking to see a single scene name on the screen. Looking for something like this, as an example: FS 1 through 5 are the custom scene names you allow us to add. FS 6 through 8 are simply...
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    Vendor FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    Yes I'm using the latest...I just grabbed that screen front a demo. This looks workable, as I can review the scenes names and remind myself what is what, and I may even keep the scene drop down list dropped down so I can see all the names. One thing I can't find... How to set any midi CC info...
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    Vendor FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    I just tried this out on Windows. I was expecting this to solve my problem of, while performing, knowing which scene to go to (via footswitch) by looking at the custom labels on the screen. But that doesn't seem like what it does. Maybe I'm missing it. I'd like this screen to be able to have...
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    Total value of amps, effects,cabs and mics in AX8 and others

    Don't forget about the fleet of semis you'll need to haul them around.
  82. G

    AX8 Not working like a tube amp

    The AX8 keeps reminding me of how awesome it is. I'm playing an edge of breakup amp setting, and dig in a little, and it breaks up perfectly - such a good feeling. Seriously - I say in my head "wow that feels good".
  83. G

    Short question about scenes mode

    Can you upload the preset here? Did you by chance use the output bus to change the levels of the 2 scenes? That had been known to cause this.
  84. G

    Kemper vs. AX8. I don't get it.

    I think you missed the OP's point. The no-brainer decision is to get the AX8 and have $1000 dollars leftover in your wallet.
  85. G

    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    Definitely contact FAS support.
  86. G

    Questions from New User

    Rest assured, you are never "out of luck" with the AX8. There is a way to do pretty much everything you need. Some things might take some trial and error, manual reading, and forum searching. But it's all fun.
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    Matchbox D-30 Preamp Bias (FW10)

    That may be a holdover from a pre-10.0 FW. i.e. You never reset it, so it stayed at the correct value of +0.400.
  88. G

    cool tip

    NIce to know. Thanks. Probably ALT does it on Windows.
  89. G

    Need some MIDI help

    Looking at the manual, you need to send 1,10 to get to preset 18:3. 1,2 gets you to 17:3. But that's probably of no consequence since it's not changing to anything at all. assume you've configured the ax8 to be using Channel 6? Probably a no duh for you but it has to be asked.
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    Matchbox D-30 Preamp Bias (FW10)

    Just went back and forth between the right and wrong value, also adjusting level. The new value is fuller and more chimey. Love it.
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    Output Jacks causing Volume Problem!

    Is it possible to apply a Control Switch to the Humbuster Cable that would pull it out of the jack 1/32 of an inch, for leads? :D
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    I Just.....

    Congrats! Take a look here, if you haven't already. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/video-ax8-tutorials-tips-and-tricks-compiled-list.116158/
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    Global blokes

    Leon is a global bloke.
  94. G

    AX8 preowned pricing

    IDK... If you finish playing it, and then an hour later you feel like playing it again?
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    Need Help With This Sound

    Can you tell us at what spot in the video?
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