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  1. Adman103

    Noise from FASLINK II cable [solved]

    I just made a snake with an XLR cable for the FASLink II connection, a 1/4" cable for the instrument cable from my pedalboard so I could run a couple of my favorite drives, and a 9v DC cable, and I'm getting a pretty bad whine coming through that only disappears when I unplug the xlr cable- has...
  2. Adman103

    Splitting a signal after a wireless unit

    I'm starting to think about putting together a pedalboard with my FC6, and I'd like to put my Polytune on the board, but I run a wireless unit at my rack, so my idea was to split the signal right after the wireless receiver in my rack using a Y cable, and run a cable back to the pedalboard, just...
  3. Adman103

    Anyone using both the FC-6 and FC-12?

    Either to just get more buttons, or as part of a link layout setup? I'm really tempted to grab a 12, and it'd be really interesting to hear how people are setting up dual board rigs. With the link layouts option described in the manual, it seems like the possibilities would be endless to how...
  4. Adman103

    Wish Blonde Bassman, Blackstone Overdrive

    A blonde Bassman would be spiffy- it's definitely not the same amp as the other Bassman models, and it's a legendary sound that's defined some classic work. Much of the Beatles catalog was recorded with a blonde Bassman, Pete Townsend used a blonde Bassman in a bunch of the early Who stuff, and...
  5. Adman103

    Odd combinations of speakers that work for you

    Anyone out here find strange or non-typical combinations of speakers that work for you? I was messing around with my AC-30 patch, and stumbled on using a producer pack Celestion Blue IR in stereo with an EV-12L IR, and I loved it! The EV firmed up the low end, but the whole thing still had the...
  6. Adman103

    Matchless DC-30

    I've posted this before, but threads get buried, and someone was kind enough to offer up a DC-30 in the amps available to model thread, so to respect that thread- the DC-30 would be an excellent addition to the Axe II, and it's nearly the definition of modern classic. A great amp! Also-...
  7. Adman103

    Klon Centaur, and the Blackstone Overdrive... and a DC-30!

    I don't know if it's bad etiquette to repost topics once they can't be found on the forum anymore... if it is, my apologies in advance. But these two pedals... The Klon! Where do we begin? The legend, the overdrive, the clean boost... it does something to make your amp jump out in a...
  8. Adman103

    What don't you miss from your old amps before you picked up an Axe?

    Two things for me- I hate cone cry, and for some reason, my old rig would howl with it. Drove me nuts. The other thing? It is so nice being able to play without the ringing in my ears from cranked amps in a small space. I really, really don't miss that! How about you? What is it that...
  9. Adman103

    Matchless DC-30, Klon and the Blackstone!

    Well, since this is the wish list section, I'm going to add a few that I'd love to see. How about a Matchless DC-30? I know it's been said before, but what a classic, great sounding amp. I'd love to have this sound at my disposal. Also up for consideration: The Klon. I know, I know...
  10. Adman103

    Loaded down amp in the FX loop?

    Hi all! I've tried searching on this, but haven't come up with much... Is it possible to attenuate a normal amp down to line level, and insert it in the axe 2 fx loop? I realize this could be dangerous, say if your attenuator is accidentally set to something other than a line level setting...
  11. Adman103

    What else do you have in your rig?

    I'm really curious to know what else people keep in their racks besides the Axe... What else do you use? Maybe a Furman, wireless unit, or another effects processor... or nothing else at all! What else have you got in your rack? :-P
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