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  1. joeltc1

    Hey Radley, wife and I just heard you at St. Pete Times Forum, Great!

    Hi Hadley, We got tickets in row 25 pretty much in front of you and had a great time since we had never seen Mr Diamond in concert before. What a great showman with so many moving songs. Don't know how it went for you but it looked/sounded like things went well with your rig. I...
  2. joeltc1

    Have you heard the Brent Mason Hot Wired pedal, can the AxeII duplicate it?

    There's a HW pedal for sale locally so I looked it up on Youtube and found a vid and liked the sound. Just wondering if anyone has duplicated it on their Fractal Axe. Thanks in advance. Brent Mason - Hot Wired pedal demo Pt I - YouTube
  3. joeltc1

    violin, organ-ish patches

    lmo requested patches-these are mods of B4 posted by another user. Nothing great but possibly interesting for some. I use the violin patch on Delilah. Cheers, Joel
  4. joeltc1

    Went to Merriam-Webster for the definition of "Chime...

    All this talk of "Chime" made me wonder what it really meant and if folks using it really meant what the dictionary defines it as. Here's what I found : Main Entry: 2chime Function: verb Inflected Form(s): chimed; chim·ing Date: 14th century intransitive verb 1 a : to make a musical and...
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