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    Strange issue

    I've been using Fractal products for 8 or 9 years, haven't had a single issue at a gig related to my equipment in all those years other than user error. However, I've experienced a strange issue at my last two practices that I wanted to bounce off folks here to see if anyone else has had the...
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    ACPAD- not for me, but may be an interesting controller for AXEFX

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJFfnTkyj-g&feature=youtu.be Too much going on here for me, but it may be an interesting development for some.
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    Legacy v2.15 for MFC?

    Does anyone have a legacy version 2.15 they could post? I need to go back and start over, can't think of another solution to my current config issues. Can I roll back FW on the MFC?
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    Troubleshooting help needed

    Ok- gotten myself a bug I don't know how to fix. What happened- I updated to most recent firmware, installed mfc-edit. I have been unable to get a clean usable dump from mfc, mfc-edit is recording incorrect file size. I have tried every possible troubleshooting idea I could think of...
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    Raw Amp Bank?

    It's been awhile since ive been active on the forum. I've just recently gone from Ultra to AXFXII. I've done some searching and was hoping to find a Raw Amp Bank for the amps in the AXFXII....there used to be a raw amp bank thread for the standard and Ultra way back when which paired an amp...
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    Ultra to Axe FX II

    When the Axe Fx II first came out I decided not to upgrade- I was very satisfied with the tones I was getting from the Ultra and to be honest I didn't feel like sitting on the wait list as I had for my first standard and then Ultra. But, the bug finally hit and I recently switched over. There...
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    can someone help with a TC Spatial Expander effect

    I used one of these many years ago and would love to recreate it in the Axefx- I just dont have one to A/B. Anyone have one that could dial that up? Thanks
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    Carr Rambler approach

    tried awhile back and couldn't quite get the rambler tone i was looking for. Going to work on it again. I started using the blackface sim and made adjustments to bias (up to 1.00) and low frequency resonance (lowered) as well as rolling the damp off to 0. I believe the tone stack center...
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    Variation on TimmyM's Raw Amp Bank in 10.2

    I thought i would post this for anyone who may want this- This is a variation on TimmyM's and Dutch's bank- see link http://fractalaudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=9348 Thanks Tim and Dutch for your work. I have reinitialized all amps to stock values and saved within 10.2. Additionally, I...
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    Eminence Wizard IR?

    Anyone have an Eminence Wizard IR? My apologies if someone posted it and I missed it- but have not found one in a search
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    Anyone have a Tone King Meteor II emulated?

    I'm sure I'm fairly close- but I'm running on memory. Anyone have a Tone King emulated? It has a great chimy -bell like quality which I'm getting with diled in with the bright cap...but I recall the TK having a warmer quality then the patch I've made from memory. Peace and All Good.
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    Midi Controlled A/B Switch

    Thanks to Java for the tip on this device: http://www.soundsculpture.com/products/pt_abcadabra.htm Very cool little switcher. I am using it to switch between Electric and Acoustic to go into the front input on the AxeFx, but can be used in any way an A/B switch can be used. I have it set up to...
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