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    For those with FW 10 issues.

    Enough with the passive aggressive posts. Post your troubling presets and let people help you out. Better yet, post a quick clip and your patch, then others can do the same and you can compare. HELP US TO HELP YOU. Also, enough with all the anecdotal bullshit. "Oh yeah, you need to stand...
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    Anyone catch Paul Gilbert with the LP Trio the other night?

    Second set can be viewed via The Iridium site now, if ya missed it. Fun stuff. Paul Gilbert with Les Paul Trio - 2.19.13 - Set 2on IridiumLive - live streaming video powered by Livestream
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    New Guitar Day

    Custom Shop Class 5 in Cobra Burst. Forgive the crappy picture, I'm planning to get some better ones in natural light tomorrow. This finish is killer.
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    New Pickups Day

    Just put a set of Lace Matt Pike sig pickups in my Buckethead sig. These things are monstrous! Clips this weekend! Also took the opportunity to swap out the kill switches for a more preferred colour!
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    Evan Brewer

    Wasn't too familiar with this guy, buddy played me some stuff. Really cool.
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    Axe II Screen Replacement

    Sup fellas, a week ago I lost a couple lines of pixels on the Axe screen. I edit exclusively via the front panel so it's a bit of a pain in the ass as the two lines are next to each other! G66, living up to their general badass-ness, got me a replacement screen in a couple days. I was...
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    Track from our new debut album

    Hey guys, thought I'd share this here, all guitars Axe II. Hope you enjoy!
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    Strange noise...

    Wonder if any of you guys could shed some light on to what might be causing this. It's almost like a warble/distortion behind the notes. Sample clip below. Latest Firmware, I don't use Axe Edit tho I keep the latest versions, USB is only ever connected to make firmware updates and then is...
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    PVH Advice Sought!

    So, I really want to like this model but I can't get it to sound... tight I guess for want of a better word. Anyone use this regularly and have any suggestions for me? Here's a quick clip of the PVH preset, latest firmware, banks, resets etc. I've bypassed the reverb and delay on here...
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