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    Anyone use the AXEFXIII like this?

    I do this too except I use AMP --> Torpedo Captor --> Axe Fx III for the cabs --> audio interface. Works great for me.
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    Don Dokken “Mirror Mirror” Solo Attempt

    Wow. When I read the title I almost soiled myself. I love this album and all the guitar work. Excellent job. Would love to have that preset if you could share it. Please...
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    Vendor AustinBuddy's new Axe-Fx III 1400+ Naked Amps TonePack available now for firmware 12.x

    Lets hear some samples of these presets - specifically the Marshalls.
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    King Diamond/Mercyful Fate inspired tune

    I hear some King influences especially at the 2:20 mark. Love the acoustic outro. The beginning sounds more Mercyful Fate.
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    SinMix Metal Preset Pack [Best Metal Presets for FX II]

    Bought last night. Really like the 5150 III preset and irs. Good buy.
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    SKID ROW - The Threat cover video

    Wow. Sounds killer. You work with some incredible singers, man.
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    What you hear at 3:18 is Mr. Big - Anything for You. Awesome sounding stuff. Now bring on the 80's hair band tones.
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    Home recording with my current setup

    For #2, sounds like you don't want to give up your amps and pedals but want a way to record them quietly. I was in the same boat as you. I have multiple Marshall and Mesa heads and a nice pedal board. I wanted to record quietly due to having younger children. I invested in a Two Notes...
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    Dream Theater - Scarred ( solo ) cover

    One word...awesome. Your fingers were flying.
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    Preset a Day November

    Thanks for the reset tip. I was wondering why a few of the presets did not sound good. Will give it a try later tonight.
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    (Yet another) Plexi Preset

    Leon - thanks much for the IR's.
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    (Yet another) Plexi Preset

    Hi Leon. Did you get home yet? Can you export the IR and attach it here? Thanks again.
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    (Yet another) Plexi Preset

    Leon, Can you export the IR and post it here? I tried to import the preset into my Axe Fx II and the cab is not there. Thanks.
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    Singtall Superpack of presets are ready!

    This preset sounds great. Thanks!!!
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    Singtall Superpack of presets are ready!

    +1 for these: Vito Bratta, White Lion - Pride album Nuno Bettencourt, Extreme - First album, and Pornograffiti
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    DOKKEN - Will The Sun Rise cover

    Reminds me of Dokken's One Live Night. Awesome.
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    Badlands - High Wire COVER VIDEO w/vocals

    Awesome job as usual. Would love to see this preset as it seems spot on.
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    VIDEO ADDED -- Feel Your Love Tonight

    Very nice. Can't wait to see your new video.
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    80's hero's preset bundle interest?

    I had Danny create a George Lynch preset for me based on one of my favorite albums Wicked Sensation. Danny did a great job creating the tone and I was blown away with the results. Awesome to work with him as usual. Here is a sample from the preset. It's not a perfect mix but you get the...
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    STEELHEART - She's Gone (full cover w/vocals)

    Wow!! Spectacular all around. Vale makes it look so easy for such a difficult song to sing. Sounds just as good as the original release.
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    80's hero's preset bundle interest?

    Danny - I have no problem paying $10 a preset. If you can get a close re-creation of Lynch's tone from the first Lynch Mob then I would be estatic. I have been chasing that tone for years as I think it's his best. Craig
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    80's hero's preset bundle interest?

    I would be willing to pay for presets that sound close to these guys: Nuno: First album sound, porno, 3 sides, most current. (just got done Mutha...omg it rocks!) Reb Beach: First album, Pull, current Lynch: Dokken years, Lynch Mob DeMartinni: First album, second album, Dancing Undercover Vito...
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    My first playthrough video! (Brit800/JVM & OH pre-rola warmth!)

    Awesome video. Especially the vocals. Can you do a video comparing a vocal recorded through the VMS system and one without so we can hear the difference? I am really thinking about getting the VMS system. Thanks.
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    Yngwie Malmsteen - Fire - Solo cover [VIDEO]

    Wow dude. It's like you keep getting better and better with each video. Wish I had those chops.:cool:
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    Video - Moke's Axe-Fx ll Preset Tour and Demo/Tutorial - Part #2

    Great videos Moke. I would pay for your presets if they were available.
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    New video for the new METALLICA MKIIC++ amp model in Q3.03! YEAAHHH

    Awesome videos guys. Keep them coming. I haven't used the Mesa amps yet since buying my Axe Fx and will have to try this new model when released. PS... can you turn up the bass in the mix..:)
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    Iron Maiden - The Evil That Men Do (feat. Siegfried at vocals)

    What can I say...awesome as usual. Everything sounded incredible!! Would love to hear you guys cover Jorn Lande.:)
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    Just got a shipping notification for my new RAC12!

    Looks pretty cool. Just watched one of the youtube videos. I would get one if I gigged.
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    Judas Priest - The Sentinel (vocal & instrumental cover)

    Wow...Did not expect that vocal performance. Excellent all around track. Everything sounded good.
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    Do Pro Users Record the Axe-Fx through a mic pre?

    I say use whatever methods sounds the best for you. There is no right or wrong answer. For me, I go from Axe Fx (XLR out) into my audio interface which is a UAD Apollo. That signal is run through a Neve 1073 mic pre for color, then to tape emulation, and lastly LA-2A (very slight...
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    Van Halen - Unchained tone match

    ^^^ +1 Both of his tone matches are killer!!!
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    Van Halen Mean Streets

    Danny is awesome. He is always there to help teach with great videos. Thank you for your work and for sharing your presets.
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    Video Tutorial on post-processing of Axe FX recordings

    There are a few Groove3 tutorials out there already which feature the Axe Fx for guitars and bass. One in particular is Brock's Modern Heavy Rock Production.
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    Queensrÿche - I Don't Believe In Love FULL COVER w/vocals [VIDEO]

    I agree. This was really good.Guitar, bass, vocals, drums. Everything sounds great. What patch did you use on the bass? It's got a lot of tone.
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    FireHouse Main

    Can someone please post the screen shots of this preset so us XL users can benefit? Thank you so much. Huge Firehouse fan,
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    LPD Tone Clone Presets - The Scream/Bruce Bouillet Let It Scream AxeFxII

    Anyone have this preset? Would you mind uploading it. I've checked axe change and the link here no longer works. Thanks.
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    Heaven's Edge - Find Another Way cover

    Here is a cover I did a few years ago but I recorded new tracks for guitars and bass with the Axe Fx. There is post processing done on these tracks. The model was the Friedman HBE. I can provide more details if you need them.
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    Switch 625 cover with Axe FX

    I got an XL a few weeks ago and wanted to try it out. Guitars and Bass are all Axe Fx. I used Moke's Foolin' preset. I'm shocked how good this box has become.
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    Fremen Quantum 2.0 presets

    I just bought to. I put my email in the special instructions of the paypal payment and also sent you an email.
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    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    I was 10/13 5:30 EST and just got my invite but I will decline as I recently bought one of the Axe Fx II XL units.
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    Def Leppard - "Foolin'" Preset Added!

    Wow dude. That was incredible. Everything sounded insane. Preset pa, pa, pa, Please.....
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    Queensrÿche: Operation Mindcrime in FULL

    This was awesome Mr. DeGarmo.
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    Perfect Strangers Cover

    Hey Danny. Been a while since I last talked to you on the Guitars101 and Guitar Blast forums. Remember me. You made me a couple of recording video tutorials. That sounded great. Are you still using the Digitech preamp or have you moved on to the Axe Fx? Craig
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    Ok, you can tell me if you love this...

    Wow!! Hats off for even attempting that. Thought the tones were great and for a second there I forgot I was listening to a cover.
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    Found Some Great IRs on the Web

    Thanks fremen. :)
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    Found Some Great IRs on the Web

    Can someone please repost these?
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    Metallica Test

    Edgecrusher71, Yes, basically I have a patch that has a drive block, amp block, PE block, and cab block. The output of this is going to OUT1. On the next row under the cab block I have an effects loop block. A connection is made from the amp block to the effects loop block. This sends the...
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    Metallica Test

    I've had my Axe-Fx Standard for about a year now and have always done direct recording. Now I'm starting to explore the possibilities of running the Axe-Fx into a power amp. So I picked up a Carvin DCM200L. Ran the Axe-Fx into the Carvin and then into a Marshall 1960A 4x12. I liked it and it...
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    800 Jose Areondo....and Wicked again!

    Javilynch - that was awesome. I would love to use this preset but I only have a Standard. Would somebody that downloaded the preset post screen shots of what is going on so us not fortunate to have an Axe 2 can get somewhere in the ballpark? Thanks in advance.
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    George lynch

    I agree Lynch was good with Dokken and BFTA was really good. But for me his best was Lynch Mob Wicked Sensation. All thrills.. no fills... Not one song on there that I would FF through.
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    Lightning Strikes Again

    Does anybody have this patch??? Please...
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    Lightning Strikes Again

    Would anyone be kind enough to upload this patch again??? Thanks.
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    Countdown 0.5...

    The picture with the fist also represents the letter "S" in sign language. The 2 dice with 6's could represent a release date of 6/6 as in June 6th, 2011. The picture of the wooden "G" as everyone has been refering too could also be the number "zero". Often times programmers put a...
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    George Lynch tribute

    dupere11497 - thanks for the patches dude. Can't wait to will try them out later tonight.
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    George Lynch tribute

    First off, let me say that the tones on this sound incredible (I am a huge Lynch fan also). Second, (and don't take this the wrong way) if you are such a big fan and why would you not save the patch? It might have been fun to play around with. Thanks for sharing the tune, it was awesome.
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    RME Fire Face 400, is it worth buying?

    I upgraded from a Delta 1010LT to the FF400. It was night and day as far as sound quality. I only wish it had a dedicated gain knob for each input channel. The one good thing about RME is the rock solid drivers. You may also want to check out the Focusrite Saffire pro 40. You can get one...
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    Crazy Train preset video

    Awesome playing dude. I'm an Axe-fx noobie also. Had my standard for about a week and I agree, best purchase ever. I don't really care for that Crazy Train preset but good video.
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    no sound after patch is loaded

    I've downloaded some patches from axe change (such as the nuno patches) and after I audition them through axe edit there is no sound. Im using the standard model. Does that have anything to do with it? This happens with alot of other patches too.
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    New axe-fx user

    Hey everyone. I just want to say how happy I am with my purchase of the axe-fx standard. I opened up an old project today to record some new tracks with the Recto orange model (my favorite so far) and the axe sounds so much better than Pod Farm 2. It's like night and day. And I'm so glad we...
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    Can u Guy's help me get informed on Downloading Patches?

    So the only way to access axechange is with the axedit software on a machine connected to the internet? Then you can download all the patches that are uploaded there? Sorry don't understand how it works yet as my axe is in transit.
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